How to Boost Your Money!!!

Are you ready to boost your money to make more money than you’ve ever made before, especially online? If so, you are in the right place and I’m excited to share this information with you.

The first key question when you want to boost your money to ask is… Who do you listen to?

If you listen to people that haven’t made that much money before, are not happy with the money they’ve made, then you’re going to get the same result.

I’ll show you my experience here —this is my experience to help you decide if I’m worth listening to— I’ve made one and a half million dollars in revenue online set from 2015 to 2018, the last four full years of my business, over $600,000 of that profit averaging over $150,000 a year profit.

That means more than $10,000, there’s a month profit on average for the last four plus years. For me, in my business, I’ve got millions of followers online, I’m a parent, I’ve been a parent this most all this time. I’ve been sober this whole time. I’ve been an entrepreneur online for years and the first several years in my business, I did it all wrong, I learned what not to do and what doesn’t work.

How to Boost Your Money

Therefore, if you want what I’ve got, then I’m your man to listen to if you want results like these, if you want some different kinds of results, I encourage you go listen to someone else.

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The first thing when you will want to boost your money is to make sure you’re listening to someone who actually has done what you want. I’m very happy with my money also, I’ve done some amazing things with my money, I’ve paid off the debt that I had, when I started my business.

I built all of this up without anyone investing in me, I built it up with a criminal justice degree from my home, I’ve done all this working at home, I’ve never hired an employee, I’ve had a lot of help online. And I’ve helped a lot of people online.

Therefore when you want to boost your money, it’s essential to start with who do you listen to

A lot of us that are online and who are free to talk about whatever we want. A lot of us get sucked into listening to people who don’t have what we want, or who don’t have something we can easily replicate a lot of the people, we see it talking about how to make money are doing it in ways that we wouldn’t want to do.

I’ve made my income online in ways I’m proud of, by teaching courses as the primary way I’ve made money online and by getting into crypto currencies.

I am proud of the ways that I’ve made money and that’s why I’m willing to share about it.

If you don’t know how someone’s made money or you don’t know how much they’ve made, then you do not want to listen to them. Because the information will slow you down and get you off on the wrong track and get you feeling like somehow you’re doing something wrong, when really the information is no good.

When you’re learning from people who haven’t made any money themselves, or who haven’t made an amount that you would be interested in making, or who don’t feel good or aren’t happy from the money they have made.

Or were only able to make the money that they made because someone gave them like a parent gave them a half million dollars to start their business online and then they tell you what will work for you when you’re not getting a half million dollars to start your business online.

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What they say won’t work for you, you what I say will work for you because I borrowed money on credit cards to build my business online. I did it all the hard way.

The key thing is, it’s all about starting with who you listen to.

Once you get to listening to the right people, and you will apply what you’ve listened to, then you will boost your money massively. But as long as you’re taking in garbage, you will put out garbage also. I’ve learned this the hard way. So many times.

I remember reading some help self help book that totally had something I didn’t want and I didn’t think about that ahead of time and I totally put out garbage in proximity to listening to that self help book.

I’m much more careful now about who I listened to to make sure I want what they have.

With money this is incredibly important because if you want to boost your money you want not just your money to be boosted. But why do you want money, you want money to have a great happy life to do good things with it, don’t you? It’s about your whole life, it’s about much more than just money.

The next thing once you know who to listen to. The next key thing is the following.

It’s very important to get this right, because these are kind of the basics that work for everything and once you get these right, then you can actually apply some of the skills and the tips successfully. But if you don’t have the basics, right, you won’t get any of this.

It won’t matter all the skills, you know, because you won’t be able to put them together.

The next thing after you are listening to the right people is how teachable are you? How willing to learn and change are you? Are you willing to give up what you’re doing right now, to do something better?

This is where most people fail the first two points, most people are not able to boost their money because not listening to people that are relevant to what you’re doing.

That you’re listening to people that you really want all of what they have not what it looks like a little bit of what they have all of what they have.

And then how teachable are you? How willing to learn and how willing to change are you?

You can do this on an index, if you want to? How teachable are you?

These two things kind of multiply. How willing to change are you from one to 10? Are you willing to give up what you’ve been doing to make money in order to make even more?

What I had to do to get the results I showing you here, I had to give up all the other things I was doing.

To boost my money, I needed to give up doing client serving.

How to Boost Your Money

I had hundreds of clients that I had got to help me make my business and get it started and I was helping them with online ads. And in order to get these kind of results, I needed to stop taking new clients. And that was scary because almost all the money I was making was on clients.

But I realized as long as I kept taking clients, I wasn’t going to get these results.

I wasn’t that good at serving the clients paying a few hundred dollars and expecting hours and hours of work. I wasn’t delivering good results.

I didn’t enjoy helping other people build their businesses.

What I do enjoy a whole lot is teaching. I love teaching. I love talking and speaking and that’s where I have my valuable skills. That’s where I have my passion.

Some people are really good at serving clients, I work with freelancers who are amazing at serving clients. And ironically, they seem to struggle to work on their own business.

I love working on my own business. I’m not so much for working on other people’s businesses. I love doing a phone call or consulting.

But if you ask me to get into your Google AdWords account, if you go over and hire me, and you want me to spend hours and hours and hours in your Google AdWords account, that might not work, I might be willing to do a little bit of it. But after that, I’d rather teach you how to do it yourself or how to find someone else that could do it.

I gave up the main way, I was making money in order to make much more money and I didn’t make much more At first, I had to clear my schedule. First I had to change First, take the leap of faith first, and do amazing work and help a lot of people first and then the results.

If you really want to boost your money, how teachable are you? If you just want to stay the way you are and make more money that won’t work.

That will not work for you at all, just by the fact that you’re here. You probably already know that. The question is, how teachable? Are you right this moment?

And this is a question I’m consistently asking myself when somebody says something I totally disagree with how teachable? Am I? Is this something I need to learn? Is this worth investigating further?

I know that I’m not teachable when I say I know. I know that. Because if I really did know that I know that there’s so much more to know, I don’t know.

When I work with people, I’m shocked at the consistency of lack of teacheability.

The lack of willingness to learn and do something new do something a different way. This frustrated me endlessly with clients, they would hire me because they wanted my experience.

But then they’d want me to do it in exact way and I would ask well, why did you hire me? I’m the Facebook ads expert, why are you telling me exactly how your ads ought to be done? I do this all the time, you hired me to help? Why are you telling me exactly how the ads be written exactly what picture to use in it, exactly how to do the URL, just do it yourself.

How to Boost Your Money

If you already know, then that you what you know will continue getting you the same results you’ve already got.

It’s when you see all I don’t know. I don’t even know how to reach the next level, I don’t know how to make more money. Maybe I’ll find out when you start realizing you don’t know what you don’t know, then that you can go learn what you need to but as long as you think you know, you won’t be able to boost your money significantly.

Getting these things kind of results has taken me looking at things and saying wow, I really don’t know that even after making all this money online. I still mostly don’t know.

I still mostly don’t know, there’s a whole lot for me to learn and I remain teachable today. I’m always learning and listening to something new.

Leaders are readers, if you want to boost your money, always be reading something or watching a video course, every single day, an hour or more every single day, seven days a week.

I’m consistently and constantly listening to something new that inspires me and I’m continuing to be more careful about who I listened to. Because I get whatever I’m listening to back.

When I’m teachable, and I listened to something it makes a big difference in my life. If I’m not teachable, then I am will take video courses and I’ll listen to books and I just won’t change.

The key is I’m willing to change. I’m willing to give up less effective ways of making money.

I remember talking to a Partner in my Partner Program a few years ago. He said, Jerry, I want to do what you do. I want these results. I want your results. I want to do what you do.

And I said well, what do you do? He said, —I work 40 hours a week and a job I don’t really like and I’ve got a family with two kids. And then I’m trying to do what you do on the side. I told him, —If you want to do what I do you need to start doing what I do.

You need to quit that job and start working the amount that I work on my business. How can you expect to do what I do when you don’t do what I do? If you want to do it I do you need to do what I do?

How can you expect to go to a job 40 hours a week to try and show up for your family, and then try and do what I’m doing also, that’s silly.

I devote my full attention to what I’m doing. I have no other job that distracts me. My full focus and energy is on what I do. I took the leap of faith, I quit my job before my business was profitable. I quit my job and lost 10s of thousands of dollars the first year, which I borrowed on credit cards and personal loans, so I could keep paying my bills, I got close to completely running out of any money I could borrow.

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At which point everything turned. I cleared my schedule so I could focus totally on boosting my money. And then I got the results.

The guy I talked to the partner he said, —Well, Jerry, if I quit my job, how am I going to feed my family? How am I going to make money.

When you do that, when you take that leap of faith, you will have the opportunity to make more than you’ve ever made before.

And that’s what I said to him when you quit, the opportunities will come to you. But as long as you’re consuming in a job you don’t like you will not advance at all trying to do what I do as the side project, you’ll go nowhere and you’ll stay stuck in your job indefinitely.

And your life will pass you by. Maybe when you’re 50 years old, instead of 30. You’ll take the leap of faith that you could have taken at 30 that I took at 27.

You want to boost your money? How teachable are you? How much you willing to give up to boost your money? Are you willing to give up watching pointless TV for more than maybe an hour a day? Are you willing to give up playing video games as I’ve done? Are you willing to give up drinking as I’ve done? Are you willing to give up doing anything that you do that wastes your money on pointless consumption and expenses?

How much are you willing to give up to boost your money?

When you want these kind of results, you will need to be willing to give up a lot. As you can see the sobriety, I gave up drinking before I got any of these results.

That was essential because as long as I drank, I could never keep any of my money and put it back into investing myself in a successful way.

If you want to boost your money, you’ve got to stop the bleeding on areas of life like drinking, where you just waste money. And that might mean you need to do something like I do and go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day to stay sober.

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Because if you liked drinking as much as I did, staying sober was really difficult because it’s hard to not do something you think you love to do.

I literally gave up my whole idea of who I was in order to boost my money and my life and my job and my health.

When you’re teachable, you can take in the information and make the changes. In order to do that, when you choose the right people to listen to.

The third thing that’s essential when you’ve got down, you’re fully teachable, you’re listening to the right people. The third thing to make sure is is what’s called buy some The Training Balance Scale.

Where do you focus your energy on learning and growth and training yourself.

Specifically, the balance between your thinking about how you’re going to do things and your dreams and then thinking about kind of the execution of the details.

This is where a lot of us also struggle. This is why a lot of us won’t give up something like a job because we don’t see how it will work out.

The trick if you really want to boost your money and get these results, you may need to totally clear what you’re doing in order to see what you could do better.

It’s similar to a radar screen, and everything that’s in the universe, almost all of it is off each of our individual radar screens.

As long as we’ve got our radar screens, completely clogged up and focused on what we’re doing, and this is who I am, and this is my job and this is how I do things and this is how much money I make. Then we aren’t available to let whatever we’ve got on our radar screen pass and see what new could come into it.

It’s like a shopping bag. If you’re already got your shopping bag, mostly full with a watermelon, it’s hard to put anything else in there.


And if you want to boost your money, you might need to dump out the watermelon, which might be a job you don’t like, or a career you don’t like and this is what I did. I dumped out my all my existing income opportunities, I just dumped them out.

I said I’m going to make myself available for the very best of what’s possible. And they came.

And it came because I was listening to the right people and I was teachable. The trick is to focus almost completely on thinking.

Most of us on our training balance scale, we’ve been taught to focus some on our thinking and some about equally on how we’re going to do things. Most of us get sucked almost completely into thinking about how we’re going to do things.

Well Jerry, I want you to tell me to boost your money, I want you to tell me how, I want you to point websites. I can go to to make money on, these are websites you can make 10s of thousands of dollars on,, StackCommerce. com.

These are websites I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars on. I can give you websites all day.

When you have your thinking in a way that’s unlimited. It won’t matter how many websites I give you, when you’re taking all your time working full time job you don’t like it won’t matter how many websites I give you, you still won’t boost your money, you still won’t do better.

When you keep thinking how much you hate your life and it’s not good enough, it won’t matter how many websites or tips I give you.

When all you focus on is What website do I go to? And what tricks do I apply on this website to make money? It won’t matter how many of those you get, you still won’t do well, because your thinking is not in the ideal state.

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Your thinking is where it all happens. Before I made these results. I imagined them I imagined making a lot of money. I imagined having outstanding data to show you, I imagined how sweet it be to say Look what I’ve done and here’s how you can do it.

I imagine this over and over and over again and I thought how amazing my life would be when I didn’t have to wake up to an alarm anymore, when I could show up and tell you the best of what I’ve learned and help you to replicate this for yourself if that’s what you want.

I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and I got excited and happy. And yes, I’ve had days where I’ve made 10s of thousands or or so. In one day, I’ve had months where I’ve made 90,000 in a month. I’ve had months in this time where I’ve lost money.

I have so much fun doing this, I think about it so much and I focus on the feeling. I focus on the feeling of how amazing it is to tell you about this.

When that 10 or 15 years ago, I didn’t think this was possible. For me, I had the smallest amount of an idea in my head that maybe someone can make money online. But it probably wasn’t me.

I signed up for a couple of scams. When I started out in college trying to make money online, I gave up I said, this is BS, I can’t make money online.

And when I changed my thinking, and I started reading books every day, and I started hearing other people’s experience, I started to believe and I said I can do something like this.

I can do something like this and when I started to believe and I started to get excited about it, I did it.

And I did it with the thinking the thinking is absolutely essential and especially thinking of abundance and love and joy and excitement not with what things might be but how they are today, that you’ve got a world of opportunity at your hands.

That scarcity is just an idea and an abundant infinite universe. It’s not the truth that you can boost your money to level today, you might be pointing this out in your own slides within a few years from now, even if you’ve never made $1 online.

I was in a PhD program for criminal justice when I started my business, I’ve done hundreds if not thousands of things wrong in my business.

I swear I’ve screwed up almost every way possible and I got no money from anyone except credit card companies and banks giving me personal loans.

I very much did it the hard way I hustled I struggled, I made mistakes. I’ve had massive disruptions to my business, things that I thought of beforehand, and then they came true. If you want to boost your money, it’s essential to focus on how you think and to get into every single thought you have and to get help with your thinking.

When you change your thinking your money will almost seemingly effortlessly boost itself.

When you see how I am some people get offended, because the mediocre minds tend to be put off by someone reaching their full potential. Why? Because everyone has this same full potential.

When someone who’s forgotten or resigned themselves to not ever reaching their full potential sees someone else doing it, it’s offensive.

Wow, if Jerry can go make his dreams come true and make millions of dollars and consistently earn 10 plus thousand a month if Jerry can do that, what does that mean about me?

What does that mean about me? I’ve got a secret to tell you. If you don’t already know it, if you’ve seen Harry Potter, or some magic movie with wizards and magic, you are a wizard or a witch, you can do magic.

You’re not a muggle. You are a wizard.

You can materialize things as if from magic but you’ve got to be able to think it first. If you don’t think it and believe your own thinking first, anything you do will not satisfy you and it will simply end up back where you started.

Therefore, the key is to focus primarily on thinking if you want to boost your money, every single way you think is essential. Every single way you think is essential.

To put all this together, it’s important to get all of these ideas down in anything relevant to what you’re doing at a level of unconscious competence, like speaking is for me, I’m unconsciously competent at speaking, I can speak automatically. And I’m grateful for this.

I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced and I’ve watched people and I’ve observed people, and I practice and practice. And now I can talk in a way that draws people in without thinking about it. It’s automatic, I don’t need a script, I don’t need to plan a video, I just talk and it comes out. And yes, not every single person on earth is ready to hear this message.

The message goes through to you that are ready to hear it and it really resonates home, I will go through the scale for you that I’m talking about here.

There are four basic levels of mastery with what you might say is skills.

There’s unconscious incompetence, you don’t even realize how bad you are, you don’t know what you don’t know, when it comes to making money. A lot of us are at an unconscious incompetence level, we don’t even know how much we don’t know about making money.

You can apply this to other skills. For example, when I started making music, I was at unconscious incompetence, I didn’t even realize how much I didn’t know.

Then the next step from there is conscious incompetence, where you look around and see —Oh, I’m not very good at the semi, you can consciously see that I’m not doing this very well.

But I’m learning. For example, my son is learning to walk at a year old, he’s consciously incompetent at walking, he can see what he wants to do with other people walking. And he can see that he’s not very good at it. He’s just about to get to the level of conscious competence, that he can consciously focus on purpose on walking and do it pretty well.

But he’s got to think about it and put his full attention into it.

The same process, for example, something like driving, when you first start driving, you don’t even realize how bad you are at driving, you don’t even know what you don’t know. Then you start driving in a bit more you realize, wow, I’m not very good at merging and I am rough at changing lanes and it’s easy to get lost, you realize how incompetent you are driving.

Then you get to conscious competence, you start to —Oh, okay, I can drive, I can change lanes, I can merge.

The final level is unconscious competence, you can drive automatically, or for those that have played a lot more music than me, you can play music automatically.

For me, I can speak and walk automatically. I can walk and talk without thinking about it, I’m unconsciously competent at it.

If you want to boost your money, you want to reach the level of unconscious competence with money, where you just automatically have your thoughts and your thinking aligned with making money and aware of what you do automatically brings you in more money, where you don’t even have to think about it.

For me, honestly, I would say I’m at somewhere in the conscious competence that I can consciously focus on and do really well with making money. And yet I can see there’s room for improvement for me. There’s more to learn, I’m teachable.

There’s more for me to learn to be at the unconscious competence level where I just automatically boost my money all the time, right now, I’m still consistently thinking about it, I’m still at the level of mastery of conscious competence.

I’m pretty good with making money and it takes my attention and my focus. With my attention. My focus, I don’t actually think that much about the details. For example, I’m doing a Jerry Banfield show Live now and I don’t spend that much time thinking about, well, how much money am I going to charge? All the details tend to come into place pretty easily.

I focused on what’s the audience going to experience? How am I going to feel while I’m doing this? How much fun are we all going to have together? What difference is this going to make with the world?

When you want to boost your money, and you get all of this down, then when you get into the right area for you, things will go better than you ever could have imagined

What I see a lot of people doing is trying to tell you what area you need to go into or tell you what software you need and that’s why I’m not telling you that because I don’t know you.

I don’t know exactly what your skills are, the key to boost your monies, you need to be able to put your skills together in a magical way.

What’s worked for me is to put them together in the way you’re seeing here to teach to make videos online. And then I can do things like I have services, coaching calls, I make video courses, I make tons of videos online and earn ad revenue.

I put everything every different skill I have together in a magical way that no one else does exactly and that’s the real key to boost your money.

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You won’t get to that level of putting all your skills together in a magical way. If you’re not listening to the right people, if you’re not teachable, if you’re focusing completely on how to do things instead of why they’re worth doing.

And if you’re not at a at least a conscious competence level with what you’re doing, you will know that you’re not there.

When you keep buying software and services and they don’t work for you when you keep doing affiliate programs, and you don’t make any money with them. These are all okay.

What you’ll see is when you focus on these things, and you line your thinking up, you listen to the right people, and you’re teachable and you’re constantly learning and growing. All the sudden you will put together your skills and your talents in such a unique way that people will demand to give you money and almost anything you do will work to make money.

I’m shocked at how much and at the same time I take it for granted at almost anything I set up someone is kind enough to help me make money off of it.

Even when lots of times the ideas are not well thought out and poor and they may not make a lot of money but someone consistently helps me out, and when I really put something together well is the results are just ridiculous.

And I say ridiculous because I know what it’s like to start with zero dollars and try and make money online.

I see lots of the comments on my channel and I understand the frustration. I get it when you see other people who are boosting their money and talking about it openly and doing really well. And then you look at yourself and well why am I not? Why am I not? What are they doing that I’m not doing?

Just keep watching my videos, if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, turn those notifications on watch every single video I put out.

Hit that subscribe button, watch the best of my videos, watch them several times. Go on Facebook, you can see first after you follow, turn the notifications or use the link to go over to YouTube.

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Watch my videos and you will get what I’ve got come to my live show when I make it and St Petersburg, Florida, you stick with me, you will get what I’ve got.

What I have is a life that I couldn’t even imagine 10 years ago, I could not even comprehend the life I have today, where I’ve done what I’ve wanted to and made more money. I was a police officer who used to go out to dinner, and not tip or leave really low tips because…

I thought well, I’m risking my life this waitress bringing me food, she didn’t deserve any more money, and she’s getting everybody else and giving her enough tips.

I went from a police officer risking my life, a corrections officer putting my life in danger for $20,000 a year to this.

This is possible. Using what I’ve just told you here, no matter where you’re at in the world. The key if you want to really boost your money, stop making excuses.

I don’t care whether you’re in the USA or the UK or Bangladesh or India, wherever you are, you have unique opportunities. It can be easy if you’re in India or Bangladesh will say yes, you’re you’re a white man in the United States. Of course, this is easy for you.

There’s a big difference to every situation that’s neither good nor bad. In my situation, I need about $10,000 a month to make my life work. How much do you need in Bangladesh, or India, I bet you can do really well in India or Bangladesh with 500 or 1000 a month online.

From my point of view that looks really easy to manifest $500 or $1,000 a month. It tastes seems to take total focus and attention to make $10.000 a month. There’s advantages wherever you are.

I’ll share a story that will give you an example of this after World War Two, there were so many ships that were made to fight the war. All of a sudden, when the war’s over all these warships aren’t needed anymore.

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And there was one man who saw the opportunity in this war, almost everyone else that had ships couldn’t figure out what to do with them. Because nobody else would take a ship taking a ship on meant the maintenance and it meant paying money to take a ship on even if someone gave it to you it was an expense.

One man looked around and saw all these ships that no one wanted and realized. There’s about to be a huge demand for ships, once shipping and international trade goes back to where it was before the war started. People are going to need ships for trade.

And he grabbed up as many of these ships as he could that at the time. A fact was that nobody wanted ships that ship for worthless that ships were just a liability. That was a fact, at the time.

Except to this one man, I forgot his name. He looked around and he saw the ships and he got as many of them as he could. People were just giving him the ships. Because it was cheaper in the short term to give the ship away than it was to try and keep it, and dock it and maintain it.

how to boost your money

That man became the richest man in the world off of something that no one else or hardly anyone else realize the value of or thought they wanted.

How about you. wherever you’re at today, I guarantee there is something around you that most people think is worthless, that has a lot of value to it.

There’s something in your area, whether it’s local or that you can do on observe online, there’s something most people thinks worthless today, for you personally, when you’re thinking in the right place, when you’re listening to the right people, when you’re teachable, when you are working on your competence, up to conscious competence and conscious or unconscious competence.

When you’re working on those, you will spot the right opportunity for you and you will see Oh, people will just give me this for free and I can make this into something I can sell.

Yes, I’ll go take all of these things you will give me for free and make them into something I can sell.

There’s all these people willing to work really cheap around me here, come come do this work and together, we will make something that’s really valuable.

That’s what I see, I see a world full of people that most people with money don’t see as valuable and I see a way to bring those people together to bring all of us together and to make a place where we can just work.

That is a billion plus dollar idea that I’m working on. What are you working on.

If you want to boost your money, you’re in the right place.

I appreciate you reading this post. I’m grateful for the chance to share this with you I hope it’s been really helpful and I trust you will keep coming back when you want to see more of these.

If you’d like some personal help, you can hire per hour or you can come to have a one-on-one call with me or do coaching or collaboration or a limited amount of services in my Partner Program and I will help you out personally because I love working and helping directly and one on one that’s fun for me. It helps me learn what I need to teach.

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I appreciate you getting all the way the end of this and I’ll see you in the next video or blog post version of this.

Jerry Banfield

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