How to Get Rid of Suicidal Thoughts with Diet and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is where you go see a therapist that is trained in the art of hypnotizing, and then they help you relax and you can essentially do a guided meditation.

How are we able to get rid of suicidal thoughts this way?

I’m Jerry Banfield, and I’ve done this process myself, and I’ll explain it to you, I trust if this is helpful, you will like it and share it wherever you can.

Because, no one ever told me about this, I kind of just wandered into it myself through trying so many different things.

From high school to 29 years old I struggled a lot with suicidal thoughts. I am grateful to say today that now for years I have been fortune to experience life having been restored to sanity without any desire to harm myself or anyone else. What I share here will help you to experience the same relief and have understanding with others in your life going through the same struggles.

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I used to take it for granted that I would have thoughts like, you know, –I should just end it all right now– at random times during the day, and that if something I really didn’t like happened, that would be my go-to strategy as well. I mean, plan how to end it all, and that will fix this.

With diet and hypnotherapy, were able to get through the suicidal thoughts in the following ways.

First, let’s start with diet.

One of the biggest changes I made to reduce my suicidal thoughts greatly with diet and you might think -What? Diet and suicidal thoughts, How can this have anything in common?- I’ll share another story that I hope is helpful for you with diet and suicidal thoughts.

I was in the airport in Detroit, Michigan, at the pf Chang. I mean nothing in particular with the restaurant.

Nothing in particular with the restaurant, this happened a ton of times before. In this case, I ordered some massive meal that had like five different kinds of meat in it, like shrimp, pork, beef, let’s just see how many animals we can kill and stuffed them into a delicious, massive pasta or some kind of noodle ball and add tons of oil added sugar, salt, like everything that pf Chang’s could do to try and make it taste really good.

At that point I was with my wife Laura and my daughter, Madeline and we’re having a beautiful day we were we had got to the airport in time to have a nice relaxing lunch. Everything was just perfect. And then I was feeling that way. Everything was feeling great. And then my mood absolutely nose dived about 10 minutes after we walked out of the restaurant.

Now nothing externally happened. No one at the airport said something, nothing externally happened. And this takes a bit of practice to realize that your internal stuff is usually what really triggers you not external stuff.

It’s an internal reaction to outside stuff. But in this case, thankfully, there was nothing outside that could possibly account for my mood drop. I went from being very happy and grateful. What a wonderful day traveling with Lauren, Madeline, what are our plane is on time, like everything is perfect right now.

I went from being totally happy to -within a few minutes, I was thinking about -man, it’d be nice to go to the airport bar and take a drink-. Even though I’m an alcoholic that goes to Alcoholics Anonymous every day. And at this point I’m talking about the story was three years ago had been going for about two years.

I understand that for me to take a drink is like a messy form of suicide that might take a while and caused a lot of havoc before it actually happens. After thinking about taking a drink a few times at the airport bar than I’m thought -well, why bother with the long slow morbid death of alcoholism, I wish I could just end it all-. The mood was miserable. It was uncomfortable.

And then I saw what happened.

It’s not something wrong with me, or something horrible that happened 20 years ago in my life. No, it was what I just ate. What I just ate, did that.

I so often see that what happens in life is usually in direct proximity to what happened before it. And in this case, all the way descent into suicidal depression in just a few minutes, because the jumping off the cliff and going from thinking, happy loving, everything’s great. I just want to kill myself. And I wish it all end. It doesn’t take very long to make that transition. And the big thing is how long are we going to stay in that transition? And are we going to prevent that from happening? What I saw is that what I ate, caused that.

If I had not had that huge meal with all those different kinds of meats and all that added oil and salt and just a lot of food, generally, I would not have experienced that mood, I would have continued to maintain maybe not in Top of the World Happiness, but I would not have taken that massive dive down into just -I hate myself I want to die- and as soon as I saw this, I said oh my god, my diet can actually produce depression.

I’m willing to change my diet in whatever way possible to minimize the amount depression I experience. And that right at that point, my uncle who’s a doctor just had given me a book called How Not To Die. And I started immediately reading that book because for the first time I saw my diet and my suicidal thoughts were very closely related at certain times, that my diet could prevent them from even coming up.

When you poison your body and to eat a whole bunch more than you need to a massive meal filled with tons of calories, lots of things your body finds toxic. That is what produces a big negative reaction in the brain.

It’s your brains way of telling it’s your body’s way of communicating your brain is stopped that.

Your body can’t say -Look, what you just ate was terrible.

What it does instead is -here let’s have some thoughts about ending it all maybe you’ll get the point to eat better-. Yeah, it’s okay. It might be nice feels a little more direct, wasn’t it?

What I did then is I read the book How Not To Die if you struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts this book might do the same thing for you. It did for me. For me, I immediately changed my diet to whole plant mostly vegan pretty strictly vegetarian, I don’t even remember last time I ate meat so I’m vegetarian pretty strictly and I mostly whole plant vegan, occasionally, I might have like once every three months, I might have one ice cream cone, occasionally I might have a little tiny bit of animal products like dairy or eggs in my birthday cake or something.

Whole plant vegan eliminates the majority of the depression I have experienced in my life.

A lot of the times I’d get depressed we’re in proximity to either over eating or poor eating.

Both of those are very close related, poor eating as function of eating a bunch of junk food and not eating anything at all. That often causes a depressed state.

Over eating or eating a whole bunch of things like that are just toxic to your body that causes depression, drinking things like alcohol, taking many kinds of prescriptions and drugs that regardless of rather, your drug dealer or your doctor gave them to you.

These things often cause depression.

I’ve experienced personally a bunch of times, thus, with my diet change that eliminated the majority of my depression and suicidal thoughts single handedly. But as I’ve called this diet and hypnotherapy. The day I did that Tony Robbins challenge, I was eating the whole plant diet. Now it is now while diet can eliminate, say 70% to 80% of depression single handedly. And almost every other leading cause of death diet alone can do this, especially a whole plant, mostly vegan based diet, as outlined in the book, How Not To Die with and a whole bunch of other books and TV shows by now.

All right, assuming though, you’ve got the diet point. And there’s more to do on a purely mental state, things that are not about the body, but more about the soul and the mind in the human brain.

Hypnotherapy really helps to get into that last frontier because these are some of the things that cause the thoughts to come up and to be taken seriously that then if you have a poor diet, you just get hit with that all the time over and over again. Every time you have a big meal, you’re at risk of having depression and suicidal thoughts, and even getting rid of the diet problems will not eliminate all the suicidal thoughts.

But with hypnotherapy and really working out every possible issue you can get through and prevent them from even coming up.

Here’s what I found with hypnotherapy.

With hypnotherapy. It’s very effective at teaching me and taking me into a very deep meditation.

If you’ve got some fears about being hypnotized in a therapist like -walking you around the room or making you go do- it doesn’t work like that.

What hypnotherapy does is the therapist helps YOU, go inside yourself and clear out the clutter of daily mind and, -how am I going to be able to pay this bill and what am I going to say later- it clears out all that mundane daily repeat brainwave activity and helps you go deep into get your soul to get in and let your soul express itself fully without the brain getting in the way.

That’s the idea of hypnotherapies to really let your soul shine through. As many of us our bodies which are bonded with our soul, our soul joins our body and around the fourth or fifth month, sometimes up to the sixth, seventh or eighth month from conception, our souls and our bodies make a bond.

A lot of us, our soul is blocked from hardly expressing itself at all because the brain is so full of activity and is so habitually on autopilot.

The brain and the soul are kind of in conflict and the soul struggles to express itself and to have a bond with the human body instead of kind of being trapped in it like a prison.

Hypnotherapy helps us get into this and what we really need to get rid of suicidal thoughts completely -I wish I’d said this in the beginning instead of 12 minutes and but I guess I could just do another video video- what we really need to get rid of suicidal thoughts is the Remembrance of our Immortal Soul.

Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful for us to get a hold of that.

Now yes, diet will prevent a lot of our depression and suicidal thoughts from coming up. But to really get into the final frontier of eliminating suicidal thoughts completely, we need to remember that WE ARE INMORTAL SOULS that joined our bodies that chose to take this body on. No one forced us. We chose to take this body on.

Most of us have had a lot of bodies before this, and probably will have plenty of bodies after this. This body is a temporary vehicle for the souls immortal learning growth and adventure.

One time I was very close to suicide. I had a gun to my head -this in 2009 I had recently had a little bad romance-.

So I was playing a little love game at work and it really went south. Long story short, I have gotten a phone book and called a girl to come over and who felt really really bad about that. And then that was sitting on the couch drunk with my police gun. I was a police officer at the time, you can go into these stories in much more detail in the book Officer Banfield.

If you just search for Officer Banfield and listen to it, I’ll go into the whole thing in amazingly explicit detail. But long story short, I was sitting with a gun to the back of my head, my police service gun .45 caliber. The hammerof the gun back, at 2:41am on the green DVR. And I was like this DVR see me last effing thing I say, and I tried to pull the trigger. But what stopped me I had this fear this remembering on some level.

This won’t end things.

Ending this body’s life will not end my reality and my experiences. Certainly will change it but it will not end it.

In fact, this is the same thing that suicide survivors tell us, people have jumped off bridges and tried to kill themselves.

They tell us on the way down they’re thinking all this is a really, really bad idea.

Because your immortal soul survives all the deaths of your bodies. And not only that, I’ll tell you what happens after suicide because well, in hypnotherapy, I got to have this experience. You can actually remember in hypnotherapy, your past lives, there’s a ton of books I recommend, Many Lives Many Masters for example, to get started on this journey.

You can actually remember and I remembered my past live. I was a German soldier in the World War Two. Yep, that was a rough life and I ended that life. I was down like two bullets. Russians were coming. I shot myself in the back of the head in that life.

I ended it, and guess what, I came up out of the body, my immortal soul withdrew from that body, looked around, saw what happened and then met my guide, went up into heaven, decided to try again, got beat to death.

The last life was a young African-american man in Detroit got beat to death and, that life quick came back out of that one.

Very quickly reincarnated back into this one. That’s my last three lives have been some good adventures, and I’ve got a ton of data points in the rest of my life that sync all this up.

Hypnotherapy helps you remember your immortal soul.

When you think about having an immortal soul, the idea of suicide is extremely unattractive, because:

  • You realize how hard you work to to get your body in this particular position.
  • You comprehend that if you do take your own life, you will watch the destruction that happens afterwards and feel the pain of your loved ones as they go through what you just did.

I sometimes have a fear that the heaven is not real and that I’m in hell and I’m seeing the life I would have lived if I hadn’t killed myself. Like hell is to watch this whole amazing life unfold, and then wind back and say, that’s what you missed by killing yourself. Now, you’re going to get to see this instead.

When you take your own life, you don’t do anything except changing your reality. And you can only do that if you’ve completely forgotten about who you are, who you are as an immortal soul, you’r God, you are one with everything in the universe.

The near death experiences we’ve seen tell us about this. If you take your own life, you will pull out of the body, you will watch what you just did, you and when you’re out of the body, you can go look at anything, so you can see your mother getting the call in real time about it even just as soon as it’s happened. You can see all that, your funeral, memorial, you can see everything you just did, played out.

There’s no need for a hell because watching the results of what you just did, is bad enough. And yet there’s eternal forgiveness for all of us.

With this in mind,I’ve done so much to get this body to 35 years old, I love this body.

I have no desire thank god to end this body because I sure as hell don’t want to start over right now.

And another one. I look at my son at one year old and I’m like my God. He’s worked through so much just to get to be one year old and things have went really well. For him. There’s been nothing out of the ordinary or any more challenging than normal. He’s learning to walk. He can’t talk yet, but he’s working good on and he’s just getting teeth. I’m like my God, I love being grown up.

A hypnotherapist can really help you get into this angle, get into your immortal soul get out of your habitual human mind which thinks the human mind can die. But your immortal soul mind does not die.

And your immortal soul mind is capable of remembering all of the experiences of your human life.

I hope this is helpful for you today. I’ve never ever heard anything like this before, when I needed some clarification on it.

I trust if you found this helpful, you will share it with anyone that you might think it’s useful for and that if someone in your life has committed suicide, I had a great grandmother who committed suicide and I reconnected with her and hypnotherapy. And I said, Thank you.

I realized from the rest of the family’s point of view you were someone to be ashamed of. But from my point of view, you are a hero. You showed us by your bad example, why suicide is a bad idea and I feel my family had some kind of protection from suicide, because of my great grandmother who killed herself and her own home and just hung herself.

She had grandkids, she had her daughter right down the street, she just ended up killing herself. And from my point of view, my dad certainly might have taken his own life here many attempts on it. And it was as if he had some some protection or something is up our whole family through all our problems and addictions.

No one else so far has committed suicide in the nearly 80 plus years. Maybe it had been at 70 years since my great grandmother committed suicide.

If someone in your life has been through this, if just to understanding what this is like to experience it, can be helpful to be more loving and understanding because it’s rough. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day see people who even if they’re not talking about, I see people who are thinking about killing themselves, it takes one to know one and some people openly talk about it. And people frequently come to me.

Let me let me tell you this, I love you. You’re awesome. I’m grateful for the chance to use what I’ve been through in a way that can help you, once you see that all the times, if you’ve tried to kill yourself or thought about it as much as me, you can see that these are really helpful things you’ve been through to help someone else who’s going through the same thing.

I appreciate you being here with this. I make new videos, podcast episodes, and on the Jerry Banfield show and blog posts every day that I imagine you’ll love and enjoy.

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Thank you for being here and I’ll see you again soon.
Jerry Banfield