Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs That You Can Start Doing Today

Step 10 in my entrepreneurship course is all about loving what  you do and the power of gratitude and by gratitude I mean being grateful for the opportunity you have to do what you’re doing, being grateful for all the things you have in your life and applying that feeling across every moment you have every day.

For me, that’s a huge one and it helps me to stay and appreciate and love what I do because being an entrepreneurs online comes with so many failures and frustrations and as discussed in step 9, you’ve got to get through those somehow and step 10 is the key to making all these other steps work. When you love yourself and you love what you do,  and you love your community, you love your fellow human being and you love the world we’re in, it’s so easy to do great work that people love.

Sometimes, it just astounds me. I’m asking myself why is it that so many people love my courses, it’s almost shocking. It’s not that you love me specifically or you love exactly how I do anything it’s that I’m letting the love of the universe shine through me so it’s actually a more of me getting out of the way, me trying to not be an ego, me trying to just be humble and be a regular person and let the love the for the universe, the love that I’ve got from all of the people in my life and all of the beauty around me, letting that love shine through me into you so that you can see the love that’s already in you that you have, the infinite amount of love in you already that you need.

It seems that’s why I consistently am able to have success as an entrepreneur online even through all the barriers is because that love of permeates everything I do. How many internet marketing things have you seen out there that don’t communicate love for what they do through to you? It often will feel like a scam or it often will feel very exploitive. That’s because that’s how it was created, often the person that created it was in a mindset of pain and suffering and frustration and often it can be financial and they’re trying to use you to help them.

When you work your business like that you consistently get frustrating negative outcomes. When you work your business and what you’re doing as an entrepreneur online through love and gratitude, you often will have to be patient to wait for things to come in. While you might be able to set up some scam or money making scheme that can bring a bunch of money in fast, it often won’t last and you often won’t do good things with it.

When you’re executing your business, your entrepreneurship, your passion, your love, everything we talked about in this course, when you’re doing that because you love to, I’m doing this with you because I love to do it. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now than sitting here talking with you. I’m not doing this as a means to an end like let me get this course done and then I’m going to get that money, then I’m going to have a bigger car, then I’m going to buy a bigger house, then everyone’s going to be really happy with me. That energy comes through in what you do.

Having a love for what you do is really important and that starts to me with gratitude – being grateful for what I do have and grateful for the bad things I don’t have. I’m grateful for my health. My health is wonderful right now. I’m grateful you’re here spending time with me. I’m grateful you’ve spent so much time in this course. I’m grateful for that  and I’m grateful to have this opportunity with you and you can feel that coming through.  You can feel that because I’m letting the gratitude and love of the universe shine though me, it’s not mine. I don’t even know who I am to say that it is mine. I’m trying to let, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, the form list. I’m trying to let that divine essence often called God, consciousness, I’m trying to let that shine through you by allowing the universe to use me as I’m supposed to be used and have love for what’s around me like my web camera I’m looking into, my microphone I’m talking into, I have love for that. These things are allowing me to communicate with you. I have love and gratitude every day for what I’m doing and that wraps everything else together into step one as to why I’m doing this.

Step one starts with a finding of the why, and it all wraps up through the step ten through love and gratitude because when you found why you want to work, you go through and work, then you wrap that up with gratitude. I’m thankful for all the beautiful things I have in my life and I try to be thankful for them as often as possible.

When you see this, then you can have this incredible power in your life that will allow you to share and let the love of the universe shine through in everything you do and you, just like you’re here with me now, can see that on the other end. That’s why some movies, some books, some videos, really reach out to you and that’s why some don’t.

You have, right here what I’ve shared with you, the secret and the knowledge within to attract and to do whatever it is you’re here and meant to do. Here is a good example of that power: I frequently get questions, do you use a script? No. That’s incredible when you think about how much I do and produce. I don’t use a script because the words just come to me, the right words just come to me. They’re not always right and they’re not always perfect, but I don’t have to use a script, I don’t have to practice, I don’t have to prepare. It comes through me as if it’s delivered and dropped off, it’s incredible.

Loving what you do gives you that power and when I can sit here and make courses straight out of non-creation and just allowing that love to shine through, it’s a fantastic power of creativity and productivity and like I said, it’s not mine. It is there for you. It’s for everyone and everything. All you have to do is look inside you and find it.

Gratitude is usually the way there. Being grateful for what you do have will tend to put you in a place of surrender and submission the way it does for me. When I’m grateful and I take the time and energy to think about and focus on all the things I’m grateful for and I usually start out the day doing this and wrap the day up doing this and do it all day, periodically in one little time, like right now.

I’m grateful for all the beauty and love I have in my life and that shines through, that gives me the ability to let that love and gratitude use me as I’m supposed to be used. It allows me to say these things to you without scripting them without having them planned out, they just come out. I don’t even know exactly what I’m going to say, it just comes out and sometimes I find myself laughing at what I’ve said because it’s ridiculous and I’ve heard it for the first time, that’s how cool this is. That’s the power, the love, that’s how powerful that is for everything you can everything you could ever want to do and accomplish as an entrepreneur online.

I’m grateful you’ve spent this time here with me. Your time is very valuable, your energy now is priceless. Thank you for sharing that with me. I’m working every day to share this love and gratitude with you through my courses so you can learn everything practically that you want to about habits of successful entrepreneurs online.