How to Publish New Blog Posts without Writing or Hiring a Blogger

What’s an easy way to post on your blog especially if you don’t want to do any writing or hire a blogger? How do we get our videos or podcast episodes onto a blog?

I’ll explain in detail about the system I use right here and because I have a lot of videos I do that turn into podcast and blog posts and I have a lot of beautiful blog posts on my website but I don’t actually have to write any of them and I don’t have to use someone else’s voice by hiring a different blogger. I’ve tried hiring another blogger and that just doesn’t work very well because it all needs to be in my voice.

I’ll tell you about my system right now that I do as a full-time youtuber to get all of my posts into all of my videos in the blog post. Now what you can see in the picture above is my blog i.e. I have a lot of beautiful blog posts that are all coming out several times a day there with all different thumbnails of my videos and if you want to read them instead of watch, you can go to my Blog. Now if you look at the blog posts, it’s got the video right at the top and then it’s got all kinds of pictures. I’ve got beautiful blog posts there out of the videos I make which is nice because it’s truly me. It’s not some ghostwriter that’s pretending to be me. What I do is the following,

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First, I make videos. I film 3 videos a day. They go on YouTube and on my Facebook page. Then I have my video editor who takes the videos and gets the videos puts them up on YouTube. What he does then is, he filters out the videos that don’t need to be into podcast episodes. So, he takes the audio out of the videos that make the best podcast episodes for the Then for the videos we have transcribers and editors on Upwork which i’ve hired one as low as $6.30 an hour. He’s doing a great job and can complete one of these entire blog posts for up to $30. So, it’s very easy to hire for this on upwork too. So what I did is, I just give the freelancer on upwork my Youtube video URL and I give them the Dropbox URL where the file is actually stored. This way you’ll notice the screenshots are taken directly off the video and not off of YouTube which is ideal. This way the screenshots are beautiful on the blog post. Then I get a beautiful blog post out of it that can rank in Google search and the blog post itself might do better than the video. But what they do is, they cross promote each other.

If you’re capable of making videos or podcast, you can do this. However, even if you don’t want to do videos or a podcast, you can still do this by dictating your blog posts. Let’s say, you don’t have any hands or something like that or you just can’t type but you want to get your message out there and you want to have blog posts, you could even just dictate these into audio files and then get them transcribed and edited into blog posts. Now if you did it that way, you need to have a graphic designer but the key system is that I go on Upwork. You probably could find someone on Fiverr like this. You’re like, “Okay well how do you figure out who’s going to do a good job for you? I’ll tell you about the key to figure out how well people will do.

I hired 5 transcribers and editors on Upwork, added them all to my Website. I gave each of them 3 posts to start with, 3 videos to turn into blog posts. Then I had a little competition. Basically, I gave each of them 10 hours a week with 3 posts to see who does the best work in the least amount of money and turns it around the fastest. Guess what? 3 of the transcribers are consistently knocking 3+ videos out into posts every single week. Those that did the best, I gave them more hours and give them more videos. You can actually see the transcriber by the author’s name on the website and then what I can do is, I can change all those author names. Now, the beautiful thing is that the transcribers and editors are given with a complete system to actually go through and link things like my YouTube Channel, Uthena or any affiliate programs that are mentioned in here and that way the post itself is all set up like a true blog post. It’s not just a transcript and this is an awesome system.

So, I’ve shown you this system. I hope it’s helpful for you to begin with. You might wonder, “Okay, why is this worth doing? Why is it worth paying someone maybe $30 for every video I do to get it out as a blog post?” Because it gives you the maximum chance to reach people on Google organic search. It gives you the chance to get anyone searching to have your posts in every format and it’s also an ideal combination. There are some videos of mine you might want to read as a blog post instead of watching them because you might prefer to see exact screenshots with exact links on some of the specific videos and the opposite is true. Some people might find something on Google search that’s not on YouTube.

For example, some of the articles make for really good search results because there’s a video on the page which tends to get clicks and to keep people engaged. Therefore the the videos help the page rank good. What happens is, people from Google search watch a video who then are able to get converted to my YouTube channel into a subscriber and a regular follower. These 2 systems interact and then I’ve got a podcast also that just brings it all together. Thus, this gives me the largest possible reach. It gives me the most shareable content and for those that are the closest followers, it gives you the option whether you want to read or watch. So, this is how you can do this. This is how you can easily post on your blog without even needing to do any writing or to hire an editor.

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Jerry Banfield