How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

I’ve started doing live streams again because I did a workshop yesterday and Tom Bradford at the workshop suggested. He said his live streams are going really well and he suggested I start doing live streams that I might as well do live streams.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

I don’t film video courses anymore myself because I’m a full-time YouTuber now. You can subscribe if you haven’t already on YouTube or follow if you haven’t already on Facebook.

To me, the highest business model is to give every single thing you create away totally for free and provide the most interactive experience which for me is “live”. I am able to answer your questions in real-time. I’ve got a nice setup for it here and to me, it seems like a waste of my time to be filming video courses and then trying to sell them when I could just put myself out here live and answer your questions directly.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

Thus, my function now is to help others that are teaching video courses make more sales on them and help students that want to learn have the very best options as a customer. For example, buy 419 courses for $1 each instead of trying to hunt through Udemy and for $419 you get about 40 courses. With Uthena University Bundle, you get every course that’s added forever in this bundle also. So when there’s 10,000 one day you still get all of them for $419.

Long story longer, I realized that live-streaming is one of the things I did in 2017 that helped my Youtube channel really take off and it’s good because YouTube puts out the live streams a lot. Facebook puts out the live streams a lot. It also helps me shed followers that I got with paid ads and things like that.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

My goal is actually to help you interact most with you that are genuinely enthusiastic about being here with me and then also the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube goes out to more people than the pre-recorded videos. The more the stream goes out helps people that don’t want to see what I create any more to unfollow.

Therefore, I’ve built this massive audience with paid ads with live streams. I can help reach the most people and focus in on the people who really care about what I’ve got to say.

Is it a good time to start on YouTube?

It depends. I’ve got a video on YouTube that says Where to Start on YouTube or Facebook for Filming Videos, Making Money, and Building a Following?.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

This might be a good one to watch. I recommend watching that video to get a lot of deeper discussion. I’ve got a playlist all about YouTube as well. If you look on my playlist that says Youtube Tips & Tricks For Growing Your Channel in 2019. I’ve got 21 different videos, all fairly recent on this playlist.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

If you want to teach online, I’ve got a Teach Online Playlist as well.

If you’ve got a passion for teaching, if you really want to do YouTube then sure it’s worth trying and the key that I’m finding is, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly. When I started teaching online, my first courses were terrible.

I had a cheap headset and the video quality and the slides were like just barely acceptable yet. I had such good information and enthusiasm that I got a lot of positive feedback and I never would have got to all these results if I hadn’t started off doing poorly.

My first video on YouTube was literally how to say, one cuss word. That was my first video on YouTube and my next 20 videos were not much better. However, I had so much fun doing it and I was willing to do it poorly that I was able to learn how to do it better and better and better. Therefore, if you want to do YouTube, just do YouTube. It’s that easy. If you want to do something just do it.

Sometimes, the best way to figure out that something’s not worth doing is to try it and then you’ll see. For example, I had this fantasy in my head that being a full-time gamer would be awesome and I tried it twice and do you know what I discovered? It sucks being a full-time gamer. I didn’t enjoy actually the daily basis of being a full-time gamer.

It’s nice just playing video games as a hobby and having fun with it. When you’re expected to,

  • Perform
  • Have a high kill death every time
  • Know everything that’s going on with the game, all the time
  • Be upon every update
  • Play the hottest games
  • Get the tutorials out to build your viewers

That’s not fun. To me, that feels like a job and in-fact playing video games felt like the most real job I’ve had in a long time because it was all about how many hours I showed up and if I wasn’t showing up live-streaming, I wasn’t a part of the game basically. The guys doing the best with game streaming were showing up 40 hours a week and 50 and 60 hours a week and just constantly online. For me, with 4 years parenting, 5 years sober, 6 years married, and a business online showing up 40 to 60 hours a week is not practical.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

Thus, if you want to do something just give it a shot and lots of times learning what you don’t want to do is really valuable. I’ve learned that I don’t want to be a full-time gamer. I don’t want to do that as my daily work.

I love teaching and I want to teach and I want to help you reach your maximum potential and your best life and for me, that means talking about the material directly and that’s what I’ve continued to do no matter what different businesses I’ve taken.

There are enough other people already doing a great job with that. That’s not where I’m specifically needed. For most people, full-time gaming seems like a dream but the day-to-day reality, it might be a job you don’t enjoy. Now sure, if you’re really good at a certain video game and you love playing that game then, by all means, go for it.

However, if you’re slightly above average at a game and you don’t really like being on camera, probably better not to think about full-time gaming.

What is the Key to Being Successful on a Streaming Platform?

The number one suggestion I have is to use restream. Nothing beats showing up. Search for Jerry Banfield YouTube and then go down. I’ve got restream video tutorials playlistthan you can use to learn all about restream.

The number one suggestion I have for doing a successful live stream is to use restream.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

Showing up is 90% and what does that mean?

That means showing up is getting an ‘A’. Showing up is what most people don’t do for live streaming. Most people that live stream don’t show up. Most people that are live streaming don’t show up on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, VK, Dlive and both the Facebook page and a group profile. I’m live on all of those at once right now. Restream allows me to do that.

I’ve got twelve videos that will show you exactly how to set it up. The number one suggestion is to just stream everywhere because often you will just be in the right place at the right time. Whatever is going on on mixer today is awesome. I’ve streamed a lot of days on mixer. Most days not one person commented and not more than one or two people even saw the stream but for some reason today, we got TanSaturn and we got Delta Legends and we have Almot2000. We’ve got the most new followers onmixer today.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

The only reason is because I was streaming to restream. On restream, I can see the chat everywhere from every place, all have aggregated in one window and it makes it really easy to put all this up here. Therefore, show up with your stream in as many places you can.

I’d go live either on Facebook or YouTube, if I only had to choose one platform. I’d only use Facebook or YouTube, probably YouTube. I wouldn’t even take the time to do any of the other streams. In fact, I was one of the first people in the world that committed to doing live streams on multiple platforms in 2015 or maybe it was the beginning of 2016. Before, there wasn’t anything like restream.

I bought or rented a Mac Pro that could stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer all at the same time. Thus, the more places you can show up with the least effort, the better. Use tools that allow you to do that. I don’t even need to go on Mixer. I see the comments from mixer. I use restream. It puts the titles directly in on mixer.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

I think I pay $600 a year to be able to restream to all the different destinations and that’s as far as I know on it. I know that you can start for free on Mixer and give it a shot. There can be some reduced functionality, however, definitely try it out and give it a shot before you actually pay anything for it and then you can see if it’s worth the cost.


I just went through my Youtube channel yesterday. I think my first live stream was 2013 and the first live stream I did was on Facebook ads. I was showing people what I’d learned on Facebook ads and I showed people how to get 1 cent likes with Facebook ads and that went viral. People got really excited about that because no one in the world at least that I could find on YouTube because I was trying to learn how to do that.

How Live Streaming Is Helping My Youtube Channel Grow Rapidly?

Basically I just said well if I want people like my page, let me run some ads in countries where the cost is cheap. I was the first one to show that and that’s where I got started streaming after I’d done videos on YouTube for 2 years. Since then I’ve done hundreds of live streams. I have live streamed games. I’ve done some terrible live streams. I did some Pokemon go support chat. It was supposed to be funny. It was horrible. I’ve done some really bad live streams and I see today that I love doing live streams.

I’m offering these new workshops now as you can see in the image below. If you want to help me listen to you more, you can just go to and I have these new online workshops. I’ve just started doing them. I haven’t hardly told anybody. It’s $27.81 and you get what probably now will be a one on one or maybe a two on one call with me.

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I have another blog post where you can get know in detail about how to setup the workshops called Schedule Calls with Jerry Banfield | Introducing Workshops.

Tom Bradford on YouTube, after I took 2 months off live streaming, reminded me about the value of live streaming and I’ve got back into it. It is hard to trust and that’s one of the reasons live streams are so effective and videos so effective because it’s easier to trust. When you watch a live stream and you can see somebody at reacting in real time, it’s easier to trust. When you watch a video with somebody but still videos can be edited so heavily that it’s difficult to really get to the person.

I can edit videos in a certain way that can basically remove my humanity and present any kind of image I want. What I love about live streaming is it’s the most real most trustworthy format and that’s why I intend to do a live stream every day.

Jerry Banfield