How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

How can you get your comments pinned, in other words made the first comment on videos on YouTube?

The general strategy is, if you want to get your comments pinned, to make a comment that’s extremely helpful to the content creator.

If you’re wondering what the pinned comment is and why would you want to get your comment pin, get a comment pin, put your comment up first, above all the other comments indefinitely on the video.

Making a pinned comment is a great way to have whatever you’ve got to say first in the discussion.

What I’ll do here is show you how you can get comments pinned specifically on my channel and I’ll give a shoutout to a Lil PumpVEVO for requesting this specifically, because he said here: “I have the first comment and the first like and I got here before the video is even one minute old. I deserve to have my comment pin”

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

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I’ll show you exactly how to get a pin comment on any of my new and recent videos. The key to considering what I want out of a pin comment is the following: I want people that are viewing the first comment to come over and know that the blog post version of the video is available on my website.

That’s an essential message. I want to get out of the comments on all my videos.

Because I pay a team of transcribers and editors to take every one of these the magical words that I say in all of my videos, and put them on my website.

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

What I want viewers to know and readers is to see “Oh, you can read this or look at it as a blog post” if you prefer instead of a video and I want that symbiotic relationship from viewers on YouTube coming to my website and, from users on my website coming over to YouTube.

I’ll show you how you can get a pinned comment right now.

The key is to go to my website at, then find a post that matches a video.

For example, this new video I did and you only want to go back a maximum of about a month from September, so maybe back to August or July videos, but if you go back any farther than that the blog posts aren’t consistent. However, you can go back to being older than that if you want to.

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

What you’ve got here is a new video —0 to 22K YouTube Subscribers and $0 to Earning $100K Online with Essetino Artists— and then a blog post that is from that exact video.

The blog post here is the complete transcript of the interview, complete with gratuitous amounts of screenshots of us from the interview, it includes the questions and answers and includes the links that we gave, you’ve got everything basically in the blog post.

So what I do is to take the link from the blog post, I put it in my comment, and then what we do now is to say “You can read this s as a blog post at…” and now we hit comment. I hit the comment, I put that up there and then I went over and clicked on the pin this comment and I hit the pin.

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

Now this will be automatically put up at the top of all the comments and therefore I was just doing this on my own but it seems kind of unnecessary.

When you are at the top of the comments, that’s a good opportunity to get people to go over to your channel that clicks on it and gets to know you.

I’ve seen consistent connections among viewers noticing each other in the comments and going over to each other’s channels, even having discussions saying I subscribed to your channel, etc.

Thus, having the comments pinned on a regular basis is a great way to get recognized. I figured instead of just doing this myself, why not make it open to you and you can get creative with what you say on here.

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

You don’t have to say that “this is just available as a blog post”. The main point is to encourage people or let people know that there is a version of the video that’s available in written format.

Now you might need to wait a few days for the videos because there’s a little bit of a time lag naturally between when my transcribers and editors get the videos versus when they’re published on the website.

What we can see here is it’s about a week or so lag right now from where this post was published on September 12 and the video went live on September 6, therefore, you can just look at the post on my website and do it that way.

For example, you can click on this one — How to Start Your Project on Kickstarter? — and you can see is there a pin comment on this video already, you can go watch it on YouTube and then you can go look down at the comments down here.

How to Earn a Comment Pinned on YouTube as a Viewer

This is also very easy to do, as you can see, and it only takes a very short amount of time to grab the link, go put it over in a video. And then in this way, it’s open to everybody.

I encourage you if somebody’s already got a pin comment, don’t use your time on that video, this has not been done on most of the posts so you have a lot of chance for getting your comment pinned.

So if you’re the first to do this, you can get pin comments on at least probably 50, if not 100 videos at this point and if you see that almost all of the videos are done, then you can try and get a new strategy of just watching the newest posts that come out. You can go for that specific video.

Some of the posts go to multiple videos or the same video as well. For example, if I do a long live stream, the transcribers are splitting that into multiple posts to focus the post specifically on that question.

Thank you very much again to Lil Pump VEVO over here for asking how to go about this and helping me get a system that’s fair for anyone to participate in and to guarantee you a pinned comment, if you are the first to put up a link with a blog post.

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