How to Add New In-Demand PLR Video Courses to LMS Like Thinkific and Teachable and WP Courseware.

Do you have your own online course platform or marketplace?

Are you hoping to build up your organic traffic on YouTube or make some paid ads on Facebook and sell some video courses? If so, you are in the right place.

What I’ll do today is show you how to add Private Label Rights video courses to your platform.

I’ll show you the best offer I found anywhere because I made it to give you more courses for your platform.
I’m Jerry Banfield, the founder of Uthena, which is basically a Thinkific or self-hosting solution scaled up.

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If you want to make the most sales, you really want to be able to sell themed course bundles. For example, our best seller on Uthena is this Ethical Hacking Forever course bundle because it has 23 courses in it for $48.81, and includes updates to the bundle at no additional cost that makes it a way better value than buying one course for $10 on some other website or even signing up and subscribing to get access to a bunch of courses.

What we’ve got on here is hundreds of different courses put into bundles.

Now the main limitation if you’ve got your own course platform will be the number of courses you can put up.

What I’ve noticed with millions of dollars of sales data is that students often will come for one course and then buy another one.

That means if you’ve got maybe 50 of your own courses you can put up, you might have a hard time getting those sold. But if you put some more courses up, bundle them up and use the courses on popular topics to bring people in, then you will be able to make a lot of sales, especially if let’s say you teach a lot of courses on a few different subjects.

Then if you can bring some more courses in you can make entire course bundles that are really good value and easy to sell. The nice thing is with Private Label Rights or PLR is that you get to keep depending on the arrangement, all of the sales.

Unlike if you have another instructor per course on your platform and splitting with them. You get to keep everything. This makes private label rights and ideal setup if you want to do something like use videos for Facebook ads and send people to your platform and make sales from there.

You don’t have to pay out any co-instructors. Thus, Private Label Rights is the way to go if you can’t find the right arrangement and build up your own platform.

The downside is many of the companies that have the best inventory of courses in terms of about 600+ courses on in-demand subjects, they often are very restrictive with who they’ll let use their courses. For example, I asked -with my platform and my big presence online- not one company even replied to my email, using their contact form, not one company even had the decency to send me a reply.

The companies that often have the biggest collections, of course does tend to limit them to big deals where some platform will pay them $100,000 licensing to put their courses on.

If you’re trying to build your own platform, it can be difficult to find private label rights courses that are in demand. In other words, a new course that is quality that is actually selling and then to be able to put those on your own platform.

Fortunately, you’ve stumbled into me. I have 148 video courses in a dropbox folder and I’m willing to give you Private Label Rights to all of them or whichever ones you want in particular.

What’s also nice is I have a sales report on Uthena, my platform so you can go to, you can click on sales report, and you can see which courses are actually selling in real-time. You can see the courses we’re selling on Uthena, and you can see exactly how much we’re selling them for.

Also, you can pick the courses that you want to do Private Label Rights.

The main way we sell courses is on my YouTube channel. And just uploading these video courses on my channel has been a huge boost.

Because when you put up full-length video courses, these tend to work great on YouTube to get subscribers to get likes on videos, to get watch time, to get views, to get ad revenue. Thus, some of these Private Label Rights Courses, you might be able to make 10 times that you paid for them just an ad revenue, what I do is I render about half of the course available for free. And then I send people over to buy the course on Uthena, and all five of these top videos on my channel are all available within my Private Label Rights.

You can render them with your own introduction instead of mine and have a good shot. If you make a unique title at getting some of the same results I’m getting on these videos.

A cool thing is if you’ve got your own courses, you can offer Private Label rights using the same setup I do, what we do on Uthena if you click on Courses, you’ll notice a little tab that says Private Label Rights. And now what you can see is a tab for private label rights to Jerry Banfield video course. So if you click on this, it gives you a listing of all of my courses that are available with private label rights and then it’s just a matter of deciding how many licenses you want, you can get one course for $48.81 or you can get 10 courses for $390.48.

That means you can pick 10 of my courses to get Private Label Rights to now if you’re new to Private Label Rights, you might wonder what can you do.

We’ve made some very generous terms some other private label rights products may not give you terms like these mine allow you to sell the product separately, or bundle it with other products, or use it as a bonus to a product, you can put it on a paid membership site, you can add bonuses and make it even a physical product.

If you like you can put your own name in the sales letter, you don’t have to mention me anywhere, you can edit the content of the product, which I highly recommend on YouTube, you can use the source code or material or a hand the names of the author, creator seller of the product, you can put the whole course up for free if you want to on YouTube.

In fact, one of my partners in my group coaching mastermind just basically did the exact same video as me and put more of the course on. You can even put the course on free membership sites, you can buy Private Label Rights to my courses and give them away as a free offer to build up your email list.

You can even translate it in other languages

Go ahead and put it on YouTube, you’re welcome to take some of the views that might have went to my channel.

The things you cannot do with Private Label Rights.

These are kind of general terms what minor little more generous, like other private label rights tend to not allow you to do free membership sites or to put it on YouTube. But I have a mindset of abundance.

What you can’t do is upload or sell these courses on Uthena, Udemy, SkillsShare any other course platforms you don’t own. These platforms all have specific requirements and naturally, I am making every effort to have the courses for sale in as many places as possible.

You also can’t also offer resell rights, master resell rights, or your own private label rights. You need to come to me to get it.

I’ve got 148 courses today in the dropbox folder and I’m on pace to spend over $100,000 in 2019, to pay contractors to build more video courses to put in this folder.

You might just start with buying a license or maybe 10 licenses and if you like it buy some more. Alternatively, you can get access to my entire Private Label Rights video library for life.

I’ll give you access to the entire courses folder, you can use all 148 of the courses in there. Plus, you can join my mastermind group where we’ve got group coaching calls every week and the group coaching calls will help you see exactly how to make the most out of the courses you have. If just using the courses by yourself, you might be able to turn that really good profit. If you buy the 10 licenses one for $390, I bet you can easily turn that into $5,000+ in sales on your own courses on your own platform, Using those 10 courses.

I imagine that you invest in the partner membership -it’s cool how the numbers go- for $6,543.21 one payment for life, you get a lifetime of weekly group coaching calls, which when you combine that with having access to all the courses, the ability to ask me questions, to ask other partners questions who are using the private label rights videos, then I imagine you can turn that into $1,000.

The question is just how much do you want to invest?

You can always check the sales at any time to see which ones you might want to use.

And if you have questions, if you’re in the partner program, you can network with other instructors who have their courses and you might be able to get their Private Label Rights in addition to all mine, and then build your own platform up.

It is nice to have big course bundles these tend to sell really well and give students a much better deal than buying them somewhere like Udemy.

So thank you very much for learning about this.

At one point I was hunting for content, I understand when you’re starting your business, and you’ve gotten a business idea, content or having something like this Dropbox folder is one of the hardest things to come up with.

I’m here I’m available to help you with that today.

I’ve made it and I’ve narrated 3,000+ videos myself, I’ve paid for thousands of more videos on in-demand topics, I’ve sold millions of dollars. With the in-demand topic courses I’ve paid for selling the best, I focus on making courses I expect will sell the best that give me the best return and therefore put you in the best position for the best return as well.

Thank you for learning how to add Private Label Rights video courses with me to your Teachable or Thinkific or whatever platform you’re using to self host your own courses.

And if you want to make sure to keep seeing videos like this, check out the Jerry Banfield vlog playlist on YouTube. Or if you just prefer to listen, I like to just listen lots of times you can go to my podcast at Jerry There’s a built-in player plus there are links to any other player you’d want to use.

Thank you for making it the end of this. I’m grateful for the chance to serve you every day. And maybe I’ll see you in the partner program soon. If you order, when I see your order, I’ll make a reaction video because I get excited, $6,543.21 is a lot of money.

I’ll get excited when I’ll see that I’ll make a reaction video to it.

-Oh yes!! New partner!!

Let’s go.

All right, that was a really good way to end this!

I love you! You’re awesome!

Jerry Banfield