How to Tell a Good Story on YouTube

How do we tell a great story for YouTube? I’m Jerry Banfield. I’m grateful I’m a full-time YouTuber and I’ll give you some points that might be helpful for you if you want to share your stories on YouTube successfully.

If you want to tell a great story on YouTube, just do it often with a minimal amount of editing.

That’s what I do and I consistently see people in the comments saying, Man, you tell some really personal stories. And I appreciate it.

For example, I did a video before talking about how I signed up for a free consultation with a YouTuber after watching some of those videos that said free strategy session. I said, Okay, let me try this out, I applied got accepted for a call got a call scheduled, and I was all excited, like, okay, I’ll get some free tips, and then I’ll probably get sold something.

Instead, it was a total sales pitch, no free tips and it was a sales pitch for a $6,000 course, with $1000 off, if I immediately bought it within 24 hours.

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I share stories like that, because they are very personal and they help other people. Whenever you get into that same situation, you can remember what I did, or you can understand what kind of business models are out there, you can even understand what not to do.

I like to tell just things that I am vulnerable about, things that I’d rather not tell you because these are some of the stories we often crave the most.

For example, I have been reading this book by Louise Hay about heal your life. It has a chapter in it that goes through and talks about the body and how you can heal your body based on what’s going on in your mind and how various parts of the mind and pains and things that come up in the mind will be reflected in the body with certain kinds of pains.

For example, She is said that the need to change or something to do with change will often come up in the form of a cough. I’m driving around the other day with my son, and I very rarely cough now.

I have a family member who says they have COPD and has coughing fits for 32 minutes to an hour often during the day. What I noticed this family member will not change no matter what and I applaud their stubbornness because man that much pain and suffering I’d have changed over it.

I’ve proven that a bunch of my life with my alcoholism, which it took me a lot of pain and suffering but I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day. Now, let’s go to the story I was telling about being in the car with my son the other day with what we have in mind about Louise Hayes book.

I’m driving my son is one year old, I’m going to pick up my daughter from summer camp. She’s almost four, we’re about halfway there and I’m all restless, irritable and discontent. I’m in the middle of financial insecurity in my mind, will I have any money for my bills in the next three months or so because I’ve got about $50,000 in credit left ran up $100,000+ in debt this year, building my business up and I’m in the car driving, looking around the street and just like, man, there’s got to be a way out of here. How do I fix this? I don’t know what to do. And then I cough and I’m like, no, no and I scream out, I’m willing to change.

I’m like all upset and then I’m just mad that I cough because I know what this means. Now, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not sick, I just randomly had to cough, right? Well, I’m thinking about this financial insecurity. So I scream out at full volume, I’m willing to change what do you want from me? I’m changing.

And then I start having some thoughts come through my mind about what would be good to change, like, “maybe you need to talk to your wife”. And she just said that she likes some more time to work, “maybe she could ask her families for some more childcare”, “maybe you need to talk to your wife and say, Look, I think it’d be good if you worked like a few more hours every week so that we can make some more money because well, I’m not doing very good with bringing it in right this second”. And I if things don’t change in three months, which I imagined it will. But if they don’t, we will not have any money at that point.

So you might want to start working a little bit more now just in case. But I started thinking about that and then I faced the story in my head that. My god, I’m such a failure as a man and as a husband and as a person because for three years my income –thanks to you and all the people watching alongside you to help– the income has been enough for me to pay the majority of the bills for my family for the last three years that this right this second, right this month, taking credit card cash advances to pay the mortgage does not count, I would say as paying the bills.

Thus I face the failure the story in my head that wow, you can’t provide all the income right this month, at least for your family, what a failure and I cried and I cried and I felt bad for myself and I felt good. I’m like, thank God, I’m crying. This is like a mental bowel movement. There’s a lot, there’s a lot of bad stuff being released out of here.

After three days of pent up irritable, restless discontent, easy frustration, which is not normal for me now. Used to be, which I drank a lot but I’m sober now and it’s not normal for me to feel like that.

After I cried and I got that out, the cough immediately did not come back again.

One little cough and then I felt much better in the last several days. I talked to Lauren, she said that’s great I’ll ask my parents who will talk and figure out a day or two, they can watch Jack while I may I can do some more work, even if I make a few hundred more dollars a week that’ll cover the difference while we’re in this transitional time with the business.

Making this video I was thinking that’s a lot of pressure, I gotta try and tell a story in the video that’s appropriate to teach someone how to tell a story.

What I’ve attempted to do is lead by example a little bit just pulling a story straight off the top of my head not going into my vault of incredible stories.

I’ve got a book, Officer Banfield that really goes into the vault of my incredible stories but that’s not very family friendly on YouTube.

What I’ve done is just try and give you some everyday stories you might be able to relate to that you can tell yourself and you might think well what’s the value of telling a story like that?

I learned a lot from stories like this that other people tell.

If you want to be able to tell stories on YouTube, it’s important to be able to just pull them out from whenever you’re doing and try and be able to work a story into every single video.

I try and work some kind of personal story and every single video because this is what people keep coming back for.

Especially if you’re making something like a video tutorial. A lot of those are often devoid of life. And you want to have personal stories related to what you’re doing because this helps people get to know you. This helps people want to come back and keep watching more and more videos.

If you can work a story into your video, it can be really powerful for the results on the video. For example, I had a series of six successful hacking tutorials -right before YouTube banned hacking tutorials– I had a series of successful tutorials with the basic story I told, being Hey, you can learn ethical hacking, make lots of money with it as a freelancer online all you need to do is watch this video and learn the basics and see if you like it and then if you do, you can buy more video courses test this out on your own system and you’ll be ready to start trying to help others out to that you’re just a little bit farther along than they are you can help them out with some of the basics earn money and level your career up.

Telling even a story like that on a video especially at the beginning answers people’s “Why? Why should I do this? Why is it worth my time?” A lot of us are just struggling that why is this worth my time and stories can help integrate that.

The challenge of storytelling as you can see is I tend to get into a lot of tangents I am so full of enjoyment telling stories that I could just tell you stories over and over again. The question becomes when do you want to cut it off?

And for me I try and aim for the shortest possible video.

Yeah, right. Why are your videos so long?

I try and aim for the shortest possible video that completely covers the topic. Usually around the 10 minute mark for kind of a tutorial or teaching is the sweet spot. If it needs to be longer make it longer. If you can just do a quick story in a minute or two. That can be a great video which can be shared.

I hope this has been helpful for you to cover storytelling for YouTubers. I’m Jerry Banfield, full time youtuber I trust that you’ll hit that subscribe button and turn those notifications on if you’d like to make sure to see the three videos I put out for you every day with the most helpful topics I can think of that will be of use in your life.

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I love you!
Jerry Banfield