How to Get More Views on a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2020 — Viral Video Case Studies

Are you ready to see how you can get more views on your gaming videos for YouTube in 2020 and beyond? If so, you are in luck!

I will share my experience with you as to how I’ve gotten millions of views on my videos and what you can do to repeat this.

If you’re new, I’ll share my experience relevant to teaching this. I’ve got videos with millions of views on Facebook, and if you go over to YouTube, you can see I’ve gotten videos with millions of views collectively on YouTube as well.

How to Get More Views on a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2020 — Viral Video Case Studies

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This one is one of my most popular videos Can a pro coach help me get out of bronze in League of Legends?

What’s really cool about this one is they came out of nowhere, almost no one was watching me when I live stream this. But here’s the number one idea for you to make videos that will get views.

How to Get More Views on a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2020 — Viral Video Case Studies

Look at the things you’re thinking about and come up with creative solutions to whatever it is you are trying to do. For example, with this video I paid a professional League of Legends professional $50/hour to coach me on my livestream.

The basic question I had asked to generate that was:

Can I just pay someone who’s good at League of Legends to help me get better at playing the game rapidly? Can I make videos about it?
Will this get me out of the lowest bronze division and up into a higher rank?

Then when people saw this and had the same question, could see that the League of Legends video offered tips for bronze players and it was the same kind of question other people hadn’t even thought to ask, and yet got excited about watching the video for it.

You want to come up with things that are really creative and innovative, that go farther than what other people have done that try things where there’s nothing like it out there.

There was no video like this out there. It’s not that people hadn’t hired a League of Legends coach before, as far as I can see no one.

When I did this I did a little live stream with the professional League of Legends coach and streamed it and phrased it in a way people would be able to see it.

That video in just a few months brought hundreds of viewers to every single one of my live streams, hundreds of viewers at a time often thousands of viewers would watch my League of Legends live streams, even though I was terrible, and still am terrible at League of Legends.

When you can come up with an idea that’s creative and innovative, you will have the best chance to get the most views on gaming videos.

The key is to just try over and over again, this wasn’t the first idea I’d had. I had come up with a bunch of ideas before this. This is a first one that worked. Therefore, just keep trying creative videos, making videos that other people have already made videos just like that will not work for you to get more views on thr gaming niche.

Then once you’ve got something that works, you can simply repeat that and do it over and over again.

Another thing you can do to get started right away that I highly recommend is to make tutorials that there’s no other video out there addressing that specific point.

You might look at this and think well, who cares if you just get a few thousand views on the tutorial, those views add up, especially if you’re live streaming, every single view you get on a very relevant tutorial video like this, gives you a potential live stream viewer that comes back over and over and the more viewers you get, the easier it is to get even more.

The ideal opportunity is to go for tutorials that no one else has done.

I just threw this one together because I looked at it and said —Wow, no one else has made a video on that exact subject— I went and did the best tutorial available on that exact specific challenge.

Now this wasn’t a particularly popular challenge, or a particularly popular game mode in general. However, I saw that there was no tutorial done and I did one and it got thousands of views. Even though almost none of my existing audience watched it.

The video just got a bunch of views from YouTube’s organic search and that’s what you really need. If you’re going to build live viewership, you need YouTube search to bring views.

One of the easiest ways is to just go for videos. If you look for something and there’s no good tutorial on it, drop everything and make a great tutorial on that.

Another thing you can do is put together a tutorial that combines a lot of different things in a unique way and put it out there as soon as you possibly can from when the game is released, that way you can get more views for your gaming videos.

For example, on this video Revelations Zombies Complete Basic Buildables Guide for COD BO3 DLC 4, I put together all the basic buildable into one guide, while almost everyone else is putting out how to build a shield tutorial, how to build the several other things, I put all those into one tutorial, which then was longer, and then got hundreds of thousands of views almost all from YouTube organic search and she suggested videos.

What you can do is creatively look out there and see what all the things you need to learn are relevant to a specific thing in the game.

You can even learn from other people’s tutorials and combine those all into one master tutorial. And do that over and over again.

Some of them won’t work, the ones that do work will do really well for you and you’ll get viewers consistently watching you live after you just do one or several tutorials.

If you’ve noticed a common theme in these last two videos, you’re doing tutorials and again with this. This is also a tutorial.

Do you see something in common?

Tutorial videos are your secret to getting more views on your videos. This is an exact replica.

Except instead of doing a tutorial on gaming itself, I’m doing a tutorial on how to get more views.

How to Get More Views on a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2020 — Viral Video Case Studies

It’s a very specific tutorial helping you with a very specific challenge.

If you’re looking to get more views on your gaming videos, you need gaming tutorials, and you need gaming tutorials over and over and over again. The more you do them, the more you’ll get viewers.

When I did this first League of Legends, this was one of my first League of Legends live streams because I was just literally doing gaming videos as a hobby and live streaming everything I was playing. And I wanted to be better than my friends.

What this turned out to be was an innovative format for tutorials. When I do more of those, they continue to get more and more views and thousands of views on every single gaming video.

Once you find something successful, then you can continue doing that same format over and over again and continue to innovate until you find something that’s working. It’s just a matter of testing.

I highly encourage you to go for things and nobody else is doing

Because if a gamer with more views on their gaming videos than you is doing a tutorial on something, they’re going to get almost all the views even if your video is better. Therefore, the best opportunity I’ve found is when I’ve searched for really specific things in the game.

Most of the gamers with huge audiences can’t be bothered to make more specific tutorials, they only make the tutorials that are the most popular, the most in demand, because they can get the most views on those.

If you think small, go after those tutorials that other big gamers can’t be bothered with and do a really good job on those.

Then in each video, ask people at the end and make a little animation say “Will you please subscribe to my channel” or however you want to put it “Subscribe, you’ll enjoy new livestreams”.

That way you get people converted to show people subscribing to the channels so that viewers can see the value of that. Explain quickly why you want to have the person subscribe and what value you’re offering.

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Naturally, the more you’re showing up, the more value you can offer.

If you really want to get into big numbers of views, it’s about showing up consistently.

I help people who send me messages through my Contact page that say —Jerry, I’m trying to make a gaming channel— and then guess what, I go over to their gaming channel and they’re not putting out videos every day.

I’m a full-time YouTuber in case you haven’t noticed. I put videos out every single day. In fact, I put three videos a day out.

How many videos are you putting out a day?

If you want more views, there’s very little substitute for quantity, especially getting started.

Because a lot of your ideas are not going to be this good. You’re not likely to just try a new video game and have 3 million people watch you, you’re not likely to just get this kind of result on your first try.

Do you know how many gaming videos and live streams I did before this happened? — A bunch!

I live streamed a bunch of different games, a bunch of different tutorials, I put up a lot of gaming content and just it as a hobby before this happened.

You may need to do hundreds of videos before you get one that goes viral. But once you’ve got one that goes viral, YouTube will just give you more and more people all the time you can repeat whatever went viral as much as possible.

Then your audience can explode seemingly overnight.

I’ve watched people on YouTube that have one video, get the kind of results that I’ve just shown a bunch here. And then it just snowballs

The key is you’ve got to show up every single day, every day. And especially when you have a video that goes viral you need to be on that game every single day.

Because if you don’t, people will forget about you and people will stop watching.

Lots of times what people are watching is very much here and now. Thus, I made this mistake with my League of Legends.

When the video went viral, and it went viral before I started streaming, I quit playing League of Legends.

I noticed this video was going viral and then I started trying to play again.

As you can see, I missed out on a lot of those earlier subscribers who would have watched I could have gotten even more results.

Even with not even playing four months after the video came out until it already had hundreds of thousands of views. I felt I had to play some more League of Legends and make more videos about.

What I’ve seen is that gamers who had similar results to this that kept playing and streaming the whole time built up instead of me having hundreds of viewers, even with not playing for months.

I’ve seen gamers do the same kind of thing is this that are live streaming every day when only one or two or three or five people are watching. When a video starts going viral then they go from 5-10-20 to 1000-2000 people watching and it happens relatively quickly.

But you’ve got to be live streaming and making more tutorials constantly the entire time up.

If you are just casually putting a video out here and there. Even when a video goes viral, you won’t capitalize fully on it.

More than likely if you’re publishing two or three or five videos a month, to me that’s not even making a serious effort at all.

If you’re not doing tutorial videos that you’re mostly wasting your time on, especially on YouTube Gaming, almost all the views on YouTube Gaming come from tutorial videos, then people subscribe and then people come watch your live streams.

For example, I’ve talked to my brother. He watches lots of tutorial videos that almost never watches people live stream.

That’s the average gamer, the average gamer watches lots of tutorial videos, and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time watching live streamers.

You might need to help people 5-10-20 tutorials before they come watch one of your live streams.

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