How to Network Like a Boss without Wasting Time at Networking Events!

Are you ready to start networking like a boss and never need to go to any more networking events again?

The secret is this: Long Term Relationships where there’s real trust. As you can see, doing things like networking events is often based on the short term, you don’t have trust yet.

I’m grateful I’m practicing this today and I will show you exactly how to do the same.

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How do we network like a boss?

I’ve wasted a bunch of time and thousands of dollars going to network events and this is something many of us do when we start our business because we don’t know anyone. You might ask -Okay, well, what’s the alternative? I just have a new business, I don’t know anyone.

You can also network with the people you’ve already been following and make deeper relationships with them. For example, I have an application where you can apply with me for a one on one call.

The longest one is my friend Joseph Delgadillo we met on Xbox more than 10 years ago, and we just kept in touch when I started my business. Joseph was right there to encourage and help me and Joseph is one of the top earners all time in contract labor from me.

I love when people ask me for help. And that’s often when there’s new connections.

If you’ve been following me for years, a one on one call with me as a great way to start networking you might know me really well. And it’s easy to get in the door with me and start talking with me when you make the one on one call. Then, for example, I’ll look back at the people who have done the best networking with me. There are several people I’ve been working with for years.

Look at the people you already know. Start talking about your business to everyone and start asking for help, a lot of the best connections you will make will be asking for help.

Getting to know and deepening the relationships you already have is probably a much better use of time than screwing around that networking events and exchanging a bunch of business cards with other people.

Because there’s no substitute for a deep, trusting relationship. With Joseph Delgadillo when I started my business he was the first person I was turning to for help because he encouraged me and I already had known him for several years. Building trust often takes a lot of time.

Now if you do have some relationships you started with networking events. The key is to keep deepening those relationships over time. The problem is networking events rarely work. Because of the kind of people who are attracted to networking events.

Those that have done the most successful networking with me have joined my Jerry Banfield partners membership group, I’m available for video calls every week in my membership group, and those that have joined the partner program, have often earned much more than they’ve paid in membership costs.

There are lots of people that have membership programs online. It’s often a great way to network with someone you’d like to get to know and many of the new job opportunities are working with people like me that are building growing businesses online.

In fact, the number one source of new jobs is small businesses. And at the same time, there’s often no competition.

If you’re trying to work at Google or Facebook, there’s a bunch of other people that are dreaming of doing that too and a bunch of other people that are applying.

Meanwhile there’s not a lot of people that are dreaming of working for me, and I often need to go on websites like Upwork to hire people to do work for me.

What I’ve noticed is the top people I’ve paid over the last several years are people who did really smart, long term networking with me, for example, Michel Gerard, he originally bought a bunch of my courses on Udemy. He was very helpful in answering questions for people in the courses, I put -inspired by him- a $100 a week contest, and several of my best selling courses on Udemy and Michel won the contest.

I then kept doing the contest, Michel won so many times I thought, Why do the contest at all let’s just let Michele go answer questions and a bunch of these different courses.

Michel since then is earned something like $100,000 working with me among all the different ways I’ve paid him, on all the different projects.

Michel is the right hand man in my business as Joseph Delgadillo focused completely on building his own business using the tools and lessons he went through working with me.

You can do much better than going to networking events by deepening the relationships you’ve already got.

Another path if you are isolated and there’s absolutely you really don’t know anyone, you can do a lot of good online by joining membership groups.

I don’t go to networking events. I haven’t been to a networking event in years. The idea of a networking event from my point of view a total waste of time. I don’t go to networking events, and I’m the exact kind of person a lot of people would like to network with.

Networking events tend to be filled with like minded people, people who are going out and trying to hustle and not focusing on building really deep, meaningful long term relationships with people.

I am available for networking, and especially my partner calls but also coaching. Coaching can be a really powerful place to build a deeper relationship. In fact, if you look around at the top podcast, you will often see that it seems like the same people go on each other’s podcasts, it’s as if there’s some circle of people who are just helping each other.

The secret to getting in that world is paying for coaching. You go through and go up somebody’s funnel, maybe pay $100,000 for somebody to coach you for a few months and then guess what you end up on an interview on their podcast, when then you’re on an interview on their podcast, then maybe someone else following it invites you on their podcast. Same thing with me, I have coaching and I do it by hourly, you work with me a whole bunch I get to know you and makes it real easy for me to do an interview and to put you in front of my following then you might find someone from my following that puts you on their podcast or their YouTube channel.

As you can see, doing something like coaching might be a lot better use of time because it’s also focused. For example, if you’ve been following me for years, and you’d really like to network with me more, coaching the guaranteed way to get a hold of someone.

There’s a lot of people online and you may be following them already that offer membership programs and coaching and doing some direct networking with someone you already love and follow might be a better use of your money.

I spent thousands of dollars, I paid for a trustee level Chamber of Commerce membership, I paid for a business networking, international membership, andโ€ฆ

… I have no relationships. No relationships remaining from any of that time, despite all the time and energy I put into it today.

All the relationships I have are a result of a combination of natural networking through family and friends. And a combination of directed networking where either someone has decided they really want to do work with me and network with me, or I’ve decided that for example, I just found my hypnotherapist.

I found her and I’m like, I want to help her build her business online.

I go see her every week, then we make a deep relationship by helping each other. I help her promote and build her business. She helps me do my best work in my business. And then with that really deep relationship, I imagine I will get natural referrals to the kind of people I wouldn’t have access to. By going to networking events.

She has friends that have multimillion-dollar businesses who might not come to me directly for help with getting their business built online. However, through her, it might be possible.

Local networking can be really powerful also for that network effect.

And the same kind of focused online networking can be really powerful for the same effect. What I’m talking about is the local networking where you know someone several different ways.

Often just knowing one person through another person might not do much but when you knows someone through several different people. For example, if my hypnotherapist in this example, she knew, let’s say one of her friends and then also, maybe my wife’s sister knew that same friend, and then maybe my wife’s dad, cut that person’s hair, then you’ve got this really powerful networking effect that combines to bring you into a relationship with someone that might not have been available without all that.

That helps you jump forward in the trust cycle when you’ve got all these different connections.

With my partner program, what happens is we have people join and immediately start making relationships with each other, a new partner will join will listen to another partner for several weeks in a partner program and then began coaching with that partner because it’s more focused and it doesn’t cost this as much as my coaching

With the partner program, we find people networking and collaborating and building businesses with each other. Instead of even building them with me, which I think is ideal, with many types of masterminds, that you can pretty quickly go in and assess the value of it.

The people that come into my partner program are often, Wow, this is awesome. You’re having video calls every week, you got a Facebook group, you guys are really here to help each other. You’re not just trying to make money off each other, which you might argue because it’s more of a long term vision.

We see that if we really want to make money together, we need to focus on how do we help each other on a day to day basis.

Some networking groups or mastermind groups, you might try it and it’s okay to fail at it. I’m grateful that I gave up on my chamber of commerce membership and my BNI membership. At the same time, some networking groups, you really have to work them over a long period of time.

I saw people in the chamber of commerce and in the Business Networking International groups, they were crushing it because they stayed in those groups for years.

They consistently built relationships with people, consistently started networking with new people. Thus, if you don’t want to waste time at networking events, the key is to stick with it,

If you actually like going to them -Who does like going to network events does anyone I think some people do, but I don’t know if I know them-.

Maybe the people will keep going for years just like doing them. If you like doing them, just stick with it, and focus on making the deepest relationships possible.

Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope it’s helpful for you, especially if you’re like me before and you’re wondering, where do I make some new relationships? Where do I get some more results out of the relationships I have?

If you want the best results in a relationship, it’s about how much you can help the other person while respecting your own boundaries.

If your boundaries indicate a certain level of availability. Then it’s respecting that not going over it.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and to maybe subtly, maybe not so subtly promote my own programs to over and over again, because I know networking is hard and I’ve made programs that I imagine will help a lot with it.

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Thank you very much for making it to the end of this post.

I love you! You’re awesome and I’m excited to see your application for a free call today if you’d like to talk with me.
Jerry Banfield