How To Get Even With An Ex – Simple Steps to Getting Over It

The best revenge is living well. If you want to get even, the one thing you can do to get even is to live a good life. I used to create all kinds of revenge schemes to get back at people I felt wronged me.

I’m grateful that I learned the best thing I could do to get even was to live a great life. I could live a life that I enjoyed that was an example of how great I was and how good I was doing. The person I wanted to get even with could look at my life and say “wow, look how good he’s doing.” When they looked at me, I would get even. They would look at me and wish they had what I had.

This method doesn’t require you to fight with anyone. If all you want to do is prove you’re living a good life to get even then you don’t have to worry about the person at all.

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You don’t even have to show them you’re living a good life. I am grateful a lot of people have said my videos are helpful in getting through relationship issues. You don’t have to see who you’re trying to get even with and rub it in their face that you’re doing well. It’s for you. The point of it is for you to feel good and for you to have a good life. The person you’re trying to get even with is irrelevant. It’s all up to you. After all, why would you want to get even with anyone at all except to hurt them? Hurting other people always ends up bringing pain back down on you.

It took me a long time to see that when I try to hurt myself I end up hurting other people in the process. I  was so insensitive I couldn’t feel that I was hurting myself when I was hurting other people. I’ve learned now that if I ever try to hurt someone, I’m guaranteeing more pain and suffering for myself. I learned this before my life got better. This was one of the easiest things for me to learn because I always had people I wanted to get revenge at. Everyone was always wronging me because I love playing the victim. Everyone always had to be the perpetrator and I had to get even with them.

I’ve stopped trying to get even with other people. I’ve realized that everyone is here to help me even if it might not look like it. At first, I wanted to get even with the people that asked me to quit my job. I was desperate to show them how good I was doing in my life. Then over time, I started to realize they don’t care about me either way. What difference does it make in my life? They did what they needed to do just like I did what I needed to do.

In a world where we’re all doing our best, there’s no need to show anyone how good you’re doing. There’s no point in trying to show someone you’re getting better or show someone what a good person you are. The universe will draw whatever you need to you at all times.

Often, we use criticism from others to motivate us to do something better in our lives. If you can let go of doing it for them and start doing it for yourself, then you can keep doing it. The problem is if you’re motivated by showing someone else you’ve changed. When you try to prove things to them and they don’t respond positively, that’s a perfect chance to relapse.

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That’s why today I do things for me with other people in mind. That way, whatever other people do won’t pull the legs out from whatever I’m doing. For example, I try to eat healthy every single day. I try to take care of myself. I do that for me because I want to feel good. Sure, I am in the position with what I’m sharing about getting even. I could go to all kinds of people and say look how good I’m doing. But what if they give me back that same energy?

All of the sudden what I’ve done isn’t good enough anymore. The worst thing that could happen is for me to feel like what I’m doing isn’t good enough for me anymore. I have to live with me every day. I don’t have to live with you every day. There’s no one I have to live with every day except me.

Today it’s most important I feel like I’m enough to myself because that’s who I’m most accountable to. Today, I’m grateful to know that and that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

I pray to remember that the best way to get even is to live a good life. I pray to live a life that’s worth showing people and worth leading by example. I pray to not take the chance and to not push getting even on anyone. I pray to live my life because it’s worth living this way for me and not to hang the fact that I live it this way on any person. I pray that by sharing this you have the same opportunities I do today to live a peaceful life. I pray that your best revenge for anything you think is wrong is to have a great life because. Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a great day today.

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