How to Succeed at Everything Online!

Are you ready to learn How to Succeed at Everything Online? I’m so excited to share this with you because this information has made a massive difference in my life and it will do the same for you. What do I mean by everything?

I’ve broken it into 3 things for the purpose of this presentation.

How to Succeed at Everything Online!

#1 Earning Money.
I’ve earned money in more than a hundred different ways online and I will get into showing you how to succeed at everything online.

#2 Building Relationships.
Anything from finding a partner to customers, clients, and co-workers.

#3 Loving What We Do
Having a passion and absolutely anything we come across in life.

You see how excited I get and how much fun I have with this. That’s what it’s all about. It’s loving what we do having fun.

Why do you want to learn from me?

That’s a very important question to start with and I’ll give you a few basics here. I’ve earned over a million and a half dollars online and succeeded at everything online since 2015 while working at home in my home office studio. That is awesome and you can do the exact same thing when you keep learning with me.

I’ve never hired an employee or a business coach. I’ve done all this as a solopreneur, working with others on contractors and helping other people. I’ve got over a billion impressions on things I’ve created reaching over a hundred million people.

How to Succeed at Everything Online!

That’s more than 1% of people on earth have seen something I’ve created and I have millions of followers online among Facebook, YouTube, and all the other social media accounts.

Succeed at Everything Online

I’m the real deal when it comes to building a following, making money online and designing the life of your dreams. So, what do I have to teach you here that will make a massive difference in your life?

I ask you to give something back to this post. Drop a comment and let us know what you’ve learned so you can help somebody else and if you want some more of this, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. There’s a lot more coming your way.

Master the basics: Start with mastering the basics for different points to do anything well.
Give freely: When you give freely, you’ll be amazed at what you get back.
Go all-in
Get big results

That’s what I’ve done a whole lot of. Now, let’s look at the 4 basics in more detail here and if you want to succeed at everything online and get the very best cutting edge of what I’m doing, go to

My webinars are totally free. You sign up, join me and I will answer your questions live. I will invite people to present. We’ll have a lot of fun in my webinars. That’s the newest thing I’m succeeding at. Join me for webinars. We’re having a lot of fun doing these.

There are 4 basics that you must master if you want to succeed at everything online.

#1 is Learning.
Daily learning, reading, listening, and watching something new that’s inspiring and educates every day.

In my life, I spend probably an hour a day listening to audiobooks. I’m constantly watching videos, reading blog posts, learning, and researching something. I’ll show you how many audiobooks I’ve read. I’m constantly learning, growing and that’s what allows me to give things that are very valuable.

What am I not doing? I spend almost no time listening to anything outside of that or watching. I look at it like junk food. I watch “Lost” for like 40 minutes at night with my wife. That’s my junk food. I don’t listen, read or anything else because outside of that, I focus on learning and that gives me huge power.

#2 is a Community.
When we join a group of people who are like-minded in what we want to do, this gives us fantastic power as we connect with others.

Learning + Community is a huge foundation. The more you learn, the more you can go out to help other people and build a community. If you want to succeed at everything online, you need a community of people around you that are helping you.

Especially, if you want to succeed at everything online and be a creator like me, you need this kind of positive reinforcement all the time.

#2 is Persistence.
Our faith will get tested constantly with failures and distractions. I would argue the distractions to me are more of a test of faith than failures.

If you want to succeed at everything online, you need strong learning and a community with persistence because there are always things that will happen. They’ll attempt to knock you off what you’ve been doing.

I was talking to a business owner recently that’s been applying for jobs even though they love their business. I’m like, “Stop applying for jobs. Stop it. You love your business, you do your business. Persist that. Your business is the test of faith. Don’t give up what you love to do that easily”.

I know I’ve been through a whole lot of it. Persist continue even when things are difficult. Continue even when you are about to run out of money. Continue when you think you’re out of ideas. Persist, and that’s where success comes in. This is a delicate balance with #4.

#4 is Flexibility.
Sometimes it is unwise to persist in an area that is yielding nothing and has become not fun.

The balance of these 2 combines very powerfully with learning and community. With learning and community, you can get an idea of where to persist, where to be the flexible, pivot and give that up. Being flexible is essential because some of the best opportunities to succeed will require dropping one thing we’re doing and moving over into a new place.

At the same time, how do we tell what’s a distraction and what is not really an opportunity to try to lure us away from what we’re doing? That’s where we need our constant learning and a community to keep us grounded.

How to Succeed at Everything Online!

When we put these things into practice then we’ve got an opportunity to give a lot and receive a lot. What I’m going to do now is review a short summary of what I’ve given and then look at what I’ve received.

If you want to succeed at everything online, it’s about much more than how much money you’ve made or how many followers you have. Let’s take a look.

Readers are Leaders

I’ve bought 270 audiobooks that are other authors’ books on my audible app. Readers are leaders. The majority of people can’t be bothered to read a book. Read books. If you want to succeed at everything online, books have incredible information.

I see people who buy thousands of dollars of courses and then can’t be bothered to go buy a book and read it. Books, especially audio learning, are really helpful because I listen to books when I’m walking my dogs, going to the gym, driving in the car, etc.

Books, especially audiobooks, are a very powerful way to learn and that’s why I’ve spent about an hour a day listening to audiobooks.

Do More in Less Time

I don’t work a whole lot. I work about 30 hours a week on average. I spend a lot of time on self-care. I just finished volunteering at my daughter’s school. I love that. It’s so fun. I love those kids. Their hugs, holding my hand and helping them for lunch, I absolutely love it.

I love working 30 hours a week. All the things I’m about to show you, all the results I’ve gotten are from 30 hours a week on average. I am not out there working harder and hustling with others. I’m focusing on what I’m giving.

I’m putting into practice what I’m telling you here because I’m not interested in working 60 or 70 hours a week. I’ve done that before. I’ve had enough of doing that. 30 hours of work a week is enough.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

This to me is very powerful. I’ve never hired an employee or a business coach. I have never spent more than $500 on a video course. I never hired a business coach to coach me or tell me what to do. I have never hired an employee who has to serve me on my terms, work and do what I tell them.

All of the results I’m about to show you are not from any employee or business coach. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money controlling and making people do what you want or getting advice from experts.

You can get awesome expert advice for free, especially if you follow what I share as I’m about to explain.

10K+ Message Responses

I’ve responded to tens of thousands of messages for free. People asking me questions like, “Jerry, how do I do this?” I googled it for them and sent an email back, “Here’s how you do that”.

I’ve averaged about 10 messages a day for years now which if you multiply, it comes to around ten plus thousand messages that I’ve responded to. There have been times where I responded to 50 or 100 messages a day for a while.

I love helping people and I invest heavily in my business. I was in a $30,000 Home Office filming studio and when I started buying stuff for this studio, I borrowed money to build this studio. I borrowed money so I could get better equipment that would allow me to make more in less time.

I’ve done a walkthrough recently showing it and that’s called, “How to Livestream like Jerry Banfield?”.

Do More in Less Time If You Want to Succeed at Everything Online

I’ve invested in things that would allow me to do more in less time. If you’re only going to work 30 hours a week, you don’t just get to endlessly hustle. You’ve got to work smarter and one of the best places you can invest money is in setting yourself up so that you can do more in less time.

Home Office Studio System

The whole office studio that I have allows me to skip editing videos. I make them straight from the heart without any editing. It comes straight out of my mouth. I put it out there and that’s what my home office studio allows me to do.

$300K+ Spent On Advertising Online

I’ve spent $300+ advertising myself, my brand and what I create online. That’s one of the secrets to succeed at everything online. I love what I do so much. I am excited to share it with you and I intend on spending money to advertise and get this out there because lots of the algorithms are based on giving for free.

Therefore, this is a big point. I see a lot of people unwilling to be successful. Invest in yourself. Invest in sharing what you create.

If you have something that you’ve created and you’re not thrilled to share it with every single person you can, you’re not ready.

I spend about this much every day on online ads. I have borrowed money to advertise harder. That’s how much I’ve given. Now, let’s look at what I’ve gotten because a lot of people want the results I’m about to show you. You will have a hard time even believing them. They’re so big.

26M Views On YouTube

Look at what I gave. Look at all that I put in. Then you’ll understand how these results came out.

On YouTube, I have 280K+ subscribers with 26 million views on my channel. I’ve deleted some of the videos on my channel that had the most views because I don’t want any more subscribers from those videos.

I just want subscribers interested in what I’m having to share.

Note the key point in the image above. I uploaded hundreds of videos before. I had one that was successful.

What did I do in my first successful video?
What did I do after putting all kinds of time and energy into the videos that almost no one would watch?
What did I do to finally make a successful video?

I advertised it. I did that and guess what else I did?

I paid money to advertise the video that shared my best business secret. The thing that I had made the majority of my money on up until that time, I showed people how to do it for free and I paid money to share that.

Now, think about that for a minute. I shared my best business secret that I was making at the time almost all of my profit on serving clients. I would have clients pay me thousands of dollars to get Facebook Likes generated by advertising on Facebook for their page and I showed everyone how I did that for one cent.

What killed my existing business?

A client would pay me a thousand dollars. I’d guarantee the client 10,000 likes at $0.10 each. I’d spend $0.01 each on Facebook ads. I’ve made $900 profit. I showed everyone how I did that for free on YouTube which killed my existing business because as soon as people saw that, they’re like, “Well, I’ll just do it myself. I’m not gonna pay you $1,000 when I spend $100 and follow the formula you just showed me and do it myself”.

Spent $120K & Got 1B+ Facebook Impressions

I reached as low as 20 clicks for $0.01 on Facebook in the USA. I took it that far with the Facebook Ads training I did and looked at what happened. I’ve shown over a billion ad impressions on Facebook. Over a billion impressions of both organic and ads combined.

I’ve shown it over a billion times. My ads, videos, and posts have appeared in the newsfeed or other places around Facebook over a billion times. Now, what breakthrough allowed me to do this?

If you’re wondering where we’re going or am I just bragging about all this stuff, there’s a lot of common threads that I will cover and put all of it together in a way that when you see it you’ll be like, “Wow! This is a formula if you want to succeed at everything online. It makes total sense”.

Every human being is valuable.

I had a breakthrough on Facebook by seeing that every human being is valuable. The majority of advertisers are primarily concerned with how much money someone can make them when showing an ad.

What worked for me to succeed at everything online?

I hopped on Facebook ads and I thought like that at first, and I saw that wasn’t going to work for me. What would work for me would be to take what I could get at the lowest cost and to give every person on earth the most value I could think of and just think of everybody as a human being and not as potential dollars or leads that I can get but to just give the best I could give to every human being on Facebook.

I’ve spent a lot of my advertising money on Facebook sharing things that had no direct profit in it, for example, I would do what I called “Inspirational Gaming Videos” and I would post those on Facebook and I at one point was spending hundreds of dollars a day to advertise inspirational gaming videos.

Where I literally would listen to something from a book, repeat it back while I was playing video games and advertised that. There was no good way to make money directly off that and that’s how I was able to get so many impressions on Facebook and got so many people watching my gaming streams, got all kinds of donations.

I’ve spent over $120K on Facebook ads to get this many impressions. That is a really good deal for the amount I spent and I’ve got over 2 million followers on Facebook today. I have an incredibly diverse Facebook following in almost every country.

10K+ 5-Star Course Reviews On Uthena

On Uthena, the courses I’ve put up there, those courses received 10K+ five-star reviews. Now, we don’t do reviews on Uthena but the courses I filmed and that I have up on Uthena have earned over 10K five-star reviews on other websites like Udemy, Skillshare, and StackCommerce.

Now, how did I get 10K+ reviews on my courses? At that time I had a very small following. I have hardly spent anything on ads. What’s the secret?

I gave my courses away. I let hundreds of thousands of people enroll in my courses for free. I put the absolute best information I can in the highest quality videos I can make. I borrowed money to upgrade my equipment so I can make better videos. Then I gave all the courses away for free.

I got lots of reviews by giving the course away for free and then the more reviews I got, the more my courses started to get paid sales and the easier it was for me to sell my courses. Are you seeing a theme yet?

1070 Daily Visitors On My Website

On my website, I have on average 1070 people that come to my website every single day and how does that happen?

I published thousands of blog posts on my website with tutorials and inspiration helping people totally for free. I’ve got 21 books up that I’ve self-published on Audible and Amazon. How have the majority of people read those books?

I gave them away on Kindle giveaways and made them available on kindle unlimited.

70 Songs On Spotify & iTunes

I’ve made iTunes even though I had no music experience. I started in 2017 with no formal music education. I just started watching video courses. I did get a coach for music production and I put out  3 albums in 2018 within 2 years of learning music production from scratch.

I give my music away. You can use my music for whatever you want to. I will never hunt you down on any copyright thing with it. However, I do have a content ID. My music aggregator does automatically do content ID to monetize videos.

I let people use my music and I shared all my music and tens of thousands of people listened to my music which is ridiculous because 3 years ago, I had no idea that I’d ever make music. No inclination to make music and no experience relevant to making music.

You’ve got the point by now. I actually made a list and I’ve cut the majority of stuff I had on the list to brag about. I’ve set world records in video games. I’ve had thousands of viewers watching my gaming streams live blah blah.

I’ve had an absurd amount of success online. What does all this have in common? I’ve also had a certain amount of failure online. Continue reading if you want to know how to succeed at everything online.


Let’s look at what this has most in common. This is a key point and I’m impressed if you get to this point it’s just what I was showing you and here it is.

Give the most value for the lowest cost in the least amount of time.

For me, that usually means giving the best of what I know for free while taking the smallest amount of my time possible to do that. That’s my general formula for success and it’s not unique to me. I see other people who are in the ultra top tenth of a percent doing the exact same thing.

There are also different systems out there that people use that have results I’m not interested in. This is what I like and know what I share to give the most value for the lowest cost in the least amount of time.

Succeed at Everything Online

There are 4 different points to make that are essential to putting all this together.

#1 Sharing vs Secret

This is all about your mindset.

Giving the most value generally means not keeping the best of what you’re doing a secret. When I discover something new, I share it. I put it out in the video. I found a way to hack a website one day. I was just using it in a way that wasn’t intended and it paid me out thousands of dollars within a couple of hours.

I then told everybody about it and guess what? That loophole was fixed quickly. I could have sat there and just used it myself for many days. It might not have been found for weeks. I could have made a whole bunch more money doing that but I preferred to just put it out there and help the creator that I didn’t know how to reach.

In that situation, it was in exchange for crypto and I just put it out there and helped the Creator fix it.

I have noticed that the mindset of “I have to keep things secret and I can’t share them with anybody generally go with failure from what I’ve seen”.

Generally, when you keep the best of your ideas very close to you, you don’t want to share them with anybody and whenever someone sends me things and asks me to keep them confidential, generally to me that’s the sign I don’t want to work with them because if I can’t share what we’re talking about then I probably don’t need to know about it to start with.

To me, I find sharing synonymous with success. Often sharing the worst parts of my life. Sharing the most embarrassing parts of my life. Even keeping those secrets I’ve found for me is very toxic. It’s important that I share my life openly.

Now, that doesn’t mean I just need to blabber out every single thing that happens on a live stream in front of everybody. It naturally makes sense to talk about some things in private and learn a way to talk about those things in public.

#2 Act as If vs Wait Until

Acting as if to me is a sign of success. I act as if I already have what I want.

For example, if you want to succeed at everything online and do what I do, I remember talking to one of my business partners one day in my mastermind and he says, “Well, Jerry, I want to do what you do. That’s why I signed up”.

I said, “Well, what do you do?” He said, “I work 40 hours a week and I’m trying to do this on the side of the hustle, you know”. I said, “If you want to succeed at everything online and do what I do, you need to do what I do. Do you know what I don’t do? I don’t work 40-hour a week job for somebody at a pay rate I’m not proud of”.

That’s what I don’t do. That’s why I have time to do what I do and to do it really well. If you want to succeed at everything online and do what I do, you need to do what I do right now. I don’t work another job for anybody else because I need my full time, energy, and attention to do a good job at this. If you think, “Well, I don’t have money as I got my bills”. Just act as if that’s already what you’re doing”.

I see people asking so much, Jerry, I want to be a full-time gamer”. Well then start being a gamer full-time. What does a full-time gamer do?

A full-time gamer plays video games 40 hours a week and streams them. A full-time gamer gets out video tutorials showing what they’ve learned. Full-time gamers often spend 60 to 70 hours a week in the video game world. So, how are you going to be a full-time gamer while you go to work a full-time job you don’t like?

Succeed at Everything Online

Most people are under “I’m going to wait until. Well, I’ll wait until I’m making money with my business and then I’ll quit my other job”.

I quit my job before my business became profitable. I’m practicing what I preach. I was making something like $1500 a month at my graduate assistantship. I was working on a Ph.D. program and I dropped out of that, losing my health insurance.

I dropped out of it to do my business which had lost about $10,000 at the time. Think about that. I had burned all of my savings on my business and I dropped out and quit my only job to do my business which had lost money.

If I had been on the wait until planned, I’d probably be a professor at a university talking about when I might do my business later. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a professor at a university except for me, that wasn’t the right life path.

For me, I’ve got to go for it. I’ve got to go all-in. Acting as if also helps us isolate things not to do, for example, if you are a full-time streamer that has a bunch of people following and makes a full-time living playing video games, would you take the time to pull up your stream on 5 different devices so that you could get a couple more viewers?

No, you wouldn’t waste your time with that. You’ve got to act as if or otherwise you spend all your time and energy doing these things you wouldn’t do when you arrived. For me, this is uncomfortable sometimes because I think at least 10,000 people should watch every one of my videos.

Yet, even I’ve struggled with this one. I’m like, “Well, I’ll just keep publishing videos and taking whatever I get for free and then I’ll just wait until the views naturally build up but what if they don’t?

I just recently had the Epiphany, “Wow! If I want 10,000 views on every video, I know what to do. Don’t I? Google ads guaranteed 10,000 views on every video and unless you’re one of the 10% that have watched me all the way, you can’t tell the difference between rather I use Google Ads or not on my videos.

All you notice is the views and almost all that everybody notices is the views. Act as if you’re doing it and you’ve got what you want right now and line that up as much as possible and then amazing things happen.

#3 Fun vs Grind

Then you get the chance to have fun instead of being in a grind. If you’ll notice, these are all basically the same mindset.

If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then why are you doing it? I’ve switched what I’ve done so many times online because it went from fun to a grind. When I started back playing video games in 2018, I was having a great time. It was fun and then somehow it turned into a grind.

So, I kept doing it for 6 months to make sure it was still a grind and then I stopped. I said, “I don’t care where this is going. I’m not doing it anymore. It feels like a grind”. If you want to grind, go work a job.

If you want to succeed at everything online then it’s got to be fun. Now, sure, fears will crop up in Ph.D. but even that is an opportunity to get help.

#4 Happy now vs Happy when

If what you’re doing today is not making you happy and it’s only premised on, “Well, I’ll be happy when I get as many followers as Jerry does online and succeed at everything online. I’ll be happy when I make $10,000 a month. I’ll be happy when I’ve got a girlfriend”.

I’ve been going through that one for a long time. I kept going through it over and over. I kept in my mind that my life was not good enough but once I had, especially from about 15 years old to 25, thankfully at 25 I broke out of this.

I kept saying, “I’ll be happy when I have a beautiful girl that is in love with me” and the lowest point I’ve ever got to in this life was when I got a beautiful girl that was in love with me because I wasn’t happy for long.

Then I saw through what I’d been doing, Oh my God! I’ve been setting up that I can’t be happy now because when I get the beautiful girl that’s in love with me then I’ll be happy. Well, I’ve got a beautiful girl that’s in love with me, still not happy. Now what?

Succeed at Everything Online

Now life’s totally meaningless and I don’t understand anything. Nothing makes sense anymore and there’s nothing else I can imagine that would make me happy in the future and that was a tough time in my life. The essential is to be happy now. I love what I’m doing and you can tell and that’s why people follow me because I love what I’m doing and it comes through. If you’re just grinding, that comes through too.

Now, that’s not to say you won’t run into a lot of people who started doing things that were fun and then they turned into a grind. That’s not to say you won’t run into people who look like they have things that you want that are all premised on being happy when.

For me, these are the essentials. Sharing, acting as if, having fun, and being happy. Now, these are the essentials and this takes us back to the 4 basics. How do you stay on top of this because, over the long-term, it’s very easy to listen to something like this and to get really excited?

What’s the hard part? The hard part is staying on top of it. Keep the energy going. I’ve gone through this myself. I’ve let my energy dip. Can you believe with all the achievements that I just listed that I’ve let myself get in the dumps about what I do? Can you believe that?

I know it seems obscene. It seems ridiculous that how could I not have all absurd levels of self-confidence in my digital marketing, online advertising, my business, coaching and consulting. How could I have never at any point have fantastic self-confidence about what I do?

I got caught slipping, persistence, and flexibility. I got rigid. I got too flexible. I lost track of my community. I stopped learning in some areas.

I remember there was a book about making money and my wife was reading it. I thought, “Well, that’s good for her. She needs to read that kind of stuff. I clearly know how to make money. I don’t need to read a book about making money. I obviously know how to make money”. Guess what happened?

The money I was making went downhill and almost came to a grinding halt. I was still making like $6,000 a month or whatever but you know from my point of view, I wasn’t making enough to pay the bills, save money and give back to others. Guess what I did?

Succeed at Everything Online

I went and read that book. I thought, “Man, this is good. How did I ever get to slip on the fundamentals? We’ve got to stay on top of the fundamentals all the time and the purpose of my webinars is to keep you on top of the fundamentals as well as to keep myself on top of the fundamentals.

When I’m connected with my community, when I’m listening to what you’re going through, it’s really easy to appreciate my business. Jerry, I’m struggling to get my first hundred followers on my gaming page. What do I do?

I’m like, “Well, here’s what worked for me” and then I feel good because I’m sharing my experience. I’m helping someone else build their dreams. I’m connected and learning, and I’m sticking with what I’m doing.

Then when something goes wrong or something goes in a way I didn’t plan and I’ve got all those comments to come back to and say all these things that you’re a natural-born hustler, read all the that my community is down to support me, then I get a good idea of where to persist and where to quit.

The newest thing I’m doing is webinars. My webinars are the next success point I’m building. Up until now, I haven’t been interested in doing webinars. However, I’ve done that. I’ve taught so many courses online and I want you to have the very best information totally for free as well as to let you know how to succeed at everything online.

Succeed at Everything Online

I’m taking my practice of the basics up to another level to get a hold of me, get the best information from me and a community of other people live totally for free. Now, yes. There’s a membership option.

If you want to talk more and get up in front of everybody else and share what you’re doing then yes there are ways for me to make money over it. However, what I work on first is giving a huge amount of value for free and this is what always allows me to be successful.

I advertise, promote it and share it in everything I’m doing. I’m honored you’ve read all the way to the end of this post. If you haven’t already, I’m certain you will love to be a subscriber on my YouTube channel.

The webinars that I am doing are being edited and put out on my YouTube channel so that even if you didn’t go to the webinar, you can easily watch the best parts of the webinars I do for free on my youtube channel.

My hope is that I can empower you through what I share and earn a million collectively, so like you and everyone else watching, collectively to earn a million-plus dollars, more a month in profit to build and design the life of your dreams.

That’s what my webinars are all about and I’m available to answer questions and to help feature others that I’ve gotten to know in my webinars to help give you the best information every week. View the schedule at

You can also follow us on Facebook, join us, send me a message, see the live streams, especially Facebook is a great place to follow if you want to make sure to see the live streams.

I’m currently reading all of my YouTube comments that go in waves. Sometimes, there are too many comments to read. Let me know what you think of this if you read all the way to the end of this post.

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Jerry Banfield