How to Get Past the 2,000 Twitter Follower Limit and Get More Twitter Followers Free

Do you want to get lots of Twitter followers for free? Do you want to push past the 2000 follower limit on Twitter? I’m going to show you how to use to do that. I have two Twitter profiles. I am building both of them using the unfollowers tool.  It’s just a tool I found that works well for following and unfollowing people to build your Twitter following. What I’ve already done I just started this a few weeks ago, I’m up to 4300 followers on my company Twitter profile, and I’m up to 1400 from 50 in just a week doing this on my personal Twitter profile. So this is a very effective strategy I’m going to show you how to do.

Its most effective when you do it almost every single day and you can only do it every 24 hours. So I try and do this once every  day and then skip a day when it gets to be too late. You can only follow 1000 people a day and that’s important to remember using this tool.

So what is this tool? Its, I found it really helpful for building my followers totally for free. Now, I’ve got the pro version of unfollowers which is like $10/month. If you want to build a big Twitter account  and get a huge return out of it, you should be willing to spend $10/ month on a pro account. You can, however, do it for free, you just can’t follow as many people as quickly.

The first question is: Why do you want to build you Twitter followers?

Do you want to have them just to have them? Or do you want to do something with them? That first question of why you want to build you Twitter followers is very important to get started.

I want to build my Twitter followers because I’ve got a ton of great content on my website about digital marketing, online advertising and my goal is to be the best thing that ever happened to you since you started internet marketing. That’s feedback I got and it more concretely puts what I’m trying to say than anything I’ve thought of.

You can see I’m doing well on YouTube and Facebook, but what I’ve notice is Twitter is a huge traffic source! And I just took a training with a lady yesterday Kim Garst. She has been named by Forbes as one of the top ten influential women on social media and one of the top 50 overall. And she told me yesterday, she confirmed my theory. She has almost 300,000 Twitter followers and she gets the majority of her traffic from Twitter. That’s why I want to build my Twitter followers because I want the majority of my web traffic to come from Twitter.

If you have enough time to plan out your goals and clearly define why you want to build your Twitter followers then this will be helpful for you in terms of how. So if you have a website you want traffic to, if you’re creating videos that you think people should watch, then this will be really helpful.

What I want to do especially is get traffic to my YouTube videos because my business process is really strong whenever someone watches my YouTube videos. Plus Twitter features my YouTube videos giant in the newsfeed. Look how big these tweets are! And Kim said image tweets are these big rich tweets like you saw from my YouTube videos. Those get a lot better engagement.  So that’s what I want to do and  I will show you how I’m doing it now.

So I go in to unfollowers and I have two profiles I do this with because I was going to build just my personal one which is here but you have this 2000 follower limit and so I already had my company one built up with a lot more followers than that and I started my company one from farther. So I’m building both of them.  Why not build both of them?

And the second key thing with using Unfollowers is picking the right people to follow. And so let’s get started.

Unfollowers- first you have to add your Twitter account and I trust you can add your Twitter account. It’s fairly straightforward. Now second, what you have to do is figure out a way that you can follow people. But what I’m going to do first is I’m going to follow my new followers. If you want to keep people following you, often people expect you to follow back.

The whole strategy that I’m doing is based on following people and following back. You can see Kim Garst is doing exactly this. She’s following 191,000 people. I’d hate to see how jammed up her Twitter feed right there gets.

The idea is you want to do this, too. You want to follow people so in unfollowers I’m going to pick fast follow when I’m on my new followers screen. I’m  on my new followers screen now what I want to do is follow everyone that follows me back. They already followed me and if they followed me with the hope or doing this same strategy, then I will follow them back. I want them to keep following me so my first step is I’m going to follow everyone that follows me back and you can see some people follow and then unfollow really fast so I’m going to skip doing them but what I want to do is  follow everyone that’s following me because I want to make the most out of the people I already have. So if they’re already following me I don’t want them to unfollow me for lack of not following me and I will show you how that works next.

Step 1 using unfollowers is follow the people who are already following you. So now you can see these followers are older, no one’s following me. But what want I want to do next is look at my new unfollowers. Who unfollowed me?

What I want to do if they unfollowed me, I want to unfollow them to. I don’t want to waste my follows on them. And there’s a handy feature in this list – fast unfollow.  So these are new unfollowers so what I want to do is unfollow all of them first. These people unfollowed me after previously following me. So there I’ve unfollowed all of my previous unfollowers.

If you refresh this window. You can see, now I’ve got more of a peer count. I’m following 3.974 and I’m being followed by 4,354. Now with the 2000 follower limit, you can only follow a few more people that are following you.  So I can only take this up to a little over 4500.

So, what I have to do next is unfollow more people.  And if you have a smaller account these are things you’ll need to be able to do too.

So how do I do that?

Well I go to not following back and then I exclude people that I followed in the last two days, I want to give people enough time. And I can actually see if I can do three days. I want to give people enough time to follow me. If they haven’t followed me in the last three days its probably a safe bet that I can unfollow them and they are not going to follow me back. Or I’m not going to lose a follower.

So you can see what I’m doing now. I’m reducing my follower count by unfollowing people that have not followed me back. So I’m unfollowing people that have not followed my back that I followed within the last three days. So I’m going to unfollow as many of them as possible. And this tool makes it real easy because it keeps the button in the exact same place. If you try and do this on Twitter it’s a royal pain in the ass. So I’m rolling through and I’m keeping the button in the same place because the unfollowers tool helps with that.

In social media it’s all about finding a tool that helps you do what you need to do faster and then you don’t want to hit the spam limits. But Unfollowers is pretty well aware of what the spam limits are as opposed by Twitter. And you can be confident that So far I’ve done this with thousands of followers and I’ve built up and I haven’t hit any limits because I can’t follow more than a thousand a day with the unfollowers tool and then that limits how many I can unfollow at a time, too.

If I do hit some kind of limit, I will share that with you in the future. But so far I have built up almost 5,000 followers doing this strategy with no problems and I do a little bit every day. Like if you play League of Legends or you play another video game that has a loading time, I just do this while the game’s loading in the background. So if you have things you do online you have to wait for things to save or movies to run, this is a great strategy to do in the background.

So now, I’ve got 3600 people I’m following. So now I should be able to roll through and do 1000 more followers this way. Now here they key thing for doing this. You want to pick the right username to follow. And picking a username is the easiest way to consistently build your following, but you have to pick the right one. So I’ve chosen Kim Garst because she’s local, she only an hour away from where I live in Saratoga, her followers are very similar offering to what I do. I do a lot of the same kind of things. And I have a lot of that I love god, I love family, and I love video games. So if you switch that for Hockey, but the idea is I have a lot in common with her – I guess other than gender.

And she has a huge active following of people she’s following back so that gives me the data then I go after her followers on purpose. And here’s how I do it.  I can follow a thousand a day and I just roll through with the follow button here. And if you see on the lower right down here the follower count is dropping. You can see I can only follow so many people in a certain amount of time because unfollowers have the API limits built in on twitter. It has the limits built in that you can follow at a time. So what I want to do is stay within those and unfollowers makes it really easy to do that because it gives you the usage limits on the app. So it won’t let me follow more than an thousand people in 24 hours and I have the pro account. The free account is a little bit, the free account has a few less you can follow.

So I mean for ten dollars it’s certainly worth it to be able to do this strategy a lot faster. The key metric I’m looking at as I’m grabbing her followers because I’ve grabbed a lot of my followers from Kim Garst. What I’m watching in this feed is I’m watching how many good profiles there are, I’m watching how active people are. You can see there’s a lot of people active in the last 24 hours as I’m rolling through the feed.

You could say well Jerry, shouldn’t you be sitting there checking each one?  You can do it that way but it takes a lot more time and here’s the thing. Occasionally you might be wrong, too. Someone might follow you that you didn’t figure would follow you. Someone that’s been inactive for 13 days might suddenly sign on and follow everyone that just followed them. To me it’s not worth the time trying to make an individual decision on each profile, when I can just roll through and follow a thousand at once and then unfollow everyone that doesn’t follow back.

You can see as these profiles are going fast some of them have egg pictures, some of them are from other countries outside the US, some of them have private followings, some of them have been inactive a month or more. That’s okay.  What I’m looking for that most are active recently. Most are active within a day or so. And you can see now -these are junk, these are pending requests. You can’t straight up follow them, you’re just have to skip those. But what I’m looking for is that most of the profiles are good.

Because I can just roll through and unfollow all the ones that don’t follow me back. So what I’m looking at is time. I want to do this fast. this whole video has been 15 minutes so far. And that’s what I want, I want to spend a few minutes each day doing this strategy I don’t want to put a whole bunch of time and energy into it because I’m looking to put a little bit of time into it every day because I’m building a couple hundred followers a day using this strategy.

So by the end of the year I could have 50- 100 thousand new followers. The idea is that can bring me a lot of web traffic when combined with my Hootsuite tweet posting.

If you’re going to use this strategy, you need to have a good tweet posting schedule behind it. If you’re going to build a bunch of followers, and not actually use them, You’re not going to give them anything, then that’s not doing you much good. So I’m using Hootsuite and I’ll have a video up on that at some point. I’m using Hootsuite to schedule all my Twitter Tweets.
There , now I did this for your benefit. You can see You have reached the limit we enforce to prevent you from being marked as a spam account with Twitter. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

Now I have 4500 people I’m following now and you can see This goes a little bit over the followers. What Twitter has is roughly an 80 percent following to followers. So if you look at my following times .8 then I need 3600 people to follow that many people.

What’s frustrating about this is you can see on my other account.  You can see I’m stuck at the 2000 following limit. Now let’s do this again with 2000 following. So I need 1600 followers to be able to follow more than 2000 people. So this strategy is tough to get started with when you have like I had 50 followers on this account about a week ago.

But you can do it because it will let you follow straight up to 2000 and you have to be more aggressive with unfollowing. So what I do in here is I have to be a bit more aggressive about unfollowing. I have to go straight into my new unfollowers to start with. Oops, I don’t want to unfollow them. And I can’t follow more people either? That’s weird.

Oh right, so I’m stuck at the 2000 follow limit so I want to do a fast unfollow. I want to unfollow everyone that’s not following me back. So these are people that followed me and then unfollow me. If you really want to do a dirty job on this strategy what you do is you follow people and then unfollow everyone back. Now that’s real dirty. But I try and maintain an active following of people. First, I removed my new unfollowers. Now I’m going through and removing people not following me back.

It’s hard to get started with this strategy with you have an account like this because there’s a lot less room for error. But I can at least unfollow everyone that has not followed me back in the last two days and I can see how many people I can get down to.

And then on this account I’m going to copy Kim Garst followers also because then they have the option to follow one or both of my accounts. They can follow me personally and/or my company account. But at some point, I’m going to diverge and try following different accounts.

But for now, Kim Garst followers are working so good, I’m just grabbing them with both of my Twitter accounts. So you can see why this tool is awesome.  And I wish I had an affiliate thing or something with them so I can get a percentage if you use it, but I don’t so I’m just giving it to you straight up because I like it and I use it.

So here you go! Now I’m down to 1731 following now I can follow more people. So that makes it a lot easier. So that exactly what I’m going to do I’m going to go back and follow more people.

So, if you want to build you account past the 2000 following limit, I hope what I’ve shown you is really helpful for that. If you’re trying o build you Twitter followers I hope you can use this strategy successfully.

Thank you very much for sharing this with me and I hope it’s helpful.

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