How To Get to Feature You for Free WITHOUT a Public Relations Firm!

Do you want to learn how to get featured on to the point where entrepreneur will do a dedicated article about you, and even sell your products?

I’m Jerry Banfield and I’m grateful after eight years in business, I landed an article completely about me that’s got 500+ shares on I did it with no public relations firm, I did it without even trying directly to do this.

Now that it’s happened, I’ll show you how you can do the same thing yourself.

If you don’t know anything about, this is one of the top business news websites in the world, there’s only 2000 or so websites with more page traffic than and I’ll show you exactly how you can get on there.

First, let me show you my proof. So to speak of what I’m talking about.

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This is an article on, it’s got 572 shares here. It’s called “Learn To Drive More Traffic And Sales With This $29 Social Media Bootcamp“.

This is a article dedicated completely to me and my online courses. It was published in March 2019 and it links to a class bundle here and the point of this article is to sell my online courses.

Every single course that’s listed here on this article, sells my online courses.

So you might wonder, well, how did you get them to write this article about you? That’s what we’re here to look at.

This is what you can hope to accomplish with the process I’m showing you right now, what happens when you click on this link right here, when you click on this bundle that this entire article is set up to sell here, it takes you over to This is a very bundle. I’m grateful that all of my courses are in this bundle, this a 10 course bundle, every single course is by me as the author is $29 and I’m grateful that made thousands of dollars for me and I think they made 10s of thousands of dollars for themselves selling this bundle.

The next question you might have is…

Okay, how do I get my courses into a bundle that will pitch an article on?

First what you need to understand is the entire business system behind this. The business system behind this is StackCommerce. StackCommerce has thousands of instructors and thousands of courses.

StackCommerce makes custom stores just like this for, thus while it looks like this is the store -which it is because it’s on however this is hosted through StackCommerce.

If you want to get your courses into one of these bundles, and onto a bundle that’s on the store and then to get an article about you written in entrepreneur, then know what you need to do is get your video courses or, you can also do this sometimes with other products, you need to get them on StackCommerce.

The way you do that is go to, you go in here, put your name, your email, if you’ve got your online courses on any other websites, you put them in there, you select whatever kind of product, you can do physical, digital, or online course as you can see, what they actually pitched here was for an online course bundle, because the online course bundles are really easy to sell. They give you a much better price than selling a bunch of courses somewhere else.

You fill your details in here and then you hit submit. You should get a follow up from the stack commerce team after that, if you don’t, I have the direct vendor contact for that and if you’re in my Partner Program, I’m happy to get you connected if for some reason, you’re not able to get that done just by submitting it on the course.

Here’s what happens then when you’re a vendor on they publish these kinds of stores on lots of websites from to, to as you can see other sites listed in here.

What StackCommerce does is puts these courses into bundles…

When you got the courses into a bundle, then a StackCommerce gives publishers canned articles to essentially make edits to and publish as their own.

I imagine on, what they did is they used the foundational article that stack commerce provides, they made some edits to it, published it up on their website and then for them, they are really happy to get the sales this way.

Websites like that have a lot of traffic are struggling with things like ad-blockers that knock out a lot of the monetization opportunity for traffic and what they have found as a creative solution is to set up a something like this a

Now the downside of doing this is as a publisher, currently gets 80% of the sale, which means for me putting my product out there I get 20% after fees, when StackCommerce puts this bundle up on and sells this bundle for $29, I actually end up getting $5 or less for each sale, which is really good when gets 572 shares and gets a lot of traffic to it.

Meanwhile, when I’m making $5 a sale, is making over $20 a sale, which is why this is a great opportunity. If you have or can make video courses to get them up on StackCommerce, they puts them in the stores, then does articles like this to pitch the products.

I think I’ve covered this in complete detail now so you understand exactly how this works.

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Thank you very much for learning about how you can get featured on

All right, I’m done.

So awesome video, isn’t it? I’ll see in the next video.

Jerry Banfield