Understanding – How To Deal With Criticism Positively

What’s the best thing to do when people are mad at you and criticizing you? I realize that it is the universe trying to provide me with some helpful information. At the same time, I realize that it’s nothing personal. If someone’s frustrated with me, it’s a reflection that they’re frustrated with themselves. They are just expressing that frustration externally.

For example, with me, I’m one of those so far. I’ve got pretty good farm, the other guys have about the same farm as me. I have a couple of teammates that are getting upset. They’re saying things that would’ve set me off in the past. Today, they’re no big deal because everyone is free to say what they have to say and express what they want to express. It’s nothing personal. It’s nothing about me in particular. If they’re expressing their frustration with me that’s okay. I don’t have to fight it. I don’t have to believe it, either.

Often with I make a right move in life, I also make a wrong one. I made a good move earlier. I came in and killed a guy down bottom. One guy says “who killed this guy?” He didn’t even see the good move I made, yet, then they actually get mad whenever there’s a bad move. It helps to realize that it’s nothing personal. An attack is something I perceive. It’s not real. I think this person criticized me, I’m a crappy League of Legends player, I didn’t do something right. That’s me making it personal. That’s not how it actually is. It actually is impersonal and this is evident with things like driving which I used to take personally.

How dare you cut over in front of me? I don’t deserve that! I’ll show you. Yet, they don’t know me. They don’t know anything about me. They don’t know me enough to insult me. I’m playing League of Legends with people online and none of them know me well enough to insult me. How is it possible that whatever they could be saying could be some great personal attack on me?

It’s not. Yet, we’re programmed to take things personally. That makes things hurt. When I see that someone’s hurt and frustrated and it has nothing to do with me, I don’t have to feel bad either. When they say I’m a crappy League of Legends player, there’s nothing to feel bad about. It doesn’t matter because there’s no big deal out of it then.

It’s not some horrible thing on my existence. It’s not a horrible thing that’s happened where I’m the victim and someone else is the perpetrator. It’s a simple thing in life of hurt people sharing hurt feelings. Hurt people say hurt things. Sick people say sick things. If I’m well, what it means is that I love and respect the position other people are in.

I love and respect that someone else who’s frustrated and criticized about others is likely to criticize others in return. Our jungler is criticizing my move. That’s not surprising because he’s been getting his moves criticized. All I can do is not fight back. What I don’t have to do is add to it and fight back. That’s what I can be free of. I can have the opportunity to not be stuck in the same state of mind. That’s the trick with things. If you fight back with criticism and attack, you get more of it.

If I were to criticize our team or do any of that I would get more of it. Here’s the question, don’t I already have enough? Aren’t I already getting enough criticism absent of me trying to criticize? You’ll notice most people in life who are frustrated with anything are doing the things that they’re frustrated about. If they’re saying they’re frustrated with something, they’re also doing the same thing. If our jungle here just came in and he’s been criticizing me and he just gave them the kill right there.

He’s been criticizing my play and then he comes in and gives them the kill. He does the exact thing that he’s been complaining about. You’ll notice I’m fine with what everyone else is doing because I know it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose.

If I will the game, what do I win? A few ladder points? A boost in my ranking? A chance to play harder people next time? It doesn’t matter.

I’m in a position where it’s easy to not criticize because I see there’s nothing I can get out of this game. There’s nothing I can lose out of this game either. I’m here to enjoy life and show off my new lux skin I just bought. I think it’s great to have the opportunity to do a little bit better today and not make the same mistakes. I feel great to have the chance to do a little bit better.

I feel obligated to share what I’ve learned about doing a little bit better. To me, that means when people criticize me I don’t criticize them back. That means that when someone attacks me, I don’t attack them back. That’s what the phrase “turn the other cheek” means. When someone slaps you, you turn the other cheek. It doesn’t mean you have to let them beat you, it means that you cannot fight back. It doesn’t mean you walk in for more punishment. You can certainly walk away. It means especially when it’s things online, you don’t have to fight back. Fighting back makes things worse. I’m at peace right now even though my lane opponent is playing better than me. I’m not playing perfectly, but I’m not dragging the team down. I’m okay with that.

The only thing you can like about my videos, this is probably not a video every person watches. I’m grateful that millions of people have watched my videos. This is not one of the top videos that people have watched a ton. This is a video that only the more hardcore people are likely to have watched.

The only thing you are likely to have liked about my videos is how I feel about myself. I love myself and I love life. Life can be frustrating when you run into other people who feel the way you do about yourself and you don’t like yourself. When you don’t like how you feel, life often will surround you with lots of other people who don’t like how they feel either.

You have the chance to like who you are. You have the chance to be comfortable with who you are today. I say this because I’m the main one that needs to hear it. If I don’t continue practicing and saying these things then I forget it. Before I know what happens, I’m the one criticizing, judging my teammates and fighting.

Today, a part of the process of doing better is repeating it and being aware of my improvements. Then I must make sure I don’t stop doing it because it’s easy to stop doing things. You don’t even realize that you were doing something right. Then you stop doing it and how do you know that you’re doing it right if you’re not conscious of it.

Today, I pray when I’m attacked that I’m willing to not attack back. I pray to remember that any situation I’m being attacked in is nothing personal. It’s nothing against me or my character , it’s a reflection of what situation I put myself in. I started playing this game, no one forced me to play this game. The only things I can get mad about was that I played this game to start with. I’m grateful I have the chance to play this game. I pray that you have the same opportunity I did to live a life free from common frustrations that most people experience on a day-to-day basis. Thank you for watching this. Have a great day!