Prepare YouTube Videos for Instagram and IGTV Upload Free with Handbrake

Do you have videos you’re uploading to YouTube that you want to get over directly to Instagram? Do you have videos on Facebook that are too big to put on Instagram that you’d like to get up there? How can you use a free software tool to just get the beginning of the video and stick it up on Instagram? It is Handbrake.

What I’m about to show you in this Handbrake Tutorial is also very useful for just generally produce videos and to be able to shrink file sizes or change formats. What I’ll do here is show you, how to take off the extra part of a video and use just the first minute or so on Handbrake to put it up on Instagram. This is available totally for free. I’ll show exactly how to use it. This is a really helpful tool for me because I’m a full-time YouTuber.

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Watch this video on YouTube.

Check for my new videos daily at 8:00 am, 8:00 pm, and 2:30 pm if you want to keep learning. I also put my videos up on Facebook and what I need to do to put these videos up on Facebook as they’re too big? I use Handbrake to shrink them down. So I’ll show you this free tool right here in this tutorial. What we do first we go over to download Handbrake. You might want to learn what is Handbrake.

Handbrake is a free and open-source transcoder for digital video files and you can see the rest right in the picture above. The key things you need to know is, it’s an open-source, free and it works very well. So, click on this download button and it will automatically detect whatever system you have. Ideally, you can download it. You’ve got it on Mac, Windows, and Linux making it a very flexible tool. It also works well to just convert a file format.

After you get it downloaded. This is what it looked like just about the same on Windows or Mac as shows in the picture above. The first key step you need to do on it is open-source. You need a video file you can use as a source for this. So what I will do, I will pick out a long video and I’ll chop it down into a much shorter video. So, I’ll go choose one of the videos I’ve already uploaded and then we’ll take it down to a lot shorter video. So, for example, let’s do The Best Free Twitter Marketing Course for beginners in 2019. It’s a 37 minutes video. The problem is, for sharing this on Instagram or for sharing it even on Facebook, the video file itself is too big and is too long. The easiest thing we can do is, just chop off the first minute and then we can share that.

So what we do is, we go over to the different presets at the upper left corner of the software. Now the presets we get there will allow us to put the video out in different formats. What you need is a source. Then you need a preset or how you’re going to output it. Once you’ve gotten that down then you can put it out there. Now the presets give you different options and these are based on how it is encoded and you can see from a web. You can do videos quickly for example if you just want a high-quality video and you want to take it down from 1080p to 720p, you can do that quickly. You can do it for specific devices or you can just pick this fast format. This fast format works pretty good if you’re okay and having it in 30 frames per second. So what I’ll do is, I’ll go 1080p 30 frames per second. This will make a smaller file size but it’s still the same length.

Thus for things like Facebook, if you want to put a YouTube video that’s too long or doesn’t fit on Facebook, you can use this to put it down to a smaller file format. For some reason on Facebook, it messes up with the larger files sometimes. So, you want to do 1080p if you can on Instagram so it looks good but you could probably do 720p also. Now, we want to shrink the video down. Click on the range section and you go down to seconds. If you’re a real nerd, you could do it in 60 frames. You could just calculate the frames going. I’m going to do it in seconds. And fortunately, we’ve got a simple way to do this since we want a 1-minute video. We want up to the first 60 seconds.

Now on IGTV, you can put up to 10 minutes. But on Instagram, I last saw it was like a minute or so length maybe two minutes or whatever but whatever the current length is, you can just change it. So let’s say for this what I want to do is, put this in the first 60 seconds. So, now it will just encode and take off the first minute of the 37-minute video. And if you want to get fancy, you could put something in with a different program to say continue watching on YouTube or something like that. And you might even fail to figure out how to do that with Handbrake. I can’t be bothered to do all that. I just cut off first 60 seconds and I try and put a thing at the beginning of my videos that has this little subscribe thing as you can see in the picture above. If I have cut the first minute off somewhere and I’ve got that out in the first minute, people would know where to keep watching.

Once I’m ready to do this, I just hit the start button. Now, this is cool on my Mac Pro. It’s actually rendering this and you can see the progress on the lower left in the picture above. This is going very fast. It’s cool. This is only taking my Mac pro a few seconds because it’s a really powerful computer. I do this full time and it helps a lot to have a powerful computer for this. But if it takes longer that is a function you can make it go faster or slower based on the preset you choose. Now note if you don’t like the video quality on it, you may need to choose a different preset. Now once I’ve got this done it just went into my movies folder.

I’ll go over to my files folder. The new file has appeared. This is so amazing as this file is only 5.4 megabytes. You can see how the actual file looks in the picture above. I’ll play it. I can look at the basic stats for this. What it did is, it killed the data rate on it. The data rate is down to 700 and 15 kbps which is smart. I show my YouTube channel in the beginning. I got it in within the first minute of doing this video. I got it in so that if people want to see where to keep watching, they can go over to Instagram. This is perfect for Instagram at the very end of it. Now you might wonder, how am I going to get this on the right device? Once you’ve got the file and you say, “Ok. I have to post this on the stupid app and I’ve got on my desktop”. Now you’ve got it rendered in a small file format. The original format of this video that I had here was 4.23 GB. Now only the first minute of this video is 5.4 MB.

The system I have set up for this is following:

Right now the file is in the movies folder on my computer. I drag it in the Mac folder. Then in order to get this on Instagram, I go into the Dropbox app. So I’ve got Dropbox and the file on my computer. I drag the file into Dropbox and then I go on my phone real quick. I look into the Dropbox app. I go to the Mac folder in my Dropbox app and then I download it. I go back over to Instagram and then I upload it on Instagram and put it out there and I can do it real fast. Thus, this is really a smooth process that allows me to get my videos out there for free. And I’ve shown you this process instead of using any other tool or website because you don’t need to give your e-mail out for this. You can just do this and as many other things, you can do with it instead of just converting to Instagram, making this way better than the other video I saw on how to do this, which is what motivated me to do it.

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