Are your high expectations weighing you down?

When things are working in your life, do you notice them and are you grateful for them? when things go wrong in your life, do you how things are and do you get upset with how things are and do you remember still that things worked most of the time.

Most of my life I took for granted when things like the internet, water, cable TV, worked and I took things for granted things like my family loving me and my friends being there and I took for granted most of the good things in life and I relentlessly focused on the problems what wasn’t working.

If the internet went out I was so mad, I was calling and doing everything I could to get it back and get it fixed. I would obsess over getting it fixed If I had a friend who had an issue with me or I was having one with them, I would obsess and get all upset wondering why isn’t this working, why won’t they be like this, and why won’t they do this. When my family struggled as a teenager, I just always had this feeling that something was wrong and I was mad and wondering why aren’t my parents getting along, why don’t they love each other, why don’t me and my brother get along and I would often get so mad I would say things like I wish I wasn’t born an just try and throw out all these negative feelings.

The problem was I wasn’t grateful for things to work and I expected things to work. Today, I try to be grateful for things that do work and I try and expect nothing. When the cable is not working now, I remember other day I had the worst error it’s had over the last couple years I’ve had it and I remember I was still grateful that this is the best, most reliable, fastest internet I’ve ever had before and that’s something to be thankful for even when it’s having problems.

We live in this weird world in the USA and similar countries with similar wealth, we expect things to work. It’s downright strange if you look at how much of life is and you look at other countries where things don’t work most of the time and you just get through on grace. You’re just thankful when anything actually does work and so we have this weird crybaby thing here where everything in our life goes great except for one thing and then we get all upset about it.

The trains run on time. Traffic runs smooth most of the time. The cable and internet, and power are all  good, most of the time and yet occasionally, when things go wrong, I, at least for most of my life, would throw a fit. Why is the power out now? In other places, you’re lucky to have power and even where things are really good you don’t have to take them for granted, you don’t have to expect that they will work. You can keep the mindset of someone who is used dealing with things are struggling without having to be there. You can have the mindset of someone who lives in a place I where there’s no power, where there’s no good reliable internet.

You can have the mindset of someone like that in a place where everything works if you keep that space in your life. If you just remember that things work most of the time and I’m grateful I  can finally do that. I am planning to do some call of duty videos this morning and the first thing that happened is that it wouldn’t connect to Xbox live and I usually would have gotten frustrated with that in my life. I usually would have gotten mad and not had a good response to it. This time I saw that and I said, okay, well it works most of the time and I’m glad it works most of the time. What other options can I try?

I went into the dashboard and I found out I could install what I needed to and update what I needed to and now, more than likely it will ready by the time I’m ready to use it. If I would’ve gotten frustrated, I may not have seen the work around or the necessary things to do in order to get it to work. The irony is getting mad at the things you expect to work that don’t work ultimately keeps you from them for longer. I hope in sharing this that I’m sharing something I’ve started doing – being grateful for things that do work. On a normal day when the internet’s on, when the water’s running,  when there’s no disaster or plane crashing nearby or no horrible car accident on the way to the gym, I’m grateful that things are going so well and that means that every day for me is a great pleasure. Life for me is moving smoothly and I can see that and then when there is a traffic jam, then I can usually deal with that a lot better, too. When it takes an extra hour to get home, when the internet’s not working, then I can be at peace with that and say this is fine right now, too.

Then I can remember that things do work like that most of the time because this is a lot better when you don’t expect anything, when you just live in the moment. There’s nothing wrong with a traffic jam when you’re just sitting with it in the moment. The only problem is if there’s some future time that you’re in a hurry trying to get to and you’re frustrated you can’t get there. If you give up the idea, the expectation that things need to be a certain way then things are a lot nicer.

I pray today to keep that in mind today that life is a lot nicer when I give up my high expectations, especially on myself. I pray today that I am grateful when things are working the way I think they should work and I pray that I will have patience and love and understanding and remember my gratitude when things don’t go exactly the way they should. I swear sometimes when I set these videos up it’s like I’ve got a quiz at the end of it in my life. Something will happen that I was talking about today and life will make sure I do what I say.

I’m glad you’re here with me today, I just share honestly what I’m doing everyday this is kind of like a journal and it’s cool because I’ve been growing a lot from a person who suffered and was miserable to a person who’s happy and tries to do something good and tries to let the divine shines through his body. Thank you for being here with me I pray today that sharing this with you is useful and that you have a great day.