How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

Are you ready to get 1 million views on YouTube?

I will show you right here and my experience as a full-time YouTuber, who’s got more than 16 Million views, what really works to get views both for free and paid.

If you have $20,000 in a bank, you can literally just use Google ads and guarantee yourself a million YouTube views when you follow my tutorial, which is linked here: How to Advertise on YouTube 2019.

Assuming you don’t have 20 grand laying around, this video will be very helpful or if you do, how to get much more than a million views from your ads.

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I’ll take a look at the videos I’ve got here that have the most views on my channel and give you a case study.

I did a live stream on League of Legends three years ago, a game I was terrible at. I quit playing the game after making this tutorial and it went viral all on its own.

The secret to this video is that I hired a professional coach for about $40 to coach me. I just thought of a question other people might ask,

Can you just hire a pro coach to get yourself out of bronze?

I made a video that nobody else had made a video on that topic. I did a live stream that only a very few like five or 10 people at all watched. YouTube just naturally surface this and put this out there. And this video got 783,000 views thanks to YouTube’s organic reach and algorithm and then several other my League of Legends videos got a lot over collectively a million views.

My live streams very quickly, we’re getting hundreds of people on every League of Legends live stream.

If you’re playing video games, doing something like this partnering or paying someone who’s really good to play with you, or to make the video footage for you can really help especially if it’s coaching. Because this is something people don’t want do very often.

There’s a lot of people that want to be better at video games, but hardly anyone who actually will pay for a coach. If you can just record that, you can have some huge upward potential in almost any game because videos like this are good to watch.

It has a new like me playing the game and it has a professional giving tips which is really helpful for the viewer.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

If you’re not in a video games, or you want to learn how you can make the most money in terms of getting your views or with paid ads. The majority of the case studies I’m about to show you fall under making videos intended to sell courses.

I paid for Google ads to get the videos out of the trenches on YouTube.

The majority of videos on YouTube have almost no views on them. Google ads are really helpful following my How to Advertise on YouTube 2019 tutorial.

You can use Google ads to get your video out of the bottom of other videos on YouTube and once you’ve done that, almost instantly, YouTube will give you more views for free.

It’s an uncomfortable truth on YouTube that the videos with the most views, get the most views given to them totally for free.

The secret is to boost your video out of the bottom with ads and it has worked for me over and over and over again on my channel I advertise this Android Development video for about 100,000 views on it. YouTube has given me more than a half million views for free on it.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

Same thing on this Google AdWords one. Same thing on this Linux Tutorial. Same thing on this Red Hat one.

This Ethereum one actually got all these views for free, because I made a whole bunch of video tutorials on cryptocurrencies before it was cool.

And then I came up here with a title based on money often these can be really popular is X amount of money a day mining Ethereum.

I was the first one to go for that kind of a title in the cryptocurrency mining niche…

…and that brought me a lot of views and got a ton of dislikes and negative feedback and haters also.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

If you found a way to make money, in fact, this was a really poorly done tutorial, I didn’t even do it myself. I just literally researched how to do it and presented my research and other people were able to do much more than 200 a day following my tutorial because the price of Ethereum went up a lot afterwards. Which is why I imagine that people shared it.

If you can find a way to make money online that works for you and you present exactly how to do it and you title it just like this, that can work to get a lot of views for free.

What is the best formula is to just do tutorial videos, and then to do some ads on them to boost your initial reach and initial amount of views to get more organic traffic.

You’ll see I did this on all these Facebook ads tutorials but I never spent more than 100,000 views or so advertising any of these tutorials and YouTube just gave me the rest of the views for free on all of these videos.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views
How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

There was no video seven years ago that said How do you tell a girl you loved her? I paid a girl on Fiverr on this to answer that question. In like, one minute and that’s got 204,000 views for free. I also paid her to answer like 20 or 30 other questions about dating this is the one that was the most successful.

You don’t even need to film YouTube videos! You can literally figure out by using TubeBuddy. If you go search on YouTube here you can use TubeBuddy and here’s a video tutorial on this to help find underserved topics.

For example, I searched for “How to get 1 million YouTube views” and I see the search results. But I went over here on Tubebuddy and it says. Whoa, this is a very good topic to make a video on.

So I did and guess what? I’m advertising this video as soon as it releases, and then it gives me a chance to get a lot of views for free on my video.

Therefore I’m practicing exactly what I’m teaching on my own videos.

I’ll finish this up showing you a few more case studies. I did some kind of crypto hype videos, those can work if you do some big projection. However, those will give you a lot of haters that will dislike the videos then when you’re wrong, you don’t get a lot of subscribers lost.

As you can see, if you want to do gaming, if you want to build an audience for gaming, you need to do tutorial videos and preferably things that are underserved where there’s no specific tutorial on that subject. Those are some of the best things you can do.

I am grateful today that I’ve had so many videos do well on YouTube. The one thing I would advise against is if possible, try and stick to as few topics as possible.

How To Get 1 Million YouTube Views

I have a struggle on my YouTube channel. I’ve done so many different topics on my videos, that it often alienates people, people who subscribe they wanted League of Legends videos, then they get Android tutorials and Facebook tutorials and they just unsubscribe.

When you do a lot of different topics on your channel and people just expect a few things from you you get negative feedback from your subscribers that unsubscribe. YouTube thinks -Oh your videos stink now

Therefore you might even make separate channels to do your specific topics on but I’m all in at this point.

I hope this is useful for you I trust you will join that subscriber family and love the new videos I make every day on YouTube for you as a full-time YouTuber.

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I love you! You’re awesome! I’m so excited to knock this whole video out in less than 10 minutes.

I hope it’s helpful for your and I trust your watch those videos I recommended next, like How to Advertise on YouTube and How to use Tubebuddy to do Research if you want to make sure you get to 1 million YouTube views.

Jerry Banfield