How to Get Udemy Student Emails for Free WITHOUT Violating Instructor Terms

How can you get Udemy student emails without violating instructor terms?

I’ll give you a really straightforward and easy system. I’ve used here to build an email list off of Udemy, based on my experience teaching. Hundreds of thousands of students on Udemy, more than 70 courses, earning millions of dollars in sales on Udemy.

Here’s exactly how you get the students without violating any of the terms. This is the standard procedure, what you do is you go in your Udemy dashboard and you use educational announcements.

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Make sure you pay close attention to what I’m telling you so you don’t screw anything up in here. Because if you mess this up, you could violate the terms.

Your educational announcements need to promote something that is purely educational, you do not send them to your email list. You do not send them off to your squeeze page where you promised some BS thing in exchange for an email.

What you do is do one of these three things that are allowed on Udemy.

Number one, you can send Udemy students to a webinar.

Using “go to meeting” or something similar. This is written directly into the term saying that this is allowed, always double-check the terms yourself to make sure they haven’t changed anything since I’ve made this for you.

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You can send students directly to webinar, however, this webinar needs to be primarily educational and not a BS pitch for 30 minutes on your $10,000 coaching program, because all it would take is one student to report your webinar and say that you have took the whole time to sell something and then you’re potentially having a problem.

I did not use that strategy personally because to me, it just seemed too easy to potentially have a terms of service violation.

The second way and what I did that was most effective to get students off of Udemy was to:

Use educational announcements to send students to my YouTube videos over and over and over again.

The YouTube videos in them need to be something educational. Again, it can’t be a five minute video pitching your new course on Udemy or on your own platform. What you can do though, is to just do a video that is purely educational.

You can put like a little tiny sales pitch in at the end like -hey, if you’d like to watch more, enroll on my course or go sign up on my website-- you can put a little tiny sales pitch on the end, but the majority of the video needs to be purely educational. What I did, I did daily inspirational videos, and I would do tutorial videos and I would use all four of my announcements every month on all of my courses and repeatedly send people to my YouTube channel over and over and over again.

The YouTube channel is really good because here’s what happens once you send people with an educational announcement to your YouTube channel, then you can make whatever video you want on your YouTube channel, and you’ve got a good shot, especially if you ask people to subscribe.

The basic way to do this the best is to do some kind of tutorial related to what you’re teaching.

For example, if you have a course on, let’s say hacking, you could do hey, here’s a new software that’s helpful for hacking and show how to use it.

Ask people to subscribe to your YouTube channel in that video, then once students have subscribed, or even just watch the video, then you can put whatever videos out you want to on your YouTube channel. And then you can bring students into your email list. You can bring students into your courses on your own platform, you can sell them back on Udemy, you can do whatever you want on additional videos.

The key thing is to use the announcements to get people over to your YouTube channel. That’s the second way and that’s the main thing I used successfully.

I used all of the educational announcements to build a huge following on my YouTube channel from all my Udemy students.

Even when Udemy decided to suspend my profile because I was telling all the secrets that really worked on Udemy directly on courses and for free everywhere. When I lost my Udemy profile, I had a huge part of my student base on my YouTube channel.

Using your educational announcements to YouTube videos is 100% within the terms of service, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, which is why I’m telling you about it. If you have any fear of things happening with you to make sure you get students on your YouTube channel.

The third thing you can do.

You can also send students to a Facebook group. Now the Facebook group has to me, more potentials for problems than YouTube. However, it tends to be extremely effective for getting people on your email list.

What you do with the Facebook group as you can offer this group as a place to answer questions, especially if he’s got a lot of different courses, you can say join this Facebook group and we’ll put some exclusive videos and we will do some answers to questions.

It can be really good to use Facebook groups, because as one instructor I’m working with, they send all their students over their Facebook group, which is a common theme among all of their different courses. Then within the Facebook group, the students often answer each other’s questions which cuts down on the instructors workload.

The key thing to pay attention to with a Facebook group is that you’re not to use the Facebook group to just try and show your Udemy courses or to try and constantly sell people in the Facebook group. The Facebook group needs to be an educational resource to fall within Udemy terms and conditions and not a proxy for you to just easily convert email addresses.

Here’s what you can do in the Facebook group.

You can share free coupons to your courses on Udemy if you want to, or preferably on a different platform and I’m talking to instructors that this is working really well for. This is how they do an outstanding job getting the emails off of Udemy.

They’ve got a Facebook group, they do educational announcements about combined with doing YouTube video educational announcements, they bring students to both YouTube and to the Facebook group, and then offer free coupons to their courses on their own self hosted platform.

When the student signs up, the student goes in, then the instructor has the email address and can properly make a relationship with the student instead of having to go through Udemy.

These are the three best ways that are allowed 100% as I’ve explained them, if you deviate from how I’ve explain them or if Udemy changes the terms and conditions as they’ve done lots of times over the years, then something can be different.

Make sure you check the announcement terms and conditions.

However, this is what’s worked for me. This is what’s working for Best Selling instructors today to get students off of Udemy and I imagine this will continue working as long as you follow the system just as I’ve given it to you.

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I’m thinking about you every day. How can I give you really valuable educational content? And I imagine this has given us the chance to learn something together.

I love you, you’re awesome I’ll see you in the next video.
Jerry Banfield