How To Advertise on YouTube 2019

Are you ready to learn how to advertise on YouTube in 2019? The first question you might have is why would I want to advertise on YouTube?

Video is very powerful for building trust which is essential if you want to sell anything. You need to build an audience and videos are the best way to do it. Secondly, YouTube ads are the cheapest source of good quality traffic that I found in 8 years with being a full-time entrepreneur online focusing on digital marketing and online advertising. YouTube ads are amazing and I’m so excited to show you how I’m getting thousands of views and with just a ridiculous amount. I get hundreds of views for every single ad and then getting organic traffic, more views, subscribers, likes, and comments, all as a result of the ads.

YouTube advertising is extremely powerful. I’ll show you exactly today even if you’ve never made an ad before online. I’ll walk you through step by step exactly how to do it. What you want to do with this planning wise is a plan to do a survival of the fittest mindset. You want to have video after video and test out your ads until the data looks good. For example, on my Youtube channel, I haven’t done any ads in a while and I’ve just gotten back into YouTube advertising and the data is really really good. I’m investing at least a $100 a day in this starting immediately and I’ll show you how I make my ads.

What you can see in the image above is the most critical thing. YouTube views from ads do count as views on YouTube and not only that but you do get higher placement on the YouTube algorithm because of views by ads. I’ve tested this over the years a bunch of times. I’ve ranked a lot of my videos high in the search results not because they’re better than others because I ran ads on them and got more views. It’s an uncomfortable fact on YouTube. I also had 2 videos that were a very direct comparison of this. One video had millions of views and was three years old. I put out a newer version of it and the older one because of that all those views kept getting a lot more views for free. If you want to get more views on YouTube organically, doing ads helps a lot.

Now, the first key thing to do is, pick a good video to advertise. When you are advertising on YouTube through how I’m showing you to do this on Google AdWords for video, you’ve got about 30 seconds to a minute to make a real impression with someone because after that a lot of people are on their mobile phones doing other things. If you don’t make it much of an impression right away then it’s not going to happen for you. You can assure that you will find the right video if you just keep testing videos over and over again but make videos as I’m I do my videos. I’ve planned to do specifically for YouTube ads. Imagine yourself scrolling through the mobile newsfeed, you see my ad and you click on it. Then you wonder, “How you can have your ad where my ad just was?” I’ll make this easy for you.

The key thing to do to start is to pick a video to advertise. I’m choosing this video that I made on YouTube “How to start building a following from zero with video tutorials” because it has good information in it. It’s a very new video. It’s July 24th while I’m writing this so the video is 9 days old meaning the more views I put on it now, the better chance that has to get a lot more views for life. This video also has a call to action pretty early on to subscribe to my channel in it. I want to convert those subscribers through ads whenever possible and this video has some very helpful information in it. It has the information that I looked for years to find. It tells what microphone to use, what camera to use to make great YouTube videos and it also has a built-in affiliate marketing in the description. Thus, giving me lots of different ways to earn on people watching the video and then I have another video Start Podcasting Today.

So, I need my URL here to begin and what we’ll do now after explaining how to set this up, we go over and take a look inside Google Adwords at my Google Adwords account. You advertise at As you can see in the image, this is where you go to do ads for YouTube and then what you make campaign with video ads. I’ll show you exactly how to set those up. If you haven’t signed up at yet for Google ads, you will need to sign up. You will need to put a payment method in also. I trust you can complete that. Then the tricky part is, building the campaign out. I’ll show you how I build my campaigns. After looking at the cost of what I’m getting here.

The costs I’m paying versus what I’m getting is amazing. I don’t have any conversion tracking setup currently but I will get that up shortly to see which ads actually convert into money spent. What I’m really excited about is the number of impressions. I’m getting 308,591 impressions on my ads on YouTube for $87.47 and that has turned into thousands of views also.

If I go back to the campaign level over here. I’ve gotten 3,302 views for $87.47 as well as all those hundreds of thousands of impressions that are putting my name out there. The more impressions you get, the more people will search for you on their own. The more times people see my name on different videos, the more I will get organic search traffic and what I like is these earned views in addition to the 3,302 paid views I’ve got. I’ve also got a 149 what’s called earned views where someone watched another video for free off of that one ad. What’s incredible is, this is just within the first 48 hours of me making ads on YouTube. I’ve used a lot of YouTube ads before and I’ve been trying a test to see how my channel is without ads. A long story short, it sucks and I need my ads again. I’m back to ads and I’ve found a better way than ever to do the ads.

With giving you all the big-picture mindset, let’s now go into the details of creating the campaign. To create a campaign, I’ve already done these and for most of the campaigns, I create what I do is, I select all. I have 4 different campaigns and I’ll explain the structure I’ve got. What I usually do is just copy the campaigns and then paste a new ad into a copied campaign. It speeds up the process a lot but I’ll walk you through making the original campaign and building out the 4 campaigns so that you can see how to set this up. I split the campaigns up as follows to make sure I get both quantity of views and the quality of views in terms of average customer spending power. I reach both the new customers or viewers and I reach existing viewers and here’s how I set this up.

I put the video name at the beginning of the campaign and then I put what kind of audience either new or remarketing. Remarketing means, someone’s already watched a video on my channel. That’s a remarketing audience. I’m showing an ad again to someone who’s already seen me before. I do USA+ which are 4 different countries i.e.

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. United Kingdom

These are countries who have comparable spending power and demographics with English as a primary language. These are my main audience countries. Then I do world campaigns also because the views are a lot cheaper. I get the number of views and I often can find it with 4 times as many people seeing my ads and watching for the same cost to the USA. I’m often able to get some great customers on worldwide ads also. Thus you see for one video, I do 4 different campaigns with each iteration of this. So one I split by country and second I split by the type of audience. What I do then for that is just copy it and put the new video in there but I’ll show you how to make the campaign to start.

First, we go over to campaigns. We hit plus campaign. As you can see in the image, this will give us all these different options which might seem a little scary and I’ll make this simple for you. I’ll tell you exactly which one to click on. You just click on Product & Brand Consideration and then you click on the video. Then pick influencer consideration. What you want are video discovery ads. In-stream ads are effective but I don’t think they are good as video discovery because I stopped doing in-stream ads before. I wasn’t happy with the results. Video discovery ads are gold that’s what we want. So one more time,

  1. Product and brand consideration
  2. Video ads
  3. Influence consideration
  4. Hit continue

You’ll get this entire page which will look intimidating at first but I’ll make all of this super simple for you. First, the campaign name. I’ve shown you how I structured my campaign names before. I put the video name at the beginning, the audience and then the country at the end of it. So, that’s how we’re going to do it. I’ll put “YOUTUBE! How to start building” in the campaign name. Then, we’re going to start with remarketing because that’s easier. Then we will start with the USA+ campaign. Thus I’ve started with a campaign name in here and I recommend to put your campaign names in an orderly fashion so you can go look through everything and understand exactly what it means. Why? Because you need to be able to understand the data you’re getting so that as you repeat this process, you can focus your ad budget on the very best videos and the very best ad campaigns. This will allow survival of the fittest. You can get top-performing ads that will often perform 10 to 20 times better than your worst ones.

The next thing to do is to select a budget. You want to put a daily budget on this. I’m currently using $5 a day and what I do, I aim for about $100 a day total and I just keep knocking out the lowest-performing campaigns regularly. Therefore, I’m going to put this one for daily at 5 dollars and I will copy this campaign over into 4 total campaigns which would be $20 a day on this video. I don’t mess with the delivery method. I do maximum CPV that’s called maximum cost per view because that’s the only option that is on there and that’s what we want. Now, you can appear on YouTube search results, YouTube videos and video partners on the Display Network. I’m putting all of these in because I want YouTube to just show this wherever they want to because the final destination is YouTube so I don’t care where it gets shown beforehand.

The next key thing to select here, make sure you pick your language. You don’t want any other language besides yours so, check your language on there. Now, you’ll notice on the right side of this. It’ll give us an estimate of the performance which can be helpful but don’t worry about this too much until you’ve put all your information in.

Next, on locations, go over to country and click on advanced search. I recommend if you’re for YouTube, go for as global of an audience as possible. That said, if you’re a local business or a national business, you might focus on your country. I’m global. So, what I’m doing is, I target the United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia because these are all very similar countries demographic wise. These are the main locations, for example, I have a Partner Program for full-time entrepreneurs with group coaching calls. These are the main locations where my partners are from in my partner program. Those are some of my highest value customers and therefore I target these countries. These are my primary customer acquisition countries. So I split half my ad budget there and half else into the rest of the world. Now I’ve got my country set up what I’ll do on the world campaign is, I’ll do the opposite of this. I’ll just exclude those countries and allow it to run everywhere else.

On the content exclusion, I take the expanded inventory because as a Youtuber I’m grateful when I get ads on my limited or no ads videos. And I don’t care what else people are watching in this particular format for ads because people have to click on my display ad, therefore, I don’t care if they’re watching something that falls into one of those areas. Thus, I take the full inventory to get the lowest cost clicks and I just put show all.

Now, here’s one key thing I think is very important to do. I clicked on additional settings, then click on frequency capping and cap the impression frequency. What I do is, I put 1 per month and then what I do is I show ads for lots of different videos. This means that I don’t waste a bunch of impressions on 1 person. This means, if my ad shows once to somebody and they don’t click it, they don’t get to see that ad again for a month. I think this is critical to getting good results because otherwise, YouTube may tend to show the same person your ads 10, 20, 30, or 40 times which is a waste of money. I’d rather want YouTube to show the same person my 20 different videos once than to show 1 person 50 times which it’ll do to my same video. Therefore, I think it’s important to put a frequency cap one impression per month. I also cap the view frequency. If somebody watches the video, this way YouTube doesn’t show that person an ad for the same video over and over again. If the ad doesn’t work the first time, I don’t want to waste a bunch more impressions on it

I do all day for the ad schedule. You can skip the ad group and ad creation if you want to. I’ll just show you how to run through this whole thing at once. At the ad group name, I put the same beginning for the ad group name. Now the key thing we do at the ad group level as we pick our audience and our bid. Since this is a remarketing audience, I am using my same audiences. I’m only targeting people who have already watched my videos. Thus to do this, I go to browse. I go to remarketing. I go to YouTube users then I go to viewed Jerry Banfield YouTube channel. This will allow my ads to only be shown to people who have already viewed my channel. This is great for a long-term relationship building. I put all of my new video ads out and with half my ad budget to people who have already viewed my channel once, that way if you came and watched one video, I want you to see that I’m making new videos all the time and keep remembering and keep thinking about me for better or worse.

I’ve seen some haters come out like, “You suck. You have to keep running YouTube ads. Your channel is dead”. Good, you motivate me to get on top of the best ways to get traffic.

I’ve got that targeted to people who viewed my YouTube channel which means I’ve got essentially really high quality on and then some people I’ve already made the first impression with. These are the people I want to build a deep relationship with. This eliminates me from needing to do anything else. All I do is, put that one and then in future ads, we will build on this.

What I’ll do for bidding since this is a USA one. I’ll put 20 cents as the maximum cost per view bid. This will make sure that my ads get plenty of impressions and then the actual cost would be a lot less. Now, what we’ll do is, go into the YouTube video. I’ll go grab my URL from the video. We’re gonna paste this video in it. After I finish the ad group and the targeting now, this is the actual video ad we’re going to do. Make sure you choose a video discovery ad. I have a very low opinion of in-stream ads. Why? In-stream ads are interruption marketing. People are watching YouTube videos and bam there comes the ad in the middle. You want to watch one video and this annoying ad for some different video comes up and you can’t wait to skip it. That’s not a good context.

I’m in love with video discovery ads. Video discovery ads are just the display ads but according to YouTube, people have to click on these ads to watch the video. That means either there’s an accidental click on it which probably happens half the time or there’s someone genuinely interested in watching the video. That means someone has a real interest in seeing it and YouTube will find 99 people that don’t want to see it for every one person who clicks that they do want to see it. Therefore, I’m in love with video discovery ads and I really shouldn’t tell you about this because you’ll probably make the ads the same as me and then the cost will go up and I’ll be paying a higher cost because I told you about this. Just like with Facebook ads, I told everybody about it and now they cost a fortune.

You can see how this looks on mobile and desktop. It is really good to see that on mobile, you only get the headline in both spots but on desktop, you get the description on YouTube search and that’s helpful to see what we need to write on it. Now I go over and copy my YouTube video title and I will paste my YouTube video title in the Headline section and what you’ll want to note is the number of characters you get. Note the number of characters you get which means your headline needs to make the point very quickly as you don’t get very many characters to get people to click on your video. Thus, a good headline for this is essential. You want people to see what possible value will be found in your video. Therefore, I recommend you want to make the most of those little short amount of characters on mobile.

This can be a little tricky sometimes to find the best ways to say what you’re trying to say in the shortest amount of times. I am going to try different variations in real-time so you can know exactly how the mental creative process works such as,

YOUTUBE! How To Start Building a Following from Zero with Video Tutorials
YOUTUBE! Start Building a Following from Zero with Video Tutorials
YOUTUBE! Build a Following from Zero with Video Tutorials
YOUTUBE! Grow from 0 with Video Tutorials
YOUTUBE! Grow Your Channel

I want something that people will be interested in the learning about how to build your channel and I’ve only got a really small amount of characters to do it. If you’re going to spend time on anything, you definitely want to do the headline. The headline has a lot of the potential you get for the ad and if you put a headline that’s not accurate of your video then you’ll get clicks from people who aren’t interested. Thus, the headline is really critical to do a good job on this. So I’ll try more headlines such as,

YOUTUBE! Grow a Channel
Youtube Channel Growth
Grow Your Youtube Channel
Grow a Youtube Channel
Build a Youtube Channel

So this is the final answer. “Build a Youtube Channel”. You can see how I just played around with the text until I’ve got something that’s extremely clickable and I don’t even need to put too much time in the description on this. I can check on the desktop and see what it looks like but realistically hardly anyone’s going to see this on the desktop.

So, I’ve got this set up now we’ve got it finished. Just have a quick guess, do you think I’m going to submit this without any errors? There’s at least a 50% chance. Let me take the second frequency cap off here so it’ll give me estimates there. So I took that second frequency cap. One impression is enough then it’ll give me an idea of how much it thinks I’m going to spend, how many views I’ll get every day and this is pretty accurate. So, I’ve taken that off. Now the moment of truth, I made this ad with no errors. I’ve made an ad for this one from scratch. Now what I’m going to do, I’m going to copy this campaign I’ll go to edit, copy and I’m going to hit just command V on Mac. We’re going to copy this and now we’re going to make a remarketing campaign for the rest of the world.

I’ll go and edit the newly copied campaign. We’re going to edit the name of this one. Now, I’ve changed this to “YOUTUBE! How to Start building RM World”. All we need to do everything else from the last campaign is we click on the new campaign, go over the settings and then we’re going to do the opposite on the countries. So, instead of including these, we’re going to exclude these.

So, I’m going to type in all the 4 countries and hit exclude. Now, we’ve excluded these. Make sure you hit save or it will not take and you’ll be targeting the same country twice which should be pointless. Now, I’ve got 2 campaigns over here that are targeting the audience just by country. This allows me to split my budget, for example, if I want to put more into the global or more into the US. For global views, I’m paying 2 cents and for USA+, I’m paying 9 cents. Therefore, I highly suggest splitting if you want to do a global split like that.

Now we’re going to do another copy. We’ll click on edit and we’re gonna copy both of the newly made campaigns and we’re going to just change the audience on these new copied ones. This will allow us to reach new people both in the USA+ countries. I say USA+ because it’s the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. I just abbreviate it to USA+ which is the USA and similar. So we paste these 2 new campaigns. All we’re going to do is change the audiences in each of the ad group levels. Then we will truly have reached our entire intended audience. Click on the ad group and we click on audiences now and what we’ll see in here is view Jerry Banfield YouTube channel. Now what we want to do is delete this. We will remove that audience and we will put in a different audience so is that now we click plus audiences and I’m doing this in case you don’t have any remarketing audiences then you might want to be able to pick audiences yourself.

Then the key question becomes well how do I decide which audiences I should reach and you can do that you can go through and just browse through these things. You can search, for example, I can just type in business and they’ll show me a bunch of different business audiences. I can put life events, just started a business, business creation, starting a business, market for business services. I can just check all these different audiences and see how they perform. I can click on business professionals. I can just click on some of these, test out how the ads perform, see which ad categories people are watching a good percentage of the video on and then I can save these in the audience.

What I’m going to do is go back to some of my existing campaigns and see which ones are getting the best results. We’ll check the Tube Buddy tutorial. We’ll look at the new USA. We’ll look at the audiences I used in this campaign and we’ll see which one of this audience is doing the best. You can see in the image above, there are not a lot of views in any of these particular categories and you can see the impressions. I’ve got business services, business professionals and then I’ve got computers in the market for computers and peripherals. I can see what my average view is for each audience and then I can get an idea based on this which audience I might want to use. I can also go put the columns over here to something like views and this to me might be most helpful because I can see how much people are watching in each of these different categories to get an idea of which one of these categories people are having a genuine interest in the video.

The downside is I don’t have that much data yet from all these campaigns to be making that grade of decisions on the audiences. Thus, you just do your best to get some data, test out some different things and see what works, for example, I can go to the campaign I’ve spent the most on in terms of getting the most views. I can look at the audiences and I can see how much people have watched and I can also see by comparison the existing Jerry Banfield audience watching a lot longer. I can see that the business professionals were almost the only ones watching any of this video in here. Therefore, you just do your best on these.

You can target keywords also but when you put in keywords lots of times, they will hardly show on any videos for some reason. I usually use these bigger audiences because you always get the impressions and I’m going to go around and check on the business ones and then I’ll also search for education. Technology education, technology, education, business education, those are probably good ones. I’ve put seven different audiences. I’ve got life events in-market audiences and affinity audiences. Let’s see if there are any more affinity audiences. Affinity audiences mean people like a certain thing that you are promoting that means people have an affinity like, for example, I can go social media enthusiast and techno files. I give myself a real large audience on this one. So, I can test some different categories. Now what I do is I hit save on all these different audiences and I’m going to test all these different audiences over time to see which are best and when I find the best performers, then just put the best performers on new campaigns.

Since I’ve made this on one campaign, I don’t need to do the same thing on the other one. What I do is, I go over how to start building a new world. I go back over to the same YouTube ad campaign that’s global and I go into ad groups first then I click on audiences. Now I will remove I’ll remove this audience from the ad group. Make sure you do the audiences at the ad group level. Then I will go and paste all of these audiences that I had in from the other one. I’ve got all different audiences. I can change my bid over at the ad group level.

Now see I’ve completed making ads for this video. I’ve made 4 different ad campaigns for that one video. They’re split amongst new users and existing users and then they’re split among countries allowing me to focus my ad budget. Finally, I’ll show you how to speed this process up if you want to do this repeatedly. This is how I make the new campaigns. I don’t go through and do what I just showed you to make new campaigns. What I do is, I click on all the campaigns. I just created all 4 of these for the same video and here’s how I make as I go ctrl or command copy, command paste and what I do is I just copy their campaigns I’ve already made. Swap out the video, change the names on everything and then I’ve got another ad campaign a full group of 4 campaigns ready to go.

What we do next go over to the next video I want to do its name is “Start Podcasting Today”. Therefore, we go back and all these that have a number 2 on them, we will rename these. All we will do is delete the number off the end and start right before it says newer remarketing note. Select everything and put start podcasting today. Therefore we have 4 of these to rename total. This process is faster versus actually creating it the first way I showed you. Now all of them are renamed. All I need to do is, make one ad and copy that over the rest of these.

So, we will start with this. We will change the name in each of these ad groups also in every campaign, therefore, my first thing to do change all the names of these ad groups quick on each of the start podcasting today. I’m just clicking over on the Left menu changing the name on all of these by pasting. Now next thing I do I’m going into the actual ad and I will edit the ad note. It will give me a warning that I was removing it and that’s exactly what we want. We want the ad to be removed. Now I click on X to get rid of that video. I take the URL from the other video, paste that in.

Now, this new ad is ready to go. I need to also make a new headline. We’re going to copy the video title. This is probably the one I should have done for the ad. This is perfectly set up for a headline. It says Start Podcasting Today. That’s already perfectly set up. I’ll paste that in the ad name also now I just need a couple of lines of description. “Discover the best equipment and podcast hosting to start with today”.

There I’ve got everything set up. We hit save and continue. Here’s where the smooth part comes in, we hit copy on this. We’ll go back over to all the other ad sets in the start podcasting today. We will remove each of these ads. Do not just pause them. They need to be removed so that you don’t get a conflict for having more than one add-in that for a different video on the same one. Now we go in here paste this one and I’m just pasting this add in the other for the other 3 campaigns. You’ll see, it pastes in there exactly as before. Go up to this other one, go down to the actual, add group click on this, edit, remove delete that one and wait for it to remove it completely then command or control V paste. It’ll put the new ad in then we do this one more time and you’ll see how fast I just made four different ad campaigns all for one new video.

This is critical to be able to repeat this process over and over again until your data analysis shows you that you’ve got a winner. That you’ve got a video that performs well to get new views, to get subscribers, to get likes, comments, and engagement. When you find a winner then you can run that video a lot longer than others. I’ve now got all of these new campaigns, all have an ad in them. I’ve now increased my budget from $60 a day to a $100 a day and I just let the views come in and we play survival of the fittest. I go through and pause the worst performers that are getting the lowest amount of views or the lowest quality of views in terms of watch time. The key metric I’m using to decide what is a quality ad and what’s not is, I’m looking at how long people are watching the video. That to me shows that the most genuine interest in the ad I want people watching the most of the video for the lowest cost and that is rather based on country.

Thus, if it’s in the USA of course, I’m going to pay more than global. However, I compare what I do for my data then as I compare these I can just search USA+ and then I can only look at the USA+ campaigns next to each other and compare all of the country campaigns specifically to each other to see which ones are people not hardly watching any of the videos on which ones are people watching a lot of the video on. Which ones are earning me views and how much is it costing. With this naming system, I can compare new versus remarketing. Thus, I can just look at remarketing to see if there are any general trends or I can just put in new and this is important if you want to be able to filter like this. Make sure you don’t use any of those same terms as your ad name. I can now filter just by new and I can even filter things like new USA+ if I want to and I can just compare new USA campaigns to other campaigns. I can compare just world remarketing campaigns to each other and I iterate this over and over again. Those that get the least amount of watch time and the lowest amount of earned views, I pause those and then just keep knocking those out over and over and therefore I keep getting to run the ads that my ads tend to get better and better over time along with being different over time.

We have covered this in a lot of depth for you because my intention is for you to be able to fully know how to advertise on YouTube. I’ve given you everything you need here to go from a total beginner to making ads as good as I do on YouTube. I appreciate you reading to the end of this post. You were among the very top audience members. I trust if you want to make sure not to miss any of my incredible videos, you’ll smash that subscribe button and you’ll turn those notifications on to help you see the videos. You can also check your subscription feed and you will all enjoy seeing my new videos. If you prefer to watch on Facebook, you can hit that follow button on Facebook and go over to see first and turn the notifications on and make sure you see the videos. For the very highest experience for getting up connected with me to get some one-on-one help and to enjoy group coaching calls, I trust you’ll go check out and join my Partner Program which you can get @ We held our full-time online entrepreneurs in this group. We help each other build amazing businesses online. I am sharing this exciting new strategy I’ve just found it with my partners. First, they will get to see this at least a week if not much more in advance compared to whenever this comes out on YouTube and you actually see it. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Thank you very much for making it to the end of the post. I am grateful for the chance to serve you today and I’ll see you again in another post soon.

Jerry Banfield