Take Your Traffic To Links That Convert – A Hello Bar Tutorial


Now you’ve got this traffic to your website the question is what do you do with that traffic while it’s there? How do you get people to go to the pages you want them to on your website?

The Hello Bar tutorial will show you how to use the Hello Bar to encourage people to go to a ton of different pages on your website. You need a strategy to get them to go to the right pages on your website.

On my website, I’m trying to send people to the JerryBanfield.com/Udemy page because that’s where all my Udemy courses are, that’s where I start making some money and I’m also trying to send them to my landing page which is just the blog that has all the free articles and content on it.

They’re already going there a lot by default, but what I want to get people on my Udemy page so their converting on my courses and paying me something. When I’ve got all of these blog posts like this, you click on my blog and you can see the strategy I’ve got on my website is just tons of posts.

home page with lots of blog posts

If you look at my home page, I recorded this video on January 13th, and I have several articles posted on January 12, 10th, and 9th and then there are all kinds of posts on this page.

The problem is what happens when someone’s on a blog post page? How do I actually get them to go click on my Udemy courses page or go to my home page and that’s the challenge with this strategy so here is how you work around that.

I can get them to go to this page by putting a Hello Bar on the top of my website and it’s available at hellobar.com. It’s free for the first 25,000 visits and then it’s ad supported. You can also pay like $10 a month like I’ve done to get a pro account where now I have almost all the features unlocked and I don’t have to show ads and I only have to pay $5 every 25,000 visits after the first 250,000.

What I’m showing you how to do is put a Hello Bar which is a bar at the top of your website. I show you how to put that on all of your pages so you can direct people to your money making offers or do anything else you want.

Here’s how to put a Hello Bar really quick.

You just hit create new and then you see what it’s going to look like when it’s up on top of the website. I’m going to do is have this Hello Bar on top of it. I want to use the click link function and I want them to go to this exact link so I copy the link I want them to go to when they click on this Hello Bar. I want them to look at my Udemy courses so their more than likely on a blog post page.

I’m not showing this on my JerryBanfield.com/Udemy page, it’s going to be on a page like this.

high traffic blog page

This is one of the top pages on my website. They’re not on a home page or on the courses. This will only show on pages besides that in order to get them to go to this page so I don’t want to open a new window so I click next and now I take this Hello Bar branding off. I want to push the page down rather than go on the top of the page and I want it to remain at the top when people scroll down. That way when someone reads this 2000+ word article the Hello Bar is still there at the top.

Now I want to choose a background color because the color that Hello Bar uses as a default is kind of obnoxious. I’m going to do something blue because that looks good to me.

I’ll do that for the background, the text looks good and the click box looks good so I click next and now I put my message in the Bar text and this is what I can do in order to get them to click here, but I have to make sure I have some compelling text on there.

I need to find some text that will get people to click on that exactly and I can do that on my Udemy instructor profile more than likely.

I open my instructor profile up here and I want to take the name of some of my courses and put them up there and then copy that into the Hello Bar text.

I’ll put this up here and I don’t want it to be that long because that’s not likely to look very good so I want to add a shorter call to action that encourages people to go click on my Udemy courses. I want to communicate to people exactly why they should click on it and go to my Udemy course page.

Here’s what I’ve done:

hello bar with text

I ultimatly want to do A/B testing to see which of these convert the best to get people to my Udemy page. I’m going to make a laundry list of Hello Bars and see which one’s convert the best.

I want to use titles for my Udemy courses so people can see which ones are likely to convert. If I put text up from one of my Udemy courses then if I’m sending people to a page, I can have a good idea that they will actually convert.

I put the title of one of my Udemy courses up with a read more link and that’s how I went about making this. I hit next and then I want to put this on specific pages so I will set some conditions up and I will put the URL is not JerryBanfield.com.

I want to exclude the home page and then I also want to exclude the Udemy page because there’s no reason for this to pop up when I’m already advertising my Udemy courses.

I want to exclude the people on these two URL’s and this way I put in the URL is not exactly JerryBanfield.com because if I put includes, then that would exclude my whole website and I don’t want to do that. Then I save that and it will exclude my home page and Udemy.

This rule allows this Hello Bar to not pop up on the home page or on the Udemy page and now I hit done and this Hello Bar s ready to go.

This Hello Bar will send people over to the pages on my website that I want them to go to and it shouldn’t appear on my home page, but it should appear on the other page besides the home page or the Udemy, sometimes it takes a little bit to get loaded, but what will happen is it will be up soon and then I can start testing all of these different Hello Bars.

On the Hello Bar site, I can hit A/B test a new bar and then I can go through and do the same thing on here. Then I just copy the original bar and just create variation now it’s taken this exact same settings  from the last bar and that’s what I want. I want the color to be the same and all I do is change the text.

Now I’ve got a nice little new title here how to get Facebook likes for 1 cent each. I’ve got this new title, it’s got the exact same rules so now I hit done, saving and now I’ve got 2 different variations of a the same Hello Bar now I can create another variation. I can just try all these different text combinations until I find the ideal method for getting people to go to the Udemy page.

That’s what you want to do with Hello Bar is make as many variations as you can so you can test them and see what actually works the best because some of these will not work very good, but if you can get on that converts good, then you can get on your offer or getting people on the right page on your website, or whatever you want to do.

I created another simple variation of it based on a Udemy course title that uses the same rules and then I hit save. The nice thing is I’ve got all these up now and I can get stats on them and then all I need to know about is the conversion percentage.

I create all these variations and then I want to know what the conversion percentage is and then delete ones that aren’t converting and then make new ones that are similar to the ones that are converting

Now I’ve got four different Hello Bars that all go to my Udemy courses and I just want to go and see how these actually perform on my website. It will take a little bit of time before these actually load on my website.

You can see I just refreshed it and they haven’t loaded yet. It will take a little time for them to appear on my website, but then they will appear right up here at the top and then start funneling people over to the links I want.

If you are trying to get people to your products on your website or to products off site this is how you can do it.

Go to Hello Bar.com, set your website up, make some Hello Bars and send people where you want them.

I appreciate  you watching this video and I hope sharing how to get traffic exactly to the right page or product from your organic search traffic will prove really helpful for you.