How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

How to grow with 288,000 subscribers and 17 million views when YouTube’s preference is now to show sensational videos and favor video creators on the rise?

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

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How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

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How to grow with 288,000 subscribers and 17 million views?

I watch a lot of videos on how to grow on YouTube, I see so many videos like, “How to grow from zero subscribers and zero views,” yes, that’s easy.

I’ll tell you how to do that right now.

Tell your mom about your YouTube channel, tell your friends at school, tell your family and tell everybody you know about your YouTube channel, and then you’ll get your first hundred subscribers, and your first thousand views.

Congratulations! Oh, my God, that was really hard.

Now, I’ve been watching video after video, and nobody can tell me how to grow with 288,000 subscribers and 17 million views, when this is the main thing I do?

This is not a little side hobby or a job for me, this is the main thing I do, and I’m grateful for all the views I get on my channel.

When I do this full time though, there’s a lot of pressure to perform and I got to make some more ad revenue, I got to get some more views and I’m just ashamed of my stats today, this is ridiculous.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

I’ve put up 2,700 videos on my channel.

Are you serious, $1,200 a month in ad revenue?

That’s not even enough to pay a fraction of the minimum payments of all the debt I racked up trying to grow and build my business online.

Now yes, I recognize that.

658 subscribers!

Come on YouTube!

It’s not recommending my videos anywhere and I’ve just watched videos from some very big creators who said it’s not about having good videos, it’s about making sensational content, and you know what?

I haven’t made sensational content for a while.

I make down-to-earth helpful tutorials, and is it time?

Is it time for me to start making sensational content where I put all my capital letters for my titles, where I have to talk about things like, “Oh, my God! This is the next crazy thing where I just copy other people’s videos basically,” which seems to work pretty well.

I’m grateful for all the views I get.

158,000 views for free.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

I haven’t run any ads this month, people watch hundreds of hours of my videos every single day totally for free, and I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful for all the attention, I’m grateful for all the courses I sell on my website, but my god, it just drives me insane because I want to grow and YouTube are you kidding?

17% of views from recommending my content!

YouTube is not hardly showing my content anywhere because the only way you actually see my videos is if you hit the “Subscribe” button and turn notification on.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

The subscribe button doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have notifications on, because YouTube and an algorithm update decided and tested that if they just show videos from any creator people will watch them more.

Well, what happens is people just want sensational content, it’s got to be crazy, it’s got to be wild, it’s got to be something people have never seen before.

Down to earth helpful good content, things that might actually make a big difference in your life versus who cares about watching a video where somebody just lights a bunch of matches and burns them, yes that goes viral and is entertaining, but does it help you in your life, does it help you fix your problems, does it help you have a better life?

It’s just entertainment, and the whole platform has been optimizing just for entertainment, it’s got to be entertaining.

Well, what about helpful?

This has crushed my YouTube channel.

I put a bunch of videos up before that were hacking videos, then YouTube says, “You can’t put hacking videos up on your channel anymore” to everybody, so I take them down. I lose a whole bunch of the views, and yes, I’ve screwed up lots of things on my channel, for two years I didn’t put out very good content on my YouTube channel.

But wow, YouTube has really stripped me and I don’t know what to do now, and I’ve tried so many things this year.

I’m so disgusted with these numbers.

Seriously, 17% out of 2,700 views, almost the only way people are finding my videos is YouTube search, Google search and on my website.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

YouTube, I look at the browse features and it’s showing a bunch of videos that are just sensational.

“Oh my God, this is how I did this,” or this person or this!

You make a video like PewDiePie did where he hired somebody to do some racist stuff on Fiverr and that’s showing up all over the place on YouTube.

What do I do?

Do I just make some sensational content?

Do I talk louder and rant?

I was making sensational content before and my channel was blowing up and I stopped making sensational content and just got into making tutorials.

It’s all about this click-through rate on YouTube, you got to have a click-through rate to get on the browse features and suggested videos. These things are almost all that YouTube cares about, your impressions click-through rate, and then how much time people actually spend watching your video and how often people keep coming back to your channel.

I’ve tried a bunch of YouTube ads this year and this has actually sabotaged my YouTube channel. If you look, I’ve got a bunch of views this year from YouTube ads on my channel and this has actually hurt a lot of my new videos.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

The ads I did on my videos, if you look at the last 90 days, I spent a bunch of money four, five plus thousand dollars on YouTube ads and almost none of the videos I advertised actually did well.

The way YouTube set the algorithm up now, it’s a combination of minutes watched and engagement, and if people watch the video and don’t watch it that long, don’t leave likes on it and don’t engage with it, and don’t subscribe, then YouTube says, “Well, nobody else is going to like this video either.”

The YouTube ads actually were worse, having more views from ads than fewer views without any ads.

I, therefore, see the formula to do YouTube ads is just to make an unlisted video, and then tell people to subscribe and watch other videos and turn those notifications on, and then YouTube ads may be able to be effective.

I’m glad I’ve spent all this money on YouTube ads just to figure out what I needed to do.

I just want to have a comfortable existence on YouTube. I don’t need to be viral, I don’t need to be the next huge sensation, I just want to have a comfortable life on YouTube, but this is not enough.

This is not enough, my minimum payments on my debt are $8,700 a month, which I realized what I did to get that. I’m optimizing, I’m making my business better, but 658 subscribers?

Now, YouTube closed a bunch of accounts and almost every creator with subscribers lost some on December 3rd.

I’m getting some new subscribers almost every day, but I’ve got so many old subscribers on my channel that subscribed for different kinds of videos, and the YouTube algorithm really punishes creators for making different kinds of videos on the same channel.

I’ve put all kinds of videos over eight and a half years on my channel, so what do I do?

People have said, “Well you start another YouTube channel.”

I started another YouTube channel for Uthena and starting a new YouTube channel stinks.

While I may only get a couple of hundred views, there are lots of creators who’d be really happy to get 274 views within 24 hours on a new video, 373 within 48 hours.

There are lots of creators who will be happy to get this number of views and this number of engagements, and I’m grateful for all the likes, all the views, all the comments.

I’m just frustrated, what do I do to do better?

Do I hire some coach for $6,000 to tell me that I need to spend more money on ads and be on their show and their podcast?

Do I take somebody’s $2,000 course to have them tell me that I need to do my thumbnail slightly different and make sensational videos, and then, I don’t even know, put them on playlists and pay other people to link my videos in the descriptions to do these little cheap strategies, which maybe I ought to do?

Do I need to take somebody else’s course to hear that they spent a half-million dollars on coaching and they’re spending 20 plus thousand a month on ads on Instagram and getting people their YouTube and that’s why their YouTube channel is growing?

Not because the videos are actually great because they’re promoting it a ridiculous amount.

Do I need to set ads back up for my channel?

Do I need to make sensational content?

I walked my son and my dog this morning and all I’m thinking about is, “What video can I make to go viral?”

Jerry Banfield in his studio

What video can I make to get some growth?

Should I just make a tutorial that nothing else has been made about it, but I know that that video is not going to get any views?

That if I put a video up about a little certain thing with the Astra WordPress theme I use and I know if I put a video up like this that has no long-term potential, it might get a thousand or two thousand views at most, and yet there’s no tutorial on that.

At what point do you just do a good job and be happy with the results?

For me, I don’t know, I just want to have a business that pays the bills and helps people and does a good job.

Yet, I have this also, this constant desire to grow. Every time I’ve grown, every time my channel has hit some viral growth, then I found I just wanted to do more and more. Many of the top YouTubers seem to be stuck in this same cycle.

That you might think, looking at their channel, “Well that video got a million views, that’s amazing,” I’d be so happy, it probably made $5,000 in ad revenue, and yet that creator when they’re looking at their videos thinks that sucks.

They say, “The algorithm’s not right, that should have got two million views” because they spent $10,000 to make it and only made $5,000 in ad revenue.

What you see is often so fake or so not how you think it is, it’s ridiculous.

I’ve watched so many videos and not one video I’ve seen has given me a formula that is appropriate for me.

What do I do to grow with this?

I value your feedback and I’ve shared my emotions honestly with this, because this has frustrated me all year long. I’ve tried paying people to make videos on things like hacking, which then YouTube took down.

Well, I took it down proactively before risking my channel.

I’ve paid people to make things like Android development tutorials, which are some of the top videos on my channel.

How to Grow with 288K Subscribers and 17,261,855 YouTube Views!

Then, when people watch those videos, they don’t want to watch videos with me, which then gives negative feedback to YouTube, which YouTube says, “Oh this creator is not worth watching because he puts up one video, but people don’t want to watch his other videos, so we’re not going to show any of his subscribers his new videos.”

Out of all the subscribers I have, YouTube barely shows any of the subscribers my videos. If I go over to “Audience,” most of the people watching my channel are not even subscribed.

90% of people watching my channel, if you include the “unknown,” are not even subscribed.

Not subscribed!

If you look, 10% are views from subscribers, and do the math on my views, YouTube’s hardly showing my videos to any of my subscribers.

This is ridiculous, and this is the whole YouTube business model because, of course, before, they updated the algorithm if you got subscribers, and then subscribers watch your content, you just feed on itself.

If you are a small creator, it was hopeless because the big creators got all the views and they changed the algorithm.

Now, you’ve got to make sensational videos and you’ve got to have some audience. You can make a sensational video, but if you don’t have an audience, it’s not going to go anywhere. You’ve got to have kind of a minimum viable audience, and then YouTube will show your videos to all these people who aren’t subscribed.

I’ve got a bunch of people with notifications on, too.

My notification stats are actually great.

You guys are doing great with the notifications on my channel.


It’s a little bit low turning on all notifications, it’s a little bit low, but still that’s a lot of people getting notifications.

It’s just the click-through rate because a lot of my videos are boring!

A lot of my videos are useful!

A lot of my videos are helpful tutorials that solve people’s problems, but this isn’t the kind of thing that a general audience necessarily wants to watch. I’ve given you an inside picture, I hope this is helpful for you.

If you’ve got a lot of views on YouTube already and you’re struggling, you don’t know what to do, this is normal. This is what it looks like.

Here’s one of the things too, if you’re watching creators on YouTube, you’re often always seeing creators that are on the rise. Because what happens, when creators are blowing up, YouTube’s showing the videos everywhere.

As I’ve been through a bunch of times, my videos have blown up and YouTube showed my videos everywhere and I’m a big deal, and then what happens with most creators, there’s this huge spike, and then there’s a big long drop.

Jerry Banfield in his studio

People saw your video before and now they don’t really care about you that much anymore, then now, you don’t see that creator’s new videos anymore.

You don’t see creators struggling because the way the algorithm is, it’s almost all sensational creators that are on the rise, I hardly see any creator struggling because YouTube just doesn’t put those videos out there because people don’t click on them.

All right, I think I’ve said enough.

If you’ve got any ideas, I’ll check the comments.

Thank you for watching this whole video or reading the blog post.

Maybe if you want to help me grow, you can hit that subscribe button and turn those notifications on.

Get some more amazing content like this.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

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