Happiness is Easy with Deep Relationships and No Secrets!

Happiness is Easy with Deep Relationships and No Secrets!

Daily HAPPINESS tip? Building and maintaining deep relationships where we can say anything gives us the ability to have fewer thoughts which makes being fun, happy, and peaceful much easier.

Happiness is Easy with Deep Relationships and No Secrets!

When I used to keep a lot of secrets and never talk about the worst of my thoughts with anyone, my mind was constantly in overdrive. Falling asleep was challenging as my mind would race and often torment me with the thoughts I worked to hide from all day.

What finally worked to relieve this constant mental stress was learning to open up to those I trusted about EVERYTHING I thought about.

When I first began this process, I spoke only to those I trusted the most in my AA meetings like my sponsor and his sponsor. As I saw their acceptance of the worst of me, I began to open up to more of my closest family members and friends along with viewing any new relationship with this same possibility.

Years after becoming willing and consistently talking about my darkest sides, I now have a book out named Speaker Meeting 2017 where I go into detail about everything which I once was afraid to even think about let alone tell another human being.

Today my mind is clear to focus on what I need to give to each of you in my life and also clear of the majority of obsessive and repetitive thoughts which used to consume the majority of my thinking.

Falling asleep is easy today because I am not afraid of what thoughts will come up. In fact, the worst of my thoughts today frequently produce laughter and entertain me because I know I am willing to talk about them with someone else if they keep coming up.

Ironically, this willingness to have no secrets and talk about everything removes the desire for my mind to play with the kinds of thoughts that used to torment me. I also have freedom today from the desires that used to plague me to self-sabotage with irresponsible behavior because today I know I do not want to do anything I am not willing to talk about for the rest of my life.

You might ask, “Okay I am sold on the need to talk to others about my darkest side, but how do I get started and stay protected from gossip?”

In my relationships today I listen closely to what the other person is saying to get a sense of their comfort level and I slightly push the limit on what I am comfortable saying about myself along with paying attention to the reaction of the listener.

If the reaction is of excitement and gratitude for the trust at the level of sharing, then we continue. If not, then we either back off or examine that more or find another person to seek a deeper relationship with.

This allows a slow working over time into communication at the deepest level in both directions, which also negates the desire to gossip. We know the process is working when we are trusted with the secrets and dark side of others while feeling safe to always disclose ourselves.

I like having a well-round group of people to speak with because I know among everyone I am safe to communicate with at absolute honesty, someone is always available and appropriate to talk with about anything I need to say.

Today I cite this process as one of the most helpful in my life for enjoying consistent daily happiness and peace.

I write about it today with the hope that reading this helps you reinforce what you are already doing or get started on a new strategy for feeling connected and understood at all times!

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Happiness is Easy with Deep Relationships and No Secrets!

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