How I Earn $109.94 CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

How can you earn up to $0.06 per view on YouTube and maximize the ad-revenue as a YouTuber, $109.94 cents CPM?

I’m Jerry Banfield, I’m a full-time YouTuber and in this video I’ll help you understand how to maximize your YouTube ad-revenue.

What topics are the best to maximize YouTube ad-revenue?

What I’ll show you next is inside the analytics of my YouTube channel.

I’m earning $109.94 cents playback based CPM, which is high, about $0.06 for every single person that views one video.

I’ll give you an exact review of how I am doing it, how I’ve done it repeatedly over the years on YouTube and demystify, something you might find mysterious about maximizing YouTube ad-revenue.

Not all YouTube ad-revenue is created equal, you might see somebody watching a video on your channel and you’re hardly getting anything from it.

How I Earn $109.94 CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

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You might see bloggers and vloggers putting up videos getting a million views and they’re all earning a really small CPM and not making nearly as much. The first thing to look at is which video is this on.

This is the video that is earning a high CPM I just showed you.

It is a G-Suite Installation Tutorial, I literally filmed a tutorial of something I needed to do anyway, and then have edited it, uploaded it and this one video in the last month by itself has earned $174 all from YouTube organic search traffic and suggested videos.

That means that in the first six months of uploading this video, hardly anyone saw it.

How I maximize my ad-revenue as a Youtuber

YouTube is now pushing this out and it’s earning hundreds of dollars every month on autopilot.

This is essentially the gold standard of what you can hope to accomplish on YouTube to maximize your ad-revenue as in any size YouTuber, what I’ve shown you is something you can do with no subscribers, preferably if you have at least 100.

What you really need to do as a YouTuber is to pick the right topic to do a very good job maximizing the ad-revenue on the video

Show everything relevant to what you’re picking, and upload that video to optimize it for organic search and maximize your YouTube ad-revenue.

I’ve got lots of videos showing you how to do this, just sit back and earn.

I’ve done this over and over on my channel which is why, if you look at it, I’ve got 280.000+ subscribers and yet I don’t have a ton of views, I don’t have thousands of views on every single one of my new videos. Because I make my videos for this.

I aim my videos at this because this is how you earn a fortune on YouTube without being a vlogger that has a bunch of people watching every video.

This is something almost anybody can duplicate whereas not anyone’s going to be able to duplicate building a huge audience and a following that watches every little moment of your life. And ultimately you do that with this.

I’ll show you some other videos and I’ll compare the ad-revenues with you so you can get an idea of the bigger picture.

Let’s take a look by contrast at a different video. This video, OBS Setup For Facebook Gaming, gets almost the same amount of views as the first video I showed you.

The first YouTube video I showed you that’s earning almost $200 within the last 28 days of ad-revenue has 2868 views, it’s doing great in terms of maximization.

This one down here with 2445 views is also a tutorial video. This is an OBS setup for Facebook Live Gaming Star and Share Alerts with while the other one is a G-Suite Tutorial, which is Google’s Suite of Business services. For example, set up your email, build a website, Google Drive, etc.

Note that this video is literally earning 10% of the ad-revenue as the actually even less.

This Facebook one is only earning $7.08 CPM. While the G-Suite one is earning $109 CPM, one of the highest.

You can also find as little as $1.73 CPM, for example on this, Take New Udemy Courses Free Everyday with Lifetime Access video.

You can scroll down here and that that is the lowest one.

How does YouTube calculate the CPM?

I’m also an advertiser on YouTube, which gives me a unique understanding since a lot of YouTubers aren’t advertisers.

What YouTube has is a massive collection of data on what people are watching and based on what people are watching YouTube is giving advertisers certain categories.

For example, YouTube says this person is a business professional, based on YouTube knowing every single video a person’s watch, YouTube categorizes the viewer as a business professional, then when an advertiser like me comes in with a YouTube video, YouTube says, this person is a business professional, the advertiser targets that person and starts spending ad-revenue on that particular viewer, if you want to maximize it you’d have keep this in mind.

What happens with this is certain pockets of really high value audiences are developed as many advertisers with lots of money end up targeting the same kinds of users.

While a lot of users then is the 80/20 principle, there’s maybe anywhere from one to 10% of top audience members on YouTube that are almost always targeted by advertisers.

While the majority of viewers on YouTube are not seen as very valuable by the majority of advertisers, and/or a combination of how many YouTube videos are available relative to the topic.

On this for example, if you want to specifically advertise about G-Suite, there are very few videos that are available to advertise.

Therefore, you get into the ultra-competitive areas where if you want to advertise on this specific video, then there are very limited options.

Whereas by contrast, there are a lot of people that are valuable audience members watching things like gaming videos, but there’s so many gaming videos that the ad inventory is massive for these.

Which is why you can have a tutorial like this OBS Setup Tutorial… that lots of people are watching and yet the ad-revenue is very low, because there’s a lot of other videos on OBS, there’s not much chance of maximizatiom here.

Therefore, advertisers have a lot of potential placements for their ads, whereas a video like the G-Suite Tutorial, there are very few other placements if someone wants to specifically target G-Suite, there are very few options and therefore my video is one of the only options to maximize my YouTube ad-revenue potential.

Let’s get into some specifics on the exact video, I will help you pick some more of the categories out and I’ll point out a couple of things here.

Note again, this video only had maybe 100 organic views within the first month, which if you’ve got no following at all, you can replicate that with 100 paid ad views within the first month.

The videos get all the rest of these views through organic searches almost completely for free on autopilot and note that the feedback on it there’s 117 likes and 49 dislikes, it’s not overwhelmingly positive either.

You’ll notice there’s about 1% like ratio to the amount of views which is great. Therefore, it’s got good engagement on YouTube. They’ve got 12 comments, which is a 10th of a percent of the number of comments relative to their views, which again, none of these are stellar numbers.

But here’s what is stellar: the videos are 31 minutes long, and people are watching a lot of these videos.

If I click on the analytics, what you’ll see is directly related to the ad-revenue.

This video has 85 subscribers, videos that get subscribers are a very good indication for YouTube that this is a quality video, because YouTube cares about the long term relationship with the viewer.

You’ll notice that this video has earned $391 since publication, which is more than the thousands of my videos have earned collectively, and it doesn’t even have that many views.

What you’ll notice here though, is the audience retention, the average person is watching this for five minutes.

Now, a lot of people are dropping off in the first 18 seconds or so, but notice how long people are sticking around 28% watching 16 minutes of the video, then still 15% watching the entire nearly the whole video. And then people drop off at the end as I do my really long outro.

You’ll notice the likes versus dislikes ratio is worse than the average on my channel because some people are like God, this is so long, you could have put it in.

Note that most of the traffic is from YouTube searches plus some Direct, External and suggested videos.

Notice that the views are continuing to come in on auto pilot and what you can see about this is that I’ve put multiple ads in this video meaning I’ve got a very valuable audience on this video, because of the topic I picked.

I filmed something that people are continuing to watch a significant percentage are continuing to watch almost all the way through for a long video.

That means I’m showing multiple ads in the same video to a high-value audience.

When you put all that together it’s positive reinforcement and it’s multiplicative. The higher the value of the audience, the longer the audience watches the video, then those multiply together. Because I can show multiple ads to the same audience in the video.

You can look at some more details here, you can see the reach where YouTube is showing this and you can see how people are finding it.

People are searching f or “g suite tutorial”, and “google suite tutorial 2019” and that’s how they’re finding this.

So how did I know to name it that?

Well, when you go on to YouTube, you can search and you can get ideas of what some of the best potential names are, using TubeBuddy.

I’ve got a tutorial for that on my blog, you can look at the video as well. It shows how you can go in and TubeBuddy will give you an estimate of what kind of search traffic there is for that.

You can also look and see if you’re thinking of doing a video on something. Are there other videos already on that, if there are other videos already on that you may want to do something slightly different?

When I did this there were hardly any G-Suite tutorials.

There was not one video that really walked you through the entire setup, I made the first video on it and having the first video on something people are trying to learn is really valuable.

When you go look at the engagement on this, the 5:54 average view duration is huge for having that ad-revenue, you can look at the audience and what you’ll notice here is the audience is the single largest is from the USA and then India UK and there’s lots more countries.

Naturally the countries that are watching your video are a big part of the ad-revenue the USA is one of the highest CPM or cost per thousand countries in the world. Therefore, if you want to maximize your Youtube earnings, the more viewers you attract from the US and similar countries like the UK, Canada, Germany, etc.

The higher CPM you get when you’ve got a video that attracts lots of viewers from let’s say India where the CPM is lower, then the overall CPM will be lower on the video.

That said, you want the more viewers possible to help the video rank higher and then to get found by those viewers in the most valuable countries.

If you look at the revenue over here, you’ll see a very important trend that will help you be patient.

For the first month this video was out, it only earned about $3 or $2. Thus, if you just are looking in the short term, you wouldn’t see that this is possible and in fact this video may go on to earn thousands of dollars on literally something I needed to do anyway.

The goal is to give as many of your videos like this a chance to get the maximum earnings and to realize sometimes it might take at least two months to scratch the surface of the potential and it might take six months or more.

Right now I uploaded this February 17th, six months from that is August 17th. You can see now $300 in ad-revenue starts to look really good in a video that took maybe an hour of my real time to get uploaded.

You can see this says the playback base CPM is $66.02 for the lifetime of this because earlier on it was not giving me as high as CPM as you can see in some of these other areas.

The CPM depends on exactly what time of year it is how much money advertisers are spending and for this reason you’ll see the CPM goes up and down.

Now notice the video has gotten a higher CPM recently compared to what it had before, you’ll know when the video first came out lots of times the CPM was pretty low and that depends on exactly who’s watching it.

If I have all said a lot of viewers come in from India, the playback base CPM may go down then if a lot of viewers come in from the US and may go back up therefore the viewer CPM is based on exactly who is watching the video.

That leads you to, “Okay, well how do I choose videos that I think people will be watching the most?”

The key is to figure it out and to get a little insight on where our advertisers are spending money.

Who are the most valuable people that advertises?

Long story short people like me are some of the most valuable advertisers, people like me that have a business that are spending and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars online advertisers really want to reach people like me and what do I do?

I’m doing stuff like setting up G-Suite. I’m doing stuff like, if you go down here, one of my other tops by CPM if you scroll down here is this Best Google AdWords Tutorial.

You have this Google AdWords Tutorial $101 CPM I made in 2016.

Why don’t we take a look at the analytics on this video, you’ll be able to see how much this AdWords video earned.

If you look at the ad-revenue, this one video has earned $2,000 in ad revenue for an hour long tutorial and you can see that when it was newer and getting watched more then the playback base CPM was consistently high.

As you’ll note, as now the views on it have gone down given the tutorials are not the most up to date anymore, then it has reduced the amount it’s earned.

The very important point is that one video has made $2,000 in ad revenue, whereas there’s probably 1000 videos on my channel combined that have made it.

Sometimes, the only way you can find things like this is to just test and do lots of different areas.

What you can see is long format videos have a lot of ads that have some of the best shots of getting you the highest playback based CPM, if you can find people watching them, and people will keep watching the video.

Here’s another video I did $104 CPM on this one called Best Facebook Marketing Tutorial Ever.

If I click on the analytics for this, you can look this has earned $8 in the last few days.

Let’s look at the since uploaded on this one, you’ll see this one video earned $4,800 in estimated ad revenue.

Again, this one had a lot of ad revenue and views right when it started. However, if you look at the ad revenue, you’ll see again, it did not do much the first few months I uploaded it, but suddenly it started doing a lot here and then it went down for a bit and I don’t know what happened there. But then it went up a whole lot and or most of the revenue over the next year

Thus, if you can see something these have in common, all three of these really high CPM videos I just showed you are business videos.

Things like setting up G-Suite, things like Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, things where people could potentially spend a lot of money on them and there’s not a lot of people making videos about some of these.

While there are a ton of gamers making great gaming videos, there’s not a lot of people like me sitting there making a G-Suite tutorial showing you how to install and set up your G-Suite.

There’s not a lot of people making Google AdWords tutorials or Facebook tutorials. The key thing is that you can make an updated version, you don’t have to just start with nothing, you can literally watch what somebody else has done in just making more of an updated version of that same basic video, and you can have a very good shot and earn the same thing.

I’ll go down and find some other ones.

Here’s one that says how to record Skype Calls for a Video Podcast, let’s take a look at how much this one earns.

We’ll go over to revenue on this and we’ll take a look at since uploaded lifetime.

This one has earned $69, this one has never got that many views and yet it just recently spiked up for some reason after not earning a whole lot for the rest.

This is a video that is old, I mean this earned almost nothing for years after I uploaded it and for some reason it just gets views.

What you’ll notice is that these videos are almost all tutorial videos on what a lot of people might think of as boring subjects.

Some of the videos that are more popular even like this Linux Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Red Hat Linux and CentOS Free in English.

The advertising is not as good competitive on these and there’s more videos on it and therefore even though there’s more views on many of these videos on my channel, the playback base CPM is really low.

I’ll show you some other high earning CPM ones.

We’ll look at especially if it’s close to $100, here’s one that’s $53. Top 10 Myts Selling T-Shirts Online.

Again a subject that advertisers and the people watching it bring to a valuable audience, if you can make videos on the finances of those can be even higher than what I’m showing you, I’m imagining.

Meanwhile look at this, this one Can You Earn $100 Streaming Games on Facebook just the topic and the viewers alone on this making it 10% of the ad-revenue of some of my other YouTube videos and this is why I do a lot of tutorials on these kind of subjects because these are what maximizes the ad-revenue.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

The biggest thing I’ve done that’s reduced the ad-revenue on my Youtube channel is, for a year or two I got away from making my most valuable in terms of ad-revenue maximizing tutorials.

I made a bunch of gaming videos, I made a bunch of like vlog style videos and these vlog and gaming videos do not earn like a business tutorial does.

When you think about it, is it worth my time to make 100 gaming videos that make $2,000 in ad-revenue? Or can I make one Google Ads tutorial that will make $2,000 and will maximize the ad-revenue?

Once you start to get this you can have your creative strategy guided to the most profitable subjects.

I’ll show you some more just for comparison. For example, this one I made How to Become Rich in Crypto Market WITHOUT Trading! This one is $11 CPM on that one.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

Here’s one 8 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Buying and Selling Fiat, like USD to Bitcoin and Ethereum $23 CPM for that one.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

I did this July 2019 Income Report with Jerry Banfield and Uthena that’s very much a vlog style video $26 CPM on that one.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

YouTube Analytics for Traffic Sources $15 or so CPM on that one.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

Notice I did these two American Express Blue Business… and Capital One Business Card… applications. They are earning good $20, CPM and $15, CPM or so on each of these.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

For making passive income, the more videos like this you have it all adds up, especially over time.

I was earning thousands of dollars a month on my channel, when I was just putting out videos like this all the time.

You’ll note that most of these videos have kind of half-life a peak period, between six months to two years or so where they tend to do really well and then the older the video gets, especially if it’s a tutorial, it starts to head downhill.

Therefore, there’s always an opportunity to make more videos on these subjects and there’s always opportunity for just getting started to make newer versions of existing tutorials.

How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

Thank you very much for watching how to maximize your ad-revenue with me as a full-time YouTuber. I love it.

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How I Earn a high CPM as a YouTuber! ($0.06 Per YouTube View from Ad Revenue)

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