How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I probably average about 4 or 5 hours a day. I spend about 3 hours before making videos to get all my notifications set up properly. I average about 4 or 5 hours a day, 7 days a week some days. I may only work an hour some days and other days I may work maybe 7 or 8 hours a day.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I actually get more done by working less as well. I spend a lot of time and energy doing things like going to alcoholics anonymous, personal training, massages, hypnotherapy, reading books, walking my dog, exercising, etc.

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I spend a lot of time and energy taking care of myself also so that I can perform at the maximum level for you. If I’m down, depressed, don’t have much energy and I’m all messed up mentally then I am not empowered to serve you most effectively.

Therefore, it depends whether you include all that self-care in there or not which to me, is a part of my work. My work will not come out with good quality if I neglect my self-care. If I miss my Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, skip my exercise, don’t take time with my family, walk my dog and go to hypnotherapy, then I’m not able to perform at the level I am now.

To a level where I’ve got practically unlimited energy every day, all day. So, I probably average 20 or 30 of direct hands-on work then at probably 10 to 20 hours of self-care to help me make sure I can do my work. Also, the main thing I think about is all the stuff I do online. Now, I don’t sit down in a chair and just think about stuff but I’m thinking about what I do all the time which is kind of a downside of what I do.

It’s not like when I was a police officer before, I could just you know get my gun, badge and bulletproof vests and go to work and when I came home, just take it all off and be done with it and not think about it. The downside of all the stuff I do is, it’s kind of with me constantly.

I wake up at 3:00 in the morning wondering what I’m going to do about something and like today since I decide all of it, there’s a lot of uncertainty. I’m like I don’t know what’s the best thing to live stream today. What can I do to help people today? Uncertainty is a big challenge with it.

How to be at Maximum Performance with Meditation and Positive Energy?

I do several forms of meditation. My favorite is walking meditation. Just walk without listening to anything or talking to anybody.

For example, this morning, I pushed my son in the stroller for about 20 minutes and took him on a walk and just looked around to see what’s happening and think about the people I love. I’ve done some very focused and guided meditations.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I do what’s called active meditation. I go to a hypnotherapist every week and I do a guided meditation where they help me relax and focus on a very specific thing. Sometimes, it’s a past life. Sometimes, it’s a present life challenge. Sometimes, it’s getting through something that happened in childhood or planning out my future.

So yes, I do meditation. I don’t do very much like sitting in a chair with my hands like in the meditation position on my knees. I don’t do very much of that kind of meditation. I do a lot of just kind of walking meditation. To me, just sitting and really listening without thinking is meditation. Therefore, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, there’s a lot of meditation. I just listen to people and I don’t think like I don’t mentally comment on everything they’re saying. I just really listen to people.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I used to listen to Eminem and all that d12 and I listened to music that was full of sexual shame and that’s what came out of me too. This body is just like a computer and the only choice I have is, what kind of programming do I accept? If I listen to positive spiritual inspiring stuff, that’s what I spit out. If I listen to, I’m a hate on you, I’m better than you, then I’m gonna put that out too and I’m not making fun of that because that’s what I used to do.

I used to listen to music that I’m a hate on you, you suck and I’m awesome. That’s what I used to put out and there weren’t very many people that wanted to follow me or get to know me very well when that was the music I listen to. When I read books and fantasies about lots of violence and conflict, now nothing is bad in this world. This world is just perfectly made as it’s supposed to be. They say, a good man is a bad man’s teacher and a bad man is a good man’s job.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

Therefore, there is a need for all of us just as we are in this world and the question is, how do I want to participate in it? What I see is that for me, to be at maximum performance, I need to be able to listen to you and the main thing I do with the workshops on, they give me a chance to really listen to you and get to know you.

Where do I find inspiration when there’s so many evil in the world?

I was watching my daughter who was about 3 years old at the time. We all got the stomach flu, she had it first. I don’t know if we all got that one. Anyway, she was throwing up and I was so frustrated and thankfully today I know if I pray and I ask God, universe, angels, guidance or whoever, I will get an answer and I pray.

I’m like God, why is it like this? I have a beautiful daughter who’s sick and throwing up all over the floor. I hate it.
Why is it like this?

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

The answer I got is, so you can help each other and that answer was very powerful and almost immediate. I claim nothing special as Jesus said that at least among you can do all the things I’ve done in greater and anything I can do you can do. Now, I recommend if you get answers from God, check with other people because God is in other people as well as in yourself.

I get some crazy ideas that feel like they come from God and I talked to other people about them who don’t think they’re such good ideas. Like Jerry, maybe you should not open a t-shirt shop. My wife Laura is like, no don’t open a t-shirt shop, that’s stupid and I know I’m like y’all right. I totally agree.

How do I stay inspired in a world full of what looks like evil people?

The evil in the world is here to help us help each other. Think about it for a moment. If there was no evil in the world, how would we have any need or incentive to help each other? All the bad things that happen give us the chance to help each other and as long as we try and fight bad things from happening and we think they shouldn’t happen, they will continue to happen until we learn the lesson.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

If we’re able to help and need each other without any of the evil in the world then it will stop being useful and it will disappear. A lot of us simply won’t help each other unless something’s wrong. A lot of us won’t be vulnerable and reach out unless something evil prompts us to do so. Thus, I’m able to see that everything makes sense that this is kind of a game we’re playing.

If you looked at Call of duty black ops 4 and you didn’t realize that was a game, you’d look out and see people just slaughtering each other. You’d think it was evil and bad and then you’d realize well wait a minute, these people are just playing a video game. They’re just having fun or they’re just playing. If you step back from our reality on earth, it’s the same thing.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I am an immortal soul who is just playing around with this game on earth and I think on some level, I enjoy. I benefit from all the bad things that happen. In fact, my alcoholism, you might argue is one of the worse things the evil that went on in my life. My drinking the way I acted when I drank and the way I acted sober to decide that a drink was a good idea when I knew better, you could say that was a lot of evil in my life and yet that is one of my greatest assets today because I understand how people can do really stupid and hurtful things.

I have a massive capacity for understanding anything anyone does, no matter how horrendous it looks. My experience with alcoholism and being a nasty mean drunk who had a lot of scary thoughts, I understand how people that didn’t have as much love and support as I did in my life, I understand how someone could do almost anything and therefore, I’m able to love someone whether they’re in prison rather they’re about to be executed.

I am able to love everyone on earth today because of the evil I’ve seen in my own life. Before I had been through that, it was very easy for me to judge someone else because I didn’t understand how you could get so upset that you would hurt someone? But now I do and I’m grateful that gives me the ability to help so. In that way, all the evil in the world is really just of our own making.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I realized, there are things so horrendous in this world that for me, to even see them would leave me instantly crying and questioning everything again, God! Why is it like this?

I understand that and I’ve seen lots of things like that. I was a police officer. I was in the middle of it and I see today. It all makes some kind of sense. It’s all part of some big divine game and that the same is if you look at the call of duty and you step back from the call of duty and you put the controller down. It makes a lot more sense then if you’re just in the game and you’ve forgotten about that.

What I do to stay inspired today is I’m constantly listening to the things that inspire me and I make a very strong effort to cut anything else completely out of my life. For example, as an alcoholic that goes to a meeting every day. I make an effort to stay away from beer commercials and alcohol commercials because I realize that stuff does work and I don’t want it to work on me.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

Therefore, I make a point to stay away from anything I don’t want to become and to fill myself with what I do want to become. I listen to Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and Zig Ziglar. I mean I’m constantly listening and learning to stuff that I I love and want to be like and become.

I’m filling myself with the input that I want to come out. The words that are coming out of me are a function of all that I’ve listened to and put into me.

How do I manage to make videos on a daily basis?

Practice. I’ve made 5,000+ videos and a studio setup that’s intended to minimize resistance. Let’s look at the concept of resistance.

If you are trying to walk somewhere and there’s nobody stopping you and you’ve eaten good, you feel great and there’s nothing in your way, it’s very easy to walk and run. You could walk 10 or 20 plus miles and/or kilometers. You can walk 20 or 30 kilometers easily in one day.

Now let’s talk about a different scenario. Imagine if you’re trying to walk and you’ve got chains slowing you down, it’s going to be a lot difficult to walk farther ahead.

Now imagine if the chain gets so heavy, you can’t move, that’s where most people are when it comes to making videos. They’re bogged down by their busy life.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

When I started making videos, I was doing so many other things. My filming setup was so slow and ineffective that for me, to get an idea in my head, to words in my mouth, to get it on camera, and to get that out online was the arduous process.

It took hours to just make an idea and get it uploaded somewhere like YouTube. I do the live streams because this is the path of least resistance. I literally just need a topic and some kind of a background that I can use and I’m ready to go live and start talking about something.

Now, in order to get where I’m at today, I’ve practiced. If you want to film videos as I do, the key is to get your filming set up so that it’s easy. I’ve got a playlist that shows you how to do your setup as I do. I’ve got a playlist on “YouTube tips and tricks”. I’ve got a playlist on “How to teach online”. Watch all those videos and that’ll show you my exact setup.

I use OBS to film my videos and do the live stream. If you want to see how did I setup, I’ve a Youtube video explaining exactly how to do it.

I have multiple monitors so I can read the chat and be available on this. I’ve got a lot of practice just doing videos. That makes a big difference and I’m willing to do it poorly. There was a line I just heard from Zig Ziglar “See You At The Top”.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

My first videos were terrible and the more you do poor quality, you’ll either quit or get better. I’ve been through the process so many times of quit or get better that I’ve got a really nice stream setup now. Let’s say, I needed to replicate it if my whole office fell down or something, I could set it up again.

I literally might have to go back and watch some of my own tutorials to remember how I did it but it’s just practice makes perfect. It’s watching videos. It’s staying inspired. The secret is that what you’re thinking is what you’re getting.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

Now, this doesn’t mean you want to just ignore thoughts that you need to address. For me, if you’ll notice, this timeline starts in 2015. Well, what happened in 2014?

In 2014, I hit a bottom so to speak. I had a breakdown/breakthrough. My whole way of living was not working. I was drinking a lot of alcohol every few days like a gallon or like several liters every week and I was feeling miserable. I was going nowhere. I was about to go out of business. I had just run everything in my life. My marriage was on the edge.

I’d run everything down and what happened in 2014 is I became teachable. I said Well clearly what I’m doing is not working and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get a better life, to be helpful to people and the first thing I did, I prayed. I prayed to God because I didn’t know who else to ask for help.

I’m like, “God! Please help me” and the first problem I asked for help with was drinking.

I realized that I liked drinking so much. I couldn’t just stop regardless of all bad it was for my life and once I prayed that prayer, the thought came, “Well, going to one of those Alcoholics Anonymous meetings might be a part of the anything you just offered”.

When I started going to Alcoholic Anonymous, that was a big change in my life and I realized I’d either have to go back to how I was and circle the drain and go completely downhill or I’d have to go farther changing my life and in fact I need to change my life so much I wouldn’t recognize it anymore, That’s what I did. That’s what I keep doing.

I’m asking myself right now. How teachable am I today? How willing am I to make changes? Literally last night, I was asking people and sending messages about my Kickstarter project and I woke up today like “This isn’t the best path”. I sat there and I meditated a bit.

I asked my body I’m like, “How do you feel about continuing this Kickstarter project?” and it felt bad.  I again asked “Well, how do you feel about the Jerry Banfield show?” and it felt good. I’m like “okay well should we promote the Kickstarter to help the show” and I felt bad. I should just stick to promoting a show and drop the Kickstarter, felt good.

How Many Hours Does Jerry Banfield Work at His Maximum Potential in a Day?

I’m dropping the Kickstarter and just focusing on doing the show. The show is what I’m excited about providing. The Kickstarter is just kind of a means to an end. What happened to make that change in 2014 is still what continues to go on today. I’m thinking about how can I help you? I do the live streams to help you every day and to help you get what you want.

If you want to be rich I’ll help you do that. I do the streams with the intention to give you a lot of value every day, to give you a place you can feel good every day and I take care of myself the whole rest of the time so that I’m optimally prepared to help you.

I woke up and had a bit of just fear and aggravation to overcome and I read my daily readings from AAA. I prayed, asked to stay sober and be a good person that I do go through the day with some grace. I’m just thinking about that now and I expressed when I was feeling a little upset in the best way I could to own it and express it but not try and put it off on someone else.

I took my dog for a walk. I listened to some Wayne Dyer. I did kind of walk meditation to start and just notice my thoughts and paid attention to my breathing. Then I started the process of transitioning away from the Kickstarter project. I set up the page on the show.

So, I took a couple of hours to go through and set this online page up for anybody that wants to come to my show in person in st. Petersburg Florida. I took my kids to the store to get some groceries.

Then I showed up here for the live stream. I ate healthily. That’s my life and after this, I will see what time it is. I might go down the street and be with my family for a bit. Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and then I intend to help put the kids to bed take a shower. Maybe, I’ll bounce on the trampoline a little bit and then after that, I’ll watch a movie with my wife and go to bed and that’s almost every day.

I have given up gaming. I made a video on YouTube about why I quit gaming which you can see down below.

I gave up gaming in the short version because of my passion. My passion stopped. All of a sudden it felt like a job showing up to play video games and I found myself wishing that I could use the time I was taking to play video games to do something else.

So, after 6 months of feeling like that a lot of times and only having a passion for gaming come in a little bit here and there, I stopped doing it. Today, I see that if I want to be at my maximum potential for better or worse, I need to follow my passion.

Now, does that mean every single moment like in ecstasy and just like “Oh my God! This is so good”? No. It means that I consistently am excited about what I’m doing to the point where I can’t wait to do it. For example, with getting my show set up today my show page my live show in st. Petersburg Florida. I was so excited about setting this. I couldn’t wait to do it.

I was excited to set the landing page up to use the graphics from Kickstarter to focus the show. I love the idea of doing a show in person and I was so excited to do that and set it up.

Jerry Banfield