Feeling Down? How To Change Your Mood Around

Sometimes the best thing you can do to get in a better mood is to notice your mood is not in a good place. The first step if you want to fix being in a bad mood is to notice where your mood is. Then there’s hope and you can start there. The first key thing is to notice the mood.

For example, I noticed a little while ago my mood was total crap. It was in the dumps, it was down low being just annoyed. Things start to get better when you look at your attitude and notice where is your attitude right now. You can’t do this if you’re blaming it on the outside world, if you’re criticizing other people. If you notice you’re doing that you can use that to start looking in.  As long as you’re not looking outward, you’re not looking inward.

For me, if I’m starting to look at what everyone else is doing wrong, I’m not looking at what I’m doing wrong. That’s the attraction of looking at what’s wrong with the outside world instead of looking at what’s wrong with your attitude towards the world. The world is just fine how it is. The only thing that can be off is my attitude, my outlook on the world. The first step for me is to notice when my outlook on the world has gotten screwed up. Once I see that, then there’s things I can do.

As long as I’m focused outside, there’s nothing I can do. If you don’t notice you’re in a bad mood, you can’t change it.  Looking at your mood, you can see you’re anxious, annoyed, depressed, but it doesn’t have to change right now.

My mood doesn’t have to change right now. I know it will be different in the future. In fact, I don’t have to do anything it will change on its own. It’s like the weather. Depending on where you live now the weather may be different. I know sometimes it’s cloudy and sometimes it storms, sometimes it’s a hurricane, but most of the time it’s sunny, at least in Florida it is. most of the time things are good so when it’s cloudy I don’t have to make a scheme to evaporate all the clouds. I don’t need to make a scheme to go into outer space where it’s sunny again. I can sit where I’m at and that’s what I’m doing. I know my mood will change. I don’t have to do anything to change it, I know my mood will change.

One thing that works for me is once I see that my attitude is not good is to accept the resistance. If I stop fighting being in a bad mood, I can try to understand why I’m in a bad mood. For example, I was talking to my mom and trying to handle something on Amazon customer report and by the end of the call I had to stop. My mood was going so far down all I could do was talk to my mom because multitasking often puts me in a bad mood. Focusing on one thing will often put me in a good mood. Just doing this video, I feel my mood has improved a little bit because I’m here, I’m not doing anything else, I’m just doing this.

Focusing on one thing often will allow you to move through your mood. If that’s not enough, praying about it will help. Regardless of what higher power you believe in or  what your religion is, prayer is a good affirmation. If you pray that you’ll be in a better mood or confess that you are in a bad mood you can start to fix it. If you pray that you’re willing to work to be in a better mood, often you’ll find there are practical things you can do to be in a better mood. Often there’s a phrase hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT) and when you pray you’ll be inspired to go eat. Stop doing 60 different things and go eat. If you’re thirsty, stop trying to do all these things that will put you in a bad mood and do something that’s good for you. Have some water or tea to drink. Have some coffee or soda. Do something to take care of yourself. If you notice you’re angry, do something to not be angry anymore. I’m willing to not be angry anymore. If you’re angry, it can be hard to be angry if you’re in a different position so try laying down or sitting up.

Sometimes the anger will dissipate on its own. You could be lonely. Often loneliness is somewhere you’ve put yourself. You can find a group of people where you won’t be lonely. I have a support group I go to every day and it helps a lot with loneliness. I know I can go there and share my problems. Hungry and tired are two of the number one things that will put you in a bad mood. I notice if I’m up longer than 16 hours, the reason I’m in a bad mood is being tired. there’s nothing else needed and the automatic response is going to bed. Most of the worst moods I’ve been in has often been late at night or during the day when I was hungry. That accounts for 90% of the bad moods that I’ve been in that have not counted to making myself sick with alcohol. almost all the bad moods I’ve had have been tired and hungry.

If you’re in a bad mood check those things. Try getting something to eat or try taking a nap. My friends and I would stay up late and pray games. We would get nasty with each other and mad. What was the reason? We were all tired. We were up past our bed time and we were all tired and cranky.

Today I pray to be always willing to look at my mood, especially right now. When I look at my mood, then I have the real chance to let it change into another mood. If I’m not willing to look at it, then it will stay the same. It sometimes will change on its own, but when I look at it, it will change faster.

I pray that when I see that I’m in a mood that I’m willing to do healthy positive things to take care of myself with the understanding that often my mood is caused by neglecting myself or trying to do too much. Trying to do too much is a cause of my negative mood I had this morning. Doing too much is usually a consistent cause for my bad moods. I pray that you have a chance to look at your mood and to look at simple things you can do that are healthy to pick yourself up a little bit. Food, sleep water, relaxing for a little bit and doing less, not doing more. I’m thankful I’ve learned all these things because it’s painful to go around not be aware of what you’re doing. It’s painful to hurt, and not know how to feel better and try and do all these things to feel better that don’t help. This is what works for me to day and that’s why I share this with you. Thank you for reading this. I hope this is useful for you.