Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Will you help us launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live filming in St. Petersburg, Florida, because you’re going to love the videos we put out of this show?

The Jerry Banfield Show is in a similar format to The Tonight Show, where we’ll start out with a monologue. I will give a little speech, I will answer some questions from the live audience and then we’ll do guest interviews and a performance.

You might think well, why would you do it like that?

What I’ve noticed is that the highest quality videos in terms of motivation, and speeches are often videos that are in front of a live audience.

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There’s only so much I can do in this office by myself, I’m imagining we can create the very best videos for you by doing The Jerry Banfield Show in front of the actual audience. In addition to that, I see a lot of the most successful forms of content creation, things like the Tim Ferriss Show, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and a lot of these shows feature guests in interviews.

Why? Because this helps everybody connect and work together, it helps people get noticed and helps.

For example, The Oprah Winfrey Show has helped a whole lot of authors, performers, musicians, etc. To get well known. The show is a good format to help people connect and work together.

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What my YouTube channel has been lacking for many years as they consist is that it is the ability to help connect and bring others together.

The way I’m intending to launch this is with a Kickstarter project. I’ve read the comments, I’ve reviewed over the past eight years, as an entrepreneur online, I’ve reviewed a lot of the lessons that I’ve learned and therefore I’m at taking this launch at a steady pace.

Instead of rushing this out and asking you to just give money immediately, I’m making sure everything is set up right on it. This is the first video I’m filming to be used on the project.

What I’m doing is taking two weeks to get this Kickstarter project set up properly before I get it launched, and then launch the Kickstarter project to raise the funding to get the show going.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

What we need help with on the show is to get the venue to get it out to the audience who would like to come to the show and to get guests who’d like to appear on the show and a videographer.

To fund it, click on “Back this Project” and anything that is contributed is extremely helpful and I intend to launch the Kickstarter project on August 28 2019, it will run for 30 days until September 27 2019.

The goal for it is $12,345 because this is an amount where we can get a good venue, where we can hire a videographer to get some quality footage of the show itself and where we have enough money to promote and help people learn about the show.

This will help us have a high quality experience to bring on board guests and to do a show that makes a big difference in our local community as well as in the international community.

If for some reason you’re watching this at this point you are new to who I am. These are the basics of who I am and what I’ve done online.

I’m grateful for a big following online that I built a lot with paid ads, and then all of the 2000+ videos I’ve made on YouTube, videos I filmed for online courses.

Jerry banfield stats
These are my basic stats and these are the basic results I’ve got.

In The Jerry Banfield Show I’m imagining the chance to help teach in my monologue at the beginning of the show and then to do interviews and to bring out the best people who can help us learn much more than I can do by myself.

With the Kickstarter project, I value your feedback, especially since right now I’m filming this video a week before launch, and I value your feedback on the Kickstarter project.

This is what it looks like so far, I’m working with Auret to get a graphic design job done on this instead of just having it all text to get beautiful graphics so when you scroll down here things like the headers, things like getting to know me are all in beautiful graphics that make it easy to get to know the project.

I’ve started off talking about the purpose of the show.

The purpose of the show is to make as big of a difference as something like The Tonight Show is made, by helping people get discovered like Wayne Dyer. That helped him get discovered and Wayne Dyer’s books have helped me so much and this Tonight Show is a big part of helping Wayne Dyer get to know and get his career off to a big start nationally.

Having that kind of an impact locally, where I’m not aware of any other way to do that on a local basis. I’m imagining that this kind of show format will help other people, other creators like me kick off some more local shows to just help us get connected locally on something like The Tonight Show is good for getting national and international recognition. But if you’re a local plumber and you’re opening a new restaurant you’re probably never going to be on The Tonight Show, you really could just use some more local promotions and a local show like The Jerry Banfield Show.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

I’m so excited about this, this is almost all I’ve been thinking about for the last couple weeks here and the Kickstarter project is the foundation of building the show up locally.

Anything you can contribute once it’s live is extremely helpful and I’ll go into the rewards after we cover the story.

The format of the show is almost the same as The Tonight Show where it starts with the monologue. There’ll be interviews in the middle and then there’ll be a performance by the band, a musician, a stand-up comedian. We’ll have some kind of performance at the end of the show. Often that will probably be musical and the guests will really make the quality of the show and I will just be there to get everyone connected.

I am perfect to host a show like this, I’ve filmed over 5000 videos online, I’ve been preparing to do something like this for essentially the whole time in my business.

Everything I’ve done with filming all these videos online has prepared me to host a show like this, to put together a team at to make this show a reality, to bring the guests together to promote the show so that people watch it.

That’s the main asset I offer, is it my ability to just act as the host and promote the show all we need other than that our guests and crew to make the show a reality in a venue and we’ve got it, thus this section of the Kickstarter project is intended to help communicate why I’m the great host and help people get to know me that don’t know me already.

I’m imagining for the guests on the show will have both local and international talent come whenever someone’s visiting in St. Petersburg, they might want to be on the show and on a regular basis will have things like local artists, entrepreneurs, writers, healers, actors, gurus, singers, magicians, parents, students, teachers we’ll have all kinds of different guests on it to share their stories share their talents to make an amazing show that you can watch on YouTube and Facebook and to give you the highest quality experience as a viewer.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

I am also imagining some people you might know attending the show I’m imagining Kesha performing on the show, Tim Ferriss coming to do an interview, Amanda Palmer, Brené Brown of those are a few of the names I’ve imagined that you might know that I’ve followed, and doing this show gives me the perfect venue to invite all the people I follow to come do the show with me. I’m really excited about that.

I’ve been imagining you’re doing a show with me for years and this seems to be the way to finally make it a reality.

Audience… Where are people going to discover and come to The Jerry Banfield Show?

I’m imagining this Kickstarter project and all the YouTube channels and followers we already have as a great way to build the audience and then word of mouth and some paid advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Google and Bing will help and a venue ideally that already has regular visitors that can help promote the show itself.

Then we promote the venue that I imagine is how we get a full house of 100+ people at every show filming.

I’ve already had a very clear vision of doing this show in my mind and I saw several hundred audience members there. I’m also intending to charge $20 for a ticket so this is an actual event you pay to go to.

I understand that shows like The Tonight Show and The Late Show get tickets for free. However, you often need to wait in line hours for those tickets and show up in person.

I like the idea of just charging $20 because then you just buy a ticket, you get a specific seat and it’s fair that way in terms of what you put you get —You invest something in the show, and then you get a specific seat out of it. Instead of waiting in line for hours and hoping to get a seat.

I’m imagining a lot of the people that come to the show will want to be able to just buy tickets and pick out a seat the same as if you went to another show.

That’s how I’m imagining the show is self sustaining after the Kickstarter project.

We are using The Jerry Banfield Show Kickstarter project to help attract the ideal venue and have the funding to pay for the ideal venue assuming it’s —Maybe given for free even in exchange for all the promotion that will be done for the venue.

I’m excited that this will also all create local jobs for especially videographers, but also the more people we have coming to the show will need people to handle the tickets, have video editors potentially have staff to take care of, scheduling everyone and getting the show prepared.

I’m imagining filming one to five days a week, and therefore we’re looking at creating full time jobs in St. Petersburg, Florida with this show. I’m intending to answer some more questions down here and then I put the risk and challenge part on this just getting to describe myself and my life because the biggest risk and challenge so to speak with this Kickstarter project is me. I mean, everything’s really hanging on me to make this happen, at least getting started.

Once we’ve got the show started, I in some ways, I’m more replaceable than once we’ve got the show off the ground, but it is essential for me to take good care of myself in order to build this show. I talk about what I do for self care in all of the ways I essentially manage myself the same way an actor, any kind of artist would take good care of themselves to make sure they’re an optimal performance condition.

I value your feedback on all of what I’ve talked about in The Jerry Banfield Show Kickstarter project, to make this the best Kickstarter project in order to get the most support and do the most good for launching the show.

What I’ve done with the rewards over here is I’ve kept the Kickstarter project rewards as simple as possible.

I’ve got four rewards — I’ve noticed some of the projects have so many rewards and it’s kind of confusing, and many of us do better with less choices — So I made the choices, simple.

I’ve done these little fun number plays here like 6789-678-123 they all add up to some multiple of three and it’s fine, it’s just it’s for fun.

I got the first reward, when you give $45 or more, you’ll get to see your name in the credits at the end of every episode in season 1, I was thinking about having a lower reward. However, the more I thought about it, almost everyone that can put in something like $20, or $25 is capable of putting $45 in.

I’ve seen some successful projects that have done the strategy of putting the very first reward up to something around $50. Because if you’ve got $20, you’ve got $45.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

Now I realize a jump between say $20 and $120 is a lot mentally, but $20 and $45 are very close mentally and I am thinking that that’s the best way to go with it is just start the rewards at $45 instead of having a reward at $20, because a lot of people might put in $20 will put in $45.

My ego is usually at the $100 or the $600 level personally. Thus, I like the 123 on the numbers also, this reward level you get everything in the previous reward level. Plus, you’ll get tickets to come to every single episode in season one, they’ll be at least 20 episodes in season one.

This is a lot cheaper than buying tickets to any individual show, I imagine a lot of the backers may choose to go for this reward, because then you can attend any episode of the show without buying a ticket.

The last two are for people interested in being the most involved in the show, $678 or more to be an associate producer where you can have inside access to recommend guests, a videographer, film crew, a venue.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

The basic difference between the associate level and the executive producer level is the Executive Producers essentially a sponsor, the Executive Producer will be mentioned that the beginning of every show and the Executive Producer will also be able to have their name or their logo in the background of the show.

Essentially, the main difference is you are more of a sponsor that is noticed and visible in the show, I imagine there will be several businesses and or individuals that will be excited about being an Executive Producer to both help the show be successful and to then get their own name out there as well.

I have now gone over everything on The Jerry Banfield Show project and I’m intending to launch this on August 28, 2019.

I value your comment and your feedback about the show and anything you like especially if there’s something you think, “definitely keep it that way, I really like that”. I’ll read your comments and anything you recommend changing. If you’re excited and willing to go back to the show, or if you’d like to be a guest on it or come to a show in person.

What I like about this is if you follow me online, this is also good way you can see me in person anytime you want to.

I’ve thought a lot about making an event where you could come see me live on The Jerry Banfield Show the way I’ve set it up, whenever you’re in town and you want to visit this will give you the chance to come meet me live at one of the shows and therefore if you want to have access anytime you’re in town, the season pass is ideal for that.

Help Launch The Jerry Banfield Show Live in Saint Petersburg Florida

Thank you very much for finally learning about The Jerry Banfield Show season 1, this is the first full video I’ve done about it.

I trust that when you want to make sure you see the updates, you’ll hit that subscribe button and turn those notifications on to help see the videos and check the subscriber feed.

You can follow it on Facebook but make sure to put See First and or notifications on it if you want to see the show.

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If you want to do any kind of work with me, one-on-one calls coaching collaboration or services right when the show is preparing to launch and before it launches this is the very best time if you want me to help you work with anything or work on your business at all before I get going with this show.

I mentioned that this show will consume almost all of my time and energy alongside Uthena once it gets going and therefore anything you want me to do now’s the time to do it before the show takes up my attention.

Thank you very much for reading all of this. I love you. You’re awesome.

I will see you in the next post and I may see you on the Kickstarter project too when it launches.

August 28 look for a video or a link on my channel.

Jerry Banfield