How to Get Sponsored on YouTube 2019

Are you ready to get sponsored on YouTube? If so, you’re going to love this post because I’ll show you the tools and the setup on your YouTube channel.

I’ll show you things like influencer marketplaces you can use, I’ll show you how to build your own service that people can instantly order and how I’ve been able to get a bunch of sponsored videos on my channel, and what you can do to replicate that.

If you’d like to sponsor a video with me, I have a option directly available.

If you want to get sponsored on YouTube, you should have little calls-to-action like this in your video because if someone wants to sponsor you, there’s a direct link where someone can immediately order or contact you.

That’s what’s worked best for me to get clients directly, is to have specific calls to action like that in the videos, I’ve got tutorials linked in the video description showing how you can set that up.

Get Sponsored on YouTube

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I use OBS to film my videos, then I’ve got an ElGato stream deck and then I can push specific buttons like this, or like this to show you how to subscribe.

That allows me to put these little direct cards into the video which are really helpful if you want to get sponsored on Youtube.

That said, you might think… well, that’s great if anyone’s watching your videos, but…

How do you get sponsored without anybody watching your videos?

What I’ll do now is show you what kinds of videos you can create to get the most views from the right people who want to sponsor you.

One thing you want to do is forget about needing a lot of views to get a sponsor, all you need is the right people to watch your video, and you’ll get a sponsor.

What I’ve done is I’ve got 17 million views on my channel, it’s over 20 something million, I deleted about 5 million of my views.

How to Get Sponsored on YouTube 2019

I have made over 2000 videos on YouTube, I’ve advertised some of them, they helped me get ranked higher and then bring in a lot of people. I just do that over and over and over again.

The key thing is to make video tutorials based on what people want.

The best way to do this is to get TubeBuddy, I’ve got a tutorial showing exactly how to use it right here, it works to find out exactly what videos are most worth making.

Make your videos aimed at very specific search terms. For example, I’ll give you one that I found, I’m not making a video on it but it is 100 out of 100 or something like that. You find videos that are really good, where there’s a lot of people searching and not only a lot of competition, you make videos on those topics over and over and over again and all the sudden that you just have tons of different videos about yourself and then you will get views and then you’re prepared to receive sponsors.

Now this can take a while, this is not something you might be able to do just overnight, often it can take three to six months for a video that’s well done to get some organic traffic from a YouTube search and then bring people to your channel

If you want to get sponsored on YouTube and you’re just getting started playing the long game, play the long game. I know this is tough, because I I have gotten sucked into playing the short game and I want sponsors now, I want new videos now, I want partners now and I want, I want stuff now.

What I see is I do a good job every day, I make three new videos a day on my channel and I’m certain that I will have plenty of new sponsors coming in and some of the old ones may even come back.

You just keep doing this over and over and over again and what I’ve done is set my channel up now to be prepared for sponsors and I keep doing the work.

One thing you can do on your channel to be prepared is have a link directly to your channel links to sponsor a video.

Take a look at some of the things you can do to be prepared for sponsors on your own channel. Then we’ll look at influencer marketplaces and set up your own service, things you can do to be prepared directly outside of your channel.

Get Sponsored on YouTube

I’ve now put a link directly on my channel that says “sponsor a video” that helps drive people straight.

Sponsored videos are easy for me to do, I’m able to help a lot with a sponsored video and I’ve got a direct call to action on my profile. I used to just have my website link there but it wasn’t doing any good. Now, the sponsored video link is good.

In order for this to happen, you need to be able to set up your own package, which I recommend doing. You can follow this tutorial on how to set up a gig on Fiverr.

I’ve got it set up on my own self-hosted platform with Uthena, which is great.

If you want to make money as a YouTuber I highly recommend at least considering teaching online, you can put previews of your courses up and then sell those on your own course platform, after that you can put a sponsorship up on that same platform if you want to.

What I’ve got on here at, I’m building a marketplace for courses, bundles and services and I’ve got a sponsored video option on here.

You can order them directly now with price changes based on demand. I’ve just started back doing sponsored videos after taking a while off of doing them, I’ve put the price at a point where I think it’s well worth it, I offer a lot of value for that price.

The nice thing is when I’ve got the price up there, then I don’t have to negotiate either, there’s so much it costs or I’m not doing the video. This allows people to instantly go to order.

If you don’t have your own website, you can just get a Fiverr gig and refer people directly to your fiber gig in this place. Instead.

The last sponsor I worked with paid $499 on Fiverr to sponsor a video with me, thus Fiverr can work very well to convert people interested into paying sponsors. Then when you get people to order on Fiverr, then you can even get some organic traffic potentially through Fiverr.

The problem is that you can easily lose your entire Fiverr account if you have any issues with any of their particular customers, which is why I don’t have a sponsorship gig up on Fiverr.

Now, aside from having a direct link and cards in the video, which I highly recommend, you’d also want to have a welcome video on your channel, which you can do with customizing your channel,

welcome video thumb

You can have a welcome video, which for me, you can watch my welcome video as an example and encourages people to subscribe. It mentions that I’ve got transcripts of blog posts, all my videos are transcribed in a blog post, and then mentions my Partner Program and my sponsored video all within two minutes. It’s got links to all that right here.

Therefore, if someone new comes into my channel, the welcome video informs them about the most key calls to action, including subscribing, Partner Program sponsorships, all that handled directly in the welcome video, which is great if someone lands on the page and starts watching.

If you click on the about tab over here, it’s a very good idea to have your email address on here. Now you will get a lot of useless email inquiries. If you get a decent amount of people watching your videos.

about jerry banfield

Probably 90% of the emails I’ve got this way are things like hey, let’s schedule a free call and maybe talk about affiliate marketing our product, no thank you, it’s not a good use of anyone’s time.

However, if you’re willing to go through the emails with things that are not a good use of your time, you can get some good offers.

This is one of the ways I’ve seen people I’m working with and my partner group most consistently get sponsorships is directly through this email address.

The reason for that is because they haven’t set up their own service, and they haven’t put it directly in the video.

I’ve found it’s very important if you want something to be easy, to have it directly set up in the video because trying to respond to and figure out who genuinely wants to sponsor you directly via email versus who’s just not going to pay you anything and wants some affiliate marketing arrangement that probably will making nothing that can often take a lot of time and energy, which is why I don’t go back and forth with people via email now.

You go to and you order the video or I don’t work with you, there’s no need to talk back and forth now because I’ve got a specific service with a specific price with a specific value that delivers.

sponsor a video

Thus, if you just want to make it easy, you can put your email address and go back and forth with people.

The nice thing is you can also get things via email that are unexpected. For example, you can have somebody hire you for coaching. Instead of sponsorship, even if you intended to get someone to sponsor, you might end up making money a different way, which is nice.

That’s why I have the email address up here just in case I don’t check it. It goes to my friend Michel, he checks and responds to those for me.

These are things you can do directly on your YouTube profile to maximize the sponsorships you get from all of your existing viewers, new subscribers, etc.

Once you’ve got some existing following you can expand into influencer marketplaces.

I just did a video on 17 different influencer marketplaces and if you’d like to see these in more detail, I trust you to go watch that video.

The number one option seems to be to use Famebit is YouTube’s content branded platform and what you do you have to have at least 5000 subscribers, after joining you can bid on individual projects from a brand that puts up an interest or project in influencer marketing with specific YouTubers.

famebit layout

I used Famebit and I was able in a relatively short amount of time to find a brand that wanted to work with me. I wasn’t happy with the price though and that is why I prefer to offer my own specific sponsorship service because it eliminates the price negotiation.

There’s nothing like being really excited about working with a brand and offering $500 and they come back and say we’ll pay $200 and then I just don’t bother responding to the message after that. Like, why would I want to work with someone that’ll lower ball me just better not to take it at all.

That can be one of the downsides of using famebit however you might be able to find a brand that might work with you repeatedly, which can be really good.

Make sure you check the “17 Influencer Marketplaces for Brands and Creators on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch” post, some of these might be a good opportunity, depending on what you’re creating others of them might be a complete waste of time, there’s no way to know for sure, unless you sign up and give it a try.

Get Sponsored on YouTube

I think I’ve effectively covered how to get sponsored on YouTube now, to set your channel up to be ready for sponsors. What kind of videos to make to maximize the odds of getting sponsored on YouTube, How To Videos verified that you can get found in Google search and YouTube search using TubeBuddy and then how to go look at influencer marketplaces once you have a following big enough to land some deals.

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