How My Cross-Platform Internet Marketing Strategies Work

 How My Cross-Platform Internet Marketing Strategies Work

Exploring My Methods of Marketing with YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Forums, and oDesk.


Many people have asked me about how my internet marketing strategies are organized. They are more curious about how I can get all of my work done and have time to execute my plans. In this long winded post, I will explain how I use social media platforms individually, as well as in tandem.

Online Marketing, YouTube, and You!

Internet Marketing Strategies how I do it

How My YouTube Strategy is Organized.

I have a YouTube profile that is dedicated to generating conversions. This is where I post most of my advertisements for my youtube page and/or website. People are directed from the ad to my page. Some of these viewers will like my page, become followers, and even email me. Though this may seem like a funnel, I don’t think of it that way. You want to use this method to make videos that only target your ideal person. I think of these people as my most avid fans. They are the people who watch a lot of my videos. They also watch them for a long time.


I put my energy into making videos that people like. There is a recent change in YouTube ranking system that helps me with beat my competition. You can see how long my videos are. This is because Youtube ranks the videos that are longer than people watch higher than short videos.

My Youtube Strategy

Proving Your Worth:

Gain Trust from an Audience

Online marketers are always trying to get something for nothing. They ask for email addresses, links, or stories without offering anything in return. Even the classes people pay for from some online marketers are bogus! People pay several hundred dollars for courses that are completely unhelpful. You can offer your expertise on YouTube for free, and create a large following. That’s what I did!

My Youtube Videos

Make a video about whatever you know about. Show them, rather than telling them, what you know. Give them bits of your knowledge without expecting anything in return. Make the videos with the goal of making someone smile, and helping them learn important information. Are there ways you can expand on this? Sure, you can require an email adress, or registration on a separate site, but offering information for free on Youtube will build follower trust.

It is so easy to search Youtube for free tutorials. You watch tutorials about the things you want to learn. Once you have mastered the subject you can share your perspective on Youtube. Once you start sharing those videos, you can build in ways for people to contact you. Once you are established, you should add a call to action to each video.

 Meet Viewer Standards

The standard for lead pages are constantly going up. One minute lead videos are no longer in demand. Next thing you know, people want to know everything about you. They want long videos, blogs, and other content that show your service in detail. Your content shows what you know, and allows potential clients to ask for help. Then, you have the chance to build your business more effectively.

My Profile on YouTube

My Youtube strategy is beautifully scalable. My sales team can share my videos anywhere, with their own sales pages. This way they can get money through their own sites. This differs from my Facebook Messaging method because it can be used on any social media platform. Be careful sharing them on WarriorForum. Someone felt like I shared too many of my videos. This strategy scales really well.

Leverage YouTube Advertisements

Many people find my posts through their corresponding YouTube ad campaigns. With Youtube ads, you get traffic from your site, then you get more from suggested searches, ad clicks, and the featured videos. When you promote your video, you are investing in a resource that will improve your future. Working on your videos will bring in more sales.



It’s like Facebook with Fewer Cat Videos. 

JB linkedIn Page


You probably have a Linkedin Profile already. What you do depends on what works for you. People seem to like pictures of me with my dog, so that is what I use. In case you have never seen it before, here is what my LinkedIn profile looks like.

The magic starts in the groups.

Internet Marketing Strategies on LinkedIn

Click on groups. Then, use the search bar to find groups within your niche. I search for “online Marketing,” or, “Facebook.” You can search for relevant groups in this menu, and see which groups you are a member of. You can also easily become a member from this menu as well, by clicking join. These groups allow you to connect with people. That is the true magic of LinkedIn. I do not get many direct sales from these groups. Instead, I make a lot of connections, and learn a lot of new things.

LinkedIn group page

If you are already in a group, you can also quickly make a post, by clicking “Post.”

Once you join a group, you can open the members tab. The first people you see will be people you are already connected with. You want to see which group members you are not connected to. There is a convenient message button, so I can now send any member of the group a message. The problem with these messages is other people use this strategy, and may send you the same type of message.


How Do I Use LinkedIn?

A Look at linkedIn Profiles

The best strategy I have found for Linkedin is asking people for advice. You are talking to your competitors, people who do what you do. I use this strategy at a large scale. I messaged hundreds of people asking for advice. Then, I followed every piece of advice they gave me. Someone said I needed a better page, so I updated my web design. They said I needed to post in forums, so I did that. I was advised to write in a guest blog, and found some cool opportunities that way.

This strategy expanded my network’s size, and brought in more business. It took a long time, but did not take quite as long. LinkedIn is not harsh when it comes to spam control. You can send 500 messages a day on linkedin, but still need to be specific because you are sending a message to a personal profile. The standard is much higher, because you are writing to a person as opposed to a company. Even though the recipient gets your message, they may ignore it– especially if you do not take the time to write a personal message! Everyone knows the basics such as:

The subject is important because it grabs attention,

use their name,


tell them how you are connected.

Linkedln-Message Internet Marketing strategy

That is a clear message asking for what I want, but I still think it could be more personal. I have saw a lot of subjects saying, “Happy Holidays.” Most of them were from insurance agencies. This subject wasn’t very interesting because I received a ton of messages with that line. They all just blended together! The last thing I want is my message to blend in with the competition. So, I further personalize my message to her.

Personalized Messages Are Key to Getting Responses

Linkedln Profile 1

Read their profile.

When I look more closely at this person’s account, I see that Jennifer is a communications manager in Hartford, Connecticut. I have a friend who used to live there. She is writing about herself in the third person, which is interesting. Maybe someone wrote the description for her.

 Take special notice of your mutual connections, and groups.

They may have some advice to offer in a field they are an expert in. Find their passion, and use it to get a response. In this case, I should ask about social media or communications.

Offer to connect on Linkedin.

 This is a great way to grow your profile if you are new to the site.

Ask one clear question, specifically aimed at the person you are messaging.

Clearly ask for specific advice. If you ask broad questions, or are unclear, they will most likely not take the time to look at your page.

How I Added More Personalization to My Message:

A personalized message works best

What do They See on Their Screen When They open My Message?

What they see first


The person you are reaching out to will see your photo, your subject, and only a tiny snippet of your message. The more creative you are with writing your subject makes it more likely your message will get opened. Your subject should also clearly communicate what you want.

I get a lot of responses when I ask for advice. The only problem I run into is finding the time to apply it all!


Limitations I Had While Using this Strategy:

I hired a company to send these messages for me. They did a great job. She could sent a thousand of these messages in just eight hours! This caused my Linkedin profile to get suspended. I had to seriously cut back. When I sent the messages myself, I would send about 200. I received tons of amazing advice or the first several weeks the company sent messages. I had people offering their thoughts from all over the world from all sorts of social media backgrounds.

Lesson: Don’t send too many messages and get your profile blocked! Abide by their terms and conditions at all times!

LinkedIn Is a Powerful Marketing Tool!

This is a powerful approach! I am actually sitting in an office I rented because of a Linkedin message I sent when I started. I messaged someone who works in the building a year ago. I had a meeting cancelled, and ended up going to take a look at the building and see what they do. As soon as I walked into the building, I knew I wanted my office to be there. I signed the lease right there!

This is a great way for you to start networking on a small scale, and expand as you need to. This is especially effective for people looking for local clients. I was able to get people walking up to me at events thanking me for connecting on Linkedin. I sent so many messages I didn’t recognize them, but some still proved to be useful connections.

There is great value to using linkedin to build your sales.

Good Luck!



Using Twitter for Business

twitter internet Marketing strategy

Twitter is not my favorite website for direct sales, but is useful for an SEO boost. I had a website with a specific URL for the service I offered. I then searched for related terms on Twitter. I posted tweets to these conversations and began to get retweets. My reach exploded and more people visited my site. Twitter is very useful for search engine optimization because it can get you indexed in search engine traffic (at least until they change their relationship with Google). Here is how I have used Twitter to boost my search rankings:

1. Find the People Are Your Biggest Fans

Except They Probably Never Heard About You.

Searching on twitter

You want to search for people who are talking about what you talk about. I figured the client I could use would make posts saying, “Like us on Facebook.” Many companies who post things like that need help with their Facebook or other social media marketing.

When I type this into the search bar, I get a list of people who posted the exact words. This gives me a nice list of people who are looking for more likes on Facebook. Make sure you click the “All” button. This will keep the trending profiles from skewing the list.


2. Engage with The Posts You Found

What do I do with this list? Reply to their tweets, and converse in real time, of course!

If you Tweet the right account, you are more likely to have success. The account I wrote my Tweet to is a fan club for Bonnie Tyler. This is not a Tweet that is likely to be worth my time. Derek Brooks, however, is a doctor. He is a better option because he is more likely to pay money for his advertisements. I want to reach out to people who run a business. You won’t make money by connecting with people that don’t have a legitimate business.

Bonnie Tyler fan club

The one problem with the “@” Tweets, is that it may go straight to the “@ Connect” tab. Some people do not check or respond to these for weeks! If you Tweet your URL, and someone “Retweets” you, more people will get to click on your website link. Here is an idea of what I commonly Tweet:

A doctor: More likely to pay for ads

You have to send out a consistent 50-100 Tweets everyday. Just like the previous strategies, this can be overdone. If you just do a few Tweets, you won’t have a problem. However, people who send out hundreds per day annoy some people. When people get annoyed they click the report button.

I had my account suspended by sending out three or four hundred targeted Tweets daily. Thankfully my account is back now. As you can see, I always go all out when I launch new strategies. If you don’t know the limits, how do you know when to stop? How can you find out if you are doing as much as you can. I tested this for you!


A Recap of How Twitter Works

  1. You Tweet a message and link to targeted people.
  2. They see it (or not).
  3. Their followers, or the target themselves “retweet.” They may also reach out to you.
  4. If the Tweet is successful you will see more Twitter followers, shares, and favorites. You also get your site indexed, and more page views.
  5. Don’t Tweet too much, or you’ll likely give someone the motivation to report you.

If you even get a couple shares, you are doing great!.

If you look at my Tweets, you can see my YouTube videos getting mentioned. Apparently, people seem to enjoy my information. Either that or they enjoy hearing my voice. You can see what people are Tweeting about you by clicking the “@ Connect” tab at the top of Twitter’s page.


Forum Posting Strategies

This is one of the easiest ways, personally, to find new clients. It is also a great place to share your content and get it seen. I like Warrior Forum, which many freelancers have heard about, and use frequently. Black Hat World is a good forum for internet marketing.

What is Commonly Displayed on a Forum Post?

Forum Profile Internet Marketing Strategies

Your screen name: First, they see the screen name you chose.

Member status: Shows whether you are an active member.

Length of membership: How long have you been around?

Location: They know where you live.

Number of posts, blogs, thanks on the current page, and thanks history: This gives your audience an idea of your history.

Social networking icons: If people like your content, they will use these links to find more of your work. Some people will also reach out to you through their preferred social media platform for outreach.

 Why Can Forums  Be Challenging?

One issue is finding a balance between content creation, and the time spent getting people to consume it! Being creative about how you share your content is especially important in forums. You can’t just spam your own website willy nilly. You need to put time between your posts, or people may mark it as spam

I decided to try something different. I create my own threads filled with content and information about my services. I also shamelessly share a few of my videos. After a few years, someone got annoyed with my posts. I still continue to post them, and making new profiles. Though 15 people did not like the post. Maybe they will do better without the link to my videos.

Forums are a good place to post your content for people to read it. There are good posts and bad posts. Learn from the posts that do well in your niche, and follow their lead. Here is a post that got very good, and very negative reactions:

the good and bad about forums


I got at least five clients thanks to the post above. The post after that I posted twice the content. Another marketer reported my post and got my posting privileges temporarily revoked. Even though people find my posts helpful, some people will always find something wrong.

A Huge Audience! 

Giant free audience

Forums also give you an audience. Look at all of the people! There are 26,000 people online. There is a large amount of people online here. You want your content where the audience is. You do not need to post content only on one page. You can reuse your posts across platforms. I may even post this on Warrior Forum. You want people to consume your hard work. Forums are a great platform for networking online!

I found forums through my outreach on Linkedin. That is an example of how one network may lead you to expand into another, and multiply your opportunities! I connect people to my videos on Warrior Forum if people ask me specific questions about my content.



Odesk Marketing For Freelancers and Employers

Internet Marketing-23-Jerry Banfield

My Experience with oDesk

Many of my issues with scaling up began with oDesk. This is one of the world’s largest job outsourcing platforms. I can go to oDesk and look for freelancers. You can see these are people who do Facebook marketing.

odesk Profile

My oDesk profile has high rates, so I haven’t had any clients there yet. I chose to dissect Chris M.’s profile. He charges $61 an hour under the title of Facebook and Google AdWords expert. The last freelancer is from Canada. She charges $16.67 an hour. She is working on the below jobs, and has Google Adwords certification from oDesk.His tests are exactly where mine are. He started his profile at $44 an hour. You can use oDesk to get work for yourself, or to help scale your business up.


On the Other Side of the Fence: Employers

Jerry's odesk profile

This is my company page. You can use oDesk to make money, then spend it. One way I use oDesk to scale my business is by delegating some of my work when I have too much. The only problem is that some freelancers are not as good as others. Some people will do an awful job, and another person will do wonderfully. At times the freelancer profiles don’t even have bearing on how they will perform your task. You may have to do some trial and error before finding a freelancer that produces the work you need.

Another problem is that some of the people who you want to work for you often have work already. They may not have time to complete your work. For one of my largest campaigns I hired around 30 people on oDesk. Many of them did poorly, but I found a few that excelled while being payed a low rate. The method, however, was not scalable. Now I have a sales team that gets paid when I get paid. You can waste a lot of time and money on oDesk. You get get work returned that doesn’t bring you enough return to cover the expenses.

 Video to Money to odesk employee, to useful content, to more engagement to more clients, to more money 

I also found someone to transcribe my Youtube videos. I talk a lot during these videos, so they get transcribed into ridiculously long posts. She sent me one video in a Word document and all I could think was, “I talk that much?!?”

I am a numbers guy. When I see numbers like 8,000 words from a Youtube video I am astounding. I can’t believe people listen to me for so long! Are my viewers falling asleep on me, instead of navigating away? I hope that my content is interesting for everyone, because I plan on continuing!

For a reasonable hourly rate, I can get a valuable work done for me. I do not have to think about the tasks I delegate out. I can charge my clients more money to pay these freelancers, because my freelancers allow me to have more time for critical work. I can even give work to people that I feel less comfortable doing.


Here are some other platforms to make money with:

People Per HourElanceAmazon mechanical

There are many sites out there. Try a few to find what works best for your business!


What Would I Change?

The key limitation every marketing strategy has is time. Time is always the most difficult limitation to deal with. You only have so much time in your day to get everything done. I have tried many strategies, but I usually launched them one at a time. I recommend getting starting with every strategy gently at the same time. I went a bit crazy doing one thing full-out at a time. Once I hit a wall, I would bounce to another platform.

I think if I had spread out my efforts I would not have ran into as many negative consequences. However, these experiences are what allows me to share what I have learned about the limitations in each platform. You can do a lot with each strategy, but you need to pace yourself, and not scale too large.

How to Respond to, and Manage Success.

Managing-Success from your internet marketing Strategies


You need to make sure your strategy is sustainable. Do you want to spend your time focusing on outreach all the time? I have solved this for myself by dealing with leads via email. I get so many requests to make Skype appointments. Which if you read here you will find that I find Skype calls useless for my business. Sometimes Skype cheapens your business. I only Skype with people who have already paid for my services.

However, taking calls and Skyping expend a lot of my energy. I would rather spend my time creating helpful content for all of my lovely readers, viewers, and listeners. I had to design my business in a way that could be sustainable for my growth and sanity.

Overall, the phone has a dark side. Picking it up has lead to giving multiple opportunities for people to manipulate me, and control negative situations. I will follow up every received email with a response, but voicemails will sit in my inbox. I charge a flat rate for a service that may take between five and ten hours. It takes less time to send an email, so it is a more effective strategy for me. I save time, money, and a portion of my sanity.


Get Started on Your Journey to Growth!

When I find strategies with no limits, like YouTube, I get excited! I push as far as possible in order to get the most success. I know what works for me, and I will stick with it. I will innovate in certain ways, like with my website. I would like to know what you have to say. What are your thoughts on my website? What information do you want or need more of? If you let me know which information will help you, I am more than happy to make a video, blog post, or podcast to help you out!

These strategies can help you get started with your own success. Getting started can be very difficult. As you learn and grow, you will find what works to bring people in to see your product or service. You may even see exponential growth once you find the best strategy for you! What internet marketing strategies have worked for you?

If you are as passionate about fine-tuning your internet marketing strategies as I am, join my team!