How to Find Angel and Alternative Investors Near Saint Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota Florida?

How do we find angel investors near Saint Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota Florida area for a startup or online tech company?

I’m Jerry Banfield. As a full-time Youtuber and founder of Uthena, I am interested in these answers myself. I am not aware of where there’s a startup scene or where I could go hang out or who I should get to network with. I trust you will help me if you have any suggestions. I’d love to see your comments on the video. You can go directly on my website at where you can apply for a one-on-one call. You can also submit my email form which goes to Michelle Gerrard or you can even send me something in the mail. I’m wondering with Uthena, how do I find an investor?

Uthena it is a functional platform that I’ve just launched this year. It’s the first place where you can build a complete business in one place like Video Courses, Course Bundles, Services, things like offering Private Label Rights to your courses in the same place you sell them and Memberships. However, this is just a prototype. I have an idea that has the potential to be the most valuable company in the world because right now there’s nowhere online where it’s easy to make and spend money in the same place. There are a lot of websites like Amazon that do great for spending money and there are a lot of websites where you can try and make some money like Upwork or Fiverr but where is one website where you can both make money and spend money in the same place? And maybe even to break it down a little more, where’s one website where anyone in the world can just hop on and have a good chance at actually earning a decent income and then be able to not even have to withdraw that income but to be able to spend that back on the same site so that unbanked people, who don’t have credit cards or PayPal accounts globally, could just hop on work and then pay someone down the street with what they’ve earned directly on the website to do something like buy groceries?

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There’s no website like this. There’s massive potential for it I see how to do it. I’ve got a plan and I understand as an investor myself who has invested a lot in my own business and invested in other people’s businesses especially in cryptocurrencies. I understand when you’ve got money, it can be hard to find somewhere where you’re going to get a good return with it or that has a huge potential return and I’ve prepared something like this. I’ll show you the material I’ve prepared for investors.

My plan is to just have investors invest in my existing company which has been around for about 8 years. As an investor myself, I find that a lot more attractive than buying into some brand new business. I have my company as a single-member LLC and I’m changing it into Uthena Inc which will be prepared for investors to sell stock in the company and eventually an initial public offering. These are the basics of my business so far. It has,

  • 15+ million YouTube views.
  • Hundreds of thousands of subscribers on YouTube
  • About 4 to 5 million reach a month for free.
  • A Dropbox folder with a 150+ courses that have made millions in sales on many different platforms.
  • A membership group
  • My Partner Program

If you want to talk to me each week or each month, I think you’ll love joining the Partner Program. I’ve got a lot of smaller assets in my business. I’ve decided to put my entire existing business into Uthena Inc because if you’re investing then there are a lot of ways to win. If for some reason Uthena doesn’t go well, you’ve got my whole business. I’ll show you the financials on it in the image below.

I founded my company in 2011 and I started it just by myself as a single-member LLC. It  is a disregarded entity. It took me 2 years to make profits starting in 2013 and 2014 and then every year for 4 years has been profitable. I made $70,000 in 2015. I’m grateful for over a quarter million in 2016 then hundreds of thousands each of the other years after that. Thus, I’m wondering where I find an investor who appreciates this unique opportunity which I think looks amazing and this is why I’ve invested everything I can get my hands on into building a company myself.

If you know an investor, I have 2 pages that show exactly the company’s history and the company’s future. I’ve got my founder story on here as well on this page then I’ve got a business plan which we’re making some final edits to it but basically I’ve already explained to you the business plan and the executive summary here.

The current business model is, we take a percentage of transactions on Uthena. However, the new Uthena core features are as follows. The reason I’m looking for investor money is to hire a development team to build out what in my mind is the real Uthena platform. We have something that’s functional right now that’s making thousands of dollars a month in sales and that is just within the 5 months of launch. Thanks to all your help and the people beside you. However, it’s not the platform I envision. It’s a functional Minimum Viable Product. The platform I envision does these key three things.

  • Allows any user for free to create a profile that can message, join groups, and earn money on referrals.
  • Empowers profiles to publish content and set the pricing on everything created as free or paid. Uthena then earns a percentage of the sales and offers things like profile upgrades and sponsored content which is a ton of earning potential.
  • Every profile can set itself to be available for hiring and make offers to hire other profiles.

I’ve kept this extremely simple so that these are concrete objectives a development team can aim for. This key functionality here has massive potential because as you can see how these elements interact when people can publish videos for free, publish videos that are paid on the exact same platform and then offer themselves for a higher message. This is all we really need to lay an extremely valuable foundation.

Here are the key marketing and development plan key steps. The investor money is to,

  • Hire a development team.

This is something that has a lot of initial expense, ongoing expenses and until I’m earning hundreds of thousands more in profit a year, this is not something I’m ready to commit to just myself. Because the development team single-handedly could cost a quarter of a million dollars a year. And that’s if done on the lowest cost model with hiring developers straight on Upwork at a low hourly cost in Eastern Europe or Africa or Asia. This is how I’ve built my business very well so far by hiring globally at a lower hourly cost with people who are available to work and do a great job. Thus, the development team is a big investment of capital which opens up the opportunity for me to ask for help.

  • Test core features of new Uthena.

Once we’ve got the development team building and finishing the core features I just listed on Uthena, we are ready to go. I am very good at promoting things. All we need is that core platform built and we can do everything else from here.

Once the core platforms build it will be easy to advertise on Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

  • Fuel the passion of our early adopters.

We can raise an additional round of funding to do influencer marketing with many of the users we’ve already got on the platform.

  • Begin labeling the power users.

To maintain our connections as the platform grows, this is where many of the existing platforms struggle. We get a hold of those power users who are on every day, who are earning money, who are spending money and we make them account managers that manage hundreds of other accounts with a personal touch instead of having trust and safety teams that just ban people and give strikes and there’s no communication like on a lot of these other websites. We’re going to do it as YouTube does with me. I have a guy that’s a YouTube Partner Manager directly at YouTube who’s my point of contact for everything and that is what we are doing on the entire Uthena website.

  • Make an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for Uthena Inc

Once we get to that point, it will be simple to do an IPO from there. It will be a very good-looking company with a very powerful platform and the public will want to invest then. We can raise a lot of money with an IPO. Pay that right back out to the people who are using the platform and have a chance to have almost every user that’s online to be a part of Uthena. This is the plan I’ve got and I share it openly because this is such a good idea. If someone else steals it and does it, I want to see the platform however it gets made. In my opinion, I’m the one to do the platform. If you want to link it like Facebook, I’m the Mark Zuckerberg of Uthena. I’m in a perfect position to do this given my history, my experience, and my skills.

To me investing seems to be as you would need a full-time developer who’s going to be the head of your development team. He needs someone who can coordinate all those contractors. The key to this if I was investing would be, you need someone you can trust that will oversee the development of the platform. A technical person who can say you need to hire this guy, this guy, and this guy. This guy to build this and put it together like that. That’s what I’m looking for right now and I’ll do another video about that soon. He is essentially a developer partner. Someone who is committed to the platform as me and who will handle all the development, technical and coding aspect of it. If an investor could come up with that as well, that would be extremely powerful.

I’m grateful. What I’ve learned to do is just put out whatever I’m working on and ask for help for it. I have no idea how to go find any local investors in Tampa st. Petersburg or Sarasota who would be interested in this. I’m imagining there are plenty that exists and they don’t have any idea yet on this. I also am grateful I’m working with Corey chambers, who’s my broker. I’ve signed an exclusive contract with him and he’s already working out in California to find investors where there’s probably the most per capita investors out there who are likely to want to invest. So thanks to Corey. He’s handling all that and Corey helped me see the need to get both of these two documents made i.e. the business plan and the history and the finances and assets.

Thank you to my graphic designer Auret who has made my ugly text documents look beautiful. Her graphic design services are on Uthena which is why Uthena is awesome. You’ve got her services right on there. You can see her work very clearly and what you can do is buy design credit as I do. I give her a thousand dollars at a time to make thumbnails, PDFs and whatever graphic design I need, she does it. She turned these PDFs around in just a couple of days. I trust you will go grab some credit with Auret if you’d like her design. You can see from this, why we need Uthena at one place where we can network, and sell things like services, courses, put content up for free and then spend it right back with other people.

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