How to Speed Up Thinkific Course Creation with Templates and Duplicates

Do you want to see how to create courses faster in Thinkific?

The easy solution is just to set up a course perfectly as a template, and then you duplicate it, I’ll show you how to do that right now.

This is helping us a lot on Uthena as we’re adding a ton of courses on here, I just did this with my “Film a 30 Minute Video Course in 1 Hour“, literally took about five to 10 minutes to have the course ready to put up on SkillShare, then quickly create a course from a template, fill in the different title and description.

And then I’ve got this landing page.

So this takes the description and the title, it’s got the buy button, I dropped the courses there. It’s got my instructor bio here, and it has all of my bundles, and my memberships, it’s got the whole page setup. And this was super quick.

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This is super easy. What’s critical about it is to make sure you get something set up that you can easily use as a template.

The one thing you don’t want to do on this is, make things so customized on every page that you can’t then just duplicate a new course, especially as I’m seeing new “Film 30 minute video in 1 Hour” courses are working really well on sites like SkillShare where followers will come in and watch the whole course and it only takes an actual hour of filming time.

In Thinkific, what you can do is make all these bundles, it looks better when you’ve got a bundle, it’s more easy to sell when you’ve got a bundle with more courses in it, then students can pick really niche specific courses as well.

In the last week or two, I’ve put out two new courses now. And this makes the bundle very attractive.

So here’s the secret to doing it.

To create courses faster on Thinkific, what you do -if you haven’t signed up for Thinkific, I trust you’ll go to my website, and click on the link right here or go into the YouTube video description.

What you do is you just click on this little, you go down here in the right corner, and you click on this and you hit duplicate.

Now once you hit duplicate on this, it’ll tell you that it’ll send an email, but usually, it’ll duplicate it almost immediately.

So you just go to refresh up here in the browser, you can usually reload immediately.

If you’ve got a lot of courses like we’ve got 300 courses on Uthena, if not, you can upload yours if you apply to be an instructor.

Go to the bottom of the page and then what you’ll get is this copy of a course.

Click on the course and there’s very little you need to change to publish it again, not the same course. But to just get a new course out of that exact same kind.

First, we go to the bulk importer, and we just delete the existing curriculum in there.

Then on the Settings tab, all we need to do is change the course name, the course URL, then we need to change the image in the description, then we need to change SEO and that’s it.

Once we’ve got it ready, then we do the pricing, I do $27.81 for all my courses, then we do Publish.

That makes this process so easy, especially if you’re creating new courses, you just film the videos, you can put them up on SkillShare, Udemy, wherever you’re publishing courses, and then you’ve got your own self hosted site, you just drag these in right in order, update those settings really quick hit publish.

The key thing to do when you’ve got the landing page for this is to have the course now the course curriculum will fill in once you’ve actually got the course uploaded the description and the title will fill in once you’ve got that.

The key is you want to have your instructor bio on here.

You want to have static things that what does this course include on every single one, because then you don’t need to change any of that for new courses, then you need to then you need to have whatever bundles you want.

And you can just go into additional products and very quickly change those out.

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Thank you very much! I love you. You’re awesome.
Jerry Banfield