How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter!

You’re about to see an awesome system to presell Udemy video courses or any video courses on Kickstarter to give you validation that people want the course.

I’m about to show one instructor who pre-sold a hundred thousand dollars of a course on Kickstarter before even making it.

This is the system I wish I had known about in my years of teaching online and I’m so grateful to present this to you today.

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Let’s go take a look at what I’m talking about.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter!

This is on Uthena which is my alternative to Udemy and Skillshare. What you’re seeing is a service a Udemy instructor has posted where you can use Kickstarter and online course design services.

If this is a service you’d like to try and you’re too busy to set the Kickstarter project up yourself, you can get this service on Uthena to get it completely set up for you.

If you want to do this yourself I’ll show you the case studies that are on this service page which you can go to and you can see exactly how to do this and set this up for yourself or you might see well this is a little too much to set up for myself.

Kickstarter and online course design services

What I’ll show you here is the “Hello Coding: Anyone Can Learn to Code” Kickstarter project by Mammoth Interactive.

Hello Coding: Anyone Can Learn to Code

If you see this is on Kickstarter, 1,367 backers pledged CA$ 109,343 to bring this course to life.

This is a coding course that if you click ‘Get Access’, it will take you over to where you can get access to it. It is a 170 hour course which is absolutely incredible. You can click on ‘Enroll in Course’.

If you want to take this course then these courses can also be published on any other platform such as Udemy or Skillshare once the course is made. You can put this on your own self-hosting, can put it on Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce etc.

This project is funded with almost a hundred thousand dollars us to make a course before it was even made.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

What you’ll see is the rewards are very well done. The cake starter page on this is immaculate. You’ll see the rewards start at CA$ 39 or more and nearly twenty thousand was pledged at this CA$39 level.

You just keep scrolling down and the rewards keep going up and people keep pledging even down to this one where $CA 109 or more you have 27 people back on that.

The date on this was June 13 to July 12, 2017, and you can see all of the graphics that were put on it, the video that was put on this page. This is a very visually appealing project.

Now, what’s good about Kickstarter is Kickstarter can help you get some organic traffic to your course and it can get some people involved that might not even ever have seen it on a website like Udemy or Skillshare to give you a really expanded network that you can sell this.

What you’ll see is that this Kickstarter page is extremely well done. You can look at all the graphics which are just beautiful, all of the different things that are intended and ended up being taught in the course. This is one of the best ways to presell Udemy video courses.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

Then you can see the team after scrolling down that taught the course along with all the instructors who participated.

There’s a goal list at the bottom for the full project and the course was able to include so much because it adds so much funding that people on the team had so much time that they could put into making an absolutely outstanding course which is really good for them being able to make sales on other platforms as well.

Therefore, when you look at this project and you can get inspired to do it yourself or to get help with it.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

As you can see, this project earned $55,000 & $CA 72,000 for a Mobile Machine Learning Course.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

The Wall Street Coder Course earned $CA 24,920 or about $19,000.

This is a strategy you can do over and over and over again with many of your different courses and you can just keep pre-selling.

If pre-sale doesn’t go well then you know that’s probably not a course worth filming.

You might wonder, Well, how would I get people to actually come to find my Kickstarter page?

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

When you’ve got a YouTube channel, a Facebook group or a Facebook page, an email list, using your Kickstarter first to pre-sell a course gets people thinking about it even if people don’t buy the course, people may be thinking about it.

Then when the course is published, you’ve got a better shot at both getting people who pre-ordered the course to enroll in it and you’ve got people who saw the course before and the Kickstarter forgot about it.

Then they’re singing it for the second time when it’s launched. You got a better shot at converting a sale right there as well plus you might have additional funding to make as in Mammoth Interactive here you were able to make it.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

He made an incredible Learn to Code Course because they got so much funding on the Kickstarter and that Learn to Code Course probably earned a fortune on other platforms that were inspired and made possible by the Kickstarter project.

Therefore, Kickstarter as we can see can be a very powerful platform to pre-sell your online course to give you a chance to get some more organic traffic before you’ve even filmed more than a video or two to give you a chance to make sure you don’t film courses that are a total waste of time.

How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

In all my experience with my business are millions of dollars selling online courses, I can see that one of the biggest areas I was ineffective was filming video courses that people did not want.

I hope it gives you the ability to avoid that and that you have learnt how to presell Udemy video courses. .

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How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

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How to Presell Udemy Video Courses with Kickstarter

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