How Can I Get a Good Body?

Well, I’ll answer this the best I can here. This is the best I have felt about my body. I think this is the best this body has looked since I was 18 because these bodies change a lot in childhood.

It’s the best I’ve felt about my body, the best it’s looked and the best it’s operated. What I’ve done to do that is “Focus on what I am eating”. What you eat is one of the biggest factors and how the body looks.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

I remember going to my personal trainer. I became a personal trainer in 2013 because I wanted to lose weight and look better.

She said, “80% of the weight is what you eat”. I’m like, “Well, why am I coming to personal training if 80% of how my weight is what I eat? Why am I even bothering with this 20%?

Now, vigorous exercise is very important however diet plus sleep are two of the biggest things for having a great body and what you eat.

I recommend or what I read that made the difference for me is a book called “How not to die”. That was huge. I read a book called “How not to die” and followed the instructions.

I’ve been following them for 3 and 1/2 years. Literally reading that single-handedly has got me at a healthy weight.

Also, I stay sober and go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day. I’ve got about 5 and 1/2 years sober and pretty much only drink water meaning no alcohol and no sugary drinks.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

I’d hardly even drink tea/coffee. You might say it’s boring. That makes a big difference. Even things like diet sodas have poisons in them that negatively affect your body and make you crave food.

Clean eating, whole plant fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and beans, that eating has helped me a lot to keep my body in good shape.

The better shape my body’s in, the better I feel and the better I can do. It’s made a huge difference over the years.

Also, getting good sleep. I consistently get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night. Good sleep is imperative for repairing the body while maintaining a healthy weight and fixing all the functions.

I exercise every single day, try and get outside for about an hour every day at least for a walk and then I do personal training twice a week.

I was talking with my personal trainer.

Sometimes an important step in honesty is simply what we call in the recovery movement “Taking Inventory”. I did the video a couple of weeks ago on “35 with 484k debt and a plan”.

To prepare for that, for the first time all year, I’d look at all my debt and add all the numbers up.

I just thought before that “Well, of course, I have debt. I owe money” but there’s a big difference between knowing about how much you owe and sitting down and looking at all of it.

How much do I owe? Who do I owe it to? What’s the minimum payment? How much interest am I paying? When will this be paid off? How much is my total minimum payment among all my different payments?

How Can I Get a Good Body?

That was a huge step that helped me start taking the steps to reduce it. I wanted to spend responsibly as long as I knew I had debt, of course, but when I saw my debt was $75,000 higher than I thought it was as a result of my success before, that wasn’t my doing.

It was hundreds of thousands of people helping me as a result of my success i.e. huge credit lines and great income. Then I was able to borrow money so fast, I didn’t even realize how much I owed. The minimum payment was $8,000 a month.

Last month my business made about $8,000 in revenue which means even if I had no expenses, I’d pay them all out in minimum debt payments. It only counts the mortgage and it doesn’t count me anything else.

What also got me started to financial freedom is somebody last week came in with a comment says “You have all this debt. You don’t have any right to give advice” and it kind of triggered me because that’s true.

What business do I have telling anyone else what they ought to do? What all of us have a right to do is share our story to say, “Hey, this is what I’m doing. This is what my life’s like and this is how I got here”.

This is why I’m doing it. All of us have a right to share our stories. In fact, I find when people share stories with me, it helps a lot.

Often someone sharing their story with me will help me a lot more than getting told what to do and how to do it. Because when I hear stories, I start picking things out myself.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

It’s like, “Oh, I should take a vacation to visit my mother”. I come up with the idea of myself and that leaves me wanting to take action on it but I find when people just tell me what to do, I only care about getting the result.

If someone tells me what to do and how to do it, I don’t get the result as they said. Like all of these money books, I’ve read.

From $656K Debt to Financial Freedom

All of the books I read gave me this advice. I executed the advice and I’m in the worst financial position I’ve ever been in and then that leaves me feeling kind of aggravated.

It’s like, “Is this advice really valid?

Maybe, it’s not valid for me and it was valid for you but I love hearing other people’s stories because often then, I’ll just come up with something on my own.

Thus, I’m also going forward in the mindset of “Let me not tell anybody else what they should do and just share what I’m actually doing”.

I literally had a breakdown one day and several other uncomfortable days. I did not want to talk about my debt openly like this.

The reason I do it is I’ve been conditioned, especially by being in recovery and all of your responses. I’ve been conditioned and I’ve seen that if I want to make a real difference, I need to share my stories of struggle.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

Those will often make a real difference. If I’m not an expert, my advice will often be disregarded and if I give advice, someone applies it and it doesn’t work, you get a lot of negative feedback out of that.

I’m grateful for all the courage I’ve shared, especially Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The courageous sharing I’ve seen there helped me have the courage to step up and say “What video do I really need to make to help other people?”.

The thing that came up was “You need to talk about your debt. This is what bothers you every single day. This is what your mind is obsessed with fixing every single day and this is what you need to talk about to other people i.e. your struggle”.

I read “Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures” book and I spent almost $2,000 buying stuff he recommended in the book. That includes,

  • A juicer for $500.
  • Air purifiers for $400.
  • Trampoline for $250.

Thank God I did not buy this $2,600 amulet. I was thinking about it and almost bought it but that’s what happens when you’re in the habit of constantly living beyond your means.

Now, I’m not saying debt is bad. I am very grateful for all the companies who’ve trusted me with money. In 2015, I was able to get my business to make crazy amounts of money i.e. $80,000 and $90,000 in different months.

In a 3-month period, I made over $200,000 on Udemy and it was because I borrowed money, spent it to build my business and spent it on advertising.

I ran a perfect little marketing and advertising system to rank my courses high and make a ton of sales.

Now, that was one-time when borrowing money went really well. It’s nice if you’re short to be able to borrow some money so you don’t have to leave your home and get kicked out on the street.

Thus, I’m very grateful for all the money I’ve borrowed. I am not against borrowing money or taking debt. What I’m willing to become is a person who lives within their means.

The challenge is if you get used to being in debt, you get used to not living within your means.

One challenge that’s come for me is I will not just work a bunch of hours to get out of this debt and that’s aggravating me because I love my family. I love spending time with them.

My usual solution for the stuff is I’ll just work harder and do more but for this, I will not miss out on seeing my family. Now, that’s not to say I don’t go to work and show up here but I won’t just cut my family and self-care time so that I can get out of the money situation.

I’m committed to getting out of this debt while balancing my life. It is important to go from $656K debt to financial freedom.

I can say that I hope I’ve learned the value of taking a nice steady pace. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing some money to build a business and launch your business.

In fact, you might not be able to do one without at least borrowing a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with taking some student loans for going to school.

Once you’ve taken it, the challenge is when do you stop? When do you say, “Okay, I’m not borrowing any more money to go to school? I’m not borrowing any more money on credit cards to pay my bills. I’m not borrowing any more money to build my business”?

When will it be like enough is enough? When do you stop?

I’m very grateful for this debt as I’m having a good time with it. Yes, this is a fun challenge. The rest of my life is so set, so comfortable, so certain and so peaceful.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

This debt, my business, and my mother are the only challenges I have. Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. My mother has been a much easier spot in my life and I’ve gotten a better perspective and gratitude.

If it weren’t for this debt, there would literally be almost no uncertainty in my life. What I am loving and enjoying about this debt is it gives me to create something absolutely incredible.

If I had not gotten myself into this position, I would not be able to do this vlog/blog, this story and I’m going to write a book on this also.

I wouldn’t be able to create something that says, “Hey, I’ll share my journey getting out of debt with you and I hope it’s helpful”. I imagine that this has the potential to help a lot of people and I’m grateful for this debt in this situation because I’m learning so much for it.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

That to me is also a critical part of the way out because earlier this year, I was really frustrated with this debt. I felt really stupid for having made $250k profit in 2016 and $696k profit since 2015 and then running myself into this debt.

Because of that, I was feeling really dumb about all the opportunities I missed and the more I felt that way, the worse my situation got.

I’ve looked around in my situation. I said, “How can this help somebody? How can I do some good with this because I know this isn’t happening by accident?”.

Small Academy: Any advice for a newbie who wants to make a living off of the internet?

That’s a really good question. I did a video on the fastest path to income online.

Here’s the “Fastest Path to Full-time Income Online” blog and its video below.

What I’ve noticed is for making money online, the fastest way to start from nothing is what my wife has done. She started out applying to jobs on Upwork.

She applied for jobs on LinkedIn, Google and online freelance legal writing jobs which she can do because she’s an attorney.

She got jobs that didn’t pay very well and she just worked her way up and now she makes $1,000 a week working probably 20-hours a week while taking care of the kids full-time.

I do what I can to make an hour or two here and there for her every day so she can work and then that’s been a great gift for us that she can earn that money and then have some money to help out with the expenses.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

I paid most of the expenses for the last several years. She paid them when we first got together and that’s how she makes about a thousand a week with zero expenses and her business model inspired me.

I looked and I’m like “Wow! She just started out working online and within a year, she’s making $1,000 a week with no expenses.

Then I compared it to my business model and here I am with all of this stuff and followers. I’m going in and losing money in my business. This has got to change.

From an eager point of view, I ought to be making a lot more money than she does. I’m the one who works full-time and the one who has a business online.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

That’s when looking at all this debt, I was like “Oh, I’ll make a lot more money if I stop spending so much”. If my wife spends as I spend, we wouldn’t have any money at all.

ASDF: You don’t have more views on your latest YouTube video but you have created a course on “How to gain views?”.

My channel has 27 million views on YouTube. I do know a lot about getting YouTube views and this has been an uncomfortable process and humility that I’ve again gone through recently.

It’s like, “Oh, why am I trying to impress people with my Youtube skills?”.

What people seem to be impressed with about me is my honesty in sharing things that I’d rather not share with you like these debt episodes. I’d rather not share it and just focus on how much money and success I’ve made online.

Do I want to share 656K debt with you? Well, yes and no. I want to do the best I can to help you today.

Thus, I’ve made it. Last month I spent $4,000 on YouTube ads which were really freaking stupid given that it caused me to lose money.

Last month I worked full-time online in my business and lost money. That’s the opposite of going to work. Imagine, if you went to work and they charged you to go to work sometimes and other times they gave you huge paychecks. That’s my business.

Thus, I’m focusing on I will impress/help with my honesty. I’m surrendering telling and giving up telling anyone else what they ought to do. In fact, I’m seeing a change that may be in progress.

There are so many experts out there that try and reel you in with what often, as the experienced digital marketer I see is kind of fake you know.

They’re spending tons of money on ads. So to the untrained eye, it looks like what they’re saying is working really well. When the only thing that’s making it all work is the fact that they spend $100k a month on ads.

That’s why they get so many views on their videos and then they reel you in with expensive coaching and all this. I think if you are like me, a lot of us are getting burned out on being told what to do and just feel like you’re understood. So, going forward, my mission is to help you feel understood.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

I don’t care what anyone thinks of my views any more or my business anymore. Unless it’s making a difference. It was a big transition I made and taking inventory of my debt is what helped me look at it.

It helped me say “It’s time to stop trying to act like everybody else and impress people with your views and your following. Just be honest, try and help people”.

My book “Officer Banfield” has a lot of really good stories in it and I have another book “Speaker Meeting 2017”. If you want to really get to know me, these 2 books are absolutely incredible in-depth.

Some people have just raved and said “Jerry, man! Your honesty was incredible”.

I go into much more detail in these books than I do here to live about my personal life, my past and my struggles.

Other people who have read these books came out offended and afraid like “Oh my God! You are awful. How could you admit to these things?

I recommend both of those books as they could really use a review on audible.

For books that I’m reading, if you’ll please follow me Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube. What I’m doing is I’m consistently posting whatever the latest book I’m reading.

You can visit my shop on Amazon. I’ve got a reading list of a bunch of the books I’ve already read.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

Leaders are readers in my experience. I love reading and I listen to a book almost every day. Right now, I’m listening to “Waking up in winter by Cheryl Richardson”. I just posted a picture of it on Facebook.

If you follow on Facebook, you’ll always see the newest books I’m reading. “How not to die” was really helpful for dieting. I’m about to read “Arnold Schwarzenegger: Total Recall”. I’m imagining doing an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger one day.

I have “Talking to strangers by Malcolm Gladwell” up next and “Money & the Law of Attraction” up next as well. I’ve been reading books by Gabrielle Bernstein.

If you look on YouTube, I just did some book reviews of other books I read.

Here’s one of the book reviews I did. “Super Human by Dave Asprey”.

I have a certainty that (a) the truth is I am already debt-free. If something happens to this good body and then my soul left it behind, wouldn’t I have any debt?

Debt is only a part of playing a game in this worldly reality. On the deepest level, there are absolutely no debts at all there. It is important to go from $656K debt to financial freedom.

Thus, in a spiritual sense, the most important sense, there’s no debt and (b) my physical reality at some point in this body’s existence unless it comes to a sticky early demise which I’m not planning on but you never know.

If things go how I plan within a relatively short period of time, this series will go from -656K to zero to an amount of cash in the bank and it will focus more on how I’m giving back to other people.

How Can I Get a Good Body?

I love giving other people money. One reason my debt is so high is that I love giving other people money. I’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to people online. I’ve done thousands and thousands of dollars of legit fun giveaways.

I did a bunch of giveaways before where literally people would post their cryptocurrency address in the chat and I would send them $20 in Bitcoin or Dash during the live giveaway. I’ve given just huge sums of money that I could have just kept for myself and paid down my debt.

I saw a story about Bill Gates in an airport in Boston. Bill Gates is one of the richest men on earth who is known as the founder of Microsoft.

Bill Gates was in an airport in Boston before everything went so well for him and he didn’t have any money with him to buy a paper and the newspaperman gave him a paper for free twice.

He said that it happened in that same Airport 2 different times and when Bill Gates got rich, he thought of the newspaperman and wanted to give him a gift.

So, Bill Gates came back to this newspaperman and said, “Thank you for your generosity. I’m the richest man on earth now. I want to give you something”.

The newspaperman said, “Well, thank you for your offer but I don’t need anything from you. I already am the richest myself“.

He said, “For the richest man on earth, it’s very easy to give somebody money but for a poor newspaperman to give somebody money, that’s difficult”.

One of the lessons I’ve been through this year is to give when it’s difficult. Anyone, when they’re rich, can give extravagant sums and money but when you’re poor, can you help someone else?

How can you still give money even when you’re not sure where your next paycheck is going to come from?

At the beginning of this year, I had a sister who was struggling and going through a lot of changes in her family. Before I borrowed $200k+ this year and I had operated on cash-paying all my credit cards off, I had $5,000 in the bank with $10,000 in expenses.

My sister from what I heard was struggling a bit financially. I sent my sister $1,000 because I was certain that no matter what, I’d have money and be able to borrow money and pay my bills.

There’s no way I was going to lose my house or anything important to me and I’ve just got this money sitting in the bank and she could make better use of it than I could.

So, one reason I’ve got so much debt is that I love giving other people money and there’s got to be a balance but when you’ve got debt between how much you give other people and how much you use to pay off the debt, that’s something I’m learning.


Jerry Banfield