How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views? How do you boost this with a secret strategy to ensure your awesome video titles get ranked well in search and suggested videos?

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

What I’ll do is show you the insides of exactly how I do it. What do I know about YouTube? I’ve got 284K Plus subscribers on YouTube. I’m a full-time YouTuber. This is what I do. This is my channel with 26 million views and 226 million minutes watched on my videos.

This is the experience and I am going to give you the best tips that I’ve put together over the years. Let’s start with exactly how I did this post’s video title on YouTube and show you the exact research process I use to make its video’s title.

I’ll first walk you through reverse engineering how I made that title, talk about the experience I’ve got that’s relevant to how I put this title together and at the very end of the post, I’ll show you a secret ranking strategy I use that most YouTubers don’t mention or talk about in their videos.

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How did I figure out the title?

First, I started with a working title in my mind. The first title idea I had in my mind was β€œHow to create video titles like an expert” and what I did is I started searching on YouTube over and over again to see what videos were already out there, what videos were showing up and what other titles had already been used.

One tool I use this really helpful for this process is called Tubebuddy. It has a search Explorer tool that gives its predictions of whether a video is worth making or not. Ideally, you want to make videos that are in the green on Tubebuddy. Good is kind of a minimum to make a video on Tubebuddy.

If you’d like to use Tubebuddy, Tubebuddy is a fantastic tool to help figure out how to title your videos and where the best opportunities are at.

You can hook me up with a little bit of commission if you use my link. You’ll feel great helping me help you using Tubebuddy. I always use Tubebuddy to research my video titles.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

It’s not exact with this search prediction. Sometimes they’re a bit off but what I like is I search around and I check out the stats on Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy will tell me how many views the top video has? How many the least videos have? Which ones do I have keywords at? What is the top channel?

It will put all these other tags out and these tags will help you figure out the related things people are searching for.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

If you’re thinking about something specific like titles, what you might not realize is that YouTube SEO is one of the very popular terms that are related to video titles and SEO. That said, sometimes it can be good to aim for your video if it’s a very specific subject like β€œHow to do the title”. It can be good to aim your video at a very specific title.

What you can do to do that is you go into YouTube and you search around on YouTube to find what titles are suggested. What I started with was β€œHow to title a video like an expert”.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

So, this is one of the first things I searched for because this was my initial video idea. You can see β€œVideo SEO – How to rank #1 in YouTube”.

If you just want to use an exact video title of someone else’s, it can work. The downside is that space can often be more crowded and you want to make as specific videos as possible, especially if you’re building up your channel.

For example, focusing directly on the title instead of doing all the Video SEO. This can be a great opportunity to build your audience. The bigger the audience you have, the better you are promoting your videos.

Then your channel is to have a better shot at taking on one of the big terms. Thus, I am showing you I am going to do a Video SEO one also but for this one, I want to focus specifically on the title because I’ve noticed that there is some outdated and ineffective information on the existing videos.

One of my favorite tricks to do for titles is to literally copy the name of something else and then add a little something on to the end of it. Note that you’ve got all of these predictive search results here.

I clicked on β€œHow to title your YouTube videos” and you’ll see this one. This video’s length is 6 minutes. It was 4 years ago. To me, this looks like a good opportunity to make an exact title that will essentially put out an updated version of the older video.

We’ve already got a title here that has proven to be successful 4 years ago and essentially what I want to do is produce a newer version of this and add a little something to it.

The idea is that there’s no point making the exact same video that somebody else’s made but what you can do is title something and then add something else to it. It doesn’t matter how good your titles are if you don’t get some views on the videos.

Thus, you can work on your titles all day but if you don’t have some way to get the initial first thousand views on the video, your video is likely to go nowhere. I’ve tested this on thousands of videos the hard way.

You’ve got to combine this with a secret SEO strategy which is really not that secret but almost nobody talks about it which makes a secret.

Therefore, the basic title idea is this. Take the title from a proven winner and then stick on a little something extra. Notice this one, β€œHow to TITLE Your YouTube Videos to Get More Views – 7 Tips” and I literally copied it. The only difference is that mine, instead of offering you 7 tips, is offering a secret SEO strategy that will work way better.

I’m basically making the same video except for my own version of it and I’ve used a couple of other little tricks here and I will show you some more research methods to put this all together.

I have put in 2 emojis and this is a little trick to get a higher click-through that I’ve discovered. We talked about this in my webinars one day. Someone brought up how they were adding emojis in theirs and that was helping them get a boost. I’ve tried it and now it works for me instead of just putting a simple title.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

I’ve put this + sign which stands out. It draws the viewer’s eyes. The emoji strategy is still new. Emojis can be a little tricky to get a higher click-through rate. Therefore, I’ve included 2 emojis. I used the full emoji list.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

I grabbed 2 emojis, stuck those in the video title and now when you look at both of these, this just has 7 tips on it. I’ve got a secret SEO strategy and a couple of little emojis in there. Just based on the title itself, I’ve got a good shot for people to click on my title.

I also combined that with research into Google. In order to get this title, I also looked around in Google to see if there are any better ideas in Google. I put my title on Google. You can look through YouTube and then you take the proven winner out of it.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

For this particular post’s video, I did not like the proven winner that much in Google. This proven winner here says, β€œ5 keys For Creating Viral YouTube Titles”. This is a proven winner for Google. This is another strategy you can use to find a video title that already works really well.

Someone else has already done the hard work to get ranked in Google. Google’s already verified that this title is really good. You can literally just Google what it is that you’re thinking about making videos. See what comes up ranking high and then you use the exact same title on YouTube.

I am doing this on several other videos because what happens lots of times, when you go search for something on Google, no one’s done a video about it.

So all these bloggers have worked really hard to get these posts ranked up at the top on Google, and then often there’s no actual video about it on YouTube. You can literally use their exact same title on YouTube that you already know has a good chance for success and put it up there.

Alternatively, you can go for a title that is more of a call to action. The number one video I’ve had on YouTube was called Start Hacking Today!

A title like that can be an absolute superstar because it’s so short. It’s so simple and the goal with a title like this is, it really covers everything. Someone might be thinking β€œI want to start hacking today” or someone might be thinking β€œI want to learn hacking” and you’ve got a call to action.

Basically, this says start hacking today! It both tells you what the video is about and tells you what you can accomplish with the video. Therefore, short little titles like this can be a superstar also.

I got over 2 million views on that video. I ended up taking it down because of YouTube’s policies about instructional hacking videos but this title absolutely crushed it. Therefore, if you can find a short little call to action title like that, that can be a really good title also.

Therefore, let me summarize some of the title methods I’ve shared with you here.

Start Searching On YouTube

Look at the predictive search results. You can start with β€œHow do I title my YouTube Video”. You get a search prediction that says, β€œWhat should I title my YouTube video”. This might be a better search query than some of the others.

According to Tubebuddy, this search result is a better one than the other video titles. There’s no exact match for this one and this is an exact match in YouTube’s predictive search results.

You can really go crazy with this like, β€œWhat should I Title My YouTube Video To Get More Views”. There we go. I might have changed the title on this post’s video now because there’s no exact match. It’s really nice not to have an exact match.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

However, I’m just gonna stick with the original one because if someone types β€œWhat should I title my YouTube video to get more views”, this will come up and this is already proven, winner. Thus, this is something you just learn at and get better at.

Use Tubebuddy to boost your results. You can go into Google search and type around β€œHow to title Youtube videos”. See what comes up and see what people are using on Google search. Put all that together and you’ve got the best chance to get the most views on your video.

The title is one of the most important parts of the video because the title dictates everything else that happens from there. The title is one of the biggest factors for click-through rate on par with the thumbnail and the title gives people an idea of what to watch.

Titles are essential for success. A great title can give a video that already has views a shot to get a lot more views. Now, it’s time for you who has read all the way to this part of the post. It’s time to give you a secret SEO strategy.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

I’ve shown you how to do the titles because if you do a poor title, the secret SEO strategy will not work. This will only work if you do it on a good title.

I’ve had bad thumbnails and video quality that was not even that good but when you do the title well and you do this secret SEO strategy, you can have massive potential to get views on YouTube but I promise you 99 times out of 100, a good title alone, if you don’t already have a lot of subscribers will not take you anywhere.

How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views βž• Secret SEO Strategy πŸ“ˆ

Here’s what really makes a difference. Every single video that ranks in the top 10 has at least 10,000 plus views. I don’t care how good your titles are. If you’re making it in a competitive area, for example, how to write the perfect YouTube video title every time.

This is something that lots of YouTubers like me want to show up on because if you’ve got something like webinars, coaching or affiliate links, these are all good terms to show up on because these are your right YouTube people.

Thus, you see 460 views are from a video created by Alan. I have subscribed to Alan. That’s probably why Alan’s video showed up in these search results. Alan has some really good information in his videos. What does Alan not have?

I’ve looked at Alan’s channel. Alan does not have 10,000 or so views on every video. Now, if you look you need 10,000+ views with lots of minutes watched to get ranked on almost all of these more competitive terms.

In other words, I don’t care how good your title is. You will not rank because YouTube already has proven winners unless you make a video that no one else has made on which you will not do 99 times out of 100 unless you’ve already got a big following that can give you a lot of views for free.

You must do something to get those initial 10,000 views on your video to give your video a chance to rank up here. The less competitive you get, the fewer views you need. If you search for something and the top video only has 100 views, then it’s just getting a hundred views.

If you search for something like this that has 100K on the first one, 18K on the second, you need at least 10,000 views. I’ve sold you on the value of this SEO strategy because it works really well and you might not think you need it but if you want your videos to get titled, this is what you need to do.

Are you ready for the secret strategy?

It is Google Ads. I’ve got an entire tutorial about this. I highly recommend you watch the video below.

This is my secret SEO strategy. How do you think I got 12,000 views on that? I got the views from a combination of my channel for free and YouTube ads. If you want to rank videos high, you need YouTube ads to get views to get you up on par with the existing videos.

When you have an outstanding title and you advertise the video, then you can rank high. Then you can get all the really valuable organic traffic. That then gets subscribers and gets you the ability to just put videos out for free and get huge amounts of traffic.

If you don’t get the initial views, you will go nowhere. I’ve tested this the hard way. I started a channel out. I did a video on this you will want to watch. I’ll show you exactly the video I did to compare this. I did an experiment.

I put the exact same video on a new channel with 176 subs and compared it with my channel. I put the exact same video. The video that I put originally on my channel got over a hundred thousand views totally for free.

I literally put it on my channel and my existing subscribers simply carried it into getting a hundred thousand views for free. The majority of which were from people who had not watched my videos before. I put the exact same video on a channel with 176 subscribers and I promoted.

I dropped a link to it on my channel. So, it wouldn’t start from absolute zero. I put a link to it in my community tab and got the initial 100 views. Do you want to know how many views it has today? It has a thousand views today. That’s a hundred times more views on the one that got a foundation.

I believe in this so much that I practice what I’m talking about. I’m currently spending $149 a day on YouTube ads even though I’ve already got lots of subscribers and minutes watched.

I want every single one of my videos to get at least 10,000 views within the first week or so it’s released and then to continue getting more views on it for the next several months. Because of this, every single video I put out has the best chance to rank the very highest on every single topic I go after.

I initially put like $10 a day on them and then I would scale it down anywhere from $1 to $5 a day. I will just keep running those for a few months until I’ve got clear data on whether the video will get any organic traffic on its own.

This way, I have the best chance with every single one of my videos to rank the highest possible given the quality of the video and given the number of minutes watch.

Now, for you that have stayed all the way to this part, I put the real good information at the end. I’m getting 164,000 views for $1,000. You get a lot of views for a pretty low cost. That means I put $100 on every one of my new videos which are good as a creator.

Now, I tested not doing this for months and it was painful as I watched views just go nowhere. I put 3 videos out a day and I’d get like a thousand views a day on my new videos immediately but they’d go nowhere. They wouldn’t rank because they didn’t have a high enough foundation.

Here’s the thing: it helped me as a creator. When I know I’m going to put $100 in every new video I launch, I’m going to bet $100 on it that it can make $1,000 in ad revenue and or whatever else it manages to generate in terms of income.

It guides me as a creator like I’m only going to make videos that I’m willing to bet $100 on and I still have not even shown you the best part. If you want to see, even more, watch my YouTube ads tutorial.

This YouTube ad tutorial is so good. It’s so in-depth and effective. In it, I’ll show you exactly how I set all this up but I’m going to give you an even better tip right now.

What’s critical of the videos is that they get minutes watched. You need minutes watched because minutes watched is the number one ranking factor on YouTube. YouTube figures, if people have spent a lot of minutes watching this video then other people will probably like watching this video also.

This is why it stinks if you’re just trying to create and get started. If your video does not have those initial minutes watched, YouTube figures that probably no one else is going to want to watch it either.

The majority of videos on YouTube have very few minutes watched while the majority of videos that people watch and that YouTube recommends have a lot of minutes watched.

Therefore, you’ve got to get out of the bottom. I’ve tested this on my channel. If you look at my total account spend, I’ve spent $170K+ on YouTube ads. I tested no advertising or promoting any videos on my channel and my views kept going down.

I kept getting so many negative comments like β€œWhy does your channel have so few views?”. I’d get so frustrated. I’m like, β€œI make videos by investing a decent amount of time and energy. I invested my time and energy in building my audience. Even, after all, it wouldn’t do very well.

I get a couple of hundred views and I put out like 3 videos a day and burn my audience out. I tested it and this is essential. All of my new videos are being advertised. It gives all of them an initial ranking boost.

With that initial ranking boost, Google just gives me more traffic for free.

If you really want to get more views, you need to get the initial foundation of views yourself and what’s essential with YouTube ads is to get the most minutes watched for the lowest possible price and that’s why here’s how I do it.

In my ad group, I just put in a $0.01 CPV bid. I target the entire world and let YouTube give me the absolute lowest cost views and then what I do is optimize based on the minutes watched.

I just look at what percentage the video was played to and the longer the video gets watched, the better I’m able to tweak it from there if I need to.

I’ve paid for 5.7 million YouTube views on my YouTube channel. The average is 17 minutes watched per view. YouTube ads are the number one source of minutes watched on my channel.

Here’s the trick. I’ve paid for 5.7 million YouTube views but look at how many I got. The ones I got were a function of the ones I paid for. The YouTube views I paid for helped me get all the rest of these views for free.

In other words, about 20% of my views are paid which gave me the other 80% for free and if I wouldn’t have paid for those views, I wouldn’t have got the majority of the 80% for free.

I hope that makes it really clear to you. I appreciate you reading this post. I’m honored to have a chance to teach you how to title your videos and a secret ranking strategy you can use to get the most views on your videos today.

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