How To Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Startup

Many students in my Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course on Udemy have asked me how to use Facebook ads to grow their startup.  I have answered this question so much that I thought I just should write a blog post here with it that includes all of the answers! You can see the basics of each question asked below and then my entire answer with suggestions.  Hopefully you will find one of these answers helpful and supercharge your startup.

Using Facebook ads to grow startup

I’m taking this course to help my startup even more ass! So far our business has grown 100% through organic traffic and referrals, but now we’re trying to step things into overdrive by incorporating paid channels as well.

I’ve experimented with Facebook ads and have gotten a decent number of clicks, but few conversions. Just looking to solve this problem and gain a more nuanced understanding of how FB ads can help our business grow.

The most effective strategy I have seen on Facebook is to make a video showing you do, how people benefit from using it, and why you are doing it/made it. Video is huge on Facebook now and is working very well for me to build my audience each day for a low cost. Given the amount of users you already have, I would say your success on Facebook depends on how many good videos you can make about what you do and then just putting the time and money into advertising them! Post Facebook phase, it also depends on the quality of your landing page.


Find growth function for startup

My goal is to find a growth function with Facebook ads that works for us. We are already getting traffic and sales from Facebook and I want to increase it. I tried  Facebook ads already and they are already working for us, but I am looking for a more structured, analytical and comprehensive approach. There are so many details that mostly I feel overwhelmed when I try to figure it out myself.

At the beginning, the course might look a bit overwhelming, with much information. However, everything you find here will be useful. I would recommend you to watch the first four sections to get a hang of it and a general impression.

Then, I would suggest to think of the aspects you want to improve at your startup’s page on Facebook.

Would you like more likes for its Facebook page? Then watch the videos from Section 6

Would you like people to interact with your posts (comment, like or share them)? Then watch Section 10 + 11.

Would you like to get conversions on your website? Then watch Section 20.

Also, I looked at your website and thought to order one of your posters myself. When I saw the  € symbol instead of the $ symbol, I was afraid of the international shipping cost and my ability to pay in $. I checked the FAQ next to find if you shipped internationally and where your company was located.

After doing this realized I still was interested to try one and added to cart. I was a bit confused as to where the cart went once I clicked it because I stayed on the same page. I then clicked the cart icon and went back to order. I passed the sharing page because I figured if I wanted to save I would just not order!

I used PayPal to complete checkout and was very happy with the speed from start to finish. After checking out, I immediately completed the form sent via email because I knew if I did not do it immediately it would stay there for a while and bother me. Answering your questions made me feel very lucky to be where I am today.

What has helped me the most in building my courses is to get detailed feedback about the actual experience taking my courses and especially the sales process. A lot of what you see is there because someone told me they liked something or did not like something a while ago and I changed it. If you are already doing well with Facebook ads, doing better might just be a matter of getting to know what is working better and I hope I have helped with that!


E-commerce startup – testing market interest with Facebook Ads

I have setup a store through Shopify which is up and running and I need to drive traffic to it. I have read dozens of articles with people who have a lot of success through Facebook Ads as primarily source of advertising driving traffic and ultimately sales they want. They are getting amazing ROI on the money spent through Facebook ads converting to sales.

Say I have several men’s fashion products (ties, cuff links, shoes, suits, bracelets, etc.) among dozens and dozens of other type of items. I want to test which items get me the most “likes” or “views”. Then just focus on the line of product and keep drilling down. I want to sell what the people want.

What do you suggest I do? Do a lot of split testing ads? Test several variations of ads for all types of products? Let’s say bracelets, then also for cuff links, then hoodies and see which of the products is getting the best reception from the Facebook users? Then pause everything else and drill down in the product ads that gets the best feedback?

The most simple answer I can provide is to get conversion tracking setup as best you can and focus entirely on conversions. With the many products you have to choose from and all of the data Facebook gives you, the easiest way to fail is not to do anything wrong but to simply get overwhelmed with data.

Your Shopify store hopefully provides good conversion tracking options for actual sales of products. If you can get this setup and check that it works by ordering a product or two yourself and having friends order it, then all you need to do is make as many different posts on your page as you can for product as ads, test them all out a little bit at a time, and see where the conversions come in.

If you are not able to track actual sales with your conversion tracking, then doing anything at scale will be very challenging. I almost unbelievably have not scaled ads for my Udemy courses because they have no conversion tracking I can use on the sales page yet. I have been asking for a year and keep waiting.

Meanwhile, on Google AdWords I have 23 courses I can advertise and I do a little bit of work at a time over a long period of time. Most campaigns fail but the ones that work stay working indefinitely. You can do this same process on Facebook ads with conversion tracking if you work a little bit each day on them and just keep trying small ad sets for different products on different audiences with different page posts over and over.

One final technical tip. Make all of your ads page post ads from the beginning. Start with making a post on your page for the product and then use that for an ad. The strategies I share in the course all work better that way for taking social proof across audiences and even products if you make an ad for your entire store!

How long should ad set tests run?

How long should I run these split testing ads to get enough reliable data to see if the ads are working on or not?? It sounds like you made dozens of ad sets and then within a day got enough data and paused the ones not working. Other sources I have read say people show wait at least 2-3 days to let the ad run to get enough data to make a decision.

What is your opinion on that?

Also, $5/day per ad a good budget to run on, but it can get expensive if you 2 dozens ads running at $5/day for couple day.

Usually a full day of running the ads is enough which usually means 2 to 3 days total between when you make the ads and when you look at the data. Usually a $1 or $2 per ad set budget can be enough to see what is working. If you must choose, a smaller budget over more days is better than a bigger budget over less days.

Advice on Facebook Ad Automation Services

I know you use power editor a lot which takes quite a bit of time, but have you ever used Facebook ad automation services like AdEspresso?? They can create dozens and dozens of split ad testing in seconds.

I have not used any third party services so far because I am able to do it fast enough with the tools Facebook offers and often the learning curve plus the expense with a third party service can cost more than just the time to do it with the Facebook ads interface.



Thank you for reading this post and I hope it was useful for you to see what other startups running Facebook ads are dealing with.  If you have any question you want to ask me about Facebook ads, the only place you can count on me to give you an answer is in my Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course on Udemy.  You can use the link to get a $9 coupon at