How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free!

I’ll show you exactly how I’ve been able to get my products on the CNN store, which enables CNN to sell my video courses and I’ve earned thousands of dollars from the CNN store selling my courses.

I’ll show you inside exactly how this works.

This is that I’m on right now and if you look, there’s apparel, accessories and online courses.

If you click on online courses, there are many course bundles here.

How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free

I’ve got courses and lots of these different bundles. As a matter of fact, you will find a complete Master of Online Business Building Bundle with Jerry Banfield in the store.

Thanks a lot for that, I really appreciate it. I’ll show you how you can replicate the exact same thing for yourself.

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I will show you how to get your product on here, it’s relatively straightforward.

All you need to do is go to StackCommerce actually, first you need to have some kind of product an online course, a physical product, or other digital product.

If you want to see how to film online courses make sure to check out this post: Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and Uthena Today! It’ll give you everything you need to start teaching online today all of the equipment etc.

Once you’ve got your video course filmed, go to StackCommerce and click on sell with us, I recommend you now publish your course on Udemy and skillshare before you do this with StackCommerce or have it up on your website or your own self hosting.

Publish it somewhere else first, make sure it meets their quality standards on another platform like Udemy then go to StackCommerce and click on sell with us.

Stackcommerce sell with us page

Scroll down here for their application, put the type of product online course, put your name, you can put what other sites you’ve worked with on your website, fill this form out and hit submit.

If for some reason they’re not getting back with you or you’re struggling to get a response or you don’t get approved, join my partner program, I’ve got a direct email for the person to contact and I can easily get you in the door that way.

Once you’ve got approved to be on StackCommerce, you’ll find a teachable interface where you can go in and upload your course. If you have a self-hosted solution on Teachable, you’ll be able to copy your course directly into StackCommerce. If you’ve already got lots of courses on Teachable, you can directly copy them into StackCommerce.

I recommend reading my post Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and Uthena Today! if you want tips on how to optimize your course, once you’ve got your courses on StackCommerce, StackCommerce handles the rest.

They will put all of these courses up on the CNN store and on all the other stores they have that are similar, not just on CNN, but on and all the other publishers they’re currently working with.


Here’s the basic way that it works.

StackCommerce has pre-written articles that they provide to publishers on their website. If you’re hoping to be a vendor, it’s good to understand how this works for publishers. Publishers today often struggle to monetize web traffic with things like ad blockers, which, as you can see, if you’re on the actual website, there’s a lot of ads and if you have an ad blocker that’s limiting a lot of the potential revenue CNN can earn.

How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free

One of the ways publishers are working to overcome this is with native stores.

Native stores allow publishers to have stores like CNN that’s hosted by StackCommerce.

StackCommerce handles everything with actually delivering and putting all the products into the store and then CNN literally just needs to drive the sale, and they get 80% of the sale, which is why I don’t recommend buying my Master of Online Business Building bundle there because I would get like $5 from that, I’d rather you go to and get it on there for $9,81 /month, or you can buy it for about the same price it’s listed on the store.

How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free

What you get on StackCommerce is access to all these publishers, who then will write their own version of these articles that StackCommerce gives them, and then these articles are published to readers on the website and what these articles do will go into these articles selling specific courses or specific products in the store.

This is generally how most of the sales are made, along with just having items from the store listed on other parts of the website, which then won’t be blocked with an ad blocker.

If you want to see how this process works with also check the link in the description. I’ve got a video for that.

I’ve given you exactly the ins and outs of this system. Now you just need to film your course, get your digital product ready, go to StackCommerce, Apply today. Get it up there and wait

How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free

One downside of the often takes months. For example, this Master of Online Business Building bundle with StackCommerce took a while to get this on there.

It took months of getting it set up and then to get it published and to have an article written about it and sell it is taking a long time. But when you’ve got your courses in a bunch of different bundles. In fact, I saw one of my partners in my Partner Program. I just saw their bundle on this page. They’re making thousands of dollars a month from having their courses listed on StackCommerce which is why I’ve told you about it today.

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How To Appear on the CNN Store for Free

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