Hypnotherapist Marketing Plan for New Hypnotherapy Clients and Passive Income

Are you a hypnotherapist interested in building your business online? Are you looking for a marketing plan to get more clients in a way that will also give you some passive income?

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I have a hypnotherapist that I see every week. I’ve talked with her and she inspired me to think how can I help all hypnotherapist get some clients because I understand her business well from working with her. A lot of people don’t have a very good idea about what hypnotherapy can do. Just running ads on Google AdWords is often a total waste of money. The question is, how do you get some more clients? I heard from my hypnotherapist that the school she went to promises huge results like a hundred plus thousand a year earnings which is absolutely possible but is also is for the minority of those that can actually do a good job getting clients. What I’ll do here is give you some tips to build your client base and to get your teaching out there as wide as possible. I have some related videos to this. I highly recommend you watch if one or another of these jump out at you is something you’d like to do.

First, for hypnotherapy marketing, you might find that one of your clients could help you do marketing. For my hypnotherapist, I talked to her and said, “Look I can probably sell people I’m scheduling with you easier than you can because as a client, I can say whatever I want to about your business. I can talk about my experience and then I can just share my experience with hypnotherapy to help most people understand all the potential benefits it has”. A lot of people think that hypnotherapy is something weird or that you’re going to lose control of yourself or it’s to stop smoking. When really hypnotherapy has amazing applications from past life regressions to life between life regression to parts therapy and discovering just what’s going out yourself to active meditation. What I find really helpful with hypnotherapy is that it’s just a guided active meditation. I often am either not putting enough time into it or not able to get into this deep and focused meditation, meditating alone by myself as I can with the guided help of a hypnotherapist.

Now the client might be able to make a video for you and a video ad from a client might be a really helpful way to get out the message for what you actually do. In my case, I’m intending to make videos as soon as my hypnotherapist is ready. This is what I’ve been able to do in hypnotherapy. I’ve been able to

  1. do an active meditation.
  2. remember past lives.
  3. get spiritual guidance.
  4. make better decisions in my business.
  5. look at some of the root causes and eliminate or minimize some more of the problem or difficult areas in my life.

Things like depression to even turn it into something useful when it does come. I’m grateful for the amazing results of hypnotherapy and for hypnotherapy a testimonial might work a lot better than an actual pitch from you as the hypnotherapist. Alternatively, if you don’t have a client you could go in and explain some of the work you’ve done with clients, for example, past life regressions. You could talk about some of the case studies that clients are okay with you or just talk about them in a general way, for example, a client came to me and he was suffering from depression. We were able to pull a past life memory back and that was really helpful for the client and then their depression just seemed to go away. I’ve read tons of stories like this from Brian Weiss. I’ve also read some from the destiny of souls or journey of souls authors. Well, I’ve read lots of outstanding case studies for hypnotherapy and I imagine clients are the foundation of how to get those stories out there. Just sharing stories of what’s happened with your clients and if you haven’t read some of those books yet by Michael Newton or Brian Weiss, I highly recommend reading their books. If you want to make your own video, share that.

What I see in the world of online advertising and digital marketing is that making videos is one of the most powerful ways to advertise and do marketing. Hence that’s why as a full-time Youtuber, I make 3 videos a day. It’s what works best, therefore, I do it. Now, if you aren’t up for doing videos on a regular basis but you do want to get your message out there and start doing some passive income, I recommend starting a podcast. The beauty of starting a podcast is, you might get so comfortable podcasting that you then will be able to do some videos.

Ideally, for a hypnotherapist marketing plan, you’d be able to do a lot of videos of yourself and/or your clients to talk about what you do, case studies of what you’ve done, answer specific questions and get those videos out there on YouTube. Get them out there on maybe a Podcast and hire a transcriber on Upwork to get them on your website. That way when people are searching, they can find you and you can use all those videos as ads. You can put those in as a facebook ad or a youtube ad and run them locally and have a great shot at finding a new client. That way by making that face-to-face connection and explaining more of the details about hypnotherapy. If you want to also turn that marketing into passive income, there are 2 basic ways that are really good to do it.

  1. Make videos which you could put into online courses
  2. Do a podcast

I have videos you can watch on each of these specifically one called, Start Podcasting Today, where I show exactly how to start a podcast including free hosting and built-in sponsorships and I’m about to film another video called Start teaching online today with all the different platforms you can do it. The basic idea is if you don’t want to be on camera and you want an easier creative experience, a podcast is easier as it’s simple. You just record the audio, put it up on the podcast, your built-in sponsorships and you share the podcast. It’s very straightforward. However, the Podcast more than likely doesn’t offer the income potential than doing videos on YouTube and then selling Online Courses does.

However, all that takes a lot more setup to get involved with. It depends on what you feel comfortable with. Once you’ve got these video courses/ podcast set up, then anyone that does find you will have all of those to look through prior to even scheduling an appointment. And just getting a few clients this way has a good chance to lead to referrals. When you get clients you work with that are really excited about your work, they can provide referrals naturally as I’ve done for my hypnotherapist. Thus, you don’t need to think about getting the whole city in the door or the whole county or the whole state. It just takes getting a few of those clients directly from your marketing. Then since they will have an enhanced set of expectations about what’s possible in the hypnotherapy from your marketing, you’re in a good position to have long-term clients instead of clients that’s schedule and just want to stop smoking.

Another challenge in hypnotherapy for people like me is, I scheduled my first appointment for a past life regression. I didn’t schedule another appointment for months and after that, I put off scheduling another appointment till finally, I said, “Ok! this is really helpful. Let’s start scheduling it every month.” And then it was so helpful and I am collaborating now on the marketing that I’m scheduling appointments every week or 2. Thus with clients is, the more they’re educated before they actually come in, the better shot you’ve got at getting those more regular appointments out of the same clients.

Finally, the last key thing in a marketing plan is to have prices that are allowing you to really focus and do a good job that is high enough but not too high. When you compare your services as a hypnotherapist to other types of people and professionals that someone like me would go to. For example, I might go see a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a counselor or social worker whatever it is. When you consider the rates those other professionals are likely to charge, it’s important to keep yours competitive. I said to my hypnotherapist that, “Look, you need to raise your rate when you’re doing a 3-hour session and you’re charging for a 3-hour session the same as a psychologist or psychiatrist would charge for a 1-hour session. That is slowing down your business a lot and it’s slowing down your income potential and it also might signal the clients that this isn’t something that really works, if they’re used to paying a lot and yours is so much cheaper. So, I suggested that she nearly double her price and it’s still much cheaper than scheduling with a different kind of professional so to speak. When you are able to charge more for clients then that you’ve got more time to go do the videos and the podcast episode you might like to do.

The last step is, how do you actually promote things once you create them? Share them with your existing clients. It might help them come back even if you haven’t heard from them in a year. Try sharing what you’re doing. You might get another appointment. You can also share them with your friends. Though, if you’ve got a podcast, all you need is about 100 listeners and a new episode every day to make a few hundred dollars a month podcasting. If you’ve got video courses, you can make $5or $10 a sale using other platforms or you can make hundreds of dollars selling video courses on your own website.

I trust you’ll know where to go from here and I hope this has been helpful for you if you’re a hypnotherapist looking for a marketing plan. If you want to make sure to see my videos and to keep following me, please do one of these two things or maybe both. Hit that Subscribe button on YouTube and help us reach half a million subscribers and turn those notifications on. We’re currently doing videos at 8 a.m, 2 p.m, and 8 p.m everyday Eastern Time. You also can follow on Facebook if you prefer to watch there. Make sure to turn the notifications on in the newsfeed option on to See First. Turn the notifications on because otherwise, you’re unlikely to see any of the new posts on facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. If you’d like some more intensive help with me, I have a Partner Program that offers monthly or weekly calls one-on-one with me plus we have weekly group calls with other full-time online entrepreneurs. This is an amazing support group for me as just a member and also the founder of the group.

We have some very talented full-time online entrepreneurs in our group from teachers online, podcasters, musicians, journalists and many more. We’ve got an outstanding best selling instructors. We’ve got an outstanding group of talent in the partner group and if you want to have a full-time business online or build your business, the partner group can be really helpful for that. Thank you very much for reading this entire post. I love you. You’re awesome and I wish you an outstanding hypnotherapy practice because hypnotherapy has done me an amazing amount of good and I want more people in the world to experience its benefits. So you do a good job with your marketing and I get to benefit from living in the world you’ve created.

Jerry Banfield