How to make an awesome Facebook ad campaign with the Power Editor, complete tutorial.

If you want to make awesome Facebook ad campaigns with the power editor, this is a valuable skill I’m going to show you how to do in this video!  I will make an awesome Facebook ad campaign or two life for you! It’s a valuable skill that you can easily learn in a few hundred hours on a small budget and you can then earn at least 20 dollars an hour working online on oDesk or eLance doing this. If you have your own company, you can get hundreds of dollars per ad campaign.  The complete transcript of the video is below and you can get the best experience by watching the video above!

This is me, Jerry Banfield, on the left and my wife. The reason I’ve made this video is to share with you how to make Facebook ad campaigns like a pro. If you need help after watching this video or want me to make a campaign for you, please email or visit my services and pricing page. My mission, the why I do all of this, is to spread love, faith, and inspiration. Thank you for watching my video and email me if you need a little help.

Here is the actual campaign setup I’ll be doing. It’s for Call Doc. So they’ve asked me to make 4 ad campaigns for them, Call Doc. And the nice thing doing this video for them, or with their… with their ads on it is I’m sharing their service and what they do with you. So you can get to know what they do also.

First, in order to set it up I had to… they had to add me to their account, tell me exactly what they needed, why they needed it, what kind of budget they wanted, and they’ve ran some ads already and their results are similar to what I see in many of the ad counts when I go to make ads for the first time. So what do I do? I’ve done a lot of work already before I’ve even started this video and I’m going to give you a snapshot of that to help you know what you have to do up front and also not to take all the time up with the research.

The first things I had to do, obviously, were go through their website. And in going through their website allows me to learn about what they do, how they do it, why they do it. They offer healthcare access remotely. In other words, access to doctors easily and quickly via phone or the internet. So you pick up your phone, if we can see this last page, pick up the phone or go online and then you talk to a doctor. The reason they’ve made this is because healthcare is so expensive, of course, but also, 4 out of 5 visits to the ER or to the doctor often could be handled just by talking to the doctor and explaining to the doctor what your symptoms are with the doctor… without the doctor actually seeing you. So that’s the idea with this. And I have to look through and learn exactly what a potential Facebook page does… or potential Facebook ad campaign client does so that I can create the ads with the intent to match the customer to that. So I have to go through all of their website, look through all of their detailed pages, and I’ve already done that before hand.

What I have to make and prepare for my ad campaigns, I need to have the landing pages that are the best out of what they have available and I need to understand their bottom line. So their bottom line is this page, the conversions. They want people to sign up for 20 dollars a month or 219.45 a  year and get an ad campaign… or, I’m making an ad campaign. They want people to sign up for Call Doc so that people have access to this service. So that’s their bottom line.

My bottom line right now is to find the best way to get them to go to the bottom line and my thought is to put several landing pages down and then follow up with them and see which one works best. To me, on their website I found the main page, the services, and the testimonials page, all of these are good opportunities to land potential visitors there. For… since they have both a global campaign and a US campaign, I can actually choose different landing pages based on where I’m running the ads, too.

So if you can get an idea, I’ve already done a lot more looking through the website and understanding what they do. So you obviously… if you’re doing your own ads this is a lot easier in terms of understanding what you already do, but if you want to be able to do other people’s ads, you have to first start with learning as much as you can quickly about them. So step one, I’ve learned a lot about them already.

Step two, in my notes here I have that they want a US website traffic campaign, a US likes campaign, an international web traffic campaign, and an international likes campaign. So the easiest for me to do will be the likes campaigns to begin. I can just make some campaigns to get more likes for the pages and go from there. So what I’ll do is begin with the global ad campaigns because I’ve done a lot of global ad campaigns. What they also… they had to add me to their page, they had to add me as an advertiser to their page and to their ad account. So they’ve already done that.

Now, what I want to do with the international campaigns is make the ads to get the lowest cost likes possible. For each of these campaign objectives you want to laser focus on the exact objective. So this is an international campaign, I want the lowest cost likes available. I take off the sponsored stories and since I just want people to like the page, I’m actually going to remove the newsfeed ads also because the newsfeed is often more expensive and it’s in a different format. So I want to know exactly what the ad looks like.

Now, you saw I was in the ads managers where I began, so that’s and then that’s the ads manager. So if I go back here I can show you how I got here again. I started off in my own account and then I went to my client’s account up here and then there’s where I started and then I clicked “Create Ads.” I’ll put this back out here. When I clicked “Create Ad” I selected their page and now pictures. This is where a lot of the magic happens is a lot of the people miss out on getting great results. So I’m starting with all these pictures. Well, if you saw, a default picture loaded but I don’t want to use any of those default pictures because I kinda have an idea of what kind of pictures I want. I want great looking pictures and I want a lot of them. I also need to have the copyright available to the pictures because if I don’t I risk getting my ad account banned or getting the ads removed, and we don’t want that.

So what I’ve done, I already have a subscription to They were one of my clients before and I liked their service so much that I subscribed to it. Now, I get downloads every day on their service. So what I want is I want some doctor images because that’s… that’s what I… I’m planning to go with the ad creative. I have to kind of plan ahead what I want to say in the headline and the text and sometimes you can skip ahead and do the targeting for that.

So I’m actually going to skip ahead and do the targeting first to see how big my audience is, see who I’m targeting, then I’ll go back and do the headline and the images. But it’s important to have this resource to pick images out first. I like PhotoSpin because I can download 50 images a day on it. If you have another stock photo account, you can use that. I do not recommend using Google Images because you’re not going to have the copyright to those.

So how do I do the locations? For an international campaign, I have a list I’ve researched of low cost countries to advertise in and what I’m going to do now is go ahead and enter all those low cost countries that I already know will do well to put in for getting low cost ads. So I’m putting in Philippines. I love these countries are so… they have so many English speaking people in them and they’re so low cost. More people are targeting them now with how much I’ve promoted this strategy. And even the University of Florida has been targeting Thailand in their ads. So I’ve put ads in all these countries because I know the ads are low cost.

And for this objective, the client wants an international campaign to get the most likes. So that’s… the campaign is geared towards the most likes, that’s the purpose of it. When I get the international web traffic, I’ll want to pick countries where there’s higher per capita income also because if there’s a higher per capita income there’s a higher likelihood they’ll subscribe to the service. For the web traffic I want conversions. But for this campaign, I just want to get as many likes as possible. This campaign should help them get a large Facebook page, and that’s the purpose of it, so I want the lowest cost countries in that ad campaign. These are ones I’ve already research that I know work well and so that’s why I’m using them.

So I’ve… you can see, obviously, my audience is too broad. Now, when I pick an interest I want to match an interest that I can kinda ask a question with. So I want to pick an interest that I can ask a question with and then match that with pictures. So something like, you know, related to what they do like doctors. So I’m trying to think of an angle for that now by searching on available things to target. I mean, I can even do something like health because that’s a very large audience. Now, I don’t know if I want to do that, but I’ve got to match up what they want.

So I’m just typing in keywords related to what they do and I’m watching the audience up here. Now, there’s hospital right there, but, see, if I target hospital then what am I going to say on the ad? Like hospital? Well, probably not. I want to find something that’s positive, so I might… I want to target something about being healthy, but the audience is too small on that so Facebook will give me a more broad term call to health. But I can also use these categories Facebook has to look down here and see if there’s anything. These are usually crap though because the way… however Facebook aggregates them, usually the hashtag ones are a lot better, so I’m going to try health for this one. And I’m not going to use the advanced targeting options, I’ll call this BanWork Call Doc International Likes. 10 dollars a day as the client requested.

So, alright, I’ve got the health angle. Now I need to put something related to the page up here and then go for the pictures. Woah, I almost backed off the page there. The last thing you want to do is accidentally leave a page like this because there goes your time and energy you just spent doing that, so… so something like “like being healthy.” “Learn how you can reach a doctor anytime online.” And then I can even put, “Like to learn” and then a question mark. So if someone sees this, it’s an easy thing to say, “Like being healthy?” And then you look down, it says, “Like to learn how you can reach a doctor anytime online?”

And then now what I need are images to go along with that. So I don’t want the portrait ones, they don’t look good in the ads, so I want landscape. And now here’s the thing. I’m no expert on media in ad images, but I know if I pick a lot of images, then I’m bound to pick one that works good. Often for a global audience, more generic images tend to work well because there’s people of a lot of different backgrounds and such and more generic images that they can identify with tend to work better than using more like specific images with people in them. Like this heart image, I would think, has a better shot of working well. We’ll try… I’ll just try a bunch of different doctor images and see… I’ll put all of those up there and see if they work well.

So right now I’m just going, I’m looking to get 20 or so different images and just roll through until I can get… even things like that. It might not… it’s a house, but it might not look exactly like you’d expect, but the strength of this approach is I don’t have to be right all the time. I just need to have a couple of images that work good. And while this is loading I can go download all these other files that I’ve selected already. I don’t want the vector. You need a high jpeg image with it and that looks the best on Facebook, too.

And so while I’m downloading these, once I’ve got them downloaded then I put “Upload Image” and then I go here and I upload both of these and then you can get a preview of the ad. Now, this is how the ad will come up. Like being healthy? Like to learn how you can reach a doctor anytime online? Then this gives people a good shot of liking the page. And now I’ve got a few more images downloaded, I can upload the rest of these. So that’s 6 I’ve got already. So I can close these windows and now I find more.

And out of the box images like this sometimes work great, too. That’s why I go for them. So this takes a bit so I just keep scrolling through, looking for images, and funny images often work great too, so I’ll grab that one of the dog. They’re over here. Now all these images are uploaded. Well, I’ll download these right now and then I’ll get the… I’ll download all these. I already downloaded those two. Woah. Skipping ahead here. I’m back over here. Now this ad unit is done. I can only put 6 images on at a time. So here’s what all the ads look like. So this… this is complete. You can see all the countries I’m targeting and now the one thing I need to add is English because we want English. So you see, that took off 9 million people in the audience. But now I also know I’ve got everyone speaking English.

So I hit “Place Order” right now and now here’s how I easily make some more of these. Now I take off all those old images and I go back through here. So I go from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and I start with 7 up to 9, go over to 12, and now I’ve got 6 more images I’m uploading. I’m going to upload these images and then I’ll make more because I want to have as many images as possible. You see how different some of these ads look? I mean, these ads with these images look a lot different. And then I’ll show you in the power editor how I can change up the text and make the text different easily too.

So I’m going to “Place Order” again and I’m going to “Create Similar Ad.” Take all those off, these are all downloaded now, so I refresh and F5 to refresh my ad campaigns up here, I can see there’s my new ad campaigns. And now I only have one more image so I need to go grab some more images from PhotoSpin. And I don’t know what ambulances look like in other countries, so I already used an ambulance in another country and that means I don’t want to keep using too many of those. I try and stay away from negative things like that. Like, really? I don’t want a kid like all bandaged up and stuff. I’ll try that one.

And I figure if, you know, an image immediately stands out to me, that it catches my eye, that it might catch other people’s eye too. Like that. That makes me laugh a little bit, so… teddy bear with a shot in the arm. So I’ll grab that one. Yeah, about that one. So you can see, this takes a while. Now, I’ll show you how to speed through doing multiple of these campaigns. That’s too much, I got to… I got to do the dog there. I don’t really need a vet, though. That’s why it’s nice to have stock images, too. You can see how many of these images I’m rolling through quickly. Try this one.

Alright, now I’ve got a few more. I’ll go ahead and download these ones I’ve got. That’s a funny one. Alright, I think I’ve probably got enough now. I’m going to stick with these ones I’ve got, go back to my ad window, and upload them. I remembered that the last one I did was this dog one. So we’ll get those next 6 of them. Thank you Evernote. So this is 18 images I’ve got already, so with this next group I’ll be over 20. See the significant difference all of these ads have when you look at them. I’m going to “Create Similar Ad” again and get the last few images that I haven’t included yet. I think it’s just these two. Ok.

So I scroll down there and now that I’ve made all those I’ll hit “Continue” so I can see the entire ad campaign. So now I can see the whole ad campaign here. So far there’s 20 ads in it and they’re all geared for page likes internationally. So once I have these ads, then now I can go into the… right click and new tab the power editor. Hopefully it won’t take too long here. I remember that’s my ad account number. I think 1377, 1377. Alright, I download that. Thankfully Facebook has fixed a lot of the power editor errors, which helps this go a lot faster. And I swear they make new changes to it every day.

So now I have this Call Doc international campaign, thank you Facebook. So I have these headlines so what I do now copy, paste all these headlines. Wow, they’ve made huge changes to this lately. So instead of “Like being healthy” on this one I’ll say “Love being healthy” and then we’ll do the same thing over. Copy and paste this one more time. Now I’ve got another new ad campaign here. I’ll just say, “Like health” and then copy, paste, one more headline and we’ll make it, “Love good health.” And now I’ll try a different body text too, so that’s 80 ads. Now I’m going to be up to 160 in this campaign. Hopefully I won’t hit my max for this account all at once but, well, we’ll find out together.

Alright, then for this I just want to ask another question. Here, “Learn how you can get healthcare from a doctor online for a low cost.” There. So now that’s a little different than the other text and now I hit “Upload Changes.” And now here’s where the fun starts. Wow, I don’t even want to come… there we go. Always the errors. I submitted the feedback to Facebook on the power editor. Some people hate surveys, but, man, give me a Facebook power editor survey to take? Oh, yeah. I’m right there on that.

There, this campaign is done. Now, that’s one out of four campaigns. Now, I already have the skeleton of a campaign I can probably use in the US for the same objective. So now we go back to Call Doc International Likes, duplicate that, and now I want to switch this to Call Doc US Likes. And I don’t see why I can’t do the exact same pictures on the ad campaign I did before. What I do want to switch are some of the text up on it. So first I’m going to switch the audience up. I need to put just the US in the targeting. So now the audience is going to be a lot smaller, 36 million people, and I need to check my placements on it too.

Then in the US I do want ads to show in all of Facebook including the newsfeed, but the problem is I don’t want the pictures to look ugly from the… I don’t want the pictures to look ugly on the newsfeed and I don’t want to get a bunch of crap clicks on the newsfeed for a high cost. So I’m going to just do right hand column on these because I figure my desktop user is also more likely to convert to a sale on this. So we’re going to stay away from the newsfeed ads on these likes, but that’s tricky though. I just want likes and I have conversion tracking set up also.

So I actually want to do this on… I want to do this on the international ads too. I want to enable conversion tracking just in case any of them convert. I’ll upload the changes in this ad campaign. So that just uploaded the one campaign. Now I go back over here. This is my US campaign. So I’ve got it just in the US but I might want to do a different group in the US. I don’t see why I can’t use the same headlines and I think what I need to change is the body text on these US ads. So I highlight… I sorted… I’m pointing with my finger. I sorted all these on… I sorted all these on the body text right here. So now all my body text ads are selected regardless of title or anything else. So now I go down here and since… you don’t want to say “anywhere in the world” in the US. I want to put, “Learn how you can have access 24/7 to a doctor online or on your phone for only 19… for under 20 dollars a month.” There, so that’s more of a US specific body text. And I’ve targeted the same thing, I’ve done a similar thing with a text here.

So now I have all these ads set up, again, I’m going to upload this new ad campaign which targets the US. Now I go to look in the ad campaign account manager, Now I’ve got the US Likes Campaign and an International Likes Campaign. So this is the US one and you can see here’s what the add look like… looks like. Like health? See, and the headline is kinda unimportant on this set up on it. So it’s mainly this body text that they’re focusing on now. You can see there’s so many different picture combinations, text combinations on all of these, and the same for the international one except the international one is targeted to a much bigger audience. I mean, like that, that’s just funny. You know? It might work, it might not. We’ll find out.

Ok, so those are the two likes campaigns. The goals for both of those are to get Facebook likes. So they’re both geared to get a very specific objective accomplished. So the idea now is I want to get web traffic. So I’m going to close both of those and make separate campaigns from scratch for web traffic. So I’m going to start, go back to the ads manager, I’m going to click “Create an Ad,” and this time I want… actually, I want “Web Conversions.” And I’ll start with the and the pixel status is active, so that’s what I want to happen when people get to the website. So these are website conversions. Now, I can use the same images and I can choose the Facebook page to allow newsfeed ads to go in too.

So what I do, I actually can use “Browse Library” this time to use images I’ve already got. So that’s a little bit easier. So I’ll just select those images and now in order to get the ads to look good in the newsfeed I want to reposiitoin each of these ads individually to look a little better in the newsfeed. And, I mean, you know, some of these are funny. That’s the idea. Some of them if people think they’re stupid, well, that’s fine. You know, you can’t please everyone. I’m just trying to get the people’s attention of the people that are going to go sign up to this to be happy.

So now since we’re going for conversions I probably want people that are at least 18 so they can sign up. The question is, now, who do I target for this audience? So I want people that are active online and I want people that are likely to value some kind of service online. So this gets a little tricky. This is going to be a different maybe out of the box targeting with it. So what I need to know are what other kind of like trendy health groups are out there. What I could do is since my data… the data from the client shows it’s more likely to be college grad who already does stuff online, I can select “College Grad” to greatly narrow my audience. On top of my audience, I’m probably going to want a little bit older people that are starting to think more about their health that are off their parents’ health insurance. And I want more people that are active online that get other goods and services online already.

So this is where a little creativity can help a lot. What kind of person already gets a lot of services online? I’m thinking gamers. I think gamers already get a lot of services online. But what kind of things can I do to reach out to gamers? See, I’m trying to think through of what I can put for the ad text too. Since these are only on desktop, I only have certain potential. They’re not going to be in the… well, these will be in the newsfeed too, actually. But I’ll probably place them… yeah, I’ll put them everywhere. There, then a newsfeed link description. See, now that’s… that’s no fun. Now I take… there. Now I’ve made a clear, convincing newsfeed description.

Since I’m trying to refine my targeting more I’ll go back to what I want to say to people and then I’ll figure out who I should say that to. I’m reading some testimonials to get an idea. Reading all what these people put on here. I’m trying to figure out what’s going to be the key selling point. Well, the key selling point to me is on the homepage. The key selling point was on the homepage, so healthcare made easy.

And, here, now I just thought of an out of the box targeting thing on it too. Let’s do Barack Obama because I figure people that are interested in Barack Obama probably are going to have a higher interest in some kind of healthcare, at least be maybe more interested in seeing some kind of healthcare. And even if they don’t like Obamacare, it’s kind of an out of the box targeting. But what I don’t know is if that’ll work best to get people that actually want to sign up for the service and if there’s going to be a lot of competition on it. So I might have to rethink that one. But I’ve got my creative line, healthcare made easy, and then… there. 4 out of 5 office visits can be… I like that data there. “Talk to a doctor 24/7 online and skip the visit to the doctor’s office for under 20 dollars per month.”

There, now I’ve got my… now who does… who needs healthcare made easy? That’s what’s tricky. Who needs a simpler healthcare solution? I’m thinking more about… I’m thinking people who already order things online but how do I know they order things online? Thinking the kind of person that’s willing to order shoes online might be interested in healthcare online. So that’s a real… and you’re… alright, if you’re watching this video out of all the things I’ve done you probably just sat there and were like, “Alright, how the hell did you come up with as your target Zappos for healthcare?” Like, well, it’s the kind of person who already is comfortable doing things online that most people don’t do online. Ordering shoes online is one of those things. Zappos, I just happen to know, is the top one for ordering shoes online. And it’s a very… it’s much more specific than, say, someone that orders from Amazon. Now, this term might be get a bunch of competition around Christmastime, but I’m making an ad that’s going to run for the long term.

So this is BanWork Call Doc Conversions… well, Web Traffic US. So that’s BanWork Traffic US. You can see I’ve got conversions set up, connected to the Facebook page, it’s coming from the Facebook page, and when you click on it it takes you to the website, and it looks good over here too in the right hand column. Same thing. So what we do now, click “Place Order,” and then I make more ads with the different pictures just like I did before. So I just “Browse Library” and I went like what… I don’t even know which ones I just used. I can go backwards and that’ll simplify it, won’t it? There. See, I went from targeting Obama to Zappos. If you want me to make an ad campaign for you, that’s one thing you can get that I guess is hard to replicate. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 so we’ll go through here and then I can figure I didn’t use those 2 earlier.

How the hell did you learn to do this, you might ask? Well, I… dammit. I had a lot of free time on my hands. I was trying to promote myself and I learned how to do this in trying to promote myself. Now I mostly promote other people. So I made those ads, now I can click “Continue,” and here’s the ad campaign. I got 40 results because Facebook went and made newsfeed ads and right column ads. What I can do again is go to the power editor, download all the ads, and copy those ones I made. So I download the power editor again and, I mean, I’m critical of Facebook sometimes, but I’m very thankful they keep making so many positive changes to the power editor. It saves me from having to pay another company a lot of money every month to do the same thing.

So I’m looking for active campaigns, BanWork Call Doc US Web Traffic. Now, as usual, Facebook makes things a little complicated in that I can’t edit all of the ads in the power editor. And if I can figure out which one… if I can sort these, maybe I can do all of one type of ad at once because I want to copy and do additional text versions of the same ad. There, it looks like I can do them together, but if you notice, I can’t mix the newsfeed and the right column ad together. So I can copy and paste the newsfeed ads into a different version of the newsfeed ad, but then I can’t do a different version of the… I can’t do a different version of the right column ad.

So, as you can see, in this it’s not really worth it with 40 ads in the campaign already to even go through and do that again. But duplicate Web Traffic US 2 and I can now, since I want to try something else, I can have the best of both worlds. I want to try my Obama campaign, well, I can try my Obama campaign. There you go. I can do both of them in the same campaign and I can see how that stacks up against… I can see how that stacks up against anything else.

So I can upload this new ad campaign for Obama. Upload again. Alright, how here’s a workaround. You can see some of the ads clearly didn’t upload, so what I can do is just modify the age slightly and upload it again and it’ll work around that little error I had. And you can see the sheer amount of time I’ve put into figuring out these little problem solving solutions.

So now the client asked for 10 dollars a day for web traffic, so what I need to do now is switch… I need to switch these to two 5 dollar a day campaigns to meet his original goals. And what I can do is with running these over a longer period of time, we can see which one of these converts the best. So now I can make a global ad campaign doing the same thing. I duplicate this web traffic and this is a global one I want. And now I go into the ads on the global one and instead of the US or Barack Obama I’m going to target a little more general. We’ll target Amazon because that’s more general for worldwide.

Now what I need to do is pair up my wealth list. So now I’m going to target other countries where I know there’s established wealth in the country. And I need to make sure I’ve got English targeted on these. So now I’m going in and putting countries like Canada, Australia where I know the wealth is at such a point where… where they can afford to pay 19 a month for something like this. And the idea is I’m making all of these campaigns and if any one of them work well to get a positive ROI for the client then they’re going to be really happy and they can just increase the budget on that one campaign then. And I’m using this off of a premade list I’ve already researched, so that’s… if you have me make a campaign, that’s one of the advantages. I’ve got little resources like this and I took the time one day to figure out which countries have a comparable per capita income to the US and have a significant English speaking portion of the population in there, so now I have all these I can use on demand. I just have to pull my list up.

Ok, so now I’ve got a global campaign. I can even throw say maybe Japan in. I probably don’t want the United… well, maybe I’ll put the United Kingdom in right now because I don’t… I don’t know. But the client will easily be able to see if they’re… if they’re getting conversions from somewhere. The client will easily be able to see that.

So I’ve got… we’ll do Qatar. There. I’ve got a nice list of international campaigns. Now I’ll upload that, that’s done. Now I go back here, refresh, and now I’ve got to switch this to a 10 dollar a day campaign. Now I’ll take a look in the actual campaign itself. You can see, this is a 1.5 million… even though I’m targeting Amazon, you can see the audience is a lot smaller but Amazon is a US company so you can figure the kind of person that likes Amazon on Facebook is probably going to have a better chance of wanting to order from Call Doc, you know, than say the average person globally.

So now these campaigns are made for conversions, these are made for page likes. So now the client ordered 4 campaigns, I’ve given them 5. And I split the US web traffic because that, hopefully, will give the best chance of success in this ad campaign. So the set up on these is done so you can see the hours I’ve put in the researching, the system I’ve got set up. Now, these ad campaigns are done for the client.

What I’m going to do in the coming days is analyze how they’re running and then I can make changes based on what I see. What will really help is if I can get a conversion or two and see where the conversions are coming in from. So you can see these are done and now I’m going to go through and do one more ad campaign for a different client to give some additional perspective on what you can do.

You can see this is finished, so we’re going to go through here. I don’t know what these errors are. I’m going to make sure there’s 40 ads. There’s 40 ads in there, so I’m going to close that. Alright, that was an incognito window. I closed the whole thing. So now I’m going to need to sign into PhotoSpin again in order to do these… this client’s ads. Alright, so I’m signed in here.

So the next ad campaign I have is for a client that wants to expand his recipe page. And you can see I already made this ad campaign for him back in August. So now he wants a new ad campaign. You can see he’s getting 30 cents per page like for an audience in the US that likes his recipes. What he needs now is an ad campaign to expand on that globally. You can see this ad campaign has ran well for him. If I reset the zoom you can see better. I think you can see better.

So here’s his page,, a huge page. 382 thousand people on it. It’s for recipes and what I can do is, I’ll take you to his page real quick. So I already know his page. I’ve already made campaigns for his page. So you can see if you like recipes and food, do it yourself, I’d definitely visit and take a look. There’s delicious recipes all over and there’s just tons of pictures to use. So I may not even need PhotoSpin for this.

What I’m going to do, look, I already… I already made this ad campaign for him, right? And it looks like I’ve used a ton of pictures from all of his different recipes so I don’t see why I wouldn’t, you know, if I did it right before, I figure I can only screw it up by doing it different. So you can see all of these images here. I can easily use more of these images in more ads. So I’ve got more ads. There. Now I want… I want a new audience because this audience is using a partner category so I want to take the partner category out. So I want “recipe.” There. I’ll put recipe and cooking. Now, that’s too big so I’ll just do recipe and so I’ll put, “Like the best recipes,” on here.

So I know I’ve got a hashtag targeted that’s solid, I’m going to take women, and based on the client’s feedback, if I look at my feedback he emailed me, he says that women 18 to 44 seem to be his most engaged audience. So we’re going to set this to women 18 to 44. Now, he wants the biggest audience from… that’ll… his bottom line, and this is why it’s important to look at the bottom line in terms of your own ads or your client’s ads. Now, his bottom line is getting people to his website to get Adsense income. So that means he needs people from countries that are going to be worthwhile on Adsense and I’m going to create a BanWork, Global.

And now I don’t happen to remember, I need to look and see if he wants a direct to web or not. Alright, so he wants to get the cost per click as low as possible and he wants more likes. Ok, perfect. Alright, so I’ll put his campaign at 10 dollars a day to start, scroll up here, so now I need to… I’m going to use that same country list I had before. I want to use that same country list I already had, so I’m going to put the same countries I’d put already, these ones, to start in. But I’m going to add more countries that I know are good on Adsense traffic and this is from the same list I used before. So this will help him build up a little bit bigger following. And the more countries you add around the world, it gives the opportunity for the ads to run in all times of day too and that helps because then Facebook will give you a discount. It gives you a better chance to get in the best opportunity places. I already put Switzerland in here? Yes, I did. I sure don’t want to target Switzerland, Florida or South Carolina. Finland.

Ok, it looks like… Luxembourg. Spain. Puerto Rico. Alright, I’ve got a good, solid worldwide audience here. It’s not that much bigger than the original US audience, but it will have… it’s targeted different so the clicks should be cheaper. There. So now I’ve got to go in and reposition some of these images too so they look good in the newsfeed. You can tell what that is. Ok. I don’t like the sponsored stories because Facebook puts it in there already. But it’s… I’ll give it a try for this page. I don’t often use it, but I think it… my feeling is it should work better for this page.

Alright, so I’m creating similar ad now and I want a bunch of different images because this, I mean, it’s a recipe page. You know? I want all kinds of pages. I need one more image here because I’ve… the easiest way to be certain I get something someone likes is to put a bunch of different recipe pages on there or different foods shown on here. I’m going to download a bunch more photos from his page too. So I’ve got most of the good photos.

Now I’m going to go to his page and download the photos he’s posted. So we’re going to just roll through and save a bunch of these images. Whoops, not that. Now, he’s posting all these on his page so I’m going on a little bit of faith that he’s handled the copywriting issues for that. But the thing is, is the same things that apply to ads apply to posting on your page. The difference is the ads are getting shown a lot to everyone, especially if you’re targeting… if you’re using something from, you know, say that a competitor created. You know, that’s where you run the risk of having a problem. I mean, in the food area I wouldn’t think that’s likely and I’m, you know, taking a leap of faith that he’s got all the copyright stuff handled. So I think that’s reasonable in this situation.

So I’m going to pull as many images as I can. We’ll just use all these images to make the ads. I probably ought to target desserts, all these desserts in here. These little pizzas, that’s cool. I don’t even know what that is, so what, and no one else is going to know what it is either. Well, that’s not quite true, but you know what I’m saying. Alright, I figure I’ve got enough images now. That’s a lot, so we’re going to upload all these backwards. So 3, 6, there we go. I’ll have to reposition these in the newsfeed. I love these little pizzas in the newsfeed. There we go.

Now we’re going to keep creating similar, we’re going to do lots more. So I start from 3, 6 now I go from 9 to 12. It’s absolutely critical to do this with doing many images if you want to go a low cost ad campaign. Ah, this burger won’t all fit in the newsfeed it’s so big. These cookies will, though. You know, for someone that wants lunch right now, doing a Recipe Tipster Facebook page probably wasn’t the best idea. But if every idea I had would be good… if every idea I had was good, the world would be a whole different place. What is that? Good lord. So you can see I’m just knocking all these images out and then that’ll be about it. So, yeah, I have one more of these with images and then that’ll be another campaign created for another client and a video created for you that I hope is helpful.

I’ve made this video because a lot of people that have watched my other videos have asked, “Can you make some ad… can you make some that are more detailed?” in terms of, alright, you’ve shown me the overview of what to do, you know, how do I actually do it? So a lot of my videos give more of an overview of how to get low cost clicks, one cent clicks, etcetera or how to just make an ad campaign generally that gets a good low cost click out of a target audience. So this video is just for that purpose. This shows you how to do exactly that.

So I’ll put these last three images on and then his new ad campaign will be done and hopefully we’ll get him a low cost per click. I can even throw him a little bonus in and see if I can figure out… maybe copy this campaign into a new audience, so that’s what I will do. Because he paid for 2 ad campaigns… or, he paid for 1 ad campaign so I’ll throw in another ad campaign and see if I can… I’ll do… I’ll go to the power editor, I’ll copy his campaign, I’ll copy his campaign and see if I can make another one with a different audience to kind of hedge my bets. That way if I’m wrong about my audience having been a good choice, and I’m just double checking my numbers to download the right power editor account right now.

Oh, and I’ve still got the old version of the power editor, Facebook. I want the new one. I want the new one, gosh darn it. That other version looked great. I loved that other version, the look that… I wonder if I can refresh my plugin somehow. I got the other version by doing an incognito browser window, though. This is the old version you can see with the download and the etcetera here. Right, so I want the BanWork Recipe Tipster Global. And I already made a max likes one for him before.  You can see I got 6 thousand likes on his page at 2 cents I like for only 109 dollars. He’s only got 600 for 184 but he prefers the audience that’s good for the Adsense revenue.

So what we’re going to do is duplicate this and then try out a different… a different tag. And I bet the sponsored stories… I might be able to do the audience at least. Good. So we’re going to try… now. What I need to know is what else people talk about. Alright, if you’re talking about recipes who else might be… I mean, cooking is certainly one but, you see, the cooking is a huge audience. I might do a dessert one, too. Look, all these… and this campaign is loaded with errors. So let’s see if we can at least figure out what the error is. Ah, I need to put in a campaign budget. There we go. 5 dollars a day and that should work hopefully.

Wow. And this is some of the things I submit in the feedback to the power editor because, I mean, what, you know, there’s no obvious problem here. Let’s see what this error says. Missing parameter. So this must be… I mean, what a disaster, like… just a total disaster, Facebook. So now when you get a total whatever you want to call it, insert your favorite cuss word here. I’m just going to download and start over again. What a disaster. So now, let’s try this again. I’m going to duplicate, go into the global two, go into the ads, and I bet it had something to do with the sponsored stories. So we’re going to sort by ad name and I’ll wipe the sponsored stories out and try this again. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work or I’m right, but we’ll find out together. Ok. Cooking. Like Cookie Monster. My wife says I’m good at that impression.

Alright, now that worked. So, again, how the hell would I have known that? Well, I’ve done a lot of these so I kinda figured. But what kind… the cryptic error message. Like, how exactly was I going to get that out of that cryptic error message? You know? There’s no way. So this is the old campaign I made, which needs to be deleted. And so now I refresh, he’s got a second ad… I don’t know if he specified a budget but I’ll start these both out at 5. So this is a global recipe and this is… and I’m going to try a global dessert too because you see how many desserts I posted. Right? I got to try a dessert one too just to see if that works. So I’m going to duplicate this one and call it BanWork Global Dessert. I hope that’s not desert. See, if you have a… if you have a… alright, so that’s desert. How the hell do you spell dessert? So that’s dessert. Alright, well, that’s good to know. I wouldn’t want to be targeting the desert when I meant dessert.

Alright, it always helps to double check things in life. I don’t mean micromanage though, but I mean just make sure you’re not totally screwing it up. Alright, let’s try uploading this one now and he ordered one campaign so he’s going to get 3 out of this actually, so hopefully he’ll be happy with that. That’s not to say that’s what I do for everyone every time, but it’s a repeat client, I want him to be happy with, you know, what he’s ordered for the third time here. So we’ll start them all off at 5 dollars a day and see what happens.

Now, what he wants to do is get lower than 29 cents a page like, so hopefully we can do that with this campaign. So I didn’t even have to use my PhotoSpin, I did have to use Google. Anyhow, you can see that’s how I just made 2 different ad campaigns. Now he’s got… or, two different clients a total of 8 different ad campaigns. And the value is usually if you look at ad campaigns people make on their own, they’re usually just using less images, not using a power editor, not using those creative targeting options I’ve showed you.

So if you’ve listened to me talk this long, you’re probably a bit winded as I am from talking so much now, so I think this is sufficient to cover in one video on creating Facebook ad campaigns. If you thought this was like, “Woah, I don’t want to do all that,” then here’s your simple solution. You can tell me what you need, email, tell me about your goals for your ad campaigns. If you saw the ones I created, which you probably did, the goals I mean are do you need conversions, do you need likes, what do you need? Give me your goals and then give me your budget with it and I’ll give you a solution.

If you watch lots of my other videos I have more inspirational and helpful business information, life information, and lots more info on Facebook ads and managing your online reputation. So thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you on my YouTube channel or in my email inbox.  Want me to make a campaign for you? Email or visit my services and pricing page.