How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

Are you ready to find out how to Get Sponsors on YouTube in 2020 and beyond? If so, you are on the right blog and you’re going to love this tutorial showing you exactly how to get sponsors on YouTube based on my experience as a full-time YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

I’ll show you what really works to not only show how to get sponsors on Youtube but to get clients and to build great relationships with the viewers you’ve already got. I’ll show you start off completely for free and I trust that when this is helpful to you, you’ll drop a like and ask any questions in the comments.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

How to get sponsors on Youtube: The number one thing that’s essential to do for getting sponsors, clients, and anything else is to make it easy to be contacted.

I’ll show you a system to set this up so that you can keep your information private which obviously I care about and yet at the same time be easy to contact. There are several different ways to do this but the essential thing is to maximize everyone coming across you.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

Get hold of people who are already finding you. I do this on my YouTube channel in a few different places. First, I’ve got it set up in this little link. You’ll see this little link that says, “Let’s talk”.

This goes to a contact page on my website which has a phone number, a Whatsapp, an email submission form and even an address. This allows me on one page to get the very best leads in any different form.

When you have someone sending you a text message or using Whatsapp to send you a message there, this allows for negotiating any type of deal whether it’s a client, a sponsor or it’s just a viewer with questions that are turning into an active subscriber that gets notifications.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

If you’re wondering, “Well, I’m not going to give my phone number out”. There’s an app called the Burner app. I recommend downloading it straight from the app store. Don’t do it online. Go to to research it.

It’s only $5 a month and what this does is give you an additional phone number. This is what I do. That way, I don’t have to give out my real phone number. I used the Burner app and then I can put the phone number out directly. I use the phone number with text messages directly on my contact page, phone calls, and WhatsApp.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

This way I’m able to take in very good leads. You want to get directly into people’s phones using either a phone number, Whatsapp or whatever kind of messaging app you use because you’ve got really good quality leads.

A high percentage of your messages will be read and this is an essential step to be prepared to get sponsors, clients, and to help out your viewers.

This is working really well for me to get the best contacts possible and to turn leads and viewers who are just coming by into sales, sponsors, and viewers that have notifications and watch every video.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

You can do it by going to your channel. Click on “Customize Channel” to set up this link and on this customized channel page, you’ll also see several other essential tips to make sure you’re prepared on your channel page for sponsors.

Your channel page needs to be set up for sponsors before you concern yourself about anything else or how to get sponsors on Youtube.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

Once you’ve clicked to customize your channel, go up to the top. Click on this pencil and then click on edit links. Obviously, you want to have a good cover image. I encourage a cover image to ask people to subscribe and then you’ve got the chance to reach out over and over with the new videos.

Once you fill out the links, you’ve got a chance to make some conversions to sponsors.

Now, you’ll see this page where we can go through and edit the description on our channel. We can put a business email address in which is essential for how to get sponsors on Youtube, especially when you combine that with your contact information available via phone number and Whatsapp.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

You can then get all the possible leads on your channel. You don’t need to have a lot of views. If you want to make sure you know where the emails are coming from, put something using Gmail aliases where it can be something like

That way, you know inquiries are coming directly from your YouTube channel and not coming in from somewhere else. Make sure in your description, you write about whatever your channel is.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

This is where you put in your links and I recommend putting in the maximum number of links that YouTube lets you put in. This way a potential sponsor can research everything they want and really get to know you.

The first link goes to “Let’s Talk!” and that’s called “Call to Action”. I recommend something like “Let’s Talk!” and go to a contact page on your website because this way you’ve got that really warm lead right there and you’re prepared for all of those unexpected opportunities.

A lot of the best opportunities I’ve had in my business weren’t the things I expected and planned but when you open yourself, you can be available for things like consulting, things you hadn’t even planned on doing and when you’ve got that contact option on your website, you can do that.

If you don’t have a website, I recommend getting a website if you want sponsors and really interested to know about how to get sponsors on Youtube. At least get some kind of a basic website done with an “About Page” and a “Contact Page”.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

Ideally, if you want to build your channel and get the most views over time, you want to do it just like I have here. On my website, I get all of my videos transcribed in a blog post.

This will allow me to have a website where someone can easily see exactly what I do online with all of these different posts. Click on a post, start reading something and guess what? There’s a YouTube video on every single one of those posts and this helps me rank on Google search.

I get thousands of visits every day for free to my website from Google search off of videos that were transcribed to blog posts which can be done pretty cheaply. I’ve got videos on this on my channel.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

I recommend this be your vision for your channel because then you will be able to know how to get sponsors on Youtube and clients so easily with those Google search results over time. This is obviously a long-term strategy and it’s really powerful when you combine it with everything I’m telling you here.

If you’ve got that contact page set up then you can throw away all your other profiles. You never know that sometimes you might get a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that came in from your YouTube channel.

You wouldn’t believe the number of research people do in order to be prepared to sponsor you. Therefore, I’ve got a laundry list down here so the potential sponsors can see everything because I don’t want sponsorship opportunities that are not good for both of us.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

If a sponsor is going to look at my Twitter account and decide they don’t like something, they’re good. I don’t want that deal. I will only want sponsors from people and companies that love all of what I do and are very excited to sponsor me.

This is a benefit of putting in all those links and if you don’t have all those links, you can just put in specific blog posts or anything else you want to route people to. Once you’ve got all that done, you go in and click on “Done” and this will save and immediately update the links on your YouTube channel.

Now you are prepared for sponsors and you know how to get sponsors on Youtube. You’ve got your “Let’s Talk!” button ideally for some kind of contact page. You’ve got your links set up and now when someone clicks on the about page on your channel, they can read what you do. They will find your business email and then look at all of your other links to get to know you.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

This is the number one way that Youtubers consistently get sponsors and one of the strongest tips to know how to get sponsors on Youtube. It is by doing a good job on the about page, the channel art, and links. That’s how you be prepared and most Youtubers I know get brand deals that come in, directly this way.

Here’s how it happens. Often people search on YouTube, watch a video and then come in and land on my YouTube channel page. Then they click on subscribe and maybe come back over a series of times.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

They click on “Let’s Talk!” and click on “About Page”. I ended up getting an email that said, “Hey Jerry, do you want to work with us? We’ll pay you $1,000 to make a video about this and put it up on your YouTube channel”.

That’s the main way to get sponsors and to know how to get sponsors on Youtube. However, I will give you several other strategies that you can use to do more than be prepared to receive anyone on your channel.

Now, if you want the best chance to get sponsors and know how to get sponsors on Youtube, I recommend releasing a video at least every day. I put 3 videos a day out on my YouTube channel because I’m aiming for search traffic. There’s unlimited potential in search traffic.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

My videos aim to get you in search results. When you’re on YouTube typing up “How to get sponsors on YouTube”, this is exactly what I aim for constantly is to show up in those search results because the videos I put out have an indefinite opportunity to get views.

So if you go look on my channel and sort it by the most popular, you’ll see that a lot of my tutorials with the most views are years old and everything I do is all about making videos that can get views indefinitely.

If you want to know how to get sponsors, make videos that can get views indefinitely instead of just thinking about making views that if they don’t get anything in 24 hours, they are useless. I’ve got a ton of tips on my playlist.

How to Get Sponsors on YouTube — New Strategies for 2020!

If you go over to my playlist, I’ve got a playlist of YouTube videos where you can see all of my YouTube tips. Make tutorial videos. This will help your channel grow the most. Therefore, maximize what I’ve just shown you.

If you want to speed the process along, there are 17 influencer marketplaces. I’ve already made a video on this which you can check below.

I’ll walk you through a list of 17 Influencer market places that you can use to also find sponsors directly. I’ve put this at the end because I don’t think this is a very good option most of the time. If you really want to get sponsored on YouTube, usually these influencer marketplaces are aimed at the top YouTubers that have huge followings and they pay a bunch of money.

Lots of times as a small YouTuber, it is difficult to get a deal and even as a midsize YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the brands consistently will try and negotiate you down.

By the time you put all this energy into reaching out to brands, negotiating deals, making videos and getting paid, the dollar per hour rate you earn fooling around on influencer marketplaces is often not worth it unless you’ve got a massive audience where you can earn tens of thousands of dollars to put a video up.

However, you may be able to get better results than me. I’ve been disappointed consistently using Influencer marketplaces. I’ve calculated my dollar per hour is very low going through and doing those relative to other activities like making my tutorial videos which could earn thousands of dollars in ad revenue by themselves.

Why would I bother messing around in the Influencer marketplace when I’m already set up to get sponsors directly?

How to get sponsors on Youtube? Some people suggest going out, hustling and messaging people directly to get a brand deal. I think this is a good idea if you already love a brand and you’re already working with them that said I’ve done this myself.

I’ve even made videos directly for Upwork to sponsor me. I even did a video directly asking Upwork to sponsor me and Upwork did not even respond. I sent it to them via email and they said something like, “Oh, we’re not looking for that right now”.

I don’t think this is a very good use of time if you’re trying to get sponsored to go directly after brand deals unless you have an exact brand and it’s easy to contact them. If they have an affiliate program, they will almost always just tell you to use their affiliate program.

They’re not going to sponsor you.

I’ve got one last thing for you to have stayed to the end. I have an option I imagine you will love. I am looking for youtube Influencers. I’m looking to sponsor YouTubers with my own brand. I’ve got an education program. It is a continuing education program for entrepreneurs online.

It has a unique curriculum, unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the world. It’s $48 a month for access to hundreds of video courses or private label rights. Uthena Scholars has Video Courses. ThePartner Program has Private Label Rights.

You can get daily workshops with experienced entrepreneurs like me and here’s what’s really cool.

If you’re a YouTuber or an Established Online Entrepreneur, you can even sell this with a 50% affiliate commission and you can get paid to do some of the calls. I’m working with a YouTube channel now that is doing this.

They’re literally getting paid to be available to talk to their own followers and anyone else who shows up in the workshop.

I’m looking for Youtubers to share this with because I care a lot about helping Youtubers grow and succeed and I understand hard it is to get brand deals. I understand how the world seems so full of opportunities and so frustrating when you see all these top Youtubers get huge deals and then you can’t get anything.

I am interested in helping you land your first brand deal and first sponsored video by talking about this Continuing Education Program. I’m looking for a dedicated video or a shout out in an existing video.

Contact Jerry Banfield

The set up I’ve got for this is to contact me directly. Give me your YouTube channel, contact me directly and we’ll talk about it. This is the same strategy I use for getting sponsors and their forums.

It’s the same strategy I’m using to work with you to sponsor you, especially if you’re new to brand deals that you’ve never had before. I’d love to help you out with your first brand deal. The key thing with this program to mention is the importance of participating in a mastermind.

When you have these video calls with entrepreneurs online like me, I do most of the calls right now. We have 1 almost every day. The amount of value this gives you is absolutely incredible because you can figure out what you don’t know that you don’t know.

This is what that element entrepreneurs and lots of YouTubers are missing. They miss coaching and mentoring and they’re just like me doing it for the first several years of my business. They are just doing it themselves online and there’s no perspective.

There’s a lot of great information on YouTube that can be googled. However, what happens when you don’t know what you don’t know? When you don’t even understand what is worth googling? When you don’t know what to look for on YouTube?

You realize it. You’re struggling. You understand there’s something you don’t know but you can’t even figure out what it is you need to learn and that’s where a mentor is so incredibly helpful and I’m looking to share this message and I have done videos on it myself.

I’m imagining it’s much more powerful and this is a perfect opportunity for me to do brand deals instead of paying for another hundred thousand dollars of ads on YouTube to offer you the chance to learn about this, talk about it and share it with your following.

Contact Jerry Banfield

Thus, if you have any questions, I encourage you to just comment directly on my Youtube channel so we can help each other. However, if you want to contact me privately, you can go to

I hope this video has been helpful for you to learn how to get sponsors on YouTube with these new strategies in 2020.

I think about how I may help you every single day. What can I give you that’s really valuable? What can I give you that makes a big difference in your life?

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Thank you for reading this. I love you. You’re awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I hope this has been helpful if you are looking for how to get sponsors on Youtube with new strategies for 2020 and beyond.

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