How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

Are you ready to see how Annie Long got 50,000 YouTube subscribers in just one month? I found her video on this really helpful and you’re going to love learning these new tips I got from discovering her video.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

First, who is Annie Long? She is a 13-year old YouTuber. Her dad manages her YouTube channel and I discovered her video last night while I was browsing around YouTube.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

How I got 50,000 subscribers in ONE MONTH? I was like what? That’s really good. I’ve been working on my subscribers for years and man, there are still so many things I don’t know.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

One of the very first tips I got out of her video was to use this little comment box. She’s got a comment box where she features comments on videos previously and as you can start to see on all my new videos I’m doing that. I’ve just racked up in OBS a comment box with tons of comments from my previous videos that will just randomly rotate through.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers on Youtube?

This is a tip that’s really helpful if you want to build your YouTube following because the more comments you get on your videos, the more people are going to watch the videos. The longer “watch time” you’re going to get on those videos, the more people watch your videos, comment, and build a relationship with you.

That’s how you’re going to end up getting a lot more subscribers.

However, that’s not the best tip I’ve got out of here. There’s one that’s even better that it took a while to get to and I’ll show you on her videos. Well, what does she make? What kinds of videos does she make?

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

These are the videos she’s making. Her new video received 11K views in the first 19 hours or so since it came out and these are the videos she’s making here.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

I’m taking the most critical learning points out of it. This is the number one most critical learning point out of her video. It is to make popular content at the right time. Somehow in 8 years of YouTube and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, I’ve never heard this put so succinctly with such a good example.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

Let me give you an example right now of what she did here with this. Here’s a video “Where is the DIVERSITY on YouTube” that was made as a part of an ongoing discussion by ItzKeisha. It’s got 407,173 views so far.

This was published on April 28, 2019. It is very important to look at this first video. Now, watch what happens in the next video. This is not by Annie. This is a video by someone I imagine she’s following and keeping up with. Let’s look at Annie’s video.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

If you notice in ItzKeisha’s video, you’ll see the same person in both videos. Annie did a commentary video on it on her channel. Now, she put out a video 2 days later as she said “Right content at right time.

ItzKeisha’s video was uploaded on April 28th whereas, Annie’s video was uploaded on April 30th. She puts out a video 2 days later and names it the exact same thing as this other video which is already blowing up.

Her video ends up getting more views than the original video. She literally made it with the exact same title. This is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

I don’t really understand the context. There are a bunch of people about diversity and there was some existing conversation going on on a big level on YouTube and her video was able to get right in the middle of the discussion.

The key is that people enjoyed her video. The ratio of likes to dislikes on the video is very high. 50,000 likes for only 700 dislikes. Therefore, what she puts in the video and her commentary on the existing discussion was very well received. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

However, the most critical part is the title of the video and the date she released it. That gave her the chance to get a lot more views as people were actively thinking about and talking about this. This was part of a big discussion.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

Several other YouTubers were able to jump on this exact same thing. A video about diversity on YouTube from this channel gets 850,781 views.

A video from this channel meanwhile only got 727 views which does not mean you can just post a video with the exact same title and then get huge results. People have to enjoy your video. This video had a good ratio of likes to dislikes.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

However, the creator did not get this video to take off. You’ll notice that the title is significantly different. It depends on the amount of “watch time. “

Annie’s video was 10 minutes long. ItzKeisha’s video was 12 minutes long. Verena’s video was 17 minutes long. Deja Renee’s was a bit longer than the other videos.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

Here’s another YouTube video. This one got 29,789 views. I’ll put the release dates in order so you can see when these come out to get an idea of how important it is to come up with the video on the exact right topic at the exact right time.

The longer it gets, the more it drops off.

ItzKeisha:                            Apr 28, 2019
Annie Long:                       Apr 30, 2019
Vereena:                             May 6, 2019
Melanie Lockie:              May 9, 2019

What we can see is the topics are starting to get saturated a bit where people have already seen videos on the topic and they’ve discussed it enough. People are getting through talking about it.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

You can see, this video comes out later. It gets 727 views. You can look at the entire discussion and get some perspective on this by looking through the search results to see all the videos on this discussion and how many views they’ve got.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

If you take a different way of looking at it or contribute something to the discussion that maybe gets people interested. You can come out later with the video. Thus, the key is the timing and the exact topic. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

You’re now thinking, “Well, how can I find these exact topics and exact discussions at the exact right time?

One of the key things you can do is just be watching and participating on YouTube looking around paying attention to what discussions are going on and then you can jump in at the right time. I imagine that this is what Annie was able to do jump in at the exact right time on top of this discussion then if you want to bring in a video about it at the exact right time, you can.

However, you can see that the timing for this is critical and what appears to be happening is that people burn out in these discussions.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

If we look at her over here she made another video on May 29th about the diversity on YouTube and what you’ll notice is by now I guess people were just getting burned out on the discussion. People weren’t interested in talking about this.

You’ll see that the number of comments is way down on ItsKeisha’s video versus the original videos that came out about it. She made a video the next month and I guess people are just over talking about that. They’re onto the next conversation topic.

Therefore, if you can jump in the middle of a really popular discussion topic with just the right video at just the right time then you’ve got a chance to get blown up on YouTube through browse features, search features, and suggested videos where YouTube will just recommend your video and put a whole lot of people on your video all at the same time.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

Now, what she says in the rest of her video on how she got all these views is that you need to keep experimenting. If you look back through her channel and all the videos she’s done, especially if you go back further.

She did not just blow up with one video. She’s been making videos on YouTube for a long time and if you keep scrolling down and loading the old videos, you can get an idea of her progress.

This is one of the best things you can really do to learn about YouTube. If you’re watching somebody who’s popular, go back through their channel, scroll deeply through the videos on their channel and then you can really get to know them.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

She’s got a very strong audience and community and what she said for the first several years on YouTube, she spent a lot of time hustling, commenting, and interacting in comments on other people’s videos.

She says she used to spend 2 hours a day just going through the comments on YouTube making comments and for 2 hours a day. She would repeatedly comment on YouTube hoping to interact with people. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

People who would then click on her comments and end up coming to subscribe to her channel. This is how she got a lot of her initial views.

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Therefore, if you’re just expecting to put a video up with zero subscribers and jump into one of these hot topics, that’s probably not going to happen. But what you can do is you can put a lot of effort into your YouTube channel to get it off the ground and interact to build a community.

Once you’ve got a community on your YouTube channel, then when you jump in on one of these hot topics, you’ve got a chance to really succeed. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

If we look over at some more of her videos, you’ll see she did continuous uploads and no video in particular blown up all of a sudden but you can see that she’s consistently growing. She’s got a very strong community. Some of her videos start to grow higher than others. Some of her videos are starting to get more traction.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

When she jumped in on some of the educational tutorials, she started getting views in the thousands. Now, she’s starting to more consistently get videos that are getting over 10K views in almost every video. Thus, there’s no substitute for consistently building that community on a video by video basis.

She says in her suggestions to put out at least 2 videos a week. I suggest you put out a video every single day if you can. I put out a video every single day and you’ll notice how she starts to get videos, especially after that previous one that really takes off hundreds of thousands of views.

That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

As you can see in the image above is one of her first videos that gets 500K views on this one. Then another one with over 120K views.

Right before everything takes off on her channel, she’s got a few other popular videos. When she jumps into this discussion on “Where’s the diversity on YouTube”, she gets close to a million views on it. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

Now, her videos are consistently going from a few thousand to 10,000+ views on almost every video. Still, it’s important to keep up with the consistency and notice, though I didn’t actually discover her in any of this conversation.

I did not discover her because I have not been paying attention to whatever that community or whatever the discussion is that she’s watching. I discovered her in the video image as shown above.

I discovered her from a video she made 2 months ago. Now, keep that in mind, she made this video that I just saw last night 2 months ago on “How to get 50,000 subscribers in one month”. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

I’m going through on my couch watching a bunch of videos at night as I’m preparing to go to sleep. I’m putting things into my head that I’m expecting my growth acceleration and helping me to teach you most effectively.

I’ve run into this video on YouTube and I’m like, “Whoa! That has some really good information on it that I had not seen anyone put with as good of an example before. I gotta talk about this”. So, that’s how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

In her videos, she also talks all often about other people on YouTube whereas, you might notice, I’ve talked a lot about myself on YouTube and one thing you can get when you talk about other people on YouTube, you can get those new subscribers from people discovering you off of someone else.

How Annie Long Got 50,000 Subscribers in One Month on YouTube!

For example, if you look over at her Tube buddy stats, according to buddy’s best guess, a thousand people or a thousand searches a month just for Ainee long. So, when I make a video about Ainee long, I’m helping you potentially go subscribe to her youtube channel.

I’m also giving my own video the chance to get discovered on people that are searching for her and if you just keep doing this kind of thing over and over again, you can build your community as people who are looking at for discussion videos about other YouTubers, commentary, and interactions then discover you.

She made a video 2 months ago and I just discovered it from YouTube recommending it. The key to this is steady, patience, and persistence over time. You’re not going to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers overnight.

In almost every case I’ve seen, the YouTuber that blows up, blows up because they’ve done their work on laying a strong foundation on their channel. It’s not that they just posted one video and it went viral. That does happen, but it is extremely rare.

What usually happens is a YouTuber puts a ton of work into building a really strong community that absolutely loves them, supports them, and consistently shows up every day and when this community shows up every single day then that gives videos the chance to really get recommended on YouTube.

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If you’re able to get into some of these new areas and reach people like me then this just helps you snowball your channel even further and further. The one downside is that the more diverse your channel gets, the more difficult it is to please your subscribers because I just subscribe to Annie Long on YouTube.

However, the videos I’m likely to watch versus the videos that the majority of her audience is likely to watch can make it more difficult to please all of us so to speak, for example, am I going to watch a video she made “Preparing for back to school (eighth GRADE)?

The odds of me watching that video are substantially lower than the majority of her subscribers because of the kinds of videos I watch. I’m watching digital marketing and online advertising videos.

Therefore, when I subscribe, I’m a significantly different kind of viewer I imagine than the majority of her audience. So the bigger you get your audience on YouTube though and the more diverse it is, the more challenging it can be to please everyone.

This is why it’s especially important to do comment moderation, help bring everybody together, just experiment and do your best every day. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

I appreciate you reading this. I hope it was very helpful for you. This video helped me a lot and this video is my thank you to Annie for giving me some tips I had not seen presented so well before.

I’m wondering how can I set up a system and hire somebody to help me to find these big discussions on YouTube because it looks like to me, all I need to do at this point if I want to get some ridiculous growth on my channel is to jump in on some of these discussions at just the right time as Annie did. That is how Annie Long got 50,000 subscribers.

Where I can get my video up 2 days after another video and if I just keep jumping into these conversations with all that you’ve done for me to build a strong community on my Youtube channel, at this point, if I jump into a few of these discussions, my videos will have a very good chance to go viral and from there a whole lot of growth on my way.

I hope this helps to see how you can do the same thing on your YouTube channel as well. Thank you very much for reading this whole post.

I love you. You’re awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you every day.

If you’d like to contact me or send me a message, I trust you can use my contact information.

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