How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

Are you a creator who wants to close brand deals and get paid to do videos and blog posts? Or are you a brand considering working with me or other Youtuber sponsored videos?

I imagine in both of these cases you will find this post really helpful because I will show how to close brand deals using this video as a case study on myself.

I trust the view just gets blown away and you’re so excited you’ll smash that subscribe button and tell me what you think of this video. Ask me any questions, I love reading my YouTube comments. Well, let’s take a look.

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The number one thing if you want to close brand deals is this: show your main value proposition upfront. Ideally that’s what you do best, and how it stands out from anybody else. This is what I’ll do upfront. I’ll show you this is what I do best.

This is my main value proposition

Let’s take a look at what I’m showing you here. This is inside a recent tutorial I did in 2019 called G Suite Tutorial: Setup Gmail, Docs, Drive & Calendar on Your Website!, it shows how to set up Gmail docs, Drive and Calendar on your website. This is a perfect example of a theoretical sponsored video with a matching blog post. I just did this because I felt like it and I thought others might find it useful.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

The critical thing to consider here is that a lot of sponsors get obsessed with views in the previous 72 hours and that’s not my specialty. This is my specialty, look at this video at 163 views in the first four days. At this point, a lot of brands and sponsors might have just written this off and said, “well, that’s great and hardly anybody saw if you go up to the reach”, you can look in the first four or three days here.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

We had 9302 impressions of this video. At this point, you might think I was a failure and it didn’t work.

Here’s the key thing. This is what I do really well and helped me to get some brand deals

Now look at the video today, 111,000 people have seen the video today. If we look at the views today, there are 15,000 views today on this video. I earned $500 in ad revenue from this one video alone and what is the secret?

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

This is what I aim at

I aim at YouTube search traffic and I’m very good at going after YouTube search traffic figuring out what is worth creating, how to take an idea and put it into something people will search for, and how to convert sales on that exact video.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

Now in this particular one, I didn’t need to sell anything I just did it as a good case study. Let’s show you the videos where I did sell things.

Here’s a video I did Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever!” This got 245,000 views on the video, almost all from YouTube search, and is where the views came from.

Or if you look at the reach, you’ll see half the views on this video coming from a YouTube search. When someone was looking for Facebook marketing, it earned me thousands of subscribers, almost $5,000 in ad revenue and this one is a perfect example of what I’m uniquely capable of doing an outstanding job combining advertising with organic search traffic.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

I did this “The Complete Google AdWords Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced Today!” 703,000 views on this video and what you can see in this one is that I did a lot of YouTube ads on this particular video to get it ranked. That pulled a lot of results from YouTube searches and suggested videos and that made me 10s if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales selling the video course that the video was pitching. This is what I am very good at.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

The unique value proposition to do a sponsored video with me is combining advertising with creating a video that’s very engaging besides it will include their matching blog post.

Therefore, if you want to sell your sponsored videos, it’s important to point out the value that you uniquely deliver because a lot of brands need help with marketing, which is why they’re coming to a creator.

As the creator, it’s important for you to be able to explain how and what you do to deliver value for the brand. My whole approach is long term marketing success. And that can be combined with advertising.

The long term means it does much more than just deliver a few views and impressions within the first few hours or days of release. As you can see with this video, I advertised it heavily the first month or so, and then after that it delivered free views for years.

In fact, someone at Google called me to talk about making videos with their new updates in the new interface off of this video right here. This is what I do best and I am available to do it in sponsored videos.

What I also offer in this unique value proposition is the ability to turn every sponsored video into a blog post

Blog posts allow more reach for the sponsored video over the long term, and it allows people to share it and read it in a completely different format. Besides just having a video, a lot of people looking for something aren’t interested in watching a video about it.

With the sponsored videos I do they get turned into a blog post, and then the blog posts will generate search results potentially indefinitely.

If you look over my website statistics, I’ve got some cool stats on my Webmaster Tools for my website

You can see my views have been consistently growing over the last 90 days or so. I’ve got thousands of clicks from Google Search coming to my website every single day and my website is continuing to gain momentum and Google search.

So every video I do that gets turned into a blog post, have the chance to bring more people indefinitely to my website and that’s the unique value proposition I offer when doing sponsored videos. It is a long term success.

I also offer loyalty to my sponsors

For example, Coin Paprika sponsored a video with me in 2018 and I switched the website I was using to present cryptocurrency price charts, I switched to Coin Paprika for all of my future cryptocurrency videos after that one sponsored video, if possible, I will mention or switch to sponsors whenever appropriate. I always try and deliver value indefinitely above whatever is sponsored and have a sponsor in mind.

Therefore that is again worth much more than simply getting a few views when a video comes out. Thus, I’ve done a clear job of explaining my value proposition, I show what I do, I show the value I offer and I’ve shown using it on myself with these videos that I went and showed you the analytics for, I also have even additional value above this.

I release all of my YouTube videos go out onto my Facebook page, they go out onto my Twitter. If you look at my Facebook page, my posts reach 84,000 people for free every 28 days, which even if somebody doesn’t go watch the YouTube video, they see it in the news feed.

I’m also on Twitter and I tweeted all of my videos and my blog posts out there while 183,000 impressions on my Twitter feed.

Thus, the main audience for sponsored videos I have is online entrepreneurs

Those who are trying to build and grow a business. It’s important when you try and close the brand deal that advertisers want to know, well, who’s your audience, I have a global audience of entrepreneurs online building businesses and I have things like this Continuing Education Program, my Mastermind Group, I am all set up to serve entrepreneurs online.

Another thing that’s critical if you want to get brand deals: Make it easy to be contacted

If you do sell people, then you want to be able to answer questions for potential sponsors ahead of time and this is something I’ve just recently started doing better.

In fact, I’ve probably missed or not been available for 95% over the years of sponsored videos because I tried to make it difficult to contact me, I had so many things going on. I’ve recently just cleared my business out and got down to basics.

Be in contact with people and make it easy for people to contact you. I’ve got my phone number, my WhatsApp and an email submission form all on this page, all of them I read. Therefore it’s very easy to contact me and ask questions.

It’s important to consider that when you’re doing sponsored videos, is this going to be a good relationship? I don’t want sponsorships that aren’t going to be good for both parties.

I don’t want sponsors who want to just use me to get views, so to speak, and don’t have any interest in helping me build my brand and matching the content I’m creating with the audience I have.

For example, the staple of my videos is an honest presentation. This is why I do not edit the majority of my videos, I simply talk from the heart because I know what I’m talking about. I accept the little imperfections and it gives a little extra humanity that viewers enjoy and struggle to find in a world of highly edited and polished content.

Part of my sales pitch is the honest presentation, which tends to be very effective for making sales.

The downside of that is, for me personally, I’m not willing to edit a video that I produce, once we agree on the terms and I filmed the video, if you want another one you’ve got to pay again for me to refilm it again. I sent them out unlisted, so you can look at them beforehand and make sure they’re not totally atrocious.

Then we put it out there with all the imperfections. This way, we get an experience that’s consistent for my viewers over time that honestly presents the material. Therefore, when you’re trying to close brand deals, make sure you only close brand deals that you genuinely want to execute.

Of course, I learned this the hard way

I closed a brand deal before and it was an absolute nightmare for me and the client. I ended up just refunding the client’s money to get rid of them after going back and forth and tons of different messages, filming a video that I thought was great and the client requested all these revisions to and I said “Look, just have your money back. I don’t even want to publish this anymore”

Therefore you want to only close brand deals where you’ve set clear conditions upfront

This is how the video will be filmed. This is how the video will be distributed. For example, on my channel, the videos will be published into my existing JerryBanfield YouTube channel, subscribers will be notified, the video will be put public after you as a brand have the chance to look at the unlisted video and verify that it is okay with you.

Once you’ve got all of this in place, I also find it very helpful to have some kind of a package up where people can buy it.

I got on my website a very clear option to do sponsored videos directly up here. This is where we get into pricing and how much you should charge for it.

If you want to have your listing on my website on, on my marketplace, just join my mastermind at and you can put your sponsored video service up here so that when other people are hunting around looking for services and see the option to sponsor video with me, then they can discover the option to sponsor a video with you as well.

I believe in putting up a very clear price and making everybody stick to that price as well, so there’s no guesswork in negotiations. This is how much it costs to sponsor a video with me, and this is how much it costs today to sponsor a video with me, which is September 25, 2019.

How do you set the price for your sponsored videos

The key to setting the price is to set the price at a point where you are rock solid on selling and then just a tiny bit above that. What I’ve done with my sponsored videos is I started at around $500.

Before that I had different options. I did a sponsored video for $1,000, and what I’ve done recently is I’ve put my price down to what the amount I’m excited about and an amount that’s absolutely reasonable that I feel great about selling.

To me, that’s $500. That is exceptional value for a brand for what I’m delivering, and then what I do is I steadily raise the rate over time as more and more people sponsor videos with me. For example, someone just paid today $500 to sponsor a video with a blog post and guess what, the price goes up $67 to the next sponsor.

And then when the next sponsor comes along, I basically increase the price of a sponsored video somewhere around 5% or 10% of every single video.

Some of you might think it might not look like much, $500 to sponsor a video but you multiply, let’s say 10% and he puts the price up to about 10% of every video, then the next sponsor pays $ 550 the one after that a little over 600, and after 10 sponsored videos, I’m now selling a sponsored video for $1,296.

What is really good is I’m rock solid on this price because everyone before this has bought just below that, therefore, I know it’s worth it.

If someone’s willing to pay $500 for the video, I’m certain someone will pay $567 for the video. If someone pays $567, somebody else to pay a little over $600. So move your price up over time so that then you’re not willing to negotiate or budge on the price either costs this much and if you don’t want it, we’re not going to work together.

This works well for me because I’m interested in doing more sponsored videos and blog posts. Then each sponsored video I do gives me better and better case studies as to what they look like and what kind of results they get for clients.

Therefore this handles every different aspect of it. If you’re seeing this anytime significantly after September 25, 2019, you can see whatever my actual prices.

So what I do is I stick this video itself on the landing page to explain to any potential sponsors exactly the inside of my business and how it works. I have text on why to get to invest in a sponsored video and I have questions about sponsoring a video.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

And then I have an option

An upsell to sponsor my entire business instead of just doing one particularly sponsored video, then there’s the option to sponsor everything I do on every single video and all the blog posts on my website, etc, I’ve got an option for one sponsor to do a total takeover and to also block out any other potential sponsors, I think this is a great option to get that very top 1%.

Give that 1% the option to do a total takeover because I am happy to do sponsored videos and blog posts for $500 or $1000, I’d prefer to work with one sponsor that I make a very deep relationship with and then I don’t have to fool around getting to know other sponsors, trying a bunch of new things.

I can consistently mention a sponsor in every single video over time, to me then that $10,000 a month is a very stable income. As a sponsor, it’s very consistent with growing results over time.

And thus I see it’s critical if you want to close brand deals to have an option to work long term with brands, generally the best results for everyone or a successful long term relationship, just sponsoring one video here and there is a fraction of the potential that you can make working together over the long term.

I understand also as a creator, and as a brand who sponsors others that it’s nice to have simplicity, instead of working with a bunch of different people you have one person you love working with. And that keeps it very simple, similar to having a marriage, very easy for me to be with one amazing wife vs dating before was very difficult. One can do a great job.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

And therefore you respect that 80/20 principle, have something if you’re trying to sell as a creator, make sure you’ve got some kind of upper level package.

Even if you can’t picture selling it, you might think at my spot “Well, if people are paying $500 for a sponsored video with the blog post, who’s going to pay $10,000 a month?” I don’t know. But I’m prepared to receive one person at $10,000 a month that then takes the rest of the service offline and gets results that I imagined would be worth $100,000+ a month for what I can deliver.

I appreciate you reading this and if you want to look more into details that my analytics as a potential sponsor, if you want to show sponsors more detail, I like to look at over a longer period of time because YouTube is noisy.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

There are things that just go up and down for no apparent reason. There are times where things go seemingly well and seemingly down and you don’t understand why and therefore it’s always important. This is why my representative from YouTube said it is better to look over the long term.

If you look over the long term of my channel, and my entire brand online, it is steady. Even though I’ve been through a whole lot of changes, I’ve kind of just got everything together nicely, very steadily. In terms of I’m not going anywhere.

I imagine there’s a whole lot of growth coming my way as I’ve just gone through a very interesting transitional period and gotten on point.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

If you want to look at the last 90 days, and show even more things like the audience, you can get to know for example, where how many people have notifications on my channel, I’m grateful there’s 22,000 people who have all notifications turned on for my channel, you can see the data for yourself there,

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

You can look at the countries on my channel for the last 90 days

Now the country’s going up and down depending on the video topics. For example, on the G Suite video, the distribution is mostly United States, whereas on the Android Development tutorials that have been popular on my channel, the audience is largely in India on these Android Development videos.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

Therefore, the exact subject of my video is the primary determinant of the audience

My YouTube channel is built on YouTube search and organic recommendations so it’s not as simple as to look at -Well, it’s this country and that’s where your viewers are from- No, it depends on what the exact video is.

I just showed you, USA, for this G Suite 34% of the viewers on that one. If you go over and look at this Facebook Marketing Tutorial 27% viewers from the USA and 10% from India. Therefore, it’s very important to consider the exact subject of the video and you can look on Facebook, the top country is the US also, which makes sense because I’m in the USA.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

Once you’ve got your pitch clearly delivered, and you’ve explained everything, then if I was going through and editing my videos, I’d probably cut down the end of this one. I could have just ended the video a couple minutes ago.

I also see that longer videos tend to do well on YouTube because the people who watch to the very end are more likely to convert to be a subscriber and YouTube ranks videos heavily based on minutes watched. And if you can keep someone watching the whole video that can help it do very well ranking wise, which is why most of my videos are longer.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

That said, I will try to deliver the entire message in the most efficient format possible and the most honest format possible as well. I’ve learned the hard way in the last several years about what not to do. Don’t pitch anything one sided.

Honesty is a very important part of my videos to look at something from multiple sides and not just say this is going to save the world without saying that this could be a total waste of time and money.

How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

Thank you very much. I trust that you’ve got all the way to the end.

If you haven’t already, make sure smash that subscribe button because you would love to see the videos I make every day for you.

My goal here is to help you and everyone watching along with you to earn an extra million dollars a month in profit as a result of what I create and how we work together and brand deals for me are a key way to do that directly by working with sponsors.

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Thus, every video I do manages to sell multiple different aspects of my business which gives me a remarkable consistency over time.

My value as a creator is delivering that consistency over time and the best I can in the most honest way possible for you.

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How I Sell Sponsored YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

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