Getting Things Done: How To Get Started On Your Goals

The biggest difference in life I’ve found is going from zero to one. In having a child, going from zero kids to one kid is the biggest step. Some things in life don’t seem so obvious it’s such a huge leap. You can look at a man on the moon and think a man on the moon is a big step. You can see all the steps it takes to get a man on the moon. What about in your life? What are those things you’re thinking about doing, but haven’t taken the first step? It’s hard to take that first step.

I make my life easier now by minimizing the thinking I do and just taking the first step. Usually the thinking I do is something fear based. For example, the biggest step in your YouTube channel is getting that first video uploaded. Of course getting your channel set up is the first big step, but the first video is important. I have a YouTube course on Udemy and I always tell my students to get their first video up. Anything you’re doing in life, getting that first video done is the first step. You can’t have a viral video, you can’t have a huge audience online, you can’t have a hundred videos online if you don’t have one.

What step is it that most people don’t pass? Most people in the world do not have one video uploaded. There are so many people that are willing to talk about things. If you actually take the step, whatever you are trying to do is easier. For me, I have to take the steps every day because my life resets on a daily basis. For me, making this video is the first step I’ve made zero inspirational videos today. I’ve uploaded zero videos today. Uploading one video on my Facebook pageYouTube channel, on my daily inspirational course, or one podcast episode, is the biggest step I can take today. That helps me see where the real work is. The real work is taking that first step every day rather than trying to take twelve steps today and not taking a step for a month. It’s much better if I take that zero to one step every day.

Yes, it’s hard. There are some days I don’t do videos. The zero to one thing helps me get to one. I know the biggest thing I can do is at least make one video. I do the same thing in my Udemy course. If I can at least do something in my Udemy courses almost every day, with a day off here and there, that’s worth a lot more than trying to put in 40 hours a week on something .

One video every day often is much more than whole companies can do a video with 40 hour work weeks of team members working. It’s not because of the people, it’s because of the fear that comes with putting something out into the world.

I was afraid to go into a Massage Envy. You might thing that’s ridiculous, but I was. The first massage, I was afraid of it. It was one of the first places I could face and see how ridiculous my fears often are. I was so stressed out, I needed stress relief. It was obvious that a massage is good for stress release, but I was afraid get that first massage. Now I get a massage every week.

That first meal of the day you eat is so huge. How many people do you know that are miserable and get up and don’t eat the whole day? They get up in the morning and are hangry for the first six hours of work. That first meal you eat is so important. That first call to someone to talk about how your day is going, is important. The first kind thing you say to your wife, husband child, mom, dad, or brother is important.  The first good thing you do of the day, the first prayer of the day is important. I make sure I break the ice of getting down on my knees and praying as early as I can in the morning. I get down on my kneed  and break the ice so it’s not hard to go from 1 to 2 to 5 prayers a day. Sometimes by the end of the day I’ve dropped hundreds of prayers just to get through the day. That first prayer in the morning just breaks the ice. I thank god for another day.  From there, the ice is broken, it’s not a big deal to do for another prayer. When I’m stressed out, or going to my meeting, praying is not difficult because I already broke the ice.

I have a friend I call every day and just calling him first makes the second phone call so much easier. The phone used to feel like a dead weight. I was afraid of calling people. I was afraid that if I called people they would be annoyed. I would get that fear because I was annoyed when I got that call. Now, I tend to call people that are responsive. For example, my mom is responsive. I call the people that call me back and making that outreach is a big step. It’s a lot easier is if you don’t think about it and you just do it. Thinking about it might make it sound exhausting, but getting up and doing it is easy. Getting up in the morning might sound exhausting, but it’s easy to just go do it. If you thought about living the rest of your life, you wouldn’t want to bother with it.

I try to be aware of what I’m doing and not think about things too much. If I don’t know what I’m doing, who does? Right now I’m standing on this mat, my feet are comfortable, I’ve got my daughter strapped in, my mouth is moving, I think my hair looks alright. I’m here. I’m just going on right now and life is that simple. Just zero to one is simple. When you try and look at all the things you have to do today. If you think about sending 50 emails today or working 8 hours, that sounds hard. If you look at just going to work once, you can do that. You just have to go to work today, you don’t have to do it for the rest of eternity. I just have to go today so I can feel good about my money today. If you look at getting through this day and starting with this day, life is easier.

We think about all these uncomfortable and annoying things we might have to deal with. We think about the things that are challenging when we’re not actually doing them. I used to spend days of my life thinking about taking a PT test in the ROTC. I would get so nervous and think so much about it and the test took less than an hour. I spent 15 hours thinking about it spread out over several days. One of the easiest things you can do for your life is just do things.

I have my laundry sitting in the laundry room. Every time I’d walk past it and didn’t fold it, I would think about having to fold that laundry later. This would go on for days. Usually I would do a better job with things, but the laundry just sat there. Finally I walked out, I needed a pair of underwear and I thought about folding the laundry. Finally at 10pm tonight, I walked by and said I’m going to fold the laundry now so I don’t have to think about it. Today ,that’s the exception.

The less you think about doing things and the more you actually do them the more you can get them done. Going from zero to one is how you can do that. Going from no laundry folded to one piece of laundry folded is the biggest step. Once that first piece of laundry is folded, all the clothes are going on the hangers. Looking at that zero point, that’s what’s intimidating. When you take that step to get off that zero point like I’m taking that first step to get this on Facebook or YouTube. Just doing that each day adds up to a lot.

I pray today to take that zero to one step . I pray to love and take care of myself. I pray to take that first step from seeing the right thing that’s there to do to doing it rather than thinking about it. I pray today, that I do the right thing each moment and I focus on doing what I need to do in the  moment. I pray to trust that things will work out in the future because they worked out well in the past.

That helps me to get from that zero to one. I trust that when I get down on my knees first thing in the morning and pray, I trust that it’s for a good reason. It’s the right thing to do so I do it.  I pray that you have the same opportunity from reading this post to gain or remember the same thing that I have. I love your feedback. Going from zero to one feedback on one of my videos is the first step you can take. I appreciate you being here and I hope you have a great day today.