How To Not Focus On Negatives and Confidently Move Forward

What you don’t know is often much more important than what you do know as far as how things are going to turn out in life. I hope this is helpful for you to help give you peace of mind about whatever is going on.

What do I mean when I say what you don’t know is often more important than what you do know? I’ll show you an example with League of Legends.

What did the people on my team think they knew as far as how the game outcome would be? They could see that I wasn’t playing well, therefore they knew that Malphite was feeding. There was a player on the team that was dragging the team down that wasn’t having a good game. This is enough to set people off and make them sure they’re going to lose. What they didn’t know in this game is that there was a guy on the other team that was going to go AFK.

Even though I didn’t play well, by the end of the game it would be 5 on 4. If members of my team had known that then there would be a great peace of mind. Obviously you can’t know what you don’t know ahead of time. You can realize that often you don’t know the most important thing in terms of the outcome until it’s about to end. What you can do is get so upset with what you do know that you end up creating the most important part of the outcome. Often you can create it in a bad way if you’re getting frustrated with what’s going on. I don’t know why the guy on the other team went away. He might have gotten mad at his teammates.

I’ve played with people before who got so mad that one teammate or another quit and gave up. They, then, guaranteed the outcome. How many times in life does that happen where we get so mad about one thing that’s happening? We can’t control that then whatever we end up doing actually is the most important part of the equation.

In relationships I used to do this a lot. I would go on and on about various things going on that I would do something like drive off and not call for four days. Then, through my actions, the thing I was upset about actually came to be. In other words, the most important thing that I didn’t know was the impact of what I was doing.

Today, I’m grateful that I won a lot of games. I come out ahead a lot of times in life because I’m willing to have faith. I do my best based on the fact that often I don’t know the most important thing.

With the work I do online, I don’t know the most important thing that’s going to happen as a result of these videos. There might be one of you that’s watching that this video ends up making an exact sense to you. Then there’s some action you take based on your knowledge that comes out better than it would have otherwise. Then it makes a big difference in your life and it ends up impacting and helping you.

Now at the time of making this, I don’t know how this video will be used or how it can be received. I do know the purpose behind why I’m making it. I do know my intentions behind making it. My intentions are to have it be useful and have it be helpful. Those are my intentions. The intentions I deliver in life dictate what I get back.

If I made this video because I thought I was a better person than you, those intentions would be self-inflation. I would be trying to prove how great I am by showing you how you screwed up your life and how I can fix it. I realize that I’m an equal with you. I’m no better and no worse than you. This is created out of me trying to talk about what I know and learned myself. Then if there’s anything useful you can pull from that without then this helps me as much as it could help you.

Doing this is useful for my own life and when I do my best, then things come out well. Take it back to a video game perspective. When you do your best for the team regardless of how everyone else is doing, often you will get the best outcome. Often the things you don’t know will become apparent at the end. In this game I could’ve raged and quit the game. I could’ve turned my computer off like I’ve done lots of times in the past. I would turn my Xbox off in the middle of the game. Then I would’ve ended up causing our team the loss. I might’ve done that before the other guy on the other team left and they might’ve got the win.

Instead I kept trying to do my best for the team and looking for ways to contribute. I realized that whatever I did in the past is secondary to what I’m doing right now. What I’m doing in the past should be educational to what I’m doing now and not more important. When I started the game out, I started the game out 0-5 maybe and I ended up 3-7 with plenty of assists.

I’m grateful now that I’m not quick to jump to conclusions based on the few little things I do see. I’ve seen games before where I was certain we were going to lose before the game started. Somehow the other  team played worse than we did. The most important thing to know was that the other team was going to play worse as long as I didn’t give up on my character.

Today, this gives me the ability to have a high win ratio in Call of Duty. In League of Legends, I’m not a good player, but I’m working my way slowly up the ranks because I rarely go AFK. I don’t play well sometimes, but I’m rarely the one that forces the loss through quitting.

Today, I remember that as long as I am on the team, the odds of the other team having that happen is also greater. If I can be relied on, our team always has that as an advantage even if I’m not playing that well. I go about that my entire life. If I can be relied on in my marriage, our marriage is in good shape. If I can be relied on as a friend, my friendships can be in good shape. If I can be relied on as a parent, my daughter is in good shape.

I realized I don’t know what’s most important about whatever outside of me is happening. My goal is to be reliable so I can stick it out through whatever happens. I pray to remember that I don’t know what’s the most important things about whatever I’m doing. I pray that through this knowledge, I’m guided to have faith to be the most reliable I can be right here, right now. I pray that you have the same opportunity to see how much there is you don’t know about what’s going on. I pray that gives you the ability to be reliable in whatever you’re doing today. Thank you for reading this. I hope you have a great day.