How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

How do we generate passive income in 2019 and beyond? What really works to make money online, even after you’ve stopped doing anything to make that happen?

My name is Jerry Banfield and I’m excited for the chance to teach you. After eight years of earning money online averaging over $10,000 a month profit in the last four years making over a million dollars online, I’m really excited to show you the best of what works to make passive income online in 2019 and beyond.

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

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What really works to make passive income online in 2019 is exactly what I’m doing. I do it because it works and I’ll do more of it because it keeps working better and better.

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I’ll show you how to do this for yourself are you ready without further ado, let’s take a look.

What you can do to make passive income online, my number one suggestion is to make videos. Now if you don’t know how to make your own videos, you haven’t made any. I’ll give you suggestions on that.

The number one suggestion is to make videos and put them on YouTube.

The reason for that is YouTube videos and the follow up from that will allow you to make passive income in a lot of different ways and it’s very simple and easy to do. You can just do it repeatedly and build and build and build this is the number one way of making videos that I’ve earned passive income online and what’s earned me the most income from my videos has been teaching online.

How to Make Passive Income report

When you combine making videos on YouTube with teaching online, you can really get crazy about the income. As you can see, almost half of all the income I’ve earned online has been from teaching online.

The basic formula is I made free YouTube videos first, then sold video courses on them. But I don’t even sell video courses. I don’t even make it new video courses now, because I am just going for the very top.

To me the very top is being able to release everything for free, and then bring all the passive income methods together on the free content. For example, Tim Ferriss does this with his podcast makes I imagine a fortune on his podcast and then is able to put out everything he does for free. This is my business model and this is the one that I’m doing now.

I’ll show you all the things related to this and other ways to make passive income if you just think you can’t make videos. However, if you’re saying okay, Jerry, I’m not like you, I can’t step on camera. I don’t want to, how can I still make videos?

You can hire someone else to make videos for you.

How to Make Passive Income Online

You can research which videos are needed and hire someone that can make a video often for a low cost. I’ve hired people for $1,000 that have made videos that have earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

You can pay people to make your videos because lots of people will make videos, don’t realize what that’s worth and don’t realize how to distribute it all the ways I’m going to show you here.

Even if you can’t make videos, you can still use this system that I’m showing you to make passive income. If you can make videos, that’s ideal because you can fully participate in the system. But if you can’t make videos, you might even get better results doing this, rather than making them yourself.

What makes this so good is that when you make videos on YouTube, you can also turn that into a podcast, I recommend for hosting. I’ve had my podcast here in just seven months, and I’ve earned $1,000 off of it. Even though I don’t talk much about my podcast and don’t even promote it. You can see there’s really good ad revenue coming off of the podcast listens.

Passive Income Online 2019

When you make videos, you can convert them down into a podcast. Then you can convert them further down into blog posts like I do, for example, on this recent post, it’s a video then I hire a transcriber and an editor on Upwork for about 20 or $30 to convert the video into a blog post, I now get thousands of visits a day for free to my website because I have 800 plus blog posts almost all converted from YouTube videos.

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

Then you could put the videos on Facebook now with the Creator Studio and earn passive income on every single one of these, you can make passive income on YouTube with ad revenue, you can make a passive income with memberships, you can make passive income on a podcast using the ad revenue, you can make passive income on a blog from AdSense.

And then you can bring in things like affiliate marketing, where you sell a product for someone else, you can bring that into all of these different methods.

The definition of passive income is that it keeps earning money after you don’t even do anything and the majority of the income I’ve made online has been passive income.

Once I’ve set it up, it’s simply continued to make money.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t work and don’t do anything. In fact, I’m in my office seven days a week, an average of three or four hours a day I am doing something because I love what I do.

The beauty of it is I could stop it anytime and keep making very similar money if not more than I’m already making, because most of my income setup is passive income, meaning I don’t have to do anything.

For example, if you go to and you get a one on one call coaching collaboration or services, that’s active income, I have to do something when you pay me and you can see that’s why I charge hundreds of dollars an hour for active income because it takes away from my time to do passive income.

If you don’t have a job, you’ve got a lot of free time, now is the time to set up passive income. Because most people don’t set up passive income.

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They’re in this trap of always working for active income and never having time to set up passive income.

The one thing that’s hard with passive income is you need to lay a foundation often spend money and you won’t make hardly any money, usually laying the foundation of it.

Most people never lay the foundation for it and if you simply lay the foundation by filming lots of videos, get them out there.

Once you’ve got a foundation it just snowballs and snowballs and snowballs.

It has been easier for me to make this million dollars than it was to make the first $500,000 it was easier to make the second $250,000 than the first, it’ll be easier to make my next one and a half million than it was to make the first one and a half million.

Most people fail by not taking the time and energy clearing the schedule to set all of this up. What I’ll do now is give you some guidance on what to set up and how to learn more about doing all this.

I recommend going through and watching my specific tutorials that I show on related subjects. For example, take a look at this playlist that includes all my new videos from How to Make Money Online.

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

The ideal thing you can do is watch each of these and put them together, I show you the money I’ve made in great detail.

If you want to do YouTube, I’ve got a bunch of YouTube specific tutorials. If you want to do podcasting, I’ve got a bunch of podcasting specific tutorials that will help you. If you want to do teaching online, I’ve got a bunch of specific teaching online tutorials. These are all the top ways I’ve made money online, except for crypto.

You can just watch these playlists and learn how to do it.

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

What I’ll give you now are some of the basics for how to set this up first, for podcasting, you want to use because it has free hosting and it has built in sponsorships that pay you good ad revenue.

To do your own website, you can just get a WordPress theme and get Google AdSense in it and start getting your videos transcribed into blog posts and start linking ads there.

You can also do affiliate marketing all over the place, I’ve got a resources list what I do is I just do affiliate marketing getting on everything that I use, if you go to you’ll see the camera I use you’ll see all the software I use, the services I use and all of these are affiliate links.

When you go use the same web hosting I do I get 20% indefinitely of what you pay for web hosting. If you use the same email marketing I did and you signed up for it I will get 20% indefinitely of what you paid for that.

This is how you make some outstanding income, but as you can see, if you’ve got no following online, if you haven’t made any videos, getting started with this is difficult.

So here are the shortcuts to be able to do it.

You can film videos that are tutorials, the best kind of videos to make are tutorials. Tutorials get the most views, the fastest tutorials get the most ad revenue for example, I just made a video showing on YouTube how I made $200 from only 8000 views nearly all of which were given to me for free. Just by making it, I literally used OBS Open Broadcaster Software, which is a free software I hit record, walked through, literally just needed to sign up for G-suite and recorded myself talking my way through doing something that I did once before.

Recorded talking my way through it made $200 in the first six months on ad revenue alone and at this rate the video is going to make $2,000 from one video that took me less than an hour.

Think about how it took me less than an hour to make a video that’s on its way to making $2000+ in ad revenue all for free. I didn’t need to pay to advertise it. I just put it up on my channel and got a few hundred views for free and initially from just my YouTube channel, then it built up it’s on its way to earning $2,000+ from YouTube organic search traffic.

My whole strategy is YouTube organic search traffic, thus if you want to make passive income like I do, I highly recommend focusing on what people are searching for and guess what I’ve got lots more tutorials coming out about that.

I have a video on how to get a million YouTube views, I’ve had several videos of the most several which I deleted that have got over a million views on YouTube. I showed in this TubeBuddy Tutorial exactly how to research the right topics just like I do.

I go research what is the best video topic I can make. Hence, that’s why the title of this video is about passive income. I researched this this is a good opportunity you research the right topics and use Camtasia to make videos for free on the right topics.

I’ve got a list of my equipment, I’ve got another video that walks you through the list of my equipment and I’ve another post that has called Start Teaching Today! that has affiliate links to all of my exact microphones, all the other software, all the websites on here.

How to earn from home?

I’ve got an entire playlist on YouTube showing you how to make money working from home based on my experience.

I’ve made all this work from home and at one point, it seemed impossible and yet when I started to believe, when I started to put in the effort when I started to think about how to help other people, then it started to seem possible. Now, it seems easy.

I’ve got an entire playlist I recommend you watch on YouTube. It’s called “Make Money Online Working From Home in 2019”. These are all of my videos on how to earn money online.

For example, I have a video that says “How to Find the Next Bitcoin or Udemy Faster”. I have a video on “How to Make Passive Income Online in 2019”.

The number one suggestion I have is to do YouTube and do live streaming just like I do. These are 2 really good ways to earn money online.

Do YouTube videos and do live streaming. I’ve got playlists for all of that.

One of the best ways you can make passive income from doing videos is to teach online.

You put video tutorials up then you sell a related video course to it —I’ve got a video to watch this Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce and Uthena Today!— It shows you exactly every single step for free to sign up and start teaching on all these websites. It has all the equipment, all the links to exactly what services you can use like TubeBuddy, Email Marketing, my Partner Program to that is full of online teachers, it’s got all of that to show you exactly how to set up a full teaching business.

teaching for Passive Income

If you’re just getting started filming videos, I don’t recommend immediately going for a teaching business. Because you want to be able to promote and sell your own courses. You want to practice filming.

The nice thing is on YouTube, you can just film whatever you want and practice and then the better you get, then you’ll be ready to teach courses. That’s exactly what I did.

That’s why I don’t have any income data from before 2015 because I took a couple of years to make YouTube videos and then get topics people wanted. I started teaching online courses after that.

Honestly it might take you 6 months a year to to set this up, but once you’ve got it set up, passive income is amazing.

If you’d like to get some help with making some active income, you have time to do passive income. I got a list of the Best Side Hustlers for 2019. This video walks you through things you can do like Fiverr or Upwork to make active income where you can get clients online and lots of times getting clients online to pay you active income can help you learn things that then you will teach and make passive income online after that.

best side hustles for income

Thus, combining active income from clients with time spent doing things like filming video tutorials on what you’ve learned and refined and now you can teach because you’ve helped so many clients like me, I helped so many clients with online advertising, that now I was able to continue to teach online advertising.

I got paid by my clients essentially to learn and become a master of advertising online, then I was able to teach that and make lots of money teaching online using that active income information.

You can do things like work on Upwork and Fiverr to refine your skills that keep teaching on YouTube. Then if you make a podcast on, you can earn passive income here also

If you want to learn how to do a podcast, I video name Start Podcasting Today I’ll walk you through every single step to get started, show you the exact microphone to use and more.

Passive income podcast

If you want to do some more affiliate marketing or set up your own membership website, affiliate marketing and can be a great strategy to do as well. For example, I have a video I put up on YouTube showing how you can make $100 a day on Skillshare Premium Referrals, I will give you an exact link on my website showing how I’m doing this on my free course page.

I put up a bunch of free Udemy coupons, tell people about it in a YouTube video and then I’ve got a link to sign up for Skillshare on this page. This helps me make money every day through affiliate marketing.

free courses for passive income

Now affiliate marketing, I haven’t talked much about it because this is something that looks attractive, but often will not work for you at all and will be a complete waste of time.

Ultimately, if you want passive income, the best thing to do is create good content that can get views indefinitely.

The main thing I see is that people on YouTube are confused about their only thinking videos getting watched immediately and only caring about views that happened within the first week or two.

I see so many comments “Jerry, you don’t have an audience, your videos only get a couple hundred views in the first few days”.

That’s all I need to lay a foundation for because I make all my videos for YouTube organic search traffic and YouTube organic search traffic builds an indefinite amount of following and subscribers and that.

When you get YouTube organic search traffic, you can make tons of money selling video courses, you can make lots of money doing things like active income, you can make lots of money doing affiliate marketing when you’ve got the YouTube organic search traffic behind you.

The good news is you don’t need very many subscribers. I’ve just made another tutorial showing you how you can advertise on YouTube to give your videos a little bit of a boost. If you’re hardly getting any views, you just need a few hundred views to lay a foundation on a video or maybe a few thousand and more of a competitive topic.

How to Make Passive Income Online 2019

Once you’ve got it up there, you’ve got a chance to make a passive income and definitely on it. I’ve got two videos I highly recommend you watch this one YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019 in the YouTube channel playlist, and this one the How to advertise on YouTube. Both of these will show you if you have zero subscribers and you want to build up the initial views on a video to help it place in search to help you build your audience and get that snowball effect where people find you in search.

They subscribe and they definitely watch videos of me as people do, as I hope you’ll do with us.

I think I’ve covered passive income. I’ve given you the basics of how to make a lot of passive income in 2019 by creating content.

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I’m very grateful for the chance to serve you today. I hope this has given you some valuable information that’s worked really well for me to make money online, this I’ve made almost all of this money online.

Passive Income Online

I’ve given you the basics, everything you really need to do to learn all of this stuff for free and start doing it.

I love you. You’re awesome. I wish you an amazing life. That’s why I make these videos for you every day.

I’ll see you again in the next video.

Jerry Banfield