High Value Man

Are you a high value man? A man, or woman that has leveled up in life. That is the goal of this class! It is to never have to be in that job hunt mode again. I know I personally don’t want to ever have to be in that position again of the unemployment mess of my life.

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High Value Man

Looking around as I did after college, thinking what am I going to do with my life, feeling like a useless person with no valuable skills, begging desperately for someone to let me make a little bit of money for them often doing things I didn’t even like. That’s the pain we’re looking on void here by being discovered instead. What I try and do today is set my whole life up to focus on being discovered by people who might want to employ me instead of the necessity for me to go discover others. Obviously, if all of us sit back and demand to be discovered, then that won’t work very well per se. Every employee would simply sit there and wait for the employer to find them. I think that’d be a better system than what we have today though. The employers struggled to discover good potential employees, and employees struggle to hunt down jobs that they will enjoy making a contribution at. You might argue the only people the system works for today are the employees who are able to be discovered. The employees who a company can go directly and find to say, “This is who we want to work for us,” and that’s why it’s so annoying lots of times to hear about other people who they get fired from a job, and then someone immediately calls them up and demands that they come work for them instead. It can be really annoying to hear about people who are so coveted by others that there’s literally someone fighting over them all the time.

I was listening to Steve Jobs’s biography, and I also listened to Creativity, Inc., both of which talk about Pixar. One of the animators at Pixar, John Lasseter, he went to work for Disney and then he came over to Pixar. Pixar and Disney then were literally fighting over having him work for them. Now imagine that having Disney and Pixar fighting to have you work for them. That is what we’re going for here. That is the goal. It’s to be employed for life. To have people and companies literally in competition over having you work for them.

I’m able to do that in my life right now using exactly what I’ve shared here with you, and more which I will continue to share. I’m nothing special. It’s simply the system I have in my life. When you use the same system, adapt it to your own unique situation, you have the ability to produce the same thing that literally have people and companies around the world competing for your time and attention and energy. This doesn’t mean you have a problem-free life where you’re just getting a salary the rest of your life necessarily with no challenges. I think it’s equally as challenging in a different way to have so many people and companies, or big huge people and companies, actively working to court you and get you to work for them. I think that can be as more stressful than having no one who wants you to work for them as I’ve experienced both ends of that.

My time right now is extremely competitive. There are more opportunities than I can possibly go forward with. I literally turn things down today that in many other parts of my life would have been the most exciting opportunity ever. I received a letter in the mail from Germany yesterday to buy Dash, which would be worth anywhere from $75 to maybe a $100 or so a month, to do something really simple, and I simply put that letter in the recycling bin to be shredded. Why? Because that’s not even worth my time to mess around with that today. If I would have got that letter in college, I would have thought that was the best thing ever. You mean all I need to do is take some cash and use it to buy some online currency and send it to someone. That’s a great deal.

Today I get offers from people and companies all the time that want to talk with me, and I demand that they pay to talk to me, because that eliminates 99% of the offers. Many of the offers might be really good, but I just don’t have time to investigate all of them and keep showing up here for you. If I investigated all of them and talked with everyone and tried to build a relationship with everyone. I would have no time to be here and talk with you or produce anything productive. This is what happens to a lot of people who are able to get discovered. We get bogged down in all the opportunities and then it can be easy to make nothing of them. That can be more frustrating than having no opportunities. At least it’s easy to play the victim like I did after college and thinking, “Well, no one wants to hire me. Poor me”. It seems ridiculous when you have a bunch of opportunities and can’t make anything out of any of them. To me, it doesn’t seem very easy to blame anyone else for that really seems like my fault.

I’m not saying that being employed for life will remove all stress, all financial worries. I’m saying it is wonderful, and the challenges are worth it that come with it. One myth out there about money people have is that when you have a lot of money you don’t have any financial worries. I’ve got more money in the last couple of years of my life than I’ve ever had before, and I’ve had more financial worries than ever before. Now I’ve got this Dash masternode at least for today, and I talk about it and people are concerned on my behalf that someone may steal it. Yes, that’s possible. Someone may steal it. You see, the more you build, the more others are likely to help you learn how to be afraid and to learn how to be worried about all that you’ve built. When you have nothing, you don’t have to worry about anyone taking anything. You don’t have to worry about losing anything.

When you’ve got a great job that you love doing as a part of a career you enjoy, then guess what? You can worry about losing that career. You can worry about how that career will look in the future. A lot of the most depressed people we hear about are people who’ve had great things happen early on in their life. They’ve been an Olympic medal winner, they’ve been an actress or an actor, they’ve been a big deal with a company, and then guessed what? Life takes that away and all of a sudden they’re just the ordinary person again. There’s an experiment that was done with monkeys. When you give a monkey one banana, it’s extremely happy; “Thank you for the banana. I will eat it.” When you give another monkey one banana, it’s very happy. Then when you give it another banana, it’s very happy again. When you take that banana away, the monkey all of a sudden is very unhappy with its one banana, because it was used to having two bananas and you took one away and now it feels deprived.

My daughter has this same effect. If you give her a toy or give her something she wants and likes, and then you take it away, she’s less happy than when you gave it to her in the first place. When you start getting all these things being employed for life, being discovered, you actually have more challenges. If you think having a wonderful employment for the rest of your life will remove all the challenges, it doesn’t. It actually to me makes the challenges more intense, and this is why lots of people can’t handle it. Can’t handle being discovered, and in demand, it’s challenging for me. It’s challenging. I’m listening to Steve Jobs’s biography and it was challenging for him. He proposed to his eventual wife, and then would just forget about it, not mention it for months, because he’d be so absorbed in his work. It’s challenging to have employment for life, and yet I think it’s worth it. It’s fun. It’s exciting. The key to all this is being discovered. The key to that is switching your mindset first.

Now sure some people can wander out there and just get in the situations and do well, but I’m guessing even in those cases, there is more of a discovery mindset even if the hunt is going on. I have a friend. He hunted down jobs for years that he wanted. He’s now had a job that he loves for years. A weird thing happened. At the same time he got offered the job that he has now and loves, guess what? Another competing offer came in at the exact same time. All of a sudden, he had been for years struggling working somewhere he didn’t like, sending out hunting down all these jobs, spending money, flying places to interview, doing all kinds of intensive pre-screening activities for potential employers, and guess what? All of a sudden he gets his dream job and another job very similar that he loved to look at and consider taking at the same time within a week or two of each other.

Being discovered having more choices often is more difficult than having less choices. If you want to be employed for life, to me it starts with a decision, a mindset shift, a belief that I will become. If you don’t think you are already, I will become, and I will work on becoming today discoverable. I will do the work to make sure that I’m employed for life. Regardless of what exact job or what exact employer or what exact activity, I will decide that I am a worthwhile human being who has a lot to contribute today. I will get to work on crafting myself into a discoverable prime employee.
This to me is the mindset shift that is required prior to getting those good opportunities which often then seem like luck. To me, in life, there doesn’t seem to be any luck. There seems to be opportunity meeting with preparedness.

I read a line I think goes in Tim Ferriss’s book last night about Floyd Mayweather sitting back and watching basketball before a fight, and the guy who was interviewing with Tim Ferriss talking about sitting with Mayweather just before the fight and expecting him to be worried about the fight. Mayweather said, “I’ve been training for this for months now. Either I’m ready or I’m not ready, there’s nothing to worry about. I feel the same way with my work. I’ve been training essentially to make this for you for years. Either I’m ready to step up and do it today, I trust the words that are going to come out of this mouth to the point where I don’t need to write a script. I trust you to the point where you accept slight imperfections in favor of open-hearted honesty. I trust that this will be delivered how it needs to be for the very most effective result for you, because I’ve prepared for years to be here to make this class for you. Either it’s going to come out right or it’s not. All I can do is show up and do the work at this point.

This work that I’m doing is preparing me to do more work, and yet at the same time, all of this will be taken away and forgotten someday. I will still go on. I will still be experiencing life. That, to me, is the gift of eternal life; it’s seeing that right here, right now is all you have, and that is forever. Right now, you’ve got the joy of life. You’ve got the chance to experience this indefinitely. Why? How do you know? Because you’ve already done it. You’ve already been through so much. You don’t remember most of it and here we are today. Here we are with a goal that’s noble to be employed for life. We’re not talking about a final solution. We’re talking about one that should be very powerful for a long time, that has the opportunity to eliminate a ton of stress, anxiety, fear and worry in the short term. However, all of the rewards that come from following this will bring many more forms of stress, anxiety, and fear that are simply different, that may even make it easier to feel all alone. It’s easier to feel all alone at the top than the bottom because there’s lots of company at the bottom so to speak.

There’s all kinds of people who are unemployed and you can more than likely run into them at lots of different places and complain and commiserate and say, “Man, it’s not fair. No one will hire me. Well, yeah, I’m trying to support my family and I can’t get a job either.” It feels really lonely and isolated when everything’s going well and you feel the same way. When you’ve got all the money you need, you’ve got all the respect and all the attention you need, when you have everything you need and you still feel the exact same way. Now, who’s going to listen to you? “Oh man, I don’t know what to do with all these opportunities I have. I have everything I want and I’m still not happy”. Who wants to listen to that? As they’re sitting in a cafeteria, getting free food, and are unemployed, who wants to hear you complain about how you have everything and you’re still not happy. What we’re going towards here is an opportunity that is almost forced enlightenment in one way or another when you really get what you want. It often produces the opportunity for extreme unhappiness.

I share this with you with the hope to focus on the goal, and to see that the goal won’t make you happy in the long term. However, the goal is very worth achieving of being employed for life, of being discovered indefinitely, to never have to go on the hunt for work again. A huge problem in your life that you actually can be stalled starting right now. At the same time, it won’t fix all the other things in your life. In fact, when I solve problems in my life, it forces me to look at the areas where there still are problems. It encourages me to shine the light on them.

I’m grateful to have this experience to share with you today. I realized that I’m just an ordinary person which is why I share this with you. That I could fall and hit my head, and forget all this and be unemployable for the rest of my life. I hope in creating this that this is of service to you regardless of what happens to this particular messenger body. This message is worth sharing because it’s been shared with me. The next step is to start looking more in at the difference between being discovered and being on the hunt. I hope in connecting this vision for being employed for life here, using the inventory relationships and the mindset of discovery, I hope this connects everything together in a way that’s empowering for you.

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