How to Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy Faster?

How can you find the next Bitcoin or Udemy or whatever the next big opportunity is faster?

In this post, I’ll show you how I was able to find things way before they were a big deal and to have a huge opportunity to profit and also how you can find the next Bitcoin or Udemy faster.

In fact, almost all of the money I’ve made online is the result of finding two opportunities well in advance of where everybody else found them.

What I’ll do is explain to you exactly how I did that and keep doing that so that you can do it for yourself. I’ll show you how to do that in here.

I’m Jerry Banfield, a full-time Youtuber. I’ve been on YouTube since 2011. I made over 2000 videos and I put out videos that help you make money every day online to help you reach your maximum potential to live your best life.

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We can find the next Bitcoin or Udemy…

Let’s take a look at two examples of things I’ve done that have made an absolute fortune and explain how I found them at those times that will help you to find the next Bitcoin or Udemy.

What I will say to begin with is that it’s all about attitude and we’ll go with that in mind. We’ll go forward with a video I made on December 4, 2014, about Bitcoin.

If you search Bitcoin Jerry Banfield on Youtube, this is the first result that comes up as you can see in the image above. Keep in mind, when I was talking about it on my channel, I was interacting with it a lot earlier.

I discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and I’ve been buying tens of thousands of dollars of Bitcoin a year before I posted a video about it. When I started doing this live stream, at that time, hardly anybody was watching. I had probably 50 or 100 views on it.

It got 101K views after that for free. That was 3 years ago. There were a whole lot more videos about bitcoins. Since then I got a lot of views on them.

Bitcoin on google trend

If you look at Google Trends, you can see that when I started talking about Bitcoin, it was at about a 3, a 3 relative to 100 maximum it got to.

Now, how did I find and get a hold of Bitcoin when hardly anybody knew about it? How did I get all excited about it before hardly anyone else knew about it?

As you can see, 2 years after I had started talking about Bitcoin, Bitcoin still was not doing much or seeming to go anywhere by this time. I started putting out more videos about Bitcoin and I had at this time a lot of Bitcoin.

I had up to 60 Bitcoins at that time before it even went big and then as I kept talking about it and everyone else started talking about it then it blew way up and that was December 2018. I was on it for 4 years before it blew up.

We can find the next Bitcoin or Udemy, and I’ll show you the same thing as Udemy.

Jerry Banfield's first facebook marketing course

This is my first video about Udemy. If you search Jerry Banfield Udemy on Youtube, I put a Facebook course 5 years ago. I put a video up promoting my Facebook course.

It was a 2-minute quick promo video. I did some more promo videos. Not a lot of them got watched right away either. Then all the videos started getting more.

Jerry Banfield's 1st Udemy Income Report

As you can see, I did my first income report on Udemy 4 years ago when I’d made $13,000.

You can see the video I did here, almost all of the views are from ads, nothing much. Before I joined Udemy, it was not doing too much. I joined it and then it started blowing up.

Now, I don’t think this is anything specific to me except my attitude. The good news is you can have the same attitude. You can discover these same opportunities.

I’ve shown you what it looks like and good examples of finding these things beforehand.

Jerry Banfield's Profit from 2015 to 2018

When you combine the 2 of them, those 2 account for the majority of my income online.

Now, how did I find those?

Let’s start with Bitcoin. I found Bitcoin in 2013. I had my office in an incubator. I was paying a thousand dollars a month and rent for a corner office even though my business was barely profitable.

One day a guy came by and started telling me about Bitcoin. He started telling me how cool this was and I signed up and bought a little bit of Bitcoin in 2013.

I was simply in the right position with a mindset of openness and looking for opportunity. I believed then I believe now that the world is full of opportunities. Thus, opportunities are presented to me over and over and over again.

In fact, my challenge has been, which opportunity do I enjoy the most?

This information on Bitcoin literally walked right into my office and I’ll give you some examples of why I didn’t do this later but I immediately started thinking about it, looked at it, got excited about it and kept it in mind from 2013 on.

Same thing with Udemy around the same time in 2013. I was making YouTube videos showing how to get Facebook ads really cheap. I was doing videos on Facebook ads long before it was cool.

I was getting a lot of likes, a ton of clicks, low-cost conversions on some of my ads and I showed people how to do that before hardly anybody else did it.

That means, I put out some really good information for free and guess what I got back in return? I got really good information back from the viewers.

One of the comments on the warrior forum in 2013, he said: “Jerry, Where’s your course?”.

Since I was doing tutorials on how to get Facebook Ads for cheap and I had done a full webinar for free on YouTube, the viewer assumed that I must have a video course that I was selling but I didn’t because I’d never heard of Udemy.

I said, what do you mean a video course? Where would you take a video course?

Viewers responded with a link to I went on Udemy in 2013 and I saw, “Wow! This website is cool but there’s not one good Facebook Ads course on this entire website yet.

Guess what I did?

I made a Facebook Ads course that made hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. That was my first best selling course. That information was literally put right in front of me as a result of getting out there and trying to help people.

Here’s the key I’ve noticed. If I’m in a mindset that the world is full of opportunities and that all I need to do is be prepared to receive them then I will get one opportunity after another simply handed to me just by listening and looking around and having a good time.

If I believe that the world is not full of opportunity, that I always miss out on stuff, that nothing good comes my way, I will still have things like that come by and I will ignore them.

Here’s what happened as I got deeper into cryptocurrencies.

When things were starting to go really well on my YouTube channel for the first time, I got tons of new subscribers, hundreds of people watching the live streams, got a lot of good information on my YouTube live streams.

I saw people talking about how amazing EOS was when it was one of 10th of the values that it is today.

I saw people talking about several other currencies that went up 10 to 100 times in my YouTube live stream. I got a lot of suggestions about which currencies to buy and almost all of them were good.

At that time, I had closed my mind because I decided this is how it’s going to be. I’m going to pick one cryptocurrency and pump it and I won’t play with any of the rest of it.

I missed out on the opportunity to make probably 10 times as much as I even made here because I had closed my mind up. I wasn’t teach-able anymore. I wasn’t interested in learning about different cryptocurrencies.

I decided this is how I do things. This is where my opportunity is and I put my blinders on. I stopped looking at all the possible opportunities around me.

What I can see is some of the best opportunities I found were when I was most open to seeing new opportunities. It’s no coincidence that I found Bitcoin and Udemy both in 2013.

I was looking, researching, playing around everywhere, trying to help people and executed those ideas going forward because I cleared everything else off.

It made me so excited. You might think, “Okay. Well, Jerry, there are tons of cryptocurrencies. There are lots of websites. Do you know which one to focus on?”

You might have already found 50 things that you think could be the next big thing.

The way I figure out which ones to focus on is where my passion and enthusiasm is. I remember how excited I got about Bitcoin and Udemy when I first heard of both of them.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

A lot of the ideas that have been the worst, I didn’t get that excited about when I first heard of them and that often is an indication and it might not be a good thing.

For example, the first time I heard about Steem, I got a text message. I looked at it and I said this is stupid. What a waste of time. That was my first impression.

When I was looking for a way to make a good profit, I went back to and said: Ooh, this will make me a lot of money. That’s how I got about it. I wasn’t excited about it purely because it was amazing. I got excited about it as a means to an end.

Thus, whichever ideas are purely exciting, purely fun, these will tend to be the best opportunities and help you find the next Bitcoin or Udemy.

I love all the stuff that I did with Bitcoin and Udemy. I had huge fires of passion for those which sometimes passions burn out and that’s how you know it’s time to find a new one.

My newest passion is the Jerry Banfield show i.e. filming locally.

This is something that right now might not look like that great of an opportunity in the short-term. How am I going to get people to show up and watch me film a live show when hardly anyone knows me locally outside of AA meetings?

What I see is that I have a massive passion for this and that I’m willing to do the Jerry Banfield show in person even if it doesn’t make money. Even if one person comes and it’s just literally me with my camera talking to one other person.

What I can also see is that there’s massive potential in it, just like I saw with Bitcoin and Udemy.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

My show could become something like the Tonight Show in 5 or 10 years or maybe even sooner than that if I’m willing to start off and do it poorly by myself or with a small group of people.

When I first started buying Bitcoin, it was depressing. I started buying Bitcoin at $600. It went down to $170 when I started buying it and I managed to lose $5,000 plus because then I was sure it was going to go up.

I didn’t have the patience to stick with it and lost a bunch of money and sold everything around $200 something. I started buying back in because I just couldn’t drop the excitement about it.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

I started buying back in the $200s and $300s to about $1000 at which point I then made a whole bunch of videos, got into other currencies and you may know the rest from there.

With Udemy, I took my first course and I worked through,

  • Disappointment and depression.
  • Having my first course rejected.
  • My second course is not making any money.
  • Filming that first course again.
  • Having it not sold at all and just giving it away.
  • Filming even more and getting bad reviews to start with.

I kept making it better and better and better until 6 months after I started, I made a $1000 in one month.

6 months after I first started, I then made $1000 a month. 2 years or something from making a thousand, I made $80,000 in one month.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

I believed it was possible and it got me so excited. My excitement carried me through all the downturns. I hope this information is useful for you today and I’ll summarize what I’ve said right here.

How do you find the next Bitcoin or Udemy faster?

First, it’s all about attitude.

Do you believe your life is full of opportunities? I don’t care where you live, but rather in the USA, Egypt, Nigeria or Russia. I don’t know where you live.

Life is full of opportunities around you. It’s an infinite universe of abundance that gives you everything you ask for good or bad. You ask for disaster, you think about disaster, you’ll get a disaster.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

Next is, what do you get really excited about and sustain your excitement so much that you’re willing to get through doing it when it’s not cool or when it doesn’t make money or when it fails?

I was listening to Zig Ziglar for the first time on night or two ago and he was talking about how a lady came up to him at one of his talks.

She said: You must earn a pretty penny for doing these talks.
He said:  Yes, I do.

What he didn’t tell her was that he did a lot of talks, probably 100s of talks for free. He went to schools, jails, and churches. He went to all kinds of places and did all kinds of talks for free.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

When it wasn’t profitable, when he wasn’t a big deal and he just did it because he loved it and he did it over and over and over again and yes then he worked his way up to being one of the favorite motivational speakers online.

Therefore, it’s a key of attitude being teachable so that you can learn and see the opportunities that are in front of you.

And then trust your enthusiasm, your excitement to guide you into whatever’s best and then sticking with it when things don’t go very well.

I’ve struggled the most to stick with things when they go well like with Bitcoin. It went over a thousand dollars which when I bought, it was as low as $170 and it went over a thousand.

Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy

I remember selling 60 of my Bitcoins at $1,700. I thought this was crazy. It’s 10 times as much as the lowest point when I bought it. It can’t keep going up. I’ve run in the SAS self-sabotage when things go so well, I can’t even believe it.

When my Dash Masternode went from $11,000 to $90,000 in 4 months, it went so well that I panicked. I missed out when it went up to 1.3 million just another year or so later.

Thus, it can be even more challenging when you get a hold of a good opportunity to not self-sabotage reaching its fullest potential and today for simplicity, I don’t buy Bitcoin anymore.

I don’t fool around with any more cryptocurrencies because I’ve got other things to do. I also see that I can only do so much.

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This is how you find the next Bitcoin or Udemy!

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Thank you very much. I love you. You are awesome and I’ll see you in the next post.

Jerry Banfield