How to Promote Your Podcast in 2019 for Free!

What can we do to promote our podcast totally for free?

In this post, I’ll give you some tips on that based on my experience having a podcast now for about 6 years with 100’s of listeners on every single episode and with new episodes every single day at

I was just talking with my father-in-law last night who’s got his own podcast named “The limey and the yank”. He was asking me, “Jerry, how do I promote my podcast? I was thinking about doing some Facebook ads for it.” I said No, Don’t do any Facebook ads. That’s a total waste of money. Almost no one is going to find your podcast on a Facebook ad and start listening. Where you want to promote your podcast is to the people who already know you and to the people already listening to podcasts. Thus there’re a few different ways to go about it which I’ll share with you here.

When I got serious about doing my podcast and starting putting out an episode every day. I messaged a lot of my friends on Facebook with a direct link asking please listen to my podcast for this reason. I phrased it like this, “Will you please listen to my podcast @link because I think you’ll love hearing me talk about (whatever I was talking about at that point)”. The more specific you can make these messages, for example, enter the person’s first name in. If you’re sending Jaime a message it will be like, “Jaime, will you please listen to my podcast?” and if you can tie it into something they’re posting on social media or they care about and how you talk about that in the podcast, can work really well.

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This is essential to build that initial following and get people listening who can message you and give you feedback right away. This is applicable even if you’ve been doing your podcast for years. You might not believe how people forget that you have a podcast. I actually had not been thinking about my father-in-law’s podcast recently even though I see him every week and I’ve listened to his podcast before. I just haven’t been listening to it lately. Thus, just keeping in touch with people and ask them to listen consistently wherever you’re in contact with them. Either on Facebook, Text messages, Snapchat, Instagram or wherever you’re at, ask them to listen to your podcast. That is a good way to get feedback.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t feel comfortable while you’re doing a podcast at all, once you’ve got that done then you might wonder, “Okay Jerry, I’ve got great relationships with my friends. I’ve sent people messages and I’ve got like 100 listeners or so in episodes just from pretty much my close friends”. Your podcast will get some natural growth based on the feedback from your listeners. If you keep your listeners engaged by asking them for feedback, keep posting your new episodes on your page to keep reminding people following you that you’re doing in new episodes, then the next step is to ideally get connected with some other podcasters. You might discover your friend has a podcast. Ask your friends if they’ll listen to your podcast? They might say, “Sure I’ll listen to yours if you’ll listen to mine.

That can be a good opportunity to cross-promote and that’s what I just discovered with my father-in-law last night. I couldn’t believe I missed something so obvious. He suggested that why don’t we promote each other on a podcast? And I said yes, that’s perfect. I can easily mention him in every single episode to go listen to “The limey and the yank” and he can easily mention me to go listen to “The Jerry Banfield show”. The reason this is ideal is that podcasters will put you in their native voice recommendations in this scenario which can be very effective to get someone go listen especially when done repeatedly. The key here is, you already know people are listening to podcasts as well. If you’re trying to promote on Facebook ads, Google AdWords or Youtube, you don’t know if people are listening to podcasts at all. And if you’re asking somebody to try something new and to get your podcast, that’s almost according to my data never going to happen. You really want to get the people who are already listening to podcasts to give your podcast a try. It’s very easy for someone who’s already doing it to try a new podcast.

Thus, if you’re at the point now, “Okay Jerry, I’m sold on this. This is awesome. Where do I get connected with other podcasters? What you can do to get connected with other podcasters is if possible, start with the podcasts you listen to. You already have an interest in them, there may be some other overlap. If you can contact them via one way or another, starting with the podcast you already follow might be good. Now I follow and listen to “The limey in the yank” with my father-in-law so, very easy connection there. I will be promoting him. I also listen to Tim Ferriss Podcast. I’m going to be able to get ahold of Tim Ferriss and ask him to do a shout out for my podcast on his podcast. I could try. I could make the effort but I probably can’t be bothered to do that because the odds of Tim Ferriss actually putting me on his podcast with just a request like that are pretty low.

Thus, if you’re listening to a podcast that’s really popular and got a huge audience, it might or might not be worth your time but you can always try. What if I did send Tim Ferriss an email and Tim Ferriss did give me a shout out to the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that listen to every episode of his podcast? He’s got 400 million downloads now which might even be up to 1/2 million on every podcast episode. What if he actually did give me a shout out? I might get 10,000 new listeners from one email. Thus, contacting the podcast you already listened to is a great way to make a natural relationship and to be prepared for them to say, “Ok sure, we’ll shout you out in our episodes when appropriate. Will you shout us out also? That’s a good natural way to build listeners.

Finally, there’s one more thing you can do to build your listeners for free and it’s to create videos like How to Promote Your Podcast in 2019 for Free on YouTube that is good for organic search. Some of my podcast listeners come in because I put videos up on YouTube. I get found through organic search and then when I go mention, “Hey, I’ve got a podcast please check it out” then some people prefer to listen to something versus watching a video.

Another bonus tip is, if you can also have a blog with your podcast, you can get an organic search from Google. What I do is, I get my Blog Posts out of my Youtube videos and you can do the same thing with a podcast. For example, I have 3 new posts today. I take my videos, I hire a transcriber and an editor on Upwork and for about $20 to $30, they turn my videos into blog posts that you can see @ This has a chance to get found in Google organic search and indefinitely brings people to my Youtube channel, to the podcast and to other blog posts which get shared. You hire a transcriber and an editor on Upwork to convert your posts, podcast episodes and/or videos into a blog post. This can give you great indefinite organic traffic from Google search especially when combined with YouTube videos as I do.

I’ve given you some simple tips to promote your podcast for free that I hope have been helpful for you. If you’d like to get into one-on-one calls with me, ask me a lot more questions and get some more hands-on help, I trust to go to my Partner Group. My partner group is my mastermind. We have weekly group coaching calls and one-on-one calls with me available as well. That’s the best experience I offer. I appreciate your support to be a full-time Youtuber when you smash that Subscribe button and turn those notifications on. You’ll be able to actually see all of my videos. I do 3 new videos a day at 8 a.m, 2 p.m, and 8 p.m eastern time USA with the best of whatever I can think of to help you today. I also upload these videos to Facebook and if you want to watch them on Facebook, make sure to hit see first on your following options so that you can see the post in your newsfeed or turn notifications on. Thank you very much for learning How to Promote Your Podcast in 2019 for Free here with me Jerry Banfield. You’ve already helped a ton by reading to the end but if you want to help the video also, hit that like button and drop a comment and YouTube will be like, Oh my God This is good let’s go. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Thank you. I love you. You are awesome and I’ll see you in the next video or a podcast episode.

Jerry Banfield