How To Have Humility in Defeat… And Turn a Loss Into a Win

This video is on humility and what happens when your opponent makes a good play. You don’t have to act like it’s their fault or they’re screwing you over. You don’t have to call them names and get frustrated. You can see clips from a League of Legends game where the guy originally outplayed me in the beginning of the game. Instead of me trying to put him down I respect him and understand that it was a good play.

That allows me to forgive my mistakes and forgive my shortcomings. After he outplays me, I move forward without getting frustrated and I dominate him the rest of the game. I played a lot of games before I got here to start with. I continued to make mistakes through the rest of the game and I never got one chance to get the upper hand.

I hope this is useful for you. When something gets you down in life, you must recognize when someone else did something well. Then, forgive yourself of your shortcomings and then see what kind of results you can get out of it.