How To Have Patience In Life

I am learning how to have patience in life! A core value of genius is patience. Patience means having the ability to not have instant gratification in what you’re doing. Patience allows for all good things to happen by having a little bit done every day. Patience has taken me a long time to develop in my life. For a lot of my life, I wanted instant gratification all the time. I loved things like video games because they would provide instant gratification. You do a good job fighting the boss, and bam, you get a great reward right away.

How To Have Patience In Life

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Life, on the other hand, rarely seems to give a good reward in proximity to working hard. I’d do really good in school, work hard in class, and finally get an A at the end of the semester. It was really aggravating. Same thing with girls. You try and get to know a girl and ask her out, and finally get to go out with her, and then it wouldn’t even work out. My patience was tested at every moment of the day. I had a hard time with patience.

I thought of the race of the turtle and the hare, or the tortoise and the hare, or the rabbit and the turtle, the rabbit running fast and I could see the wisdom of the turtle running slow. And yet, I lived my life like the rabbit. I’d run forward in these bursts and then stop, and forget about it, and go backwards. Always, the people who worked like a turtle could get farther ahead than me and it drove me crazy.

The core of genius is having patience. You can see when I talk, patience is important. That allows me to talk more smoothly. If you don’t have patience when talking, what you end up doing is stumbling over your words all the time and having to say um and ah, and get a break for time to think. If you slow down a little bit, the words come out more naturally and you don’t have to make as many mistakes. This allows me to make my videos with almost no edits, which allows me to produce way faster. Patience is huge.

Here’s how patience plays a big role in genius. Think about Steve Jobs with his idea for the iPhone. Now, how much patience do you think he had between the moment he had that idea, which he said came out on a meditation, as far as I’ve heard, out on a retreat. He had the idea then.

How long do you think it took before it actually was available in stores? How long do you think it took between when he had the idea and people could actually start using it? How long between when he had the idea and it started to make some of the changes he would have hoped for? How long from when he had the idea till when someone like me actually got one, when I had originally had everything but an Apple device?

Patience is an absolute requirement for genius, because you’re unlikely to do any of your genius work very quickly. What you can see with me on Udemy is a little bit of consistent work over time. What you can see with someone like Steve Jobs is the little bit of consistent work over time to make the iPhone a reality. Once he had the idea, then there’s tons of steps, tons of things to go through and get it actually, idea, developed, tested, and out for release, and make new versions, tons of time, and energy and effort.

The thing is you don’t have enough time in one day, or even a week or a month usually, to do your best work. Usually, your best work takes an incredible amount of time and energy. You can have that much time and energy if you’ll do a little bit every day. Some of my best work takes me hundreds if not thousands of hours to do, and it’s founded on everything I’ve done. The thing is, I can do thousands of hours of work in a year if I’m willing to do just around three hours a day, every day. That seems like something that is impossible from the point of view of wanting to get something done. Patience is absolutely huge. Think about someone like Einstein developing his theories of the universe. That didn’t happen overnight. That happened with a lot of work and thought experiments, all the time, tons of effort, tons of mistakes, tons of things that didn’t make sense; over and over and over, a little work, all the time, to get it right finally, and then more work to get the next thing right. Patience means accepting your limitations and saying, “You know what? I only have a few hours of good work I can do every day.”

Patience means being okay with delaying gratification. I know that’s difficult. I know because I go through that myself. And yet, the more I’ve developed patience, the more exceptional work I’ve been able to do. I know. I used to serve clients. I had very little patience. Very little patience. They had very little patience, also. They wanted things now, now, now. “I paid you. I want these sales now.” I had that a lot in my own business, and having no patience or little patience, mostly hurts me.

I suffer when I don’t have patience, and now I try and design my life around being patient. If I know something is going to take time, like sending a letter in the mail, I try and do that and send it well in advance. If I know something like making a new Google AdWords campaign is going to take some time, I try and plan for that and say, “Okay, I’ll just throw this one campaign up, and leave it, and check tomorrow.”

I used to be so impatient all the time. I wanted to check things. It’s amazing the amount of energy you waste being impatient. I wasted ridiculous amounts of energy in my life being impatient. Things like double-checking, micro-managing, getting all anxious and nervous, and calling customer support right away, and immediately going after and trying to solve all these problems. Sometimes, it just takes a day and everything will work. I used to flip out if I couldn’t sign into a service online, and usually, all I’d had to do was wait till the next day and it’d work. I didn’t need to call customer support. I didn’t need to send that email. I didn’t need to get all frustrated. I didn’t need to put that Facebook status up, complaining. All I had to do was wait until tomorrow and it’d be fixed, no effort required.

Patience is at the core of genius. I’m grateful you’re here. I’m grateful you’ve already had enough patience to get to this point with me. That’s a really good sign. I’ve set this course up in a patience format, where you do a little bit each day, every day, because that works. I know that works because that’s what works for me and that’s what I see from people working around me. I’ve built this course already based on patience.

If you think, “I’d rather not just be able to power the whole 28-day course out, I would love to be able to do this all in one session and have it be good. The truth is, I can do about one-day worth of this course in one day and have it be good. I know based on my previous experience. I built most of Udemy course in one day before, and you know what, the quality was not very good. Most of the course had to be replaced.

I only have so much time and energy I can put into doing something creative like this, every day, and have it be top quality. Same with something like video games, I only have a few hours I can play video games before I start not playing as good. I don’t know exactly how it works like this, but I know with most things, I can only do them for a few hours at peak efficiency. Exercise. I can only exercise for an hour or two at peak efficiency. After that, my body really wants to rest.

Patience is about doing a little bit every day and being okay with that. It’s about being okay that this course is taking me over a month to make because I don’t work on it every single day, I have other courses I work on and I visited my mom between some of the lectures, so I didn’t work on it then. Patience is knowing that I’ll finish it when it’s time to finish it, knowing that doing a little bit every day will get it done. When I don’t expect the gratification of having it done or out there and getting sales and I just enjoy doing this with you, then not only does it get done, but it’s awesome and you’re liable to like it. You can see me practicing exactly what I’m telling you about here.

What I’ll do next is talk more about how to cultivate, practice patience, and be in the habit of patience, and how to diagnose whether you’re in the habit of impatience or patience, and rather, you can find opportunities in your life, and where you might be able to look to change impatience into patience. Thank you for spending this time, having patience with my speaking speed, having patience with my course set up, and thank you for continuing with this course.

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