How to Rank in Google Penguin + Panda + Hummingbird

Want to learn how to rank high in Google after the Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird updates made SEO more difficult?

Watch the video above to see exactly what I do that consistently works for me to rank high in Google and use the Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird algorithm changes to my advantage!  The new Google organic search changes emphasize creation of excellent user friendly content exactly as you see on this page.   The formula I show in the video is already working for me to get 10% to 40% growth in my organic search traffic from Google EVERY MONTH!  Last year I had 0 Google organic visits to this website while I was using my company website which ranked terrible in search results.  This year I am growing every month from 0 to over 2,000/month already in less than a year!  Watch the video above to see completely how to do it or start reading from the beginning of this three part article series at

The idea is, I want them to stay on my website. I don’t want them to leave and go anywhere off my website. I want them to find my website off search, see how ridiculously much content there is on my website, and browse around it. You can see I’m not using any squeeze pages or anything like that. I’ve just got my website loaded with helpful content. When people come to my website, I want them to stay as long as possible. You can see when they click there, they’re liable to go back to the original post. Look how fast that is – that’s two 2,000-word articles. Now you could say, “Jerry, that’s great but if someone comes in and just clicks on this and they start trying to read it, if they start reading down here, that’s not going to make any sense.” That’s okay! I want to cater to most people. Most people are going to watch the video.


For those people that really want to read more and have everything make sense, then I would hope they use this “read part one” here to go back to this, read all of it, then go back to the original post they were on and read that. My data shows most people want to just watch videos. Videos are easier, more engaging, more hands-on, and you can hear me talk instead of reading. But Google needs text to be able to understand what the hell is going on in your video. Google needs this text, and it’s better to break it up into individual keyword posts because I’ve done some longer posts and having like 4,000 – 6,000 words gets to feel too long. The page title is one of the most important things. I’d rather have a lot more 2,000-word articles than have a fewer amount of really long articles. With really long articles, you risk having chose the wrong keywords. I’m just trying to put up short articles while I’m less certain of the keywords.


As I get more certain of the keywords, I may take time to put up longer posts but for now it makes more sense to do it like this. And you can see I’ve already made two posts today, and I’m on my way to making two more. That’s four 2,000-word posts that will go up on my website today. From a user experience point of view, if the user searches this and watches the video, then I’m looking at getting a higher YouTube ranking and a higher organic Google search ranking.


What I want to do is continue to have my organic search traffic go up every month. The best opportunities I’ve gotten tend to be either direct contact or organic search. Well, direct contact takes time. Organic search doesn’t. I’m talking about passive income strategies in this video that I just showed posting here and in what you are experiencing with me now. I’m sharing why I do my business based on as much passive income, automated traffic scalable.
Scalable is consistent growth. This is scalable because it’s consistently going up. I don’t have to worry about what happens if all of the sudden, my traffic is fairly predictable. I have some up days, I have some down days, but you can see the traffic is fairly regular. That’s good. That is what I’m looking for is predictable, regular traffic. Same thing in YouTube. If you look at my channel, I’m looking for regular growth. 1.1 million minutes watched last month. Two years, my views are down a tiny bit: 100,000 views last month. That’s what I’m looking for are consistent, steady increases. This strategy I’m showing you how to post on is built on that consistent, steady growth. It’s predictable, it’s comfortable. You’re not suddenly going to get overwhelmed. You will consistently get a little better offers, you’ll consistently make a little more money. It’s secure. For working online, doing it like this is about as secure as it gets. I hope this is helpful for you and I hope you can see how to put this into action for yourself.


One more time together. Let’s talk about and show you how to do a sick YouTube and WordPress posting strategy combined with transcription and keyword research. This is the most incredible thing in three years that I’ve come across for being productive and getting the most amount of content out there that’s relevant in the shortest amount of time. What I’ve done in the first parts of this is to show how I just posted two 2,000+ word posts on my website in just 30 minutes, maybe 40 minutes, even while showing you how to do it. That’s how easy this is. All I did is I made an original, 1-hour long YouTube video using TechSmith and Audacity to edit it, and then I put the audio to my podcast using BuzzSprout, and it shows up on iTunes. Then I get that transcribed and I do the keyword research, and I’ve dropped two different 2,000+ word posts on my website.


Now what I’m going to do is do it one more time for you. Now I might be able to do a League of Legends YouTube passive income keyword here because what I have is a lot of talking about League of Legends in this section of the video. How beautiful is that? So now I have a little subsection, and then the rest of this post can be on something else. So the presentation kind of naturally divided itself into sections. I grab this section, I make another new post right now, I drop the whole thing in here, and now I have some cool opportunities to use a video game keyword because I’m talking about League of Legends in here.


So the question I might want to ask is, how are people going to find this? What are they going to look for in relation to League of Legends on YouTube? I’m going to guess, “How to make money playing League of Legends on YouTube” is what people would look for. The easiest way to check is I can just search. What are people already looking for? You can see there’s a lot of people that have already put this subject up. You can see there’s a lot of people that have already talked about this on YouTube. What’s cool is, I can just strip off on YouTube.


Now these are foreign results. This is pretty cool so I should be able to put up a post on that. So League of Legends is the most popular video game in the world. It’s free to play which is why it’s so popular and it’s monetized through game purchases. Let’s start this, “League of Legends – Making money.” The question now is that I don’t have good keyword data for this. That’s a limitation because I want to know what people are searching for.


But it’s okay – I know I need League of Legends and YouTube in it, and maybe passive income also. I want money, YouTube, and League of Legends in there so something like “How to make money playing League of Legends on YouTube.” I don’t know where that’ll come up, but that’s my post. I’ve got another new post, and I might even want to change “how to make money” because a lot of people have already put that. I might want to say “earning income” or “full-time income” or maybe something like that. Or even something like “Passive income playing League of Legends on YouTube.”


Now I need to change the title because I changed it right here: “Passive income playing League of Legends on YouTube.” There we go. So now I’ve got a title for this page, I’ve got a keyword – another passive income-related keyword – so I drop the same video in here. And now I need to change the passive income up here, and this is the whole keyword. So I’ve got another keyword description. Now I want to use a slightly different cover image. I just want to put League of Legends in there, grab an image (I try to take images from Wikis and things like that because they’re usually Creative Commons and I can comfortably just put them on.) I go to uploads, upload my own image, drag it on there, and resize it.


Now move YouTube down a little bit, and now go back. The alt text is very important with this; it helps with SEO. I want these titles in properly. Now this is a completely seemingly random topic based on what I actually created on, but what’s cool is I just looked through my transcript and I thought, “Hey, I can probably put a League of Legends themed post in here based on the text.”


So what I’ve shown you is an important thing for doing this strategy and getting posts up is to look at what keywords you have in there. I see that I have League of Legends a bunch, so I don’t see why I can’t do that. Now finally, I want to paste this exact title in here so, “How can I make passive income playing League of Legends on YouTube?” There we go – Publish.


Now look at this: “Passive income playing League of Legends on YouTube.” See, it didn’t come out perfect because I’m going to go and edit it. Now I do the same thing – I go back in, I put “read part 1 here.” This is my first part so I go back and link that, and I save. Here, did I put 5-part? Let me look on this last one. Now I view this one, and I put 5-part series on that last one. You can see it doesn’t matter if everything doesn’t come out exactly perfect. It’s okay. All you want is for it to come out pretty good. It’s better to have a ton of pretty good content for most of us as compared to having a little bit of great content.


Now most artists you’ve heard of that are famous also started out with a lot of okay content, but at some point, they got a big label or producer to help them out. If you’re starting out, or at almost any part of your creative process you’re at, it’s much better to have a lot of pretty good content than it is to have a little bit of great content. I’ve had to get over being a perfectionist, because being a perfectionist, you end up hardly doing anything.


There’s such a ridiculous emphasis on perfection that it often gets in the way of doing anything. What is that phrase that it’s better to be good than perfect? Perfect is the enemy of good, or something like that. The idea is if you’re so focused on everything coming out perfectly, you’re not putting hardly anything up. Your perfectionist instincts are getting in the way of having good content getting consistently good growth. You can see that what I’ve shown you over the course of this, I’m getting really good consistent growth and I’m not putting up perfect posts. I am putting up things that give a good user experience consistently.


When someone searches for this and then watches the video, they’re likely to stay on the page much longer than someone that searches and just reads. The advantage I have is, most people are used to just searching and finding blog posts and things like that where they can only read. It doesn’t matter as much what’s actually on the page. As long as it’s original content related to what you’re doing. I hope this has been helpful for you. This has been a huge breakthrough for me.


I hope you’ve seen how much content I’ve just put up, matched with what people are looking for, in a very short period of time here with you. I’m excited because being able to do this is just smashing me through traditional barriers.


Here’s a lady I really like locally. She is one of the top 10 most influential women on social media according to Forbes, and you can see she does about 1 article a week. I wonder if I can find her actual blog. She’s got this highlighted, and here’s a new one from October 20. She does beautiful looking posts. Sometimes she does more than one a week. You can see she’s got a lot of engagement on her posts because she’s got a massive Twitter following. You can see how she’s doing her posts. She’s doing pretty long posts on her website.


Here’s the beauty of what I’m doing. She’s been doing this since the early 90s. I’ve only been doing this since 2011. The sheer number of posts I have on my website is hard to even believe. Combine that with this YouTube strategy I’ve got. You can apply what I’ve shown you to have a sick speed and power of productivity for what you’re doing online.


I hope this has been helpful for you in seeing how you can build your free traffic, build your organic presence online, how you can build a strong, powerful reputation online simply by showcasing what you’re doing starting by making videos instead of anything else, and then putting those videos matched with a transcription. I will continue giving my best to what I think is most helpful and the very best of what I’m doing that’s working really well. Thank you for staying with me, enjoying this, and I hope you continue to enjoy what I create for your benefit.


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